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Looking for female spanker near Ohio


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Hi I'm fairly new to this, a female friend spanked me for the first time last year I found it very stress relieving. She is no longer available to do so. I'm seeking a woman preferably older to spank me. I'm 19 year old male in good shape attending college

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Good luck finding your spanker. If you have none, maybe expand your horizons to men. I live in Dayton. I have spanked 3 students in the past much to their benefit. These are my steps with a new spanking acquaintance.

1] Meet in a public place, with booths for privacy, and discuss your desire and how I would fulfill it.

2] If we are both satisfied we take care of your bottom right away. Then we plan ahead for what you need and set a schedule if you desire one. It's all up to what you decide will best help you. I have two sons who graduated UD a few years ago. They did not need spanking discipline but I would have delivered it if necessary.

I hope you find yoiur woman disciplinarian. If not and if you want to talk through the possibility, give me a 'shout.'

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