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Writer Looking To Be Spanked In Indianapolis

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I'm having not really writers block but problems focuses on writing, I'm a newbie at spanking and have never actually been spanked but, I think that perhaps a little discipline might help me be more motivated. Basically I'm looking for someone who will punish me if I don't get done what I need to. Preferably a female.

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Good luck.

I have often thought that wanting to be spanked by a man or a woman is the desire to be spanked by a father or mother figure. Those spankings soothe our troubled souls. I have only experienced one woman who willing spanks any and all comers. O my god, is she terrific! If you are willing to drive to the SW corner of MI, I'll pass on her contact info -- with her permission of course. PM me if you'd like to know.

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You can send Christy a private message through this forum. Type "Christy" into the search box, change to "members" in the drop-down menu, click on her name, then send her a message. I don't know if she travels that far, but best to correspond with her directly -- she may also have suggestions, as Er's tend to know each other. You can also search members by location in this site and sort by role (e.g., search for just spankers in Indiana or Ohio, etc). Good luck!

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