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Spanking Needs Forums

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My wife uses one similar on my bottom when either she or myself think a good long hard spanking is needed, and believe me she can reduce me to tears with it in a very short time, which of course she completely ignores and spanks on until she thinks it's a job well done.

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I love/hate the hairbrush. I remember years ago at a fetish/bdsm party in London speaking to a guy was a biker. Tough bloke and he said that being spanked with the hairbrush was more painful than any fight he'd been in. It's just the psychology of it love. The idea of an everyday object innocently out away in a spankers handbag suddenly being taken out and applied to my bottom until it's red and stinging with me howling really turns me on and makes me very very nervous at the same time. I also love vintage/old fashioned hairbrushes.

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