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Late Assignment: Gillian's Excuse!

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"It should have been completed two days ago;what is your excuse this time?",he said sharply.Gillian stood there,eyes lowered,staring at a small coffee stain in the carpet,she had caused that too. "Well!.I'm waiting,I will have an answer young lady!,he said getting irratated by each passing moment of Gillian's self imposed silence. Suddenly he pounded his fist on the table,she jumped and looked at him,she could feel alarm rise in her;this was going to be a purely disciplinary spanking,nothing playful about this.Her palms felt sweaty and her mouth was dry.The thoughts of being over his knee always excited her,but this time was different,she knew she had messed up and seriously messed up at that.

"I...,"she began but he cut her off.

"Come over here and bend over the table;no cosy over the knee session for you today,I'm afraid;we will go straight to the strap." She stood still,her heart began to beat faster,she suddenly felt apprehensive,this was going to really hurt;he was angry...her Mentor was angry. He moved swiftly forward and caught her left wrist.He pulled her over to the table and roughly bent her over. She stared down at the table,still not saying a word.She glanced around quickly and could see him take his belt off from around his trousers;only once before had he used his belt,but it was done out of experimentation,she had liked it...sort of. She returned to staring at the table,an emergency vehicle went speeding past in the street outside and somewhere she heard a dog bark.It was funny,she thought,everywhere life went on as normal,but whenever she was being punished she seemed to be in her own world,a world of pleasure and pain;a secret,fantastic world. She closed her eyes,she could feel him moving behind her.Her mind flashed back two days when she had realised that she had forgotten to write her assignment for her University course.

You see she had spent the past month drifting in and out of lectures.Any lecture she did attend she was only there in body not mind. By night she had just sat and watched TV,procrastinating, or had went to a bar or nightclub.It was always the same,she felt it hard to apply herslf.There was so much to the world,she wanted to see it all,not just disty old lecture halls and boring old farts at the top giving a long winded discourse on "An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding",by the Philosopher David Hume.Understand this,she had thought,and formed a mental picture of making love to her Mentor on a beech,in full view of everyone.The month had moved on,too fast,she thought and before she knew it she had been summoned to the lecturer's office.He had asked for her assignment on "Pangloss" the wiley old Philosopher in Voltaire's "Candide". All she could think of was what "Panglos" would have said: "...everything happens for the best...." That was no excuse and she was given a two week extention to write her assignment or she would have to face a University disciplinary board. She had left the university in a state of panic.She had boarded a No.8 bus and went straight to see her Mentor. She had explained to him what had happened,he listened,he was not happy. He had lectured her on her behaviour of late,he really told her off;it was like being caught by the Head Nun at her convent school all over again.Then he had said she would have to be punished,and then,only once she had been punished and was contrite ,would he help her with her assignment. His discipline always guided her,he was so good to her;she needed a good scolding and a firm hand,he offered both. It did help that she found him attractive,despite the twenty something age gap and his balding head.

She opened her eyes expecting the first slap,she glanced around, he was staring at her bottom,she could see he was aroused. He saw her looking;"You naughty girl," he simply said. He moved towards her and rested the belt on the end of her back.She stared at the desk again.She felt his hands grap hold of each side of her tight,figure hugging navy skirt. He gently began to raise her skirt up,revealing each inch of her bare white thigh's and the rounded shape of her bottom.She felt a slight draft on her bottom and bit her bottom lip in expectation of what was to come.Next he caught hold of her black panties and began pulling them down over the shape of her well rounded bottom.Her panties were lowered to her kness, but her legs were smooth and they flittered down to her ankles.He took the belt in his hand and folded it in half."You deserve everything you are going to get,Gillian," he said.She caught a hint of excitement in his voice.

She felt a rush of air as he raised the belt shoulder high and brought it down,with great accuracy, across her bottom. She squeezed her eyes shut and gasped.."Sorry!" she exclaimed.

"I know you are,Gillian,but this needs to be done!"

He brought the belt down again;her bottom began to sting,she felt it go all tingley.The belt came down again.The sound was like a whip cracking in air."Fuck!",she screamed out.She lowered her head to the desk,placing her forehead on the cold wood.He stood there,not moving.Her breathing had quicked and she felt a stinging sensation dancing around her bottom.

"Compose yourself,Gillian;we are not finished yet," he said softly.While he disciplined her,he always cared about her.He was caring and he was her master;she would do anything for him;he had helped her so much.

"Yes...yes,Sir," she said,trying to catch her breath and compose herslf;she wanted so much to bring that "couldn't care less" attitude to the fore again but her stinging bottom warmly reminded her that this was no time to play games,this was discipline,the discipline that she sorely needed;she had to use this discipline to motivate herself,she had to write that assignment.The words of "Panglos" in Volatires's "Candide" came to mind;"...everything is for the best in the best of all possible world's". It was true she decided,this discipine she was receiving was for the best,no matter what.She suddenly began to understand Voltaire.Without warning her bottom stung like hell again as her Mentor brought the belt down again.Her whole body jerked.

"Stay still,nearly done," he said.She felt his warm,strong hand on her bottom,rubbing lightly,it felt so soothing,she closed her eyes,she felt wet;there was that image again,he was taking her in the back seat of his car in the forest,right next to the picnic area. Suddenly the belt came down again,he was swinging it from right to left,like a sword.It felt like a sword as each lash ripped into her,she screamed but she knew it was screams of excitement."Oh yes...YES!!!,she screamed. A few more strokes were delivered,she could hear him breathing heavily and she thought she heard him mutter.."Oh yes,",also.The belt was swinging,she was swaying her hips from side to side,the pain felt delicious,her bottom felt so hot,but it felt so good,she never wanted it to stop,the pain and heat,coupled with the sound of his voice,admonishing her,was driving her into a different realm,a realm of such pleasure,it was like nothing she felt before.She felt herself orgasm and heard herself scream out in pleasure,her legs shook and she put her head on the desk.She scratched her nails on the velvet cover on the desk and as the orgasm thundered through her she knocked his books off the side of the desk...the belt came down one more time.Whipped to orgasm,she thought,didn't think that possible.She suddenly felt tired,then his soothing hands on her bottom again."Good,girl,good,Gillian,you needed that release!" he said calmly.

He sat comfortably,she sat a little less so.He looked at her." Now,lets begin; Francois-Marie Arouet,1694-1778,was also know as Voltaire and he wrote "Candide" in 1759...."

She sat there listening, but she already understood "...everything is for the best,in the best of all possible world's...." Gillian completed her assignment in four days,lucky girl!

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That was quite the chapter! Had to read through this one a few times. :) Hope you grace us with another tantalizing tale soon.

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