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Found 808 results

  1. Greetings boys & girls Have you been lacking discipline? Do you have bad habits (smoking, cursing, rudenes) you need to break? Harboring guilt or shame for past offenses? Lacking motivation (work, school, weight loss)? I am an experienced FEMALE Disciplinarian located in the north east. I offer my disciplinary services to naughty young men and women in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusettes, New York, Maine & Rhode Island. I have been involved in discipline most of my adult life and several years ago, about 6yrs to be exact, I opted to begin offering disciplinary services after several friends of mine in the lifestyle commented that true female disciplinarians are difficult to find. I am in my mid 30s and a college-educated professional with a family, so discretion is as important for me as I am sure it is for you. I am safe, sane and very strict. I have several references of naughty men & women I have disciplined over the years. This is not only a secondary career for me but a passion. I have been on both ends of discipline spanking and know very well the benefits of having tangible consequences and being held accountable to someone else who truly cares. I do NOT offer anything sexual in my sessions, so please do not bother asking me for it. What I DO offer is discipline.....plain and simple.....strictly discipline. Very REAL bare bottom spankings, paddlings, strappings. I maintain regular email contact with my mentees and insist on regular reports of their behaviors. I scold thoroughly both in session and via phone when it is warranted before a session is possible. I insist my mentees truly look to better themselves with my help, guidance & loving support. We will discuss your goals and set firm boundaries and initiate steps you will take to acheive those goals. I am ever-watchful of your progress and always there to encourage your sucesses and punish for your failures or slip-ups. In session you can expect to stand before me on shaky legs as you tell me what you are about to be punished for. We will discuss what you did wrong and how you will move past it to suceed after you've been taken to task for your error in judgement. I do NOT tolerate game playing or dishonesty.....either of those things tells me you do not take me seriously and I have dismissed boys/girls from my mentorship for repeated offenses in those areas. You must be honest with me if I am to help you. You can not change what you do not acknowledge. After a thorough scolding and lecture, you will be very soundly spanked over my knee with both my hand and solid hairbrush before being bent over a chair, bed, couch for a good whipping with my belt or one of my several straps. I also use corner time, writing lines, essays, mouth soaping, etc for additional punishments when it is called for. After you have been punished you will be cared for as well......given a hug, forgiveness expressed, a good long talk to assure the discipline was effective and reaffirm goals for future behavior. I take great pride in what I do and have mastered the fine art of true discipline over the years. I maintain relationships with those I mentor and enjoy helping other people progress in their life. I offer my disciplinary services to BOTH men and women. Again, NOTHING SEXUAL is allowed. HONESTY is paramount. You will be safe, you will feel genuinely cared for and you will receive the discipline and accountability you need. When contacting me make sure to tell me what it is you seek this discipline for.....working to make a change, break a bad habit, pay for a past transgression for which you feel guilt, assistance in accountability so you can improve your behavior and relationships, etc. Also tell me about your experiences in this area of your life. Have you been spanked before? Is discipline a motivating factor for you in life? Let me know where you are located. I do travel some throughout New England and can also arrange sessions if you travel to me. My fees are extremely reasonable and far from the outrageous rates required from professional Dommes in the city. The fee I require simply helps to cover the cost of my travel, time, implements, etc. I have at times and will consider one time experiences with someone who simply needs to feel they have been punished for a past transgression......however, I prefer to enter into on-going mentor/mentee relationships with my boys & girls so I can work with them and see the improvement true discipline makes in their lives. I am not a leather-wearing dominatrix, so please do not contact me if that is what you seek. I am probably best described as a domestic disciplinarian. Similar to a mother, an aunt, etc. A very real, down to earth woman who is easy to talk to and truly cares about helping those under my watchful supervision. In session, I am just as caring but very very strict and firm in the way I correct you. I have a collectiion of several implements that I will utilize to teach you the lesson you need. I will respect any limits mentioned beforehand but rest assured, you WILL be a VERY sorry young man/woman when I am finished spanking your naughty bottom. You will be sore and your properly punished bottom will serve as a tender reminder of the spanking you received for several days. If this type of relationship with a mature, responsible, caring female disciplinarian appeals to you and you are interested in setting up a session, please contact me at: missdiscipline7@yahoo.com I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  2. Hello! I’m from Massachusetts. I’m 32, f, in real years, plus size, pretty. Really in need of a relationship where discipline is a focus. Would love to chat with some Daddies! (Though I’m not exclusively straight, so whomever). Can’t wait to talk.
  3. When i have read many topics on SN forum i have encountered a short notice about session and it taking 1 hour long. Why would a session take 1 hour or more? What length of sessions did you encountered in your spanko life's? Can someone explain it to me that it will make sense? Any valid input is welcomed. Thank you for all the answers.
  4. Hey there Carolina Spankos! Anything going on in our little area of the world? It's difficult to social distance keeping more than a paddle length away. Wish we could beat Covid's butt out of here. Ideas, suggestions, happenings? Spanks a lot & have a wonderful day everyone.
  5. Hello, I would like to know how the one who spanks knows that the one who receives this spanking is sufficiently punished? Is it based on the reaction of the one being punished? Thank you for your answers.
  6. How do spankees on here like to receive their punishment, clothed or bare, or a bit of both, and why?
  7. Hello! I am a 18 year old male. I am looking for a disciplinarian / mentor or a mutual friend who can guide me or micromange me. This is because my family does not believe in punishing me via physical disciplines, this caused me to be lazy, and be quite bratful. After getting disappointing grades and gaining weight, I wanted to change this. Futher detail will be provided to people interested I don't mind any genders or age, just as long as you are willing to become a discipline and mange me! Thank you!
  8. Hello! I am a 21 year old male spanko (switch) and I'm looking for people to chat with about spanking. Its been said many times, but its really lonely being the only spanko around here that I know of. I would love to chat with you all!
  9. Hello, I am a 64 yo man very experienced at giving spankings, I can give you what you are looking for from very hard discipline to mild to erotic. I respect limits and looking for ongoing relationship, Mentoring is also something I do. If anyone is interested and close to Greensboro or not that far I do travel, please get back to me. Thank you.
  10. I have been a stable and consistent member on multiple spanking sites for the duration of the last year (without intermission) and for years before that (on and off). Collectively, I have years of experience being threatened with all forms of corporal punishment, and in my lifetime of experience I have been seriously threatened with the most severe and unpleasant forms of corporal punishment on thousands of occasions, and on every single occasion, I managed to get out of it. The one and only time I did get receive it was only because I chose to - So since there are lots of spankees on this site likely being reminded daily that they face a multitude of dreadful spanking implements and other punishments should they misbehave, and I'm sure that the people who are unable to sit right now and face waking up to another spanking will find this most useful. I am going to share with you the two methods that have proven to be 100% successful in the skillful art of avoiding getting a much dreaded spanking (for everyone who has tried them). The first method is known as The Sentinal because it will protect you from both the spanking you're immediatly facing as well as any other spankings you would have received over the rest of your life time from that particular spanker and it is performed like this; When your spanker informs you that you're going to get a spanking that will make you cry and beg for mercy, you simply agree to meet them at the location they tell you, only instead of leaving your house and getting in your car and driving there, get on an x-box and play video games instead (or take a bath and read a good book) - as long as you don't leave your hosue on time, your spanker will show up thinking they're going to teach you a lesson, only to find out that you've wised up and didn't go!. I actually discovered this method on accident because I was very stupid and disrespectful and I simply forgot about the appointment entirely. The highly acclaimed female spanker who I was lucky to have an appointment with ended up cutting me off entirely after that. It's actually very regrettable and I wish I had never done that - I hope it serves you better than it did me. The next method is a bit more complex and should be used only by people who are well versed in stupidity. I don't know what to call it right now (other than being an idiot) but nonetheless, it has a 100% success rate. Now, both of these methods are excellent in avoiding spankings, but if I had to bet on which one was more reliable, I would have to go with this one. Whereas the first one evokes anger in the spanker, this one evokes discomfort and apprehension. In order to execute this method successfully, you will have to try very hard to act as dumb as possible and within a few days of getting in touch with your spanker, you will need to volunteer WAY WAY WAY too much personal information - the content probably doesn't matter but as long as it relates to how pissed off you are and how sad you are and how you have all of these problems ranging from depression to substance abuse to a dysfunctional family or something along those lines, it will be sure to make the spanker apprehensive about you. Any initial interest that was shown will diminish and you will not find yourself without a spanker again, but you'll also feel incredibly stupid.... More or less, the aforementioned things did happen between me and two experienced female spankers.... I actually don't suggest doing any of these things. I only did them because I was an inconsiderate and naive asshole (in the first scenario) and I only volunteered so much information about myself because I'm the dumbest personh on this site.
  11. Wonder why there are so few Canadian spankos on here and so far (except for me) all on the east coast?
  12. That big taboo subject that nobody likes talking about, the one that makes you feel all cringy inside and you're scared to admit to having problems with. Yet, in the world we're living the statistics for Mental Health Problems are shocking, causing drives such as Mental Health Awareness. We're more then comfortable to complain of our awful cold (man-flu), yet can't admit we have anxiety and so I am here to open up some discussions and hopefully freedom about this topic. STATISTICS How common are mental health problems? (Mind uk) 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England . 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem (like anxiety and depression) in any given week in England. Suicidal thoughts and self-harm aren’t mental health diagnoses. But they are related to mental health. Over the course of someone’s lifetime 1 in 5 people have suicidal thoughts 1 in 14 people self-harm 1 in 15 people attempt suicide. Women are more likely to have suicidal thoughts and make suicide attempts than men. But men are 3 times more likely to take their own life than women. Approximately only 1 in 8 adults with a mental health problem are currently getting any kind of treatment.  So if only 1 in 8 are getting treatment, how are the other 7 coping? We need to feel free and able to seek help, know that it is ok, acceptable, helpful and you are worthy of all the help that is out there! PANIC ATTACKS So here is my own story and how this lifestyle has helped along the journey. If you have read my two previous blog posts you will know some of my history and where I've come from. It took my YEARS to admit to myself and even longer to admit to others that I do suffer with my mental health. My first taste of it was 12 years ago when I was 18 and my brother left (none did I know - for 6 years!) and I started getting panic attacks. I would be laying in bed or watching TV or reading a book and would feel this wave come over me, suddenly I was hyperventilating, my heart was racing, my whole body shaking, and I was filled with this horrendous overwhelming fear so strong that I would end up throwing up. It would then disappear as quick as it came. I had this for over a year and spent every minute of every day wandering when it would happen again. My dad is against medication due to the effect it has had on my mom so I used distraction and grounding to get myself out of it. DEPRESSION / GRIEF Fast forward a few years and I had just got out of a relationship where I was being raped. I was taught to drive by being punched in my arm if I made a mistake. But in the midst of this I lost the child I so desperately wanted to adopt (looking back now it's the best thing that could've happened, that was no place to raise a child - but I had so much love for him I was determined to make it work). The whole thing fell through, he promised to attend anger management classes, but I was done. Without my baby there was no way I was staying. However I also didn't want to move back in with my parents, and I was so hurt, and depressed, lonely, despondent and hadn't learned basic lifeskills like EMOTION as a child that I couldn't deal with it. I had a job 2 days a week so made myself completely drunk on the Friday, stayed drunk until the Wednesday night and then sober up to work on the Thursday. I didn't eat much as that just inhibited the alcohol! My mom convinced me that I would kill myself if I stayed so I needed to return home. SELF DESTRUCT I then entered a period where life was a game of risk, driving my land rover 50+mph over a humped bridge and getting all weeks off the floor, spinning (wheelies) it on gravel, getting up to 6-7 coffee's a day, not sleeping more then a few hours a night, walking in a forest at midnight, drunk driving, drinking too much in general...I did it all. I wasn't necessarily trying to harm myself but my fear had gone and something in me needed to prove that someone cared enough to stop me. DENIAL Alcohol wasn't allowed in my parents house, so I needed a new coping strategy and I worked - I worked myself to the bone. I was doing 120+ hour weeks, working 6-7 days at a time, 15 hour days. I then got accustomed to that and needed to up the anti, so I started doing a 12 hour day straight onto a 12 hour night or a 15 hour day straight onto a 9 hour night. I got accustomed to that so I started doing more and more. Eventually I was working 3-4 days and nights all at once then would sleep for 2 days and restart the cycle. It got to the point where I was hallucinating in my sleep, I would hear the hospital bells go and wander around my home trying to find 'the patient'. Another time I had a man in my home - or at least thought I did, I fell asleep in a traffic jam, I ate dried pasta because I thought it was crisps, I lost my car in the parking lot outside my own home. The wake up call for me came when I slept through Christmas only waking up to eat and drive home. Boxing day I slept until 4pm and felt so guilty that I hadn't walked the dogs, fed them or let them out. I knew I had to change! I got a different job working 30 hours a week and for at least a few months kept to that while my body recovered. Fast forward a couple of years though and life in my new town was tough, I wasn't earning enough and so once the bills were paid there was nothing left for food. I lived in my brothers house and was too proud to admit how bad things had got so was making a potato last as long as possible, was feeding the dogs and having nothing leftover. It broke my spirit and I needed a way out, so on top of my job I started volunteering at the church. I volunteered for everything going and soon I was back in my old habits of hiding the pain in my mind, hiding my mental health with work. PHYSICAL STRESS RESPONSE Fast forward 2 years and I was doing an Internship at the church taking up 4 days a week, then working my 30 hours around this, and then volunteering on at least 4 different teams and what I wouldn't fill up with this I would fill with 15 hour overtime days and once the week was complete I was back onto 80 hour weeks again. I did this for months and then my mind started struggling again because of the Celebrate Recovery course, the Internship which in parts focused deeply on my past and counselling my mind started struggling again and it all got too much. I ignored my brain and so my body shut down. I went from doing 80 hour weeks to not being able to make it up the stairs. A visit to the doctor and 2 weeks on the couch later I was fine. It was a stress response and a real wake up call. I needed to cut back on things and deal with what was going on inside me rather then trying to cover it up so started writing an autobiography which I found therapeutic and was able to deal with memories as they came up. ANXIETY Fast forward 3 years and I am now a single foster carer to a little boy with a life limiting condition and complex care needs, a mother who may not make it to December she's so ill, having had to give up work and recently moved house, a big meeting coming up and so much else going and yet again not dealing with the problem. But now I can't drink or work because of my son, I can't be self-destructive as I need to be on form to care for him first and foremost. Then I had my first anxiety attack but for 3 hours I thought I was dying and too ashamed to tell anyone...finally figuring out what was going on I was able to calm myself down. Then the next day while eating crisps in the garden I could feel my heart start to race, my breathing getting heavy, my hands shaky, my legs wobbly and a feeling of absolute dread. I was able to talk to someone who was able to share their own experiences with me, offer practical advice and basically just support me through it. I felt so ashamed that it was happening, that I wasn't strong or in control of my own emotions, I felt like such a burden and a failure, weak... because I couldn't be completely independent, all of a sudden I need help. Yet, as they told me of their own struggles and how they have worked through them I felt so much repect for the amount of strength they had, admiration for how they dealt with it, gratitude for being there for me the whole time I felt horrendous. I felt so positive about them and their ability to share their journey and yet like a piece of crap for going through it myself. As humans we are so hard on ourselves, where we see strength in others we see weakness in ourselves. We need to be kinder, more honest, more accepting with ourselves! I think the real lesson I have learned over the past weeks is to be open about struggles, I share if I'm feeling sick from a cold and I'm learning I need to share what's going on upstairs too, that having anxiety is no more shameful, taboo or makes me any weaker then any physical problem I could have. I'm learning thats its just as OK to have medication for anxiety as it is for me to have medication for a cold. I'm learning it's OK to talk. My biggest lesson has come from having no other option then to deal with it head on, I cant drink now with a child, I cant work until I'm too tired to think, I can't run from it, so all of a sudden I need to deal with it...and it feels a million times better then all my other strategies! SPANKING AND MENTAL HEALTH This lifestyle is new to me, I'm yet to have my first spanking - thats well on its way - but I do have 3 rules to follow and a mentor in order to maintain accountability. I have several rules to follow, most of those fall quite closely within my mental health, lights out a 11pm and no loosing my cool. Getting a decent night's sleep has also helped in not feeling so tired, fatigued and therefore grumpy all the time. It's broken a lifelong habit of broken, irregular and sometimes nonexistent sleep patterns. 2 months ago I was regularly staying on my phone until 2, 3 or even 5am! My doctor was horrified at the amount of coffee I drink daily (6-8) and has said 1-2 cups but cut down slowly or it'll have the opposite effect...coffee has for years been another of my coping strategies and a way of staying awake 70 hours a time. I don't self destructnow, haven't drunk alcohol in years and I function almost perfectly on a daily basis, which is why this bout of anxiety has been such a shock. It's a reminder of where I've come from, how far I've come and how incredible the people around me are. I'm glad to say that a week later and the attacks have almost completely gone! Mental health matters, if you are struggling please open up and talk about it - learn from my own lifetime of mistakes, running doesn't help!
  13. I have questions to does of you who used cane for spanking and/or self spanking. How do you use cane the correct way during self spanking? Do you know any videos that are a good tutorial about self spanking and usage cane? Or maybe a blog with good tutorial with pictures?
  14. How many of us look at spankings as a reward vs as a punishment? I thoroughly enjoy receiving a spanking & often I will get one as a reward using that as my reason since it's so pleasurable to me. At times I will get a spanking to remind me to remember something. Now I will also get the corrective spanking, which I completely enjoy also. This may lead me to get paddled harder and longer. Overall in the end, it's all for pleasure and I don't really NEED a reason. It kind of sets the mood, etc. Unfortunately for me, at present my spankings are selfies. Pondering my thoughts & wondering how others feel.
  15. Jwar4


    Looking for someone in dfw to spank me. 30yo male
  16. Title says it all. Im in desperate need of a spanking and possibly mouthsoaping. Im 21 and need some accountability in my life. Pm or leave a comment if interested.
  17. Maternal Disciplinarian Needed for frequent spankings in the southeast US. Willing to travel. Message me here and let's chat. I am a kind gentle soul with quite a fetish for the pain and the pleasure of a sound spanking!! I've never posted here before and I am seriously hoping to find someone special to fill my desires. I'm located in North Georgia. What about you?
  18. Hello! My name is Caden, i am 21 years old and have been interested in spanking for as long as I can remember! If you (male or female, i dont care either way!) Want to talk, just shoot me a message! Would love to interact with yall!
  19. I am an intermittent spanker and very rare spankee and need some advice. I need a new belt for daily wear and for disciplinary sessions. A plus would be if it could be used to wrap around wrists for light bondage. My preferences are black leather with a simple silver buckle 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" in width. The previous belt I had a similar simple silver buckle with two ornamental D rings.it was stealthy enough to be under I had it for 20 years of daily normal wear and a fair amount of belting on willing subjects. I'd like to get back into spanking (once the Covid situation becomes normal) and replace that belt with a similar one for daily wear and occasional use across the backsides of the willing. It was a nice souvenir of those many meetings. I would love to replace it with something similar that hopefully would last another 20 years and hopefully make some new memories along the way. As with many things in life I didn't realize how much I would miss it until I discarded it and haven't been able to locate a duplicate since it either had no brand name or it had worn off. I was gifted it by a friend who doesn't remember where he got it either. So I am looking for advice for replacements. I've tried a few out and nothing really seems the same. I'd love to hear about others favorite implements too belts and otherwise as I continue my quest for that one perfect belt stealthy enough to use everyday and sturdy enough to last another couple of decades busting butt.
  20. Debbie I met Debbie when I was in 9th grade. She was an awkward 7th grader, and just beginning to bloom into adolescence. She had a sparkle to her brown eyes and was friendly but not especially outgoing. We did time together in the junior high choir at the First Baptist Church in Dallas, where both of our families were regulars. We found out that we both lived in a fairly new neighborhood in North Dallas called Farmer's Branch. We became better acquainted on a choir trip to Austin one cold January day. We happened to sit together on the ride down, and after our recital at the UT Baptist Student Union, decided to stick together for the ride back. As night fell, we snuggled and cuddled but did little else. Although we clearly liked each other, she was, after all, in seventh grade and a 9th grade guy has his reputation to look after. So, we continued to chat in the hallways at church every so often, but didn't really become close. I went on to the high school choir and she was in the junior high group. I guess I didn't see her at all during my junior year. This changed the summer before I became a senior at WT White High School. The church had a special high school choir workshop at Baylor University in Waco for all high school choir members. Debbie was going to be a sophomore and had just graduated from junior high, putting us in the same choir again. I was now a senior, and had taken most of my required classes during summer school and had planned one last school year generally raising hell with my friends. My remaining courses were trivial and I had already been accepted into the University of Texas because of my SAT scores and high school grades. My parents had just bought me a new Trans-Am Firebird as an early graduation gift and I was photography editor of the school newspaper, so I had a pass to be out of class or away from school anytime that I wanted to be "on assignment." I didn't have a steady girlfriend and most WT White girls were either hippies or aspiring socialites chasing athletes. I had pretty much forgotten about Debbie until the bus trip. It was late July and surpisingly pleasant for a Dallas summer morning: it was a bearable 90 degrees and there was a bit of a breeze as storm clouds were threatening a late summer shower. As we milled around outside the downtown church preparing to board the bus, I caught sight of her. Could that really be Debbie? She had grown her dark hair long, grown several inches taller, and was perfectly proportioned. She was wearing a simple white cotton golf shirt with a short blue skirt looking like she had stepped out of the Neiman Marcus summer catalog. Her almond eyes still sparkled but there was a new budding sensuality to her gaze. I felt my knees go weak and my heart jumped into my throat. It was if the whole world became dim and she was drawing me to her with a powerful magnet that only the two of us could see. I quickly recovered and did my best to casually saunter over to her but I'm sure that it was more like a mad dash. "Hi," was all that I could get out. She almost laughed but smiled instead and gave me a hug. She smelled wonderful, like honeysuckle and roses combined. After a few minutes of somewhat awkward conversation, I asked her if she would like to sit together on the bus ride. She agreed and we began our official dating period under the cover of darkness on the ride back. We were inseparable from that day forward. A few weeks later, classes started and I'd wait for her to get out of school (I could leave early: journalism was my last class) and I'd drive her to her after school job at Poll Parrot chicken on Marsh Lane. Her parents thought she worked every day; actually she had Tuesdays off whenever she wanted. Our weekend dates were often with other friends. Sunday nights, we would sit together at church above the watchful eyes of parents who sat in pews downstairs while we retreated upstairs to the balcony. Sunday night church always included the direst warnings of fire and brimstone and admonitions against worldliness, favorite sins of Dr. Criswell were what he called "hippie conduct" involving drinking, drugs, and "fornication." Dr. Criswell looked like the Greek God Zeus. He towered over the congregation and bellowed out his sermons like a tinhorn dictator addressing the military. Of course, he avoided the sins that might lose donations among the wealth congregates like Mary Kay Ash and Ebby Haliday, the Dallas realtor. Business ethics and greed were seldom topics for moral outrage. After enduring this barrage, Debbie and I told our parents that we were going to Harvey Goff's hamburger joint on Forest Lane. Since I didn't have long hair, I was safe going there without being insulted unless Harvey was in particularly rare form. Sometimes we actually did stop by Harvey's, but we more frequently found ourselves speeding West out Valley View Lane to Northlake Park where there was a power plant cooling pond, few other cars, and a great getaway route. Rod Stewart's "Tonight's the Night," (which was reliably played every 90 minutes on Z-97) was our theme song, and we gradually became more bold in our mutual explorations. By Thanksgiving, Debbie was letting me take her bra completely off and feast on her firm, well-rounded charms. But that was pretty much where we stopped. Trans-Am firebirds are great for attracting attention but they leave plenty to be desired for budding romance. We were both eager to go further but were a little frightened of the experience and more than a little brainwashed by the long reach of Dr. Criswell: I think that we feared that somehow demons would visit unspeakable horrors on us should we cross the threshold from extreme frustration to actual fulfillment. Debbie's older sisters Sharon and Lynn came home from Baylor at Thanksgiving and changed the course of our relationship. Sharon was sociology major and had nearly completed a course on human sexuality. She and Debbie had a long talk that lasted most of the night on Friday. This was irritating at the time since we didn't go out but proved valuable in the near-term. Sharon told Debbie how wrong she had decided the teachings of the church were and how it was not only natural but healthy for her to begin sleeping with me if she was ready. I didn't realize it, but Debbie was already suffering a good bit of guilt from what we were doing and even more from what she wanted us to do. That Sunday night, she said that she might be willing to slowly proceed in the direction that I had been begging. She started hinting that she might have a Christmas present for the two of us. The next few weeks passed quickly with less time for experimentation. We both had church choir Christmas concerts and my parents insisted that I go on our annual ski trip to Red River over Christmas. So, our present had to wait. Christmas came and went and we finally arrived back in Dallas on about January 3rd, a few days before school started. Debbie was pretty busy with her family and had gone to visit her grandparents in Mineral Wells, a few hours away by car. She finally returned a few days before school resumed. In a long phone conversation, we had decided that next week would begin our next step on the journey to adulthood. Debbie's parents were conveniently gone during the day and her older sisters were both away at Baylor again after Christmas. Her father was corporate counsel for First Interstate bank, a 25-minute commute down the North Dallas Tollway those days and he was never home before seven. Her mother was a flight attendant for a fledgling enterprise called Southwest Airlines that flew only between Dallas Love Field and Houston's Hobby airport. Her regular schedule had her working four days per week from Tuesday to Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM. Neither of them would have welcomed Debbie entertaining boys in her room when they were absent and even the suggestion that young love had been developing in the house could have had dire consequences. Fortunately, Debbie's house was in the estate area of Farmer's Branch and had a furnished pool house that had evolved into a sort of teen-agers' living room and was pretty much forgotten by everyone-except us. It had a phone extension, parking in the alley and shuttered windows that provided a view of the pool, the house, and driveway and even had a rear entrance off the alley. Perfect. She planned to take off from Poll Parrot the first Tuesday after school started and we would proceed to the pool house for a long afternoon. I had never wanted Christmas vacation to end so badly! Tuesday afternoon's sky was mostly clear with a pale yellow winter sun hanging low in the sky and warming the WT White parking lot to a habitable 50 degrees. After a short wait, Debbie emerged from the East entrance: she had never looked more radiant. Dressed in a short red leather skirt with dark stockings, dark pumps and a beige ribbed wool sweater, she had her long dark hair pulled back and tied with a beret. After jumping in the car and giving me a peck on the cheek, she pulled the beret out and shook her hair loose and kissed me for real. Her smile conveyed that we were still on and I used every bit of self-control to keep from giving the speed trap cop on Marsh Lane a reason to stop me beside the fact that I was a kid driving a Trans-Am. After what seemed like hours, we arrived at the back of the pool house. We tiptoed in the gate and were greeted by her Collie, Ginger, the only creature stirring: the neighborhood would be deserted for at least two more hours. We checked the garage: it was empty; the house silent. I followed her through the pool house door, blocked Ginger's entrance with my foot, closed the door and turned the lock. Debbie lit a candle and arranged herself at one end of the six-foot leather couch. I switched on Z-97 and, like clockwork, Rod Stewart crooned out, "take off your shoes and sit right down." I joined her on the sofa and started one of the most natural kisses that we had ever shared. I was so determined to treat her with respect that she became impatient and slid her sweater over her head and waited. I gingerly reached back and un-clasped her bra and kissed her again. Then, I took a second to just admire the artistic beauty of the sight of her. Her long dark hair perfectly framed her beautiful young face and decended to rest on the tops of her impeccable breasts. The yellow afternoon sun filtered in through the bamboo shades on the west side of the room and splashed over her erect nipples in bas-relief. I almost cried from the sight. Wasting little more time, I began worshiping her nipples with my tongue and sucking them to an even more erect state. She began cooing and actually began un-fastening her skirt then slid it off. She was wearing dark pantyhose and was now the closest to being undressed that I had ever seen a woman. I had read plenty of Penthouse letters and had studied my brother's copy of "The Sensuous Man," but was more than a bit nervous when confronted with a real performance. I was not prepared for the amount of passion that burst forth from this normally reserved girl as I began applying my beginner's oral techniques to the new territory that she had presented, first through her panties, then removing them. I guess that she was happy because I was able to bring her to orgasm quickly. After she had finished, she helped me off with my jeans and barely touched me with her hand when the inevitable happened. "Wow, this is so cool," she cried in response. I was prepared for a far worse reaction. Debbie had lots of virtues: patience and tolerence of my inexperience among them. So began a series of meetings in the pool house. I lived for Tuesday afternoon, and started playing Days of Future Past just to hear the song. But like all stories like this, there was the other side of the story. Debbie started having quiet and somber moods. She wanted to give in to my pleas to experience actual intercourse, but still felt guilty. And Dr. Criswell's sermons on fornication and adultery didn't help any. Fortunately, I was able to convince her that since we weren't really having intercourse that this was not fornication. I prided myself in my persuasive ability and had already decided on law school by that time. Despite the solidness of my logic, I could tell that there was a terrible struggle going on inside this wonderful young woman. At times, I actually thought that I would be doing the best thing for both of us if we broke up. I even broached the subject and she burst into tears because she thought that I didn't want her any more. I was sure not ready to handle something like this. So, we continued with the stormy clouds of her guilt popping in and out for several months. I must confess that I had been harboring a secret and growing desire to spank her. Letters in Penthouse dealing with spanking gave shape to my rather primal thoughts and preoccupations with female bottoms. I had even thought about being on the receiving end if Debbie was wielding the paddle. But I never really had the nerve to mention them to Debbie in a sexual context. She had told me that her parents had spanked her up until grade school and that she hadn't had one since. Her paternal spankings were never on the bare and there was nothing abusive about her father but he was thorough and applied a wooden clothes brush to her jeans-clad posterior while holding her firmly over his lap. The last counseling session had been years ago when she was in fourth grade. She couldn't even remember what she had done but could talk at length about how close to him and totally free from guilt she felt when it was over. He cuddled her and she cried into his white dress shirt for a long time after her spanking and he dried her tears and took her out for ice cream. One beautiful late April afternoon found us gazing out at the scarlet blooming azaleas across the pool after a particularly passionate Tuesday session. With no warning, she started sobbing and saying how bad she was and that she needed some way to resolve her guilt. I'm still not sure if this was a set-up or not. After I got her a Dr. Pepper and settled her down a bit, Debbie started talking to me about how she might deal with her guilt and wondered if she should talk to the youth leader at church (a bad idea) or even her parents (a much worse idea.) I was so shocked at the latter suggestion that I blurted out, "What would your parents do if you told them?" She wondered if she would get a spanking. It was funny but I sensed that she didn't really dread this punishment and her mood lifted quite a bit. I asked her to describe it and she had a fair amount of the details ready. She talked again about how clean she felt after a spanking from her father, as if she had a fresh start. This was what I later learned to call "a defining moment." I swallowed hard, clenched my fists and managed to haltingly ask, "What if I spanked you?" She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and almost pleaded, "Would you really do that for me?" Mustering all of the resources I had, I answered, "Yes, but I think it would really need to hurt a bit if it was to work." Debbie vigorously nodded and told me to stay put and that she'd be right back. I watched her gorgeous form dance around the pool and into the white brick mansion's back door. She returned just a few moments later carrying her purse. When she dashed through the door, she produced her father's clothes brush from her handbag. It was quite a weapon: it was made of rosewood and was about 10 inches long, 2 inches thick, and 5 inches wide. The wide part of the back was a matte patina, suggesting natural polishing from being used on Debbie and her two sisters regularly in years' past. She blushingly handed the brush to me without speaking, lowered her eyes to the floor, and waited. I gently took her by the arm and led her to the sofa. She surprised me by dropping her jeans to her ankles first, then lowering her panties. I had put my briefs back on which did little to conceal my reaction to her positioning her beautiful bottom across my lap. I started slow and easy. After ten or fifteen half-hearted swats (after all, I loved this girl and didn't want to hurt her), she turned around and said, "John, you really need to make me feel this so that I'll know I've been punished." I picked up the pace and started to put my arm into it. Her skin began to turn pink as she gripped the arm of the sofa and started moaning into the cushion. I kept at it and her moans turned to yelps and finally sobs. But she never tried to get away or resist, although I thought that she was going to claw a hole in the leather arm of the sofa. All at once, she went totally limp. I kept up the spanks for a few more seconds until I noticed that my leg was dripping wet and that she was almost sliding off my lap. It took me a moment to even realize what had happened. I stopped the spanking and started gently rubbing her now deep scarlet bottom. She gradually turned over and gave me the most passionate kiss I had ever experienced. And after a few minutes, I would no longer get to use the argument that we had not actually fornicated. But I didn't need it any more. From then on, Debbie was often spanked as a prelude to our loving. And I'm not embarrassed to say that I felt the sting of her father's brush on my own bottom every once in a while and found that I wasn't quite as tough as I thought I was. Her years of tennis had equipped her with far more than enough strength to reduce even a cocky guy like me to a whimpering boy. But that's another story. I'd like to be able to tell you that I married Debbie and that she is still receiving discipline and occasionally handing it out to me. In fact, I think of her every time I hear Don Henley sing, "I'm driving by your house, Lord knows, you're not home." I sometimes turn my 911 down Marsh Lane across Valley View (taking care to observe the speed limit,) turn into her old neighborhood and cruise down the alley. The pool house is still there and the azaleas even bloom red in April. But Debbie lives in London with her ambassador husband and her parents have moved away. The details of our drifting apart are familiar themes to young lovers: different colleges, different career goals, and different family expectations. But I'll always cherish the memories of her allowing me to share in her wonderful life and for showing me what a gift that love and spanking shared by two lovers can be.
  21. Date: Saturday, March 3rd, 1-4pm Location: 1763: http://www.1763.net/Home.html Dress Code: On the nicer side of casual. The Spanking Club of Atlanta, or SCOA is a club we formed to focus on the distinct needs of spankos in Atlanta, Georgia. Anyone interested in OTK, bare-bottom spanking is encouraged and welcomed to attend. SCOA is an inclusive spanking group, open to all genders and orientations. Different people are attracted to spanking for different reasons. For most spankos, spanking isn’t just physical, but also psychological. This may include how someone feels emotionally, or center on particular implements (like a hairbrush, a belt, a wooden spoon, etc.) or connect to certain physical and mental sensations (like having their pants pulled down beforehand, getting scolded, or being placed in a corner). SCOA’s focus is to give spankos space to feel more comfortable with their interest, to discuss spanking with others, and potentially to find play partners. There is no singular method to enjoy spanking play. Whether you like spanking just for the sensation of giving or receiving spanks, or use it as a way to release stress or prefer to play out pretend disciplinary scenes--all are valid modes of expression. We do not hand out stickers or badges for “tops” or “bottoms”, and we certainly do not assume that a person "is a spanker" or "is a spankee" without checking with them first. Use your words, get to know people, and ask. The answer may surprise you. At SCOA, we spank using our bare hands, as well as the typical domestic spanking tools like belts, paddles, hairbrushes, spoons, etc. There are other clubs and groups where you can use your whips, crops, floggers etc. We understand how difficult it can be to act on your spanking interest. Sadly, many lifelong spankos, never make an attempt to connect and fulfill their lifelong wishes. This doesn't have to be you. it well worth it to push past the nervousness, talk with others who share this interest with you, and feel less alone. If you're a novice or even a veteran, there is no pressure to play if you'd rather just talk with others in a relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by people just like you. We look forward to meeting you.
  22. This is my bottom. Hasn't been spanked since late February. Scheduled to be spanked next weekend on the 12th. In dire need of a good tanning. It is way overdue. Hope to one day have someone to help keep me in line on a more consistent basis. Sure wish Daddy lived closer! He's happy for me that I get these needs met when needed....and Oh, do I need it!
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