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Spanking and anal play

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Not having a spanking partner, anal play is something I can do by myself. Spanking is a form of masochism so, for me, large butt plugs and enemas satisfy my craving for pain/pleasure. I'm up to a 3" diameter but plug' which I can only keep in for a few seconds, and a 3 qt enema, which I try to retain for 10 minutes.


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butt plug nightmare
I find the pain of stretching my anus erotic just as the pain of a spanking. Over the years I've continually purchased butt plugs with larger diameters. I finally got one that was too large to push out. I had to tie a cord around the base and pull it out.
I've played with this plug in this way for several years. Last Tuesday disaster struck. The stem of the plug broke leaving the large head suck in my rectum.
A painful week in the hospital later, the plug is gong but I may have a ostomy bag for the rest of my life.

butt plub.jpg

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