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Greetings boys & girls

Have you been lacking discipline? Do you have bad habits (smoking, cursing, rudenes) you need to break? Harboring guilt or shame for past offenses? Lacking motivation (work, school, weight loss)?

I am an experienced FEMALE Disciplinarian located in the north east. I offer my disciplinary services to naughty young men and women in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusettes, New York, Maine & Rhode Island.

I have been involved in discipline most of my adult life and several years ago, about 6yrs to be exact, I opted to begin offering disciplinary services after several friends of mine in the lifestyle commented that true female disciplinarians are difficult to find.

I am in my mid 30s and a college-educated professional with a family, so discretion is as important for me as I am sure it is for you. I am safe, sane and very strict. I have several references of naughty men & women I have disciplined over the years. This is not only a secondary career for me but a passion. I have been on both ends of discipline spanking and know very well the benefits of having tangible consequences and being held accountable to someone else who truly cares.

I do NOT offer anything sexual in my sessions, so please do not bother asking me for it. What I DO offer is discipline.....plain and simple.....strictly discipline. Very REAL bare bottom spankings, paddlings, strappings. I maintain regular email contact with my mentees and insist on regular reports of their behaviors. I scold thoroughly both in session and via phone when it is warranted before a session is possible. I insist my mentees truly look to better themselves with my help, guidance & loving support. We will discuss your goals and set firm boundaries and initiate steps you will take to acheive those goals. I am ever-watchful of your progress and always there to encourage your sucesses and punish for your failures or slip-ups.

In session you can expect to stand before me on shaky legs as you tell me what you are about to be punished for. We will discuss what you did wrong and how you will move past it to suceed after you've been taken to task for your error in judgement. I do NOT tolerate game playing or dishonesty.....either of those things tells me you do not take me seriously and I have dismissed boys/girls from my mentorship for repeated offenses in those areas. You must be honest with me if I am to help you. You can not change what you do not acknowledge.

After a thorough scolding and lecture, you will be very soundly spanked over my knee with both my hand and solid hairbrush before being bent over a chair, bed, couch for a good whipping with my belt or one of my several straps. I also use corner time, writing lines, essays, mouth soaping, etc for additional punishments when it is called for. After you have been punished you will be cared for as well......given a hug, forgiveness expressed, a good long talk to assure the discipline was effective and reaffirm goals for future behavior.

I take great pride in what I do and have mastered the fine art of true discipline over the years. I maintain relationships with those I mentor and enjoy helping other people progress in their life. I offer my disciplinary services to BOTH men and women. Again, NOTHING SEXUAL is allowed. HONESTY is paramount. You will be safe, you will feel genuinely cared for and you will receive the discipline and accountability you need.

When contacting me make sure to tell me what it is you seek this discipline for.....working to make a change, break a bad habit, pay for a past transgression for which you feel guilt, assistance in accountability so you can improve your behavior and relationships, etc. Also tell me about your experiences in this area of your life. Have you been spanked before? Is discipline a motivating factor for you in life? Let me know where you are located.

I do travel some throughout New England and can also arrange sessions if you travel to me. My fees are extremely reasonable and far from the outrageous rates required from professional Dommes in the city. The fee I require simply helps to cover the cost of my travel, time, implements, etc. I have at times and will consider one time experiences with someone who simply needs to feel they have been punished for a past transgression......however, I prefer to enter into on-going mentor/mentee relationships with my boys & girls so I can work with them and see the improvement true discipline makes in their lives.

I am not a leather-wearing dominatrix, so please do not contact me if that is what you seek. I am probably best described as a domestic disciplinarian. Similar to a mother, an aunt, etc. A very real, down to earth woman who is easy to talk to and truly cares about helping those under my watchful supervision. In session, I am just as caring but very very strict and firm in the way I correct you. I have a collectiion of several implements that I will utilize to teach you the lesson you need. I will respect any limits mentioned beforehand but rest assured, you WILL be a VERY sorry young man/woman when I am finished spanking your naughty bottom. You will be sore and your properly punished bottom will serve as a tender reminder of the spanking you received for several days.

If this type of relationship with a mature, responsible, caring female disciplinarian appeals to you and you are interested in setting up a session, please contact me at: missdiscipline7@yahoo.com

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Guest needspanking1990

I wish you could mentor me but I am in no position in my life to be able to pay for your services an I hear you are exactly what I'm looking for.. Shame though I wish you luck an finding a real mentee that won't bullshit an play games. I am looking for a mentor in Albany area and I am a real serious person willing to do what it takes to better my life.. I hope I find someone like you one day..

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Are you still in business? What area are you in? I'm in NE Mass and would like to have your services. I emailed you in the past but didn't get a response. ttebboc1@yahoo.com

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Where did MsDiscipline go ?

anyone interested in spanking or getting a spanking in SE MA send me a note. It seems particularly diff to locate and connect with spanking friends in this area. No clubs or chats or munches that I’m seeing.

best to all 

L O 

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