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seeking a spanking buddy/friend

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Hi guys, I am really needing/seeking a spanking friend/buddy for "real-time" meetings because, I need to be spanked for a # of reasons and one is for eating too much at bed time so, looking for a guy 45+ to give me a bed-time spanking so's that I don't eat alot, I am trying to lose weight :!: And for stress relief. And am also looking to spank/discipline as a mentor to a younger guy of College age 18-30yo and can be a big brother or dad to him and give him what he needs and wants in his life, either on a regular-basis :D or once or twice a month but can offer to him Domestic family style type spankings by otk handspanking's and ending up maybe using a wooden paddle or the hairbrush or even a belt spanking but will NOT do or use any heavy to severe s/m at all, and non-sexual type discipline but after will give you a hug and a boy needs to cry and to have a older guy in his life, I am 41yo. I hope to hear from those guy's out there soon!

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