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a spanking story

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I have a friend who wants an opinion on a spanking story he just wrote. Please leave your comments below.


Tabitha, a young looking girl in her early 30's spun gravel as she backed out the driveway and peeled down the road in front of her house.

" He just doesn't understand me and he's always pissing me off” she exclaimed as she kept on down the road, barely missing a red light

By this time Carl, a new neighbor next door had gotten to the window, but all he saw was the dust settling at the end of the driveway next to his.

When Tabitha got back home from the store and was carrying in a bag of groceries, she didn't notice her new neighbor who was checking her out as he trimmed the overgrown boxwood bush next to his front porch..Immediately he heard yelling and the sound of things crashing. It continued for quite a few minutes and Carl started to wonder just what was going on next door. He just kept trimming the bush and then it got kinda quiet. He finish, went back in and fixed his dinner.

An hour or so after the sun had set, he heard a truck start up and leave the area loudly. By this time, he was starting to get used to the noisy couple next door and didn't really pay attention to it. RINGGGG, went his doorbell, as he answered it he saw Tabitha standing there with a sulking look on her face.

He said, “Yes”.

“Can I use your phone”?, she said.

“Only if you smile”, said Carl.

She feigned a half-hearted smile and came in.

“Its over on my desk”, said Carl.

Tabitha went over, picked up the phone and called her number. It rang and rang as she tapped her foot incessantly. Carl watched this and saw her anger and impatience.Something he had noticed his own teenage daughter long ago. It brought back memories to him of good and bad times. It made him remember one particular time. He did something that he knew was the right thing with his daughter. Tabitha slammed the phone down and kicked the chair next to it.

“That's enough of that, Carl said. You can tear up your own house but you're not gonna tear up this one”.

Before she could think she flipped her middle finger at him. This infuriated Carl. He went over to her and said:

“You're quite a rude and obnoxious young lady, aren't you”?

“Whatever”, Tabitha said.

“O and sarcastic as well, I see. You know I've been hearing the ruckus next door day by day its seems since I moved in 2 weeks ago and and I'm experiencing it firsthand. I tell you another thing young lady, I know how to deal with it”.

“It's already dealt with ----- He's gone this time for good”.

“I'm talking about you, young lady, not him”, Carl said.

“What do you mean”? Tabitha asked.

“You need some discipline in your life to make you calm down and and make you think before you act. You ever get a spanking for being a bad girl”? Carl asked.

“No”, Tabitha replied.

“Not even when you were growing up and would act out and misbehave”?

“No, not really”, Tabitha said with a smart look on her face.

“Then its high time you get one and you'll find out that you're never --- never too old to learn discipline and respect for yourself and everything around you”..

“It's too late ----- I'm grown------ over 30”. she said.

“ It's never too late as you're about to find out young lady”.

As Carl approached her she backed up until she was completely back against the wall. She stopped feeling mad and started getting a little nervous then when Carl took her by the arm and pulled her over to the chair she just kicked, she started to realize what was just about to happen.

“My mom used to do this and it never worked”, she said.

“Not the way I'm going to,” Carl said.

As she went over his knees, her bottom became the perfect target for the onslaught it was about to receive. She got butterflies again and as Carl's hand came down on her butt, she felt it starting to sting------ really sting after about 4 swats.

“OWWW”, she yelled after the 11th swat.

“OWWWW---NO---Stop---Damn it”.

After 20 or so swats he stopped---- stood her up---looked her in the eye and she replied, “HMMPHFF” , thinking it was over. It wasn't until Carl put his hands in the top of her jeans, pulled her closer and started to undo her jeans that she realized that this wasn't the end.

“No, young lady, I said I was going to do it different. You're gonna learn a lesson here tonight”.

He pulled down her jeans and those light blue panties she had on----put her back on his lap and started to spank her again.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!------------- OW! OW! OW!

From middle to lower bottom, then lower bottom to upper thighs. First one cheek and then the other. Back and forth, over and over and over again.


She thought it would never end. She struggled but it was of no use Carl had his leg over hers, pinning her down on his lap and grabbed hold of her hand when she brought it back to try and cover her blazing bottom. Finally it was over. He let her up.

“Now did I get my point across?, Do you think you've gotten the message Tabitha”?

“Yes, Sir I have”.

“Good, I want to see a better attitude and more respect from you young lady”.

She pulled up her panties and jeans and went home that night feeling just like a little girl who gotten a spanking.

As she left, Carl

She didn't sleep too soundly that night and the sleep she did get was on her side and tummy. Her bottom felt like molten lead, the fire burned constantly.

The next morning when she looked at her bottom in the mirror she saw it was still a deep dark red and the heat from it could be felt several inches away. It hurt for 2 days and for the first 24 hours it was very hard to sit. As the days went by Tabitha started to notice a slight change----- she did think before she reacted in a lot more situations than she ever done before.

She found herself eating lunch with co-workers instead of all alone and not being frustrated at the end of the workday like she used to be. And as for the way she acted to Carl, She smiled and waved whenever she saw him looking at his yard and house thinking to herself---- he's not only got me respecting him now but even his yard---and even the old car I thought looked dumb---- everything. After a couple of weeks later, Tabitha was starting to feel lonely. 3 weeks, her boyfriend and her split up officially, but she was enjoying her space and the calmness and tranquility that now existed in her home, that never used to be there before.

Tabitha wasn't ready to start dating again, not yet. As the next week went by, her loneliness started turning into frustration and anger. The old habits were coming back. Although she was noticing it, she shrugged it off then. After a weekend of impatience with everything she went to bed Sunday night tired and upset. Tabitha woke up late Monday morning.She had cut the alarm off and went back to sleep. Something she hadn't done in over a month. She hurried out the door and spun gravel as she backed out of the driveway. As she approached the second red light on her way to work it turned red but she sped through it. The sound of the siren and blue lights in her rear view mirror. She got to work with the ticket in her purse and told no one about it. By lunch time, she had insulted 2 co-workers and felt more mad then she did right after she'd gotten the ticket 3 ½ hours earlier. By the end of the day she just wanted to get the hell out of there and go home. When she squealed out of the parking lot, 2 co-workers looked up and she noticed them staring. She flipped her middle finger and went on home. Slamming the car door, she went in and the phone was ringing as she got it and picked it up, no one was there---dial tone. She slammed the phone down and smacked the glass next to it. Slamming it fell on the floor and broke. As she took a deep breathe and sighed, all of a sudden she got a thought. She peered out the window across the yard at the house next door. She saw the old car in the driveway. She marched deliberately into her bedroom and opened her dresser drawer and got a bottle of Aloe Vera lotion and a tube of co-c- butter the she'd bought on a whim 3 weeks ago. She put the Aloe Vera lotion in the back pocket of her jeans and the cream in her left side pocket and made her way across the yard, to the house next door. She went up the 3 steps to the front porch and rang the bell.

“Yes”, as the door opened she heard, “Can I use your phone”? She replied.

The End-------or is it?

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Guest BabyTink1993

That was really good :) I'd like to hear more

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Great story, enough but not too much detail with an ending that leaves room to ponder what happens next.

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