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It is necessary for any community to have boundaries and these are ours. Members refusing to obey these rules or persist in causing trouble both in public or behind the scenes will be removed.

NO MINORS ALLOWED. You must be 18 to be a member of this site.

Proper consent means being of age.The purpose of this forum is for people who benefit from being spanked as motivation or as correction to meet and discuss their needs and goals. This includes anyone having a DD relationship. Adults who use discipline through a partner or disciplinarian are welcome on this site.

This is for adults that consent to being spanked. Children have cannot consent to spanking so discussion of children being spanked will be stopped. You may comment about your experiences being spanked as a child but you may not coerce others to do so or relate the experiences of others. 


This is a site focused on spanking as a therapy. 

This is not a BDSM site. We concentrate on spanking for discipline, motivation, accountability. and stress on this site. We offer a limited Erotic Spanking forum for those with both therapeutic and erotic interests, but if you are ONLY interested in fetish-spanking, this is not the right site for you.

Everyone is welcome to discuss and contribute, but please stay within the boundaries of spanking as motivation or discipline.


SN is an Open and Equal Community

All members are required to be accepting of all walks of life. While we are not asking you to change religious or other personal beliefs, you may not use those beliefs to attack members. If you disagree with a member's identity you should simply stay out of that members' business and posts.


SpankingNeeds is a civilized place. 

Play nice. You may disagree and discuss to your heart's content, but abusive, insulting or disrespectful comments will not be tolerated. Inflammatory posts will be deleted. People who persist in being nasty after being warned repeatedly will be banned.


Be nice to yourself and others 

We want all discussion to be encouraging and promoting good health. You may not discuss illegal acts, abuse of any substances, non-consensual harm to others, or intent to harm yourself in other ways. If you need help, please get help. This site and its members are limited in that respect, so please use the resources available in your area as you need them. 


Limited nudity in photos

As for nudity, in the past there was a ban on anything nude but this has been altered. After thinking about it we see no reason appropriate spanking pictures shouldn't be allowed on your profiles in moderation.

These are the guidelines for that.

Nude bottoms may be shown as it pertains to spanking only.
No graphic nudity will be permitted. Nothing genitalia can show whether male or female. This site is for spanking, so all pictures must stay inside that context. All others will be removed. 

One Account Per Member

In the interest of creating an honest and open community, we ask that members not have more than one account. DD households can obviously maintain an account for each PERSON in the relationship; but we don't want members using multiple accounts to artificially increase post counts, reputation or other statistics.

Personal Information 

SpankingNeeds does not sell or otherwise distribute your personal information. We ask that you take caution when giving personally identifiable information to others on this site as you do so at your own risk. SpankingNeeds cannot be responsible for any information you give other members no matter if giving in a public or private space on this site.

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