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Things you got away with...

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I have a looong list of things that I should have had to answer for that I never did answer for. At times, these stories are funny to retell, but I do feel guilt about some of my past actions/choices. There was never a possibility of me being spanked for any of these- (I was a teenager for most and had loving, well-intentioned parents that didn't really "do" discipline in any form)- so it's not like I was "crying out" for their attention/discipline- I was just kind of a moron for a few years. Just curious if any others have things like this that are unresolved and if/how they dealt with it. I've wondered if receiving a spanking for such would help ease the guilt, but not sure if it really would in my case.

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Guest jamieuk74

Quite a few in my case. I can think of a number of incidents during my childhood and adolescence which I should have been disciplined for. I have experimented with roleplay sessions around some of these. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I had a very loving family growing up but at the same time there were a lot of unresolved problems that weren't spoken about. It's a stereotype but I think sometimes that British stiff upper lip does more harm than good.

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Atlanta Georgia..................it's been many years since I've visited Stone Mountain, rode the riverboats, or taken the train ride around the mountain. I walked/climbed/crawled to the top of Stone Mountain once but that was of course in my younger years.

There are many "not-so-nice" things that I did in my younger years that I would absolutely love to have the opportunity to return to the past and do them all over again. :) Yes, they would make good stories to share as time allows.

Not many, but there are a few things that I did in my younger years that seemed justified at the time but in a small way unnecessarily and adversely affected the lives of others. I have wished many times over for the opportunity to go back into my past and at least try to rectify these misdeeds. :(

Unfortunately, we all know that this isn't and most likely will never be possible.

The absolutely best we can do is to take these "learnings" share them with others, and use them ourselves to help others in the present.

I know and have many times over seen the value of "stress relief spankings", "maintenance spankings", and of course "spankings just-for-fun". All of these, when applied properly, can be very effective treatments and without any lasting side affects.

I have never personally seen or understood the value of a "punishment spanking". Of course there are many many things that exist and have very recognizable value, that I have absolutely no understanding.

I would recommend discussing this with your Mentor. She/he would be the person that would know you best.

If you were my sub and we had this discussion, no matter what the out come of the conversation, you would not be permitted to leave the session without taking at least one (maybe to) serious spanking (s). :)

This is an excellent topic and I'm sure there will be replies by members sharing their experiences, ideas, etc. I am looking forward to reading the responses.

Take care,

Mistress Marie

I am Lifestyle I am Domme

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i did a lot of things as a teenager and into my early 20's that never should have happened. Some of it known by my parents, some not. Heavy drug use, drunk driving (thank god there were no accidents and no one was hurt!), smoking in school, going to class high, driving for drug dealers, provoking fights for the sole purpose of getting hit, i constantly lied, manipulated people every chance i got, i was vengeful to an extreme and bitterly jealous, angered an old boyfriend close to seizure to get to scream a confession at me while the 17 year old pregnant girlfriend he had just broken up listened to further twist the knife in her back with then left them both 50 miles from home with nothing and no way to get back. i thoughtlessly told a friend that had just aborted her child that i thought 90% of the male population needed to be aborted anyway and from those cruel words came her crack addiction. i was a monster and unworthy of being part of humanity. The very worst of it i do not speak of but i will say that i remain grateful for the beating that allowed me to forgive myself enough to seek professional help.

As for making peace for the things i've done, that's an everyday process. i offer my help where i can, am quick with a kind word, learned to be 'honest to a fault' and do my best to remember to be mindful of the people/world around me. Most likely i'll never be a moral person but i find a greater flexibility and ability to show compassion, kindness and love in being an ethical person. i've been the person willing to have the hard conversations about the importance of bathing, wearing clean clothes and daily survival while homeless. Everyday i strive to give of myself and have literally given the shirt off my back when i saw there was a need. i take comfort in knowing that i have grown as a person, earned the privilege of being human and strive to maintain a right to that privilege.

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Interesting question!

I think before I was actually spanked as an adult, I think my interest had more to do with abdicating control to someone else and the physical act of being spanked. As my experiences have evolved however, I have found some useful value in the "atonement" aspect of being spanked.

As a charter member of OverThinkers Anonymous, I have found that characteristic extends into the tendency to chew, and chew and chew on my own personal transgressions and failings. As challenging as forgiving others can be, I have always found forgiving myself to be the hardest thing to do. Intellectually, it seems ridiculous that a spanking can psychologically be the penance that frees someone from a burden of guilt or regret - but the simplicity and the results are hard to argue with.

I think of myself as an overall pretty decent guy who does his best to do the right thing whenever possible. I also know how often I fall short of that aspiration. Usually it not anything earth shattering, or even things that most people would just blow off - but I was raised with a conscience and a pretty idealistic idea of right and wrong when it comes to personal behavior. While I actually might be justified in secretly wishing that my jerk neighbor would fall in a well, dang if having those thoughts don't actually come back to bite me!

So the mind game I have found that works, is to sometimes treat a good spanking as though its my own personal penance....it's quicker than trying to talk it away, cheaper than using a therapist and lots more fun than living with it.



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Dropping out of College without telling my parents who were paying the bills... and lying about it for months. Yea, that's probably the worst thing I've ever done and this wasn't even when I was a kid anymore! Don't regret my choices though, they made me into the man I am today. Doesn't mean I don't still feel bad about it though.

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Actually not that much as a child. I was the designated good kid of the family, a parents wet dream, obedient, quiet, straight A's, pretty much the nerdy teachers pet.

There are still behaviors I want to change; but anything but self discipline neither appeals or works for me. If anything, it always seems to escalate the very behavior I want to change. I am a control freak and since life and the world is total chaos and anarchy and mayhem; I need to feel in control of myself; because my mind, my body, are the only things I can control.

I'm at that stage of life where my philosophy is "Pay it Forward". It makes for a much kinder world.

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I have paddled this boat 'on both sides now.' I still 'enjoy' correction for past misdeeds for which I was never punished.

Also, I have spanked hanging on, residual, lingering guilt from the past out of both men and women. Incredibly freeing to finally be properly punished for ??? and be able to let it go.

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  • 9 months later...

You really want to know?

Hmm.. Deliberate destruction of a classmates toy at school aged 10 cos I didn't think he should have it.

Period of 6 months harassing a fellow student at 14 involving threats to fight and knock over him and his wheelchair and cos he was small, physical weak and I quite liked the power. I only stopped cos I got bored with it. He said nothing, so nothing happened, although others knew all about it.

Spending two years doing next to nothing in class and failing subject exams by not revising for good measure. Just told by folks they were disappointed in me so smirked when their backs were turned.

I'm not proud of any of it but there's something that needed to happen back then.

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Guest Cutiecouple

I (Mr Cutie) went to boarding school in the UK, and I engineered one prank of an evening that ended up with two of my friends visiting the headmaster's study for the cane. Always felt bad about that, though at the time I was mightily relieved he'd asked, "Who did that?" as opposed to "Whose idea was that?" Guess who grew up and became a lawyer... ;)

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For me the list is way too long. But I realized quite some time ago that when those things that I should have been spanked for came to mind, I very soon craved a severe spanking. At first I didn't connect the two but eventually did and it all began to make sense, sort of. I was always happy to get away with them back then but now realize I shouldn't have. I will probably always want a spanking that I have no control over. One that seems as though it will never end..

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  • 4 weeks later...

Growing up, I really did not get away with much that I did not answer for. My Amish parents were vey strict and pretty much knew about our every moment. They kept us very busy with chores from a young age and really did not have much idle time for mischief. I do recalls few times I did disobey, but my conscience bothered me so bad, I actually confessed...lol. I still got it, but I would like to think not as bad as if I had not confessed and was found it. It's hard to explain, but that's just the kind of girl I was. As an adult...oh yes...I got into lots of bad things that I did not get punished for. I did wind up in prison anyway for awhile, but there were many laws I broke and people I hurt as a young adult that Intomthis day feel bad about, but did not really get specifically punished for. After marriage, I have been. Held consistently held accountable for my behaviors and attitudes. When I do not walk the line as I have agreed to, my husband does not hesitate to tan my hind end and discipline me. I lam actually very thankful and I am doing very well for the most part. He has been a true blessing from God for my life.


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Guest jamieuk74

Most of my really bad stuff was when I was 17/18. Just a typical immature cocky teenager who thought I knew it all. A bit of drink and drugs, some light vandalism and I got reprimanded by the headmistress once. That made me pull my socks up a bit. She never shouted, just told kids that they were old enough to know better and that a few years ago I'd have been holding my hand out or bending over for the cane. She was a great teacher.

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In secondary school there was some pushing in the lines and I got sent to the heads office with another boy.

Well I pretended to be sick hanging over the drain and when the head arrived he assumed I was sick and sent the other boy into class and took me into the deputy's room where the stretcher was and got me to lay down for about an hour so I not only got away without a caning but also an hours lesson.

I was asked if I felt better and said yes - well I hadnot got a sore arse, so I was telling the truth that time,

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  • 5 years later...

I think one of the things that I completely got away with was lighting a fire in the woods a block from my house.  It got pretty big, burned for about 90 minutes took 11 trucks to come and put it out.  I was super fast as a runner when I was young and made sure I was no where near that fire when the first engine arrived.  About an hour later I calmly walked over to waych.  I never did get caught 40 years ago

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21 hours ago, Chawsee said:

How did you stealthy kids get away with so much? If I had tried doing something wrong along with ten other kids, and only one of us got caught, sure as heck, it would have been me! :blush.gig:

i find its pretty easy to get away with stuff lol 

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21 hours ago, Chawsee said:

How did you stealthy kids get away with so much? If I had tried doing something wrong along with ten other kids, and only one of us got caught, sure as heck, it would have been me! :blush.gig:

Mostly the case for me too ?

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