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Help me punish a naughty girl

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I put this in the erotic section and didn't get many replies so I thought I'd try here.

I have a cute little wife who has done something very mischievous and I thought it would be fun to let the Spanking Needs members decide how I should punish her. Of course it must be stated that she is my best friend, we have a completely consensual relationship, and nothing will be done to her without her consent. But she has been very naughty and we thought that this would be fun. I recently got a new job with a serious pay upgrade (YAY!) and my, usually very fiscally conservative, little girl went on a bit of a shopping spree. Let’s just say most of my first paycheck went “poof”. She’s been very good with money for the past couple of years and so I don’t really mind, I think she deserves it, but a spanko like me is always looking for reasons to indulge myself. Anyway she feels terribly guilty and has asked me to give her a good long hard punishment. In fact she says that she thinks one punishment won’t do for all of the money that she spent so I am asking you, the community of Spanking Needs, to come up with punishments that this naughty little girl will receive. If you can come up with something that sounds fun to me I’ll punish her according to your stated regimen, and then fill you all in on the wonderful details of how it all went for her.

This girl is 5’8”, 150 lbs with long flowing brown hair, beautifully large brown eyes, and a gorgeous J’ Lo like soft, muscular bottom. Her skin is a beautiful pale shade that starts to turn to a gorgeous pink and red after a short stay over the knee, but she can take A LOT. And I do mean a lot. Not like beaten to black and blue or anything, but we’re looking for a good bring her to tears and then keep her there for a while so she learns her lesson, single or multi-implement spanking. What you can do is describe for me how you would punish this girl, or if you were this girl how you would like to be punished (spankings only please we’re not into alternative types of punishment play like figging or anything, I respect if you are, but that’s not our thing). Please give details. Number and strength of swats, position, clothes on or off, special clothes to be worn (naughty school girl outfit for example), is she to count, should she have to ask for more, is she to hold her position, is there a spanking penalty for moving out of position or rubbing her behind, etc. The more detailed and creative, the more fun for everyone.

Toys we have available include obviously my hand, a narrow leather belt, a wide leather belt, a ¼ inch thick Sorority style paddle, a light wooden paddle with holes (the bumblebee stinger), a light wooden paddle without holes, a heavier long handled hairbrush style paddle (which I just made and I’m raring to try out!), a round leather paddle, a long acrylic cane, a short OTK acrylic cane, 2 wooden canes 1/8 and 1/4 inch thick respectively, and a light leather deerskin flogger. I’m pretty proud of my collection. Most of this stuff is home made so if you can think of something that I’m missing, that you think she deserves to feel on her backside, please feel free to add implements and I’ll do my best to make new ones. Always looking for fun new stuff to add to the toy box. ;)

Have fun everyone, I can’t wait to hear your responses!

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Punishment #1, Part 1.

My naughty little wife came home from work today, knowing that she was getting a spanking, and knowing that it was going to be a good one. After discussing her extreme overspending and pending punishment, she went and spent another $110 on a set of night side stands for our guest bedroom, which we have yet to use (except as a play room, so I guess I now have new things to set paddles on or make her bend over onto). I called her at work and told her that she was to go directly upstairs when she got home to wait for her punishment.

The rest of my day at work I couldn’t think of anything besides what I was going to do to her cute little ass. I went back and forth deciding what implements to use, in what order, how many swats. I was still changing my mind on the drive home. I arrived before she did and headed straight upstairs. I settled on a set of implements that was guaranteed to make an impression. I set them down on the middle of the bed, so that she would have to stare at them as she knelt on the ottoman at the foot of the bed waiting for her punishment. First, I set our long wooden paddle down, closest to where she would be sitting. One swat of this brings a bright red color to her bottom in seconds, and I wanted her to know that this would be how this punishment would start. There would be no warm up tonight. She needed to know that, and think about it, while she waited for her punishment to commence. Next I set down our ping pong paddle shaped leather paddle. This would be used to bring her whole ass and upper thighs to a bright red after the wooden paddle had punished her sit spot. This paddle wraps around to all of the places that the hard wooden paddle just doesn’t, and this little girl deserved a punishment over her entire ass and upper thighs. Finally I set down a 3 foot long, ¼ inch thick dowel rod so that she would know that this punishment was going to end as strong as it started.

I knew that I had some time before my little girl got home so I hopped in the shower. Around five minutes later, she knocked on the bathroom door and I told her to come in.

“Hello Sir! I’m sorry sorry I’ve been bad” she said with far too much playfulness, and too little sincerity. I would see to changing that.

“Not yet you’re not little one. I am going to spank you to tears today. You promised me that this spending spree was done and I haven’t even begun to punish you for that and here you are spending more money on things that we don’t need yet and that we didn’t even pick out together.”

“I’m sorry sir.” A little better this time. I think she was in between nervous and excited for what was coming next.

You will be little girl. You are going to get punished every day this weekend. Tonight is just going to be the start.”

“But they were so cute and I was afraid that they would run out…”

“Your cute little ass is in enough trouble little girl.” I interrupted. “Now I want you to take that dress off and you bra and go kneel on the ottoman and think about how punished your little bottom is going to be. And leave your panties on. I won’t be playing with you first this time, this is a punishment, and you will be on your knees thanking me for it when this is over.”

I heard her pouting on her way out of the room and I decided to take my time and let her sit there for another 15 minutes or so.

Later I walked into the bedroom and she was kneeling there waiting for me with her knees on the ottoman and forearms flat on the bed. She was wearing black and white panties with a black lace trim, the bottom half of her ass already exposed for the paddle. I walked up to her, still unclothed from my shower, and tugged up on her panties to expose the rest of her bottom.

“That’s uncomfortable.” She squirmed and I gave her a sharp slap on her left ass with my hand slightly cupped and my fingers spread. She jumped. “I’m sorry Sir! It’s fine!” she said.

“I know it is, that’s how I want you little girl.”

I brought my hand down hard on the other side. She didn’t jump as much this time, she was expecting it. She was biting down on one side of her lower lip in anticipation of the rest of my response. I gave her twenty more hard smacks on each side of her bottom, right where her legs meet her thighs, alternating five smacks on each side, then moving to the other.

She made cute little noises at every slap “Ow! ah! Oh! Please! Sorry!”.

Then I took a step back to enjoy my handiwork. Two nice blurred handprints on either side with the marks from where my fingers had met her ass overlapping.

“Are you ready to get started then little girl?”

“I’m already sorry sir” she said as she turned back to look at me. She was still smiling. She is such a naughty little minx.

“Oh little girl I don’t think so.”

I picked up the wooden paddle.

“Put your little bottom out girl”

She complied. I had the best target that a man of my tastes could have desired. I brought the paddle back three feet behind her, swung down with my elbow and twisted my wrist just before the paddle met the spot where her bottom meets her thighs.

“Ah!!! Oh I’m sorry Sir!” She jumped up and put her hands on her thighs.

“You’ll keep quiet and hold still. And keep your little bottom presented or these won’t count little one. And keep your hands up in front of your head.”

“Yes sir I’m sorry..OH!”

As the paddle cracked down on her bottom again. I brought the paddle down hard on her ass again and again. For fifteen more strokes, with just a second between each, I worked the paddle between the center of her bottom and the middle of her thighs. I saw her struggling with the idea to bring her hands back behind her, to protect her little bottom, but she fought that urge, and clasped them in front of her instead. Good little girl. She is learning.

“Ow, Oh!, I’m sorry, Please Sir! Ow!”

I gave her a few moments to regain her composure after her first paddling.

“Are you sorry now little girl?”

“Yes Sir!”

‘Very sincere’ I thought to myself. ‘Now I have her attention.’

“OK little one we’re halfway done with this paddle and then we’ll move on with the rest of your punishment. Today’s punishment that is you know you have more coming this weekend.”

“Yes sir…” she pushed her little bottom out for me. Just as she should have. What a lucky man I am!

The wooden paddle had done a wonderful number on the center of her bottom and thighs at this point. There were wonderful red marks on the center of her ass and thighs. But as any experienced spanker (and spankee for that matter) would know, her right side had felt the paddle much harder than her left side (I was standing left side). I then moved over to the other side and said.

“All right little girl you have fifteen more of these and then we move on to the rest of your punishment.”

“Yes sir…”

I brought that paddle down hard on the other side of her bottom, with a backhand swing like a tennis player, and she jumped in suprize. I think she thought that I would be more gentle for the second half of her punishment. What she didn’t’ realize was that this was far from the second half of her punishment. We were still working on the first implement, and had quite a ways to go.

She held surprisingly still for the last fourteen swats. I only had to ask her to better present her little bottom for the paddle twice. (that cost her four hard swats with my hand at the end. She yelped at every one of these). By this time the tears were starting to flow. Her punishment had begun.

I gave her a few minutes to catch her breath and then asked her…..

“Well little girl are you ready to start the rest of your punishment?”

She reached out in front of her and grabbed the leather paddle. She looked at it for a moment and then said.

“Yes sir, I haven’t been punished hard enough yet…. Where do you want me?”

“I want you to stay right where you are little girl.”

I knelt up on the bed in front of her and she dropped the paddle. She grabbed the bottom half of my cock with her hand, and put the top half in her mouth. As she began to work up and down on it I asked her.

“We’re only a quarter of the way through your first punishment. Are you going to be a good girl now?”

“MmmmHmmmm” she tried to nod as she sucked on my cock.

“Are you going to take the rest of your punishment like a good little girl?”

“MmmmmHmmmm,” She pulled off long enough to say “Yes Sir”

“I didn’t tell you you could stop playing with me to talk little girl…that will cost you…”

“I’m sorry Sir. Please punish me Sir.” and she put my cock back in her mouth and answered properly..

“Mmmmm Hmmmmm” she began to work faster.

To be continued…….

This is the first punishment that my wife has received as a response to her spending spree. This is a true story. If you would like to be a part of this true story by suggesting punishments for her, please read the start of this thread and suggest a punishment for her. Her spending is not slowing down. I think this little girl needs some harder spankings. Please contribute punishment ideas and I will follow through with them and share them with everyone on the site as I have with this story. Can’t wait to hear your responses!



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Sounds interesting, but if you were truely going to let ME help you'd either let me spank her or let me watch. Are you willing to do that?

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This is kinda stupid and very mean. After all she trusts you and only you understand what she needs. Plus she didn't even do anything that bad. I doubt that is even real.

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This is kinda stupid and very mean. After all she trusts you and only you understand what she needs. Plus she didn't even do anything that bad. I doubt that is even real.

Your quite right she didn't do anything that bad. This is just an excuse for us to play as we like to. I'd also like to let you know that she is my complete equal, I love her and nothing will be done that she disapproves of. We just thought that this might be a fun little experiment but we haven't been getting any input from anyone. This is quite real and I am trying to start writing about our experiences as a new hobby. It was my first attempt at story telling. Sorry if you didn't like it. Would welcome some constructive criticism on the writing style.

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