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Orgasm from being spanked

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There's a video on YouTube where two young ladies, fully clothed, demonstrate this before a live studio audience. Much clucking ensues. The caption informs us "Video shot in Brooklyn, NY.". Well yes, that would have been my first guess.

Title of the video: 'Give an orgasm by spanking'.

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On 10/20/2013 at 12:49 PM, JenniferAnn said:

Orgasm by spanking has been common for me. As a matter of basic survival I taught myself to sexualize pain. In an aroused state my pain tolerance increases drastically so a spanking that leaves my butt purple and welted for a week likely won't bring so much as whimper of pain. The real trick is bringing me into a mind space that allows spanking to be a punishment and still keeping me attached to my body. Difficult, however not impossible.

I would be giving you many fingering breaks between spanks . You would not cum until I let you ..

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Yes. Involuntarily,by helping to cause it myself,by the other person helping or directly causing it(slapping my pussy etc.),and started involuntarily and going with it though that's mostly emotional. Mostly. 

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Last night my wife gave me a spanking with the Bath brush, all of the spankings I get are 100% punishment but last nigth for the firts time ever I came during the spanking, not an orgasm just dripping sperm

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I am amazed that people are so amazed at a spankee's orgasm during spanking.  While I am a proponent of disciplinary spankings, the power dynamic is inherently erotic, and a woman giving up control for her discipline is by its nature deeply sensual.  What has surprised me is the number of women who reach orgasm during online directed (self) spankings: That is a testament to the transfer of authority.  The need for discipline runs very deep, and I am glad to help women fulfill themselves.

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My wife will orgasm [if told/allowed to] during caning, whipping, spanking and from serious BDSM activities.

Control of another is all in their mind, pain is all in their mind and orgasms are all in their mind ... Ergo, if the person perceives their predicament to be sexually exciting ... then they can cum either involuntarily or in BDSM, often by command.

But then my wife will cum if I send her a txt telling her to. That is a fact not a joke nor internet exaggeration. If one gets the control balance right then the person is able to function completely normally. My wife is a high end professional/academic, but her sub side exists happily next to that. Over the decades she has learnt to move from one to the other with ease, in seconds.

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