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Kind of sad . . .

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I know this is probably going to sound stupid, but I wrote a discipline story and its been plagiarized, made into a kind of parody version and put up on Amazon as an ebook to be sold. Im broke and cant review it at this time because I havent bought anything on Amazon. So I'm kind of sad about that, just wanted to vent.

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Wow! I would be sad, too -- and angry! Maybe you could try making a report to Amazon that the material is plagiarized, and include a copy of your story as evidence. Be sure to put a copyright mark on it with the year you wrote the story. If plagiarism is suspected, Amazon may pull the material. When you write something original, you automatically have a copyright -- here's how to protect yourself further for free: http://www.ehow.com/how_4446589_book-script-creative-work-free.html.

Even if the material has been changed, plagiarism can involve the use of major themes or elements of someone else's work.

If the plagiarist is a member of this site, report them to the moderator. Someone else was banned earlier this year for using other members' material on her own website without permission.

Good luck!

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It's remarkably common. I have a friend who has several books on fitness and writes a popular blog. People steal her blog posts word for word and publish them as e-books at 99 cents a pop. She actually hires someone from time to time to scan the e-book sites for plagiarism. Unless you have the money and time to pursue legal action, the site just removes the material and bans the plagiarist -- who then re-emerges under a different pseudonym with more plagiarized material. It's quite a racket.

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That really sucks. I’ve had people steal my artwork before. It's not fun.

Hopefully, you'll be able to find a place where you can share your work with people you know you can trust.

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