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Am I Too Old For A Spanking?

Guest Jennifer19

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Well Jennifer, I am 38 and I still get my bottom tanned, of course not by my parents, but by my dh. Sometimes when I am under stress I will provoke my husband to the extent that he takes me over his lap, pulls my undies down, and reddens my ass until I can't sit comfortably for an hour or two. For some reason it totally relieves the stress I had before. Of course other spankings occur for real misbehavior also.

I don't feel like a little girl when he does spanks me, but it does bring back sore memories sometimes.

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Hi Jenn,

I am not sure that age comes into it. The first prson I spanked was at college and she was pretty much your age, and she was struggling with adjusting to the self discipline of being away from her home, it wasn't so much spanking as discipline that helped her and that she needed . The last person I spanked ( last week) was my wife who late into her 50s decided that she needed this.....people's motivation on this differs.


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"Guest" Jennifer,

What, did you leave a question and leave? Wow, you do need a good spanking!

or, maybe you'd like to try spanking others...maybe that would help in the stress relief and maturity process...seems to work for a lot of spankers. Good luck in all you do; let us know how it works out.

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She did post in an update that she felt being here was affecting her college. I'm inclined to agree, if she's spending more time here than on her studies and recognizes it she's on her way to getting her priorities in order.

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Jennifer, No you are not too old for spankings .We need being held accountable at times and some stress relief ! Oh yes spankings sure help with those ! I can assure you they sure help me and I am older than you ; so yes spanking can be a could thing and you are really never to old! Kay

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Well, I have a good friend who is older than you whom I discipline from time to time, The answer is probably no, But the real question is are you ready to submit yourself that much to someone else's authority. To basically give control of your discipline to someone else. Once that happens, your integrity is on the line, are you going to keep your word and submit to the authority of another. To assume the position and take what ever (within the terms of your agreement with your Top) they feel you have coming to you? You decide. But as a general response, no you are not to old to be spanked. You just have to decide on whether or not you will submit to it when the time comes.

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I think at some age, there are health risks that should not be overlooked. Osteoporosis is common with older women and bones can be fractured with the lightest touch. For some reason, for men, it seems to be cardiac issues; especially with CHF and then doing something more taxing than it appears.

But, if care is observed, and both the ee and er are aware of physical limitations; then accomodations can be met. I have become a pain twinkie. My dentists has reached the point where he now suggests I have a drink or two before that horrid novocaine shot.

I shame my people. :(

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I wouldn't say anyone's "too old" its's more about your needs, and if you find it helps.

There are to be sure some serious issues to consider in how you spank people such conditions as brittle bone but having been to a school where there were kids with physical disabilities, I'd have to say it can be accommmodated with care by the spanker as they weren't exempted back in the day.

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