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My name is Miss Lydia

I am a professional Disciplinarian in near Reading, Pa. I have been a Disciplinarian/ life coach for over 8 years. I provide corporal punishment and therapeutic discipline. I am available for one-time sessions or ongoing, regular sessions.

Do you have a New Year resolution you need help with??

At this time I am available most afternoons and evenings. If you are only available on weekends I might be able to arrange a time that works for both of us.

I am not a licensed therapist. I do believe that spankings can be used as therapy. Many people benefit from spankings for different reason.

I am NOT a prostitute! NO Bj's... No Hand jobs... NO Sex!!!!!!!!**

I am not a sadist with those I discipline. I feel I am loving but stern. I do try to use a punishment that will make an impression to help change their negative behavior.

I am a caring, understanding, and nurturing woman that believes in good old fashion discipline and that a spanking can release one from guilt and from stress. I have been a teacher for many years and am raising 2 teenage boys. Just like with My own boys and students, I am loving but strict.

I knew I was into spanking as a child. I was never spanked as a child but I spanked My dolls and stuffed animals. I never had discipline and I craved structure. I believe in discipline! I believe in the benefits of a spanking.

I am 5’3” about 150lbs. I have had fit male and female bottoms of all sizes over My knees.

I always ask the person I am disciplining to be comfortable in what he/she is wearing. What ever you normally wear is what I want. I will have you remove pieces of clothes as W/we go. till you have a bare bottom.

I always start otk except if I have a request to be strapped to My bench.

I warm with My hand, then thoroughly use a wood paddle. I have many implements to choose from to finish the spanking. We will discuss what I will use before the session begins.

The Aftercare... Well lets just face it, spankings aren't hardcore BDSM. I use lotion during and after spanking. I love Shea butter or coconut butter but there are times that baby lotion works well. NOW... If I give an extreme spanking and he/she goes into subspace... I use a blanket and will hold him/her. I would never get someone to that point and then make the leave like that. Not many get to that point though.

If you are just looking for a good old fashion spanking don’t be afraid to contact Me. I provide spanking sessions for both men and woman that are looking for discipline and/or stress relief.

I don't just use spanking.... I also use corner time, grounding, writing lines, and soap in the mouth

On occasion I will do online sessions. If you live in another state I am willing to meet with you online. Not everyone is a good candidate for this service but I have done this success. I do require proof of age and a web cam

I also provide Life Coach services. Do you need help with quitting smoking, weight loss, road rage, even better grades and work performances? This is where we sit down and discuss where you need changes. I will create goals, rules and consequences and you will see progress.

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I would love to set up regular sessions with you, I'm struggling with self discipline and beating some bad habits, I am a 41 year old female who would love to set up a first session

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