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A little bit about me

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I was often spanked growing up, as long as i know it, from 6 till 18. I lived in small rural suburban area, which is now a small city and these days spanking is much less common, althoguht still practiced by those who are familiar wtih it. when i was growing up it was quite common.

I was only child and my parents lived in same house with my uncle and granny, all four of them corrected me when needed, but also i had some spankers in close neighbours and some relatives. So yes i was spanked quite often.

Everybody had unique style, how they spank, what implements they use, some rules, etc.

so i lived in parents home till i was 20, uncle moved away a bit sooner, and when i was 20 grandmas aunt died and left apartment to her and her brother (that man was very unique spanker, but more of it later), and he didn't need apartment so they payed him of for a small sum and granny gave me apartment to use it. So during ages 18-22 i wasn't disciplined at all.

interesthing story happened when i was 22 and still is going on today..i visited uncle to see how he is doing.

we chated, laughed then he said he has something to show me. (i have to add here he mostly used switch on me growing up). he showed me new paddle he bought, quite a paddle he haved there, medium size, rectangle shape round edges, quite thick and with some holes on it...i kinda teased him would he used it on me, and eventually thogurh fun we kinda agreed why not to try a bit. i was never acually paddled but mom and granny used wooden spoone alot on me before...so how much strokes? we thoguht maybe 20 would sufice, but eventually i ended up reaciving 40 quite decent pops. i spend the night there sleeping on my belly of course, lol.

but interesthing was that i kinda saw improvment in my behavior the folowing 2-3 months, i used to sometimes dring and drive, smoke weed, curse alot, i saw some kind of improvement...and i was like wow, this i think really works, so like 3 months later after first tushy poping i visited uncle again and confes what i realized..and that how it started, these days (and it is going on for 5 years now, i am 27, i mean i will be shortly) i am geting it from uncle about once a month more or less, sometimes he calls me sometimes i call him. but it is mostly cane now...about a year after first paddling i myself boguht 6mm cane (last year i bought 12mm one).

last year beside that thicker cane, i also got few things done, my parents didn't know about my little arangment with uncle for like 4 years, but i come clean about it, althoguht it got me major licking of my bare tush with daddy's belt. also few times i involved two other interesthing spankers from my past, grany's brother which i mentioned before and neighbour let's call him Z, first letter of his name.

i will tell you few words about them, also i might add we in croatia call diferently uncle depending if it is from female or male side of family tree, so my uncle which is brother of my dad, so male side, i call striko, and granny brother which or my dad is uncle from female side, so for me he is kinda granduncle (not so much old, since he is much younger than granny), so for my dad he is ujo, but i call him ujo too. so little bit about ujo and Z.

ok, so some spankers has diferent rules and styles that others, for example, treating already marked bottom, some would say u have marks i would spank you some other time, some would spank anyway but with lighter strokes considering already sore spots, some wouldn't care, u have to get what you need regardless, and few of those very strict ones thinks that tushy being sore is sore for a good reason therefor since u are trashed u obviously would benefit from even more, so they use either more strokes, harder strokes, nastier implements or all of the above, mom, dad and granny are don't care ones, so either tushy is white or sore they do what they need to do, but uncle (striko), ujo and Z are last sort, if i see you sore, oh boy u will be sore indeed.

Z openly told me that: "if u ever bent for me sore, i will beat you like a mule", his exact words. i know he was refering..i mean he usually uses big fresly cutted switch, but he was refering to his big leather crop he has in his old shed. (and last year it hapened, i will tell it more about it later)

ujo had as i said unique style, he wasn't keen on implements, he just liked to use his big hand, and yes he had really big, strong and hard as brick hand, as he worked in consrtuction most of his life. and he also didn't use classic otk position, but like diaper style on his lap, so back would be across his lap and legs raised (and no he wasn't some pervert to see private parts, cause he also used it on boys, like his nephew from his wife side, so his wife's sister's son), but yes in that position it hapened that like maybe 10% of slaps would fall right there where is really tender.

ujo and Z didn't spanked me so often growing up, i remember once Z and i played a chess game when i was like 16 and i wasn't paying much attention, he said if maybe some slaping would help to get me more focused, i said and i was just kiding that switching would help more, next thing i know i am of to bring him big fresly cut one, and find myself bent over tabble on his terase chastited all over my bare ass. and yes i was much more focused siting on those lines.

ujo slaped me in his particular way few times, first time when i was like 7, around 12 and also at age of 16. so last year was my trip in the past, i did kinda know that both of them are quite open minded and wouldn't think i am nuts if i need good trashing in my adult age. and i also have to add, however most i gues find it close to something sexual, no it isn't for sexual pleasure, i just needed from time to time, keeps me in line somehow, helps me thorught life strugles and temptations, like some sort of therapy i gues, not quite sure, i gues i am so used to it, that i can't be proper without it, time will tell i gues.

so last year first ujo was the one i visited. he was home alone at time since his wife (so aunt or ujna) was visiting her sister and sometimes he dosen't like to come, so he stays at home, and i visited him a bit. we chated about everything and i mention him also about uncle (also later when he saw my tush i had few leftover marks from uncles paddle (i wanted paddle for a change instead of cane, later when i bought 12mm one we used cane again, also in the meantime uncle ones used rubber paddle which he bought but nvm that now)), he was a bit surprised but he understood, and i asked him does he still spanks and so on, he said that not anymore but added if someone would needed he would why not..and i said that i was sometimes thinking about his unique way and perhaps i might be of need of some of his heavy slaps. he said fine how many slaps would i need, i said perhaps 200, but when he saw fading marks on my ass he said he should give me extra 100 for those, i said ok and told him that it is ok to slap full force like he usually do, he said he never slaped me full force, i asked how come since it was like a bricks were falling on my ass, he laughed and said yes those were hard but not full force, so he asked me if i would really want full force ones. i said i am not sure, maybe 100 of them but then i will see, he said he would either slap all 300 of them full force or he wouldn't do it, i said ok slap then full force all of them, ujo. so he begin, after 100 i was already dark red, after 200 i was dark purple, and after all 300 of them i was completely black and blue all over my ass. ujo sugested i sleep over and i did...in morning ujna arived before i left she helped me aply some lotion on sore spots and said i am always welcome there either i need slaping or not, and in fun said that i should reacive maybe 50 in her name, lol.

2 weeks after slaping from ujo, uncle (striko) used that rubber paddle on me, usually i get around 60 cane these days, started at number of like 40, now is usually 60, sometimes if i had more temptations in a month i need up to 80. but rubber paddle i reacived round 100, quite a licking that was.

Z has also interesthing story, it was late may or early june last year and first i didn't think of Z at the begining, i acually thoguht of something else. Nettles...i stung myself many times when i was kid, they have really unique sting....and i know that before alot of them bloom during late spring in Z's back yard. I imagined throwing myself nude right between nettle bushes so i stings me all over body...but hm if i would really be crazy enough to do it, would i just do it and get cautgh, or nicely ask Z, either way i would be beaten like mule. eventually after few nights of restless sleep i decided to nicely ask him. i also told him about uncle (strangly parents were last i informed of that, i informed daddy after ujo and Z, don't know why just happened that way i gues), he was surprised, but not shocked, regarding nettles he told me that i may do that, but after i am done that i wait for him in his shed nude, with my ass high in the air and that he will come, take his crop and trash as hard as he can till i bleed and when i do then 50 more. i said that i was aware that his price would be as he usually putted trashed like mule, but i consent anyway. so i bathed in nettles they sting but that felt good, i wasn't thinking much what waits me i shed i didn't want to ruin my moment. he watched from window, then i got to shed (i didn't needed to undress since i was already nude for nettles too), i steeped there on stool in front on working tabble so my tushy would be higher, he entered didn't said a word, picked crop, show it to me, then asked if i am ready, i asked again how many did u say Z, he said again till u bleed then 50 more, i said ok i am ready, i tried to count not out loud but for myself, it was about 40 and soemthing when he showed me that crop is a bit bloody, then he trashed me even harder 50 more times. at the end i had few cuts on my ass but not something deep, i asked him nicely to clean it of with alcohol and he did, it stinged a bit but i was fine then, acually that fat crop made more of bruises then cuts so it was rather harder to sit on it for few days, and after Z 10 days later i was having uncle again.

and uncle once i got him 12mm cane i thoguht we might get to 40 again till i get used to biger and heavier cane, but he insisted that we stay on 60 at least.

ok, i think i am done talking for now, so this is my life and that was a bit more dynamic last year, this year i am also instead of just uncle, plan to visit daddy, ujo and Z, maybe i also think of somebody else.

I am new here, was using Sin alot before it went down, so if u have any questions feel free to ask, i like to share expiriances.

Vlatka :)

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interesting post

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Yes very interesting post.

You are very well used to being spanked and you say it helps you.

To many people it would be considered too harsh.

You know your own body and mind and am sure you will continue to get what you want and need from it.

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Hi Vlatka!  I was your friend on another site and we chatted some, but you never went into as much detail as you do here.  

I really enjoyed reading about your many spankings and whippings! I'm sorry, maybe I should not enjoy it so much since it is not sexual pleasure for you, but I really admire your strength and courage for how much you can endure, and it really excites me that you actually ask to be whipped!!!

I prefer 8mm cane over 12mm. 8mm feels like a whip but 12mm feels like being beaten with a club!!  I like nettles too, as long as they do not get behind my finger nails!  I've never been whipped with nettles but I imagine it would be very exciting and someone would be very sore for a long time afterward!!!

I would certainly enjoy sharing experiences with you. You are one of the few people who I believe has more experience with spanking than I do and you are still quite young, which is amazing to me!  If I were single I could easily fall in love with you, :wub: but since I am married we can only be friends.  I'm glad you are here!  :D

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I really enjoyed your writing. It funny how some of us really need hard beatings at times.

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Wow Vlatka 

So much punishment from so many different people do you space out your punishments or can they be close together as your bottom must be really tough to absorb so much 

But if you feel you need it then only you can be the judge of how hard and how often .....but I'm impressed by all the different kind of spankings you've taken.

I hope you make lots of friends here

Best wishes BBJ xx 

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