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Politics And Spanking.

Spanking: Conservative or Liberal?  

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Neither of these match my politics - I'd probably describe myself at least in UK political terms as a slightly left leaning Centrist. I mistrust extremists or utopian idealists from either side.

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I have found myself becoming the cliche that as one gets older, political views somewhat moderate.  I used to consider myself a far leftwing leftist...but in the last few years I have moved significantly towards the center.   I now see the far left and the far right as equally misguided and disastrous in their own ways.  The extreme left has led to the mass murder of tens of millions as ruthlessly (Russia and China under Communism) as the far right (Nazi Germany.)  

I tend to agree from my observations that spanking enthusiasts tend toward the conservative types...as the poll data above is showing.  Why?  Maybe more likely to have experienced childhood spankings from parents, and have personality traits that are more conservative in nature like high conscientiousness, risk aversion, wanting to fit in, and the desire for stability. 

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