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Found 24 results

  1. Are you ready for a spanking party? Can't attend one in person? You are invited to our virtual event. [Smack's Basement](http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Libra/84/243/27) is hosting, a virtual spanking party in [Second Life](https://join.secondlife.com/?lang=en&utm_source=Google&network=g&campaignid=1493539903&adgroupid=57071407629&placement=&keyword=second%20life&matchtype=e&creative=354241927410&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5Py4wrSZ7AIV0cDACh1kEQgGEAAYASAAEgJriPD_BwE). Spin our "Wheel of Fortune", and receive or give the spanking it decides! Hang out with other adult spankos from around the world. Play, connect, and discuss, this hobby of ours. When: Thursday, October 8th, at 6 pm PST in-world. IM if you have any questions, or need virtual directions. See you there! -Smack
  2. Date: Saturday, March 3rd, 1-4pm Location: 1763: http://www.1763.net/Home.html Dress Code: On the nicer side of casual. The Spanking Club of Atlanta, or SCOA is a club we formed to focus on the distinct needs of spankos in Atlanta, Georgia. Anyone interested in OTK, bare-bottom spanking is encouraged and welcomed to attend. SCOA is an inclusive spanking group, open to all genders and orientations. Different people are attracted to spanking for different reasons. For most spankos, spanking isn’t just physical, but also psychological. This may include how someone feels emotionally, or center on particular implements (like a hairbrush, a belt, a wooden spoon, etc.) or connect to certain physical and mental sensations (like having their pants pulled down beforehand, getting scolded, or being placed in a corner). SCOA’s focus is to give spankos space to feel more comfortable with their interest, to discuss spanking with others, and potentially to find play partners. There is no singular method to enjoy spanking play. Whether you like spanking just for the sensation of giving or receiving spanks, or use it as a way to release stress or prefer to play out pretend disciplinary scenes--all are valid modes of expression. We do not hand out stickers or badges for “tops” or “bottoms”, and we certainly do not assume that a person "is a spanker" or "is a spankee" without checking with them first. Use your words, get to know people, and ask. The answer may surprise you. At SCOA, we spank using our bare hands, as well as the typical domestic spanking tools like belts, paddles, hairbrushes, spoons, etc. There are other clubs and groups where you can use your whips, crops, floggers etc. We understand how difficult it can be to act on your spanking interest. Sadly, many lifelong spankos, never make an attempt to connect and fulfill their lifelong wishes. This doesn't have to be you. it well worth it to push past the nervousness, talk with others who share this interest with you, and feel less alone. If you're a novice or even a veteran, there is no pressure to play if you'd rather just talk with others in a relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by people just like you. We look forward to meeting you.
  3. 50 or older? Think you are alone in your thinking? A new club just for us. ?
  4. Some of you may remember me from my previous posts about the issues I was having with my girlfriend. We recently broke things off (i have kind of been spiraling to be honest). Is there anyone in Atlanta, Georgia, or any one near that would be open to talking. (about spanking, about life, anything really.) Are there any spankers or spankees out there looking for friends? I want to get to know more people in the community. Even if you aren't in Atlanta, or around, still shoot me a message if you're open to talking.
  5. I've been into spanking for as long as I remember. I remember seeing a bottle of German wine that depicted a spanking when I was 4 or 5 years old and I remember searching it out every time I went to the liquor store with my parents. I will admit that even at that age it got me aroused. Then there were the girls that I played doctor with. I will always remember us getting caught and both girls getting a serious bare bottom spanking from their mother. It wasn't too much longer until I was able to convince one of "my patients" to take a quick set of swats on the behind from me. When I hit adolescence I was able to simply enjoy nude women (mostly in magazines) and I thought that my desire for spanking activity was a vestige of youth. Something that I grew out of. But then I found the book, Goodbye Janette in my mom's things and not only was it extremely spanking centric. It was spanking erotic and I quickly realized that I wasn't the only one that felt this way about spanking. High school years were a mixture of learning about sex, while masking my true desires. I couldn't imagine ever asking a girl if I could spank her. The fear of being outed far outweighed the potential benefit of them agreeing. In college I was able to spank my long-time GF. It was great. Although what I didn't know was that this was a one-time "treat" and nothing something that she liked or felt comfortable with. When I started dating my wife she let me spank her a few times and a few other times after she got the ring. However, after a couple of years she started responding negatively to my interest in spanking. Saying that she felt it was sick. She told me that all of my spanking videotapes needed to go and said if I went online to visit spanking sites it was over. When we had kids everything was fine for a while. I would never and have never spanked one of my children. But then one day my wife accused me of inappropriately touching my daughter. I denied it. My wife said that she believes that I did it because of all of teacher/student and parent spanking in spanking videos and that I must be some sort of a pedo. My wife had me leave the house and questioned my daughter. My daughter confirmed that I never touched her inappropriately and my wife said something like, "well if I had a bunch of those spanking videos" you'd suspect me too. And that was the last time my wife and I had any sort of sexual intimacy. It was 6 years ago. There are so many days that I wish that I was into big boobs or legs or even feet. Something that didn't place me on the outskirts of sexual society. And just so you know...I have an advanced degree, own a large home, a race car and take my family to Europe for two weeks every summer. So its not like I am using the spanking part as an excuse for other shortcomings. Thanks for reading
  6. Hello SN, I am a professional spanker and disciplinarian located in Atlanta, Georgia. I believe in a no-nonsense approach to spanking and discipline play. Spanking can be a way to release guilt for mistakes, reach stress relief through the catharsis of smacks, or receive the punishment you richly deserve. Contact me with your idea for a spanking, and let's make it a reality. Email me at deborahburnsideinfo@gmail.com Read my FAQs here: deborahburnsides.com Deborah Burnside
  7. For these two books you don't have to read one to read the other. These books are nonfiction novels by Stephanie Evanovich. I was thoroughly surprised to see these two hardcover books in the Library. I read Big Girl Panties first, and then The Sweet Spot. In Big Girl Panties, it's a story about two vanillas falling in love. In The Sweet Spot, its about a spanko and a vanilla falling in love together with the vanilla basically turning spanko. Two of the characters from Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich are the main characters in The Sweet Spot by Stephanie Evanovich. They are both pretty great reads, but as spankos I would 100% recommend The Sweet Spot for a nice little story that we might be able to relate to in small ways. I did find 3 typos though, but not bad enough to not read it. And maybe they were purposeful. It didn't seem that way though. Have fun reading! 😁
  8. I will be visiting San Antonio TX from Aug 2nd - Aug 4th Would love to find someone to put over my knee while I'm their
  9. Obviously, I am new here and I already feel as if I am among friends. I am from Indianapolis, in. where the weather outside is frightful at the moment, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to check this site out and introduce myself. I said that I am new to the spanko scene, but I have been into it for awhile. I just wouldn't say I am a regular just yet, but my circumstances have changed in a big way the past couple of years and I am back. I have been enjoying reading some of the newbie's posts because many of them are still questioning why they are so into this spanko thing. Well, I am here to tell you that I have a degree in Psychology and I have researched this topic quite a bit because we all have asked that question of ourselves at one point or another. You will be happy to know that I think I have the answer! There is no answer! In other words, you are either really into it or you are not. I have not found one real link that ties us spankos together in why we need this in our lives. I am talking true spankos, not the people out there who just say they are for one reason or another. It doesn't take long to spot them either after awhile. But that is a different topic. Right now I just want to say hi, and tell you that because you love spanking or being spanked, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I know, because I love it and there is definitely wrong with me.
  10. Hey everyone, Im a 30 year old male spanker and I live in Atlanta. Ive been a spanko for as long as I can remember. Id love to meet some local people but I am also looking to meet girls who live anywhere. Eventually Id like to find someone to be in a DD relationship with and there seems to be very few female spankos who live nearby me.
  11. Hi, I'm Trish, a professional mature female disciplinarian and spanking in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm available for a wide variety of spanking scenes by appointment, 160 per hour, and a 24 hour notice is required. Whether you wish to play a procrastinating employee or receive discipline from a strict maternal figure, or just receive smacks, all spanking will be done in a safe and sane manner. Send me a message here, or email me at: simplyspankatlanta@gmail.com to schedule a scene. Check here: simplymisstrish.com
  12. Hi, I'm Trish, a professional mature female disciplinarian, and spanker in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm available for a wide variety of spanking scenes by appointment, 160 per hour and a 24-hour notice is required. Whether you wish to play a procrastinating employee or receive discipline from a strict maternal figure over my knee, all spanking will be done in a safe and sane manner. Send me a message here, or email me at: simplyspankatlanta@gmail.com to schedule a scene.
  13. Hi, My name is Miss Trish or Trish, and I'm a professional spanker who has disciplined, punished and spanked people for over twenty years. Giving people the spanking they need or deserve is a passion of mine. Whether you seek discipline, punishment, or catharsis through smacks it will be done in a safe, and sane manner. All scenes will take place in my quiet, private play space. I have a variety of implements to choose from. I'm located just outside the Atlanta area, and 24-hour notice is required for all appointments. Please email me at: simplyspankatlanta@gmail.com to inquire about a session or contact me through www.simplymisstrish.com Label your emails, "I need a spanking Miss Trish". Look forward to hearing from you soon.
  14. Is there a way to figure out if someone you know or barely know is a spanko?
  15. Hi! I am new to the realm of spanking and I would like to find female in the DFW area that can help me get started. I am open to both getting spanked and spanking others. I am a 21 year old male college student. Thanks, Chris
  16. Hello there. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am an attractive height weight proportionate successful professional man in the Philadelphia PA area seeking a woman interested in exploring submission with an experienced dominant man. Safety and discretion are important to me and should be important to you. What can I offer you? Kindness and understanding in your explorations with me, along with years of experience in the fine art of dominance and submission, no judgment, respecting of limits, low key and no pressure, and above all a keen interest in your welfare and enjoyment of the experience. Explore your desires safely in real life without compromising your privacy. I am a nice guy who genuinely likes women. This is an ideal way to challenge and test yourself. If you are a bit nervous/apprehensive in responding that is perfectly natural and will quickly dissipate as we begin the ‘get to know you’ process. You won’t be disappointed. Your age (as long as legal) and looks are secondary to your genuine interest. I will provide more information and detail following your response. I can't wait to hear from you!
  17. Any females in or near the ct area??
  18. I have loved spanking as long as i can remember. Something about it is just so primal and sexy..the feeling of a hand on my bare ass is so intense and powerful for me. I love parental/family discipline spankings. The whole 'change into PJ's/get ready for bed' was a real thing that was said in our house growing up. A spanking was always a private thing and being segregated from the rest of the family by being sent to bed early was the first part of the punishment. Very into Femdom and humiliation and am looking for friends to explore these kinks with. Love to chat, and will accept any friend request.
  19. 27 year old female spanko living near Hood River looking for male or female spanker. I'm a bbw that has lost 50 pounds since May and am working or losing more still. I am looking for online, phone and real life: scoldings, spanking related humiliation, spankings, discipline, friendship... I have years of experience and look forward to meeting people!
  20. Professional Spanker/Disciplinarian seeking a good-looking female spanko... Discretion, care, respect and a lifetime experience offered in a safe, friendly and comfortable atmosphere... Elegant, classy, educated, outgoing and a proficient Master... Let off the steam, forget work and daily life pressure....Have Fun! An unforgettable adventure.... Tailor-made sessions with adjustable intensity that suits your level of expertise and pain tolerance.. I can handle a novice who is curious about trying and a hard-boiled BDSM submissive woman all the same... The magical blend of pain and pleasure!!! The combination of vanilla and kink!! Into both fun spanking and hard punishments.... You need to be fairly good-looking, serious and for real, preferably under 35...Local and expat alike... N.B1 If you are not serious do not waste your time or mine N.B2 No sexuality or intimacy Spank you soon
  21. I am mwm, age 71 at this writing and just getting started on this "hobby." I am entirely "versatile" in what role I play. I live near Bham, AL, northeast of it, actually. I would like to experiment with being spanked to tears, if possible. My email is morph2020@aol.com.
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