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brasilian little girl looking for Daddy Dom :)

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hi :)

i know i live far away from most people, but what can i do?

you will ask "then why not look for someone down there?". because i don´t like brasilian men. they are only after sex. don´t get me wrong, i love sex, but i need more... i want more than physical atraction, i need to connect my soul.. to admire someone, to long for him when we´re apart.

yes, i am a romantic.

i can be your sweet inocent little girl, playful, have lots of fun - and i can be a wild, sexy, savage woman lusting every bit of you.

i need guidance, i need a firm hand.

i can be bratty so i you must be a gentleman, patient (specially in the beginning) because if things are right and i find my inner peace the rebel in me will be able to rest and things will only get better and better ;)

come find me. i´m waiting.


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