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My new School paddle from Bluesblades

Guest NeedsAMom

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Guest NeedsAMom

Well folks My new 16" x 3" x 1/4 School paddle from Bluesblades has come... The craftsmanship of this paddle is just awsome.. So thin and has such a STING....... My mentee is gonna love to hate this....

Thank you Bluepencil for this quality paddle can't wait to swing it at a naughty girls backside..



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I love the 1/4 inch thick paddles, regardless of the length/width measurements. I had a long handled oval one, and pine one that was 4 inches wide on the business end, and then a long handled square one with rounded corners. Great for creating a nice sting on impact. The guys I spank have muscular posteriors, so I love the instant compression and rebounding...and of course their surprise, at the sting of such a light weight tool.

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