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We already have three implements. There's the OTK leather looped strap, Big John (I'm sure most of you know but resembles the OTK strap but MUCH longer and it's wider), then my least favorite the Lexan paddle.

I guess I was hoping for more information on other implements. Such as a wooden paddle, wooden spoon, the paddles with holes, the braided straps, slappers, etc. If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciate.

My apologies if things that I'm posting have been discussed or if I'm posting in the wrong sections. I'll get the hang of it. I hope to get to know all of you much better!

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My apologies if things that I'm posting have been discussed or if I'm posting in the wrong sections. I'll get the hang of it. I hope to get to know all of you much better!

No apology necessary. Researching as to whether a post has been addressed would take hours of searching through all discussions & comments. There are miles of discussions & comments to search through just to discover as to whether or not a particular comment of discussion has been addressed. Then, there is the question as to whether it is believable or not.

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With the exception of it's tendency to break during a long hard spanking, a ping pong paddle stings most effectively on bare skin due to those tiny rubber teats (as I mentioned in the post on cracker barrel paddles) on the mat. Surprisingly enough it has a very small chance of causing damage for minor spankings due to the give of the rubber mat.

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Guest cpgiver

I have found that each implement has similar but distinct feel to it when it lands on a bare butt. The most severe spanking tools in my view:

off-billet strap (part of a horse's saddle)

razor strop

heavy leather workbelt with holes (ironworker or tower climbing work)

thick rubber strap (similar to what a conveyor belt is made of)

lexan paddle with holes

rattan cane

birch bundle (google it as birch rod)

and of course a real freshly cut switch (peach, hazel and apple woods are said to be the best)

Of course, every person has their own level of pain tolerance, and those who are regularly caned or flogged with a heavy strap will be able to handle those implements, while recoiling in terror from a lexan paddle or other spanking implement.

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Hi poison and all others.

I prefer the tawse and the leather strap I made by my own. They give red buttocks on others and me. The cane and a whip gives longer lasting marks. So I like to give, but not receive.

At the moment I would like to hear something about rubber straps or floggers. Esp the marks how long they last compared with leather.

For my own the paddles are stinging, but too long marks left.

3 days are good longer than 5 days are impossible.

Any hints?


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Tal...I still have a very special strap with your name on it! :) I would be happy to send it Ms.M...let me know!



Mama has a huge gym bag full of impliments but said, "Sure, I would like to have it if she is willing to give it up!"

Uhhh ... thanks a lot! :lol:


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Hmm, so Tal, does that mean that I should sent over the multi-tailed flogger with Argentinian leather tails and metal spikes knotted in them?

hehehehe just kidding.

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We have several implements that my wife may choose to use depending upon the seriousness of the discpline.

She has found the black Ferule to suit her the best for everyday use. It's heavy rubber about 1/2 inch thick with the business about 6 inches long. The ferule makes quite an impression with little effort on her part. It's more of a 'thud' feeling rather than a slap.

The most serious of implement is the long black rod. About as thick as my little finger made of a slightly flexible plastic. It hurts and causes serious bruises and a lumpiness on the butt. She has only used it twice because it scares her as much as it scares me. Still we both know it is there if I cross certain lines.post-17691-0-67708300-1347458330_thumb.j

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My most recent punishment (see Writing Punishments) opened my eyes to the severity of a well used switch. Not only does it have nearly the same pain level as a cane, but there is the mental discipline punishment of preparing the implement to be used on you in a satisfactory way. Very compelling. We have a variety of implements in our home. A small paddle (ping pong with holes drilled) for minor offenses. We have some nice wooden bakiing spoons that are effective for small incidents. "Gail" which was handed down from my Grandma, is a well worn and used leather strap with a handle. It is the primary implement used on me.

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Guest Li'lMinx

LOL Minnie!!!! SO dang cute and SOOOO dang painful!

Precisely what a good implement should be!

But it was such a pretty little red cute heart LEXAN paddle! LMAO! I warned you, P! :lol:

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