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What hurts worst on the bare?

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Woobie, in my drug store, arnica is near the other pain reliever creams, like Bengay and so on. My sister the amateur herbalist says arnica's a more powerful bruise preventer if you take a tincture internally (not the cream, obviously), :P but I can say for sure that it feels wonderful going on after a hard spanking.

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I will occasionally use a plastic long handle bath brush on the Well-Oiled Bare that is 100% Yeeee Owww Weeee dependable ! !

For serious offenses, I get a strapping on a well-oiled bottom. I would definitely agree with your statement, as it's a pretty awful punishment!!

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I hate hard swats with a wood paddle because of bruising. If I really have messed up bad, sometime, but thankfully not often, I will get the paddle before, after, or sometime both before and after the leather belt or strap...now that really hurts! I am thankful he does not paddle me as much as he once did, however.


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Things are definitely worse on a wet bottom. I'm a very experienced spankee and for me the worse things on a bare bottom are the bath brush, a lexan cane and thick paddle with holes that we have.

Those tend to make me jump around a lot and causes him to hold me more tightly!!

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