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Found 9 results

  1. The Start (my first spanking from a friend) Well this is where it all started for me. When I was in high school, I was still being punished by my parents with a licking. I was dating a boy that I liked a lot and he had a real close friend that we would double date with all the time. This friend of his was a bit of a bad boy and use to cut school a lot. He even talked my mom into call the school for him as his mother to cover for him. One day he came over in the morning and ask my mother to call him out sick and she did. I really did not want to go to school that day so I knew when my mom left for work, I could just come back home which I did. We listen to music and danced and had a lot of fun for most of the morning. Then he laid down on the sofa and I did the same on the love seat and we feel asleep for a while. When he woke up, he swatted my bottom hard and said time to go so that I would be out of the house when my mother came home. It was the perfect crime and I got away with it. But that swat on my bottom was a turn on for me and all I could think about for the rest of the day. After that I knew that the next time it would have to go much more than one swat on the butt. It was a week later that we cut school again. This was just like before my mom called him out and when she left, I came home, and we were alone to enjoy our day. I wanted him to do more swatting so for most of the morning I was a real brat. I did everything I could to get under his skin. Finally, he had enough and said, “if you don’t stopped breaking my balls I am going to spank you.” I laugh at him and told him he was not man enough. The next think he was sitting on the sofa and I was face down over his lap and he was spanking me harder that my mother ever did. I kept telling him to stop but I did not want him to. He kept it up for about 5 minutes then push me to the floor where I rubbed and rubbed my bottom. He had a huge smile on his face and said, “do you want to break my balls now?” All I said to him was “you are a Brut and a Bully.” He just said, “Yea I guess so but how is your ass doing?” As he kept smiling down at me. I told him “it hurts like hell” and “he said good job well done.” After my first spanking I knew that I wanted to do more playing with it. But my boyfriend at the time was not the right guy for the job. However, his best friend was the right guy and he proved it to me with the first spanking. What I had to do was get the spankings I wanted to experience without anyone finding out who I had doing it. A week went by and there were many times that the 3 of us were together and even 2 date nights with all 4 of us, and nothing was said about my spanking to either of our dates. My boyfriend had to use the restroom at the diner and so did Sue. That left me and Joe at the table alone. The first thing he said was “how are your buns”? I blushed and said, “just fine”. Then he surprised me and came right out and ask if I would ever break his balls again. Without hesitation I said, “Every chance I get”. He just smiled. I didn’t want to let him know at that time I was looking forward to him spanking me for it but I did say, “ go ahead and smile but You are not going to change how I am or treat you”. He said, “I see you are challenging me. Well I hope your ass can take it”. I said, “don’t you worry about my ass it is and will be just fine”. Just as we watched our dates coming back to the table and we did bring it up for the rest of the night. When I got home all I could think about was when we would be alone again and how I would get that 2nd spanking I so wanted. I did not have to wait long. The next day was Saturday and Joe came by to see if Paul was with me because he wanted to go and shoot some pool. I told him that Paul got called into work for the day and just left. He wanted to know if anyone was home. I told him my mother went shopping and my father and brother went fishing. He said with a smile on his face “Oh so you are here along”. My heart started to beat much faster and I said yes what’s it to you”? He just said let’s go inside and finish the talk we started last night”. I did not want to be to compiling to fast. I said “we said all that had to be said. There is nothing else to talk about”. Right then I know I was starting to back out even though I really want to just run inside and see if he would spank me. He smiles and then said, “I see you did learn your lesson about breaking my balls from your spanking and don’t want to get another one”. He was forcing me to let him in the house and I knew that if I did, I would get what I really wanted. “Ok if you want to go in and talk, we can go in and talk”. I got up went in and he followed. Once inside He just grabbed my hand and pulled me into the kitchen pulled a chair out from the table and pulled me over his lap. I yelled “you wanted to talk. I thought we were going to talk”. Just as the first spank landed on my bottom. I yelled out “THAT HURT”. He said “It is going to hurt a lot more before I finish. And he went on to spank me long and hard. I was yelling “I didn’t do anything to get spanked for. This is not fair. You said if I broke your balls you would spank me. I didn’t do that”. But the spanking went on and my bottom was not on firer and hurting. As I started to cry, he just said to me as he spanking the spanking “who can spank you when he wants to”? When I did not answer the spanking started again. I yelled out “You can, You can, YOU CAN”. The spanking stopped and he let me up and I did a real spanking dance rubbing my bottom the whole time. He sat there and watched. After I stopped dancing (But not the rubbing). I looked at him and said, “that was very hard for not doing anything wrong”. Rubbing, Rubbing, Rubbing. He looked at me and said, “did you want it to be a playful spanking. Or did you want it to be real”? I blushed real red lowered my head and just “real”. He said, “that is what I thought, and I wanted to give you just that”. I said to him “this has to be our secret please no can find out”. “So, you want to do this again” he said. I nodded yes. Once Joe agreed that it would be just the 2 of us that would ever know I felt better about moving forward with him spanking me. After each spanking he game me I had days of excitement and the most enjoyable masturbation ever. I wanted more of it, but I wanted to be careful not to get caught by anyone. School was over and Joe had a job as a lifeguard do the shore and I knew that for 2 months I would have to do without my new pleasure. This year joe got a lot closer to both my parents and he was good at fixing things at our house and my father taught him a lot treating him like the son he never had. I was still dating Paul and he had Sue that he had dated since they started high school. He had found time to spank me every time we could find time at my house alone (for me it was not enough) and they were real spankings long and hard but always with my cloths on. I can tell you he really made my bottom red and it would hurt for a day after. The day before he left to work down the shore, we had hoped that he would give me one last one to hold me over till he came back after the summer. That did not happen between my parents being home and Sue would not leave him get a foot away from her it was not going to happen. I was making the best of it and my parents had a surprise for me saying that they rented a house down the shore for 2 weeks. I was happy this is something we never did so it was a surprise. They told me that they had an extra room if I wanted to ask Paul to come with us. He couldn’t because he was working at his father’s store. But he would come down one night and stay the next day. Which was good with me. When we got down and I went to find Joe and he was on the beech watching the swimmers in the ocean. He said, “I see you missed me”. I just said “well one thing you do “. He laughed and took a break and we walked down the beech a little way. He said, “who are you with and will we find time to be alone”? I told him my parents and Paul would be here on Saturday night and all-day Sunday”. “My parents will go out most nights and we would have a lot of time to get down to business”. We made plans to walk the boardwalk that night. He came over to the apartment we rented at about 6 and talked to my parents for about an hour till they left for dinner and said to me they would see me in a few hours. We went to the boardwalk and they drove away, and we went right back to the apartment. Once we were alone Joe sat down and said, “I believe you have a spanking coming from the day I left”. I started to say something, but he had my arm and pulled me over his lap. Right away he started to spank me hard and fast and I was kicking and saying that I didn’t do anything to get spanked but the spanking went on for 15 minutes I was crying like a 10 year old when he finished. He let me up and I did my now normal spanking dance rubbing my bottom the hold time. He said that “I needed that as much as he needed to do it” and for me to freshen up so we can leave and go up to the boardwalk so my parents could get back before us. I did and we left. I was glad to be walking and not sitting while we talked. My bottom hurt bad. As we walked, I told him how sore my bottom was and he just said, “did you want it real or just a play spanking”? Real is all I know but God my bottom was hurting. We ate and walked then he walked me back to the apartment and He said goodnight to my parents and said he would see us on the beech tomorrow. The next morning Joe came to our apartment and surprised us by taking us to breakfast. I was still very sore from the spanking he gave me the night before and could not wear a bathing suit because my bottom was so red, I had to put long shorts on. The 4 of us went to a pancake house he knew, and it had wood chairs at the table with no cushion on them. I know he did it on purpose. I was moving around the whole time and he smiled every time he saw me trying to get comfortable. He went to work, and we went to the beach. My father asks me why I was not in a bathing suit and I told him I didn’t want to get too red on the first day. (If he only knew just how red I already was). By the end of the day we were planning dinner and they ask me if Joe would be joining us. I told them I didn’t think so. We went to dinner and they wanted to go to a movie, But I just wanted to go back to the apartment, so I didn’t go with them. When I got back to the apartment Joe was sitting on the porch. I stood there and he said sit let’s talk. I sat and still feeling his spanking from the night before. He asks, “How did you like the chairs at the pancake house”? I said, “you did that on purpose”. “Yes “he said. “That was not funny I could ware my bathing suit because my bottom was still so red”. He was laughing at me and I thought about some smart remarks that I could say to him but knowing he would take me inside and spank me again I keep my mouth closed. And he knew it. We were still on the porch when my parents came back, and he said goodnight to everyone and left. The next day my bottom was much better and the color was normal so on went the bathing suit and we went to the beach and I burned bad that day and that ruined the rest of the first week and some of the 2nd week. Joe told me I was going to be spanked for getting so sunburned. I knew it was going to happen as soon as my sunburn stopped hurting. Well 2 nights before we left My parents were going out just the 2 of them for the night and I was left alone and waited for Joe to come by. When he got there, he said “are you ready?” I said, “let’s sit here and talk first”. We did and about an hour later I got up and went inside and he followed me in. He took a chair from the kitchen table and sat down and tapped on him lap. I walked over to him and went over his lap. He got a good hold on my and ask me if I was ready. I said yes and he spanked me much slower than he ever did before for the first 5 minutes and then stopped. I thought WOW I am getting off easy. Then he went back to spanking me as he normally does. And I think it hurt more from the warmup he gave me with the slow spanks to start. I started to cry and promise not to get sunburn every again, but the spanking went on. After what seemed like forever, he stopped the spanking and said, “you know this is going to be the last spanking I can give you till school is going to start”. “So, do you want me to stop”. I had to say, “Yes that my bottom was on fire and it was going to hurt for days”. He let me up and I did the spank dance and rub. We talked about 30 more minutes till I stopped crying and wanted to go to bed so he left, and I went to bed. We all hung out the last couple of days till we left and by the time we were going home my bottom was back to normal. After I was back home again I was a little sorry I did let Joe give me just a little my spanking that last time but I knew once school starts again I would be spanked as much as I wanted. And I was Right on. After the summer things got back to normal. I was still dating Paul and Joe was still dating Sue. Joe was still spanking me from time to time, so life was fine for me. My father wanted to do some work on the house and Joe was helping him. It was major work making the basement more living space and it was going to be a long time before it was finished. Paul did not like working with his hands, but Joe loved it and was good at it. His father would come over sometime to help. The home remodel was going well when my father had a heart attach and passed away to every one’s surprise. Things sort of changed after that. My mother was lost I was lost, and the house was a mess. Joe father came over one night an offered to finish the remodel and My mother was grateful and he took over with Joe. He would come over 2 nights and work with Joe and show Joe what to do till he could come back. It was always more work than Joe could do. Joe was at the house just about every day after school now and the 2 nights his father was there, so I saw Joe a lot and without getting spanked once during this. One day after school Joe came over and we talked about weather or not I still wanted to be spanked. I told him “more than ever”. He knew that my mother was not going to be back for an hour so He took me over his lap and gave me a hand spanking till I was crying but it was not that it hurt so much but that I just needed a good cry and this was a way to get it done. As he spanked me, I think he knew that I just needed to have a good cry, so he did not talk during to me, he just spanked and let me release. When he stopped, he told me to go and fix my face before my mom got back and he went to work in the basement. That spanking was special to me. It started to get me back to a normal place that I wanted to be. But things would change just after that day. Paul’s father got a job in another state and had to move right away it was a big job and making a lot more money and they left. We kept in touch, but it was not going to be easy. Every time I was in a missing Paul mood, I would make sure to do something to Joe to get spanked and that would really help me out. When he came over my mother had to run out to a store, so I knew we had time to get me the spanking I needed. He went right to work and ask me where my mother was, I told him “it was not of his business and just get back to work”. He looked at me and said, “Oh really”. I knew I would get the spanking now and boy was I right. H took me by the arm to the kitchen and over his lap and the spanking started after about 2 minutes my mother walked into the kitchen saying, “What the hell is going on here”? He stopped and I jumped up, I was so surprised I could not answer her just wanted to run out of the room. Joe said, “I was missing my father and how he would punish me so when she started to tease me I just wanted to give her what she needed”. My mother looked and me and ask if this was true? I just nodded “yes” not knowing what a right answer should be. My mother took me back over to Joe and pulled me back over his lap saying “ I agree you need this and bad” “Joe go on and spank her hard but do it the way she got it from my husband”. And she pulled down my pants and panties. I wanted to die saying “NO MOMMY NO MOMMY NOT LIKE THIS”. My mother told Joe “spank her hard or you will no longer be welcome here”. For the first me Joe spanked my bare bottom and it was humiliating and embarrassing and painful. But he spanked and spanked and I yelled and yelled but the spanking went on till I was a crying mess and my mother said I had enough and for me to go to my room we will talk later. I ran out of the room. She asks Joe to leave and to come over tomorrow after school and to talk about this. He left. She came to my room for our little talk. I was in my room crying and feeling so embarrassed and humiliated when my mother came in. She looked at me and ask, “How long has this been going on”? Not wanted to tell her the truth knowing it would be worst for me I just said, “since daddy died”. “Are you 2 having sex?” she wanted to know. “No, no, no mommy”. “Is Joe going to tell me the same thing when I ask him?” “Yes, mommy we never had sex not even kissing”. She went on to say “Since you father died, I knew there was going to be times that you would need to be punished. And I was going to ask your Uncle Fred to do it for me”. Uncle Fred is my mothers’ younger brother and a brick layer and real strong and I sure it would not be something I would want. He lives about 90 minutes away so it would be days I would have to wait till he would have time to come over to punish me. She went on to say, “He is very busy, and I don’t know if he would even agree to do it”. I did not like where I thought this was going. Mom went on to ask me, “How does your bottom feel’? “It hurts bad he really hit me hard and long”. “Well he spanked you as hard as your father ever did and I could see that you did not like it”. I am going to ask Joe to take over for your discipline when I tell him you need to be punished”. “NO MOMMY WHY CAN’ T YOU DO IT? NOT JOE PLEASE NOT JOE NO MOMMY PLEASSE NOT JOE”. She was not going to change her mind. “With Joe giving you your spankings when you earn it should have you on much better behavior”. I was begging her to change her mind and I mean begging and trying to convince her there had to be someone else. I say pleas ask Uncle Fred to do it He is much stronger than Joe and will spank me much hared and make the punishment more meaningful.” She just shook her head no and then said, “I will talk to Joe tomorrow and explain to him how I want this done. And if does not want to do it then he will no longer be come over here anymore and I will get someone else to finish the work your father started”. I knew Joe would say yes to my mother. He is going to love spanking me bare when my mother tells him to. This is going to be so humiliating and embarrassing. I was laying on my stomach still trying to talk my mother out of this plan of hers but she said, “It would be Joe unless he said no. I buried my face in my pillow and cried my eyes out from my sore bottom to knowing that Joe would now be spanking me for my mother. This was my first spanking that Joe had given me that I did not masturbate. The next day at school My bottom was still sore but all I could think about was the talk my mother was going to have with Joe. When I got home from school my mother was in the kitchen and she told me to call Joe and tell him to come over she wanted to talk to him. Again, I begged her not to do it with Joe and I mean BEGGED. She just pointed to the phone. I started to cry, and I made the call. Things got even worst when Joe got to the house. I let him in, and I started to go to my room. When my mother said, where do think you are going? Come right back here and sit down”. She wanted to have the talk with Joe in front of ME. I could not believe this was really happening. We all sat around the table and My mother said to Joe,” I ask this same question last night to little miss RED BOTTOM. Are you to having sex?” “No never”. She went on to ask him, “how long have you been spanking her”? I was really worried here but he just said, “Not long, really, just after your husband passed”. ‘And he said never on the bare bottom like you had me do yesterday”. I was relieved that he answered like I did. My mother then said to him that she now knows that I am going to need to be spanked from time to time and that she wants him to do it for her. I thought he would fall off his chair. I was crying to myself embarrassed to have to sit there and listen to them talking about my spankings. It was a bad day for me. She went on to say, “ I will tell you when I need you to spank her and You will do it here right in front of me and always on her bear bottom like yesterday. You will spank her till I tell you she had enough, and you are not ever to spank her if I did not Okay the spanking. Do you understand”? He looked over at me I just looked down at the table crying and I heard him say “yes”. This was going to change my life and I did not think it was for the better. The next day Joe came over to work on the house it was almost finished, and his father was coming to finish the electric and we had to hire a Plummer to get the last of it done. My mother was happy about the house, I was talking with Paul everyday by phone at least once a day and most days more. And I was on my best behavior since my mother’s talk, I really did not want Joe to spanked me with my mother watching. But that was about to change when Joe came over and said he had to talk to me. I thought it was about him spanking me, but it wasn’t. He told me that he some bad news about Paul. He told me that Paul knocked up a girl at his new school and all the parents got together and they are going to get married. I started to cry, because I always thought Paul and I were going to get married have 2 kids a boy and a girl and live happily ever after. I ran to my mother crying and she did the best she could to calm me down and she was real good support she understood just how I felt. Joe left so that we could have the house to ourselves. My mother even let me stay home from school the next day, it was Friday and it would give me 3 days to get hold of myself. Joe and his dad finished the basement. And my mother wanted to pay them something, but neither would take any money. Monday came along and I was not in the mood for school, but my mother said I had to go. I wanted to just quit school and I told her that and she said no way get dressed she would drive me. I was moving slow when she came in and said to me, “do I have to have Joe come over”? That put a slot of speed and I was ready in record time. Once I got to school everyone knew about Paul and I got a lot of stares as I the day went on. And I snapped at one of the teachers about some homework I did turn in and he sent me to the principal’s office. Who called my mother about cursing out the teacher about not doing my homework. My mother told him she would take care of it and I would apologize to the teacher in front of the class tomorrow. When I got home from school Joe was there sitting in the kitchen with a smile on his face. My mother asks me, “do you think that you would not get spanked for this?” I made my second mistake and said. I don’t care.” My said to Joe, “Do you think you can make her care?” He said he would “TRY REAL HARD”. My mother took me by the arm and right in front of Joe she pulled down my pants and my panties came down with them and she put me over his lap and told him to “spank her as hard as he could she has a lesson to learn.” And he did the sound of that first spank was loud and it hurt and there was going to a lot more to come. My mother just sat down and watched. After about a minutes I was started to cry and my mother said to Joe, “ Good you keep spanking her like that and she will get the message”, It felt like my bottom was on fire and I was begging for him to stop. He was not stopping. My mother said “I will tell when you had enough. You had this coming for some time, and I am going to make sure you get a good spanking that will last a long time.” I was begging and promising to be good and I will not do anything wrong ever again. But the spanks kept coming. My mother said “Now Joe hold up a minute. Now listen to me young lady. Tomorrow you are going to go into your classroom and apologize to your teacher in front of the class.” “Yes, mommy Yes Mommy” “Joe give her 10 more hard ones” which he did over my protest. Joe stopped after the 10 spanks. My mother said, “are you going to behave like a lady at school and every other place?” “YES, YES, YES,” “Joe 10 more just like the last 10.” He did and I begged and promised again. I had long since kicked off my pants and panties, I was naked from the waist down when my Mother said to “let her up”. He gave me one more spank and let me go. I got up and did a real well spanked dance and could not stop rubbing my bottom I knew it was a show, but I was really hurting, and modesty was out the window. My mother thanked Joe for doing such a good job and said she would let him know if he had to teach me this lesson again. I was crying and saying “NEVER, NEVER again I promise “. My Mother said, “we will see I hope you mean it.” I was just standing there hopping and rubbing my bottom when my mother said, “Girl put your clothes back on aren’t you embarrassed to half naked in front of Joe”. The real answer was at this point being embarrassed was the last thing on my mind. I just wanted to stop the hurt. I did put back my pants and panties and Joe left incredibly happy with himself I am sure. The next day Joe came over just to tease me I am sure. He asks me how I was doing and how my bottom felt today. I wanted to give him a real smart answer but the way my bottom felt I decided to just answer him with “Joe it hurts like hell and it will hurt for days.” He was smiling and wanted to know what my mother thought about the spanking. II told him she seemed to be very happy that you spanked me that hard and she did say that you would be the one she would call on if I need to be spanked in the future. He was still grinning, but he asks me,” How do you feel about that?” I told him “I am not happy about him punishing me for my mother. And that what we did before was enough for me it hurt, and I did have to be half naked for the ones you always gave me. He wanted to know,” How did your father do it?” I blushed and said always bare just like yesterday. That is why my mother pulled down my pants so it would be as I got from my father.” Just then my mother came inf rom the store and said “Joe glad you came over. I wanted to thank you for the great spanking you did yesterday and let you know you now have that job. If you want it.” I wanted to die all over again. My mother was humiliating me it was so bad. Joe look at her and then at me, I was shaking my head no trying to get him to say he didn’t want that job. Fact chance of that. He just said to her” if it is going to be like that you bet, I want to do it. ” Now the 2 of them were having a conversation about me. HOW I WAS TO BE SPANKED. WHEN I WAS TO BE SPANKED. They were talking like I wasn’t there. I start to walk out of the room because I so embarrassed, but my mother told me to stay. She said, “You come right back here and sit down. You have to hear every word of this, so you know just what is going to happen when you earn a spanking.” She went on to say, “I really hope that when you hear how you are going to be punished you will try even harder to avoid them”. I sat down on a very sore bottom wiggled a lot and just looked down at the table not believing this was happening to me. Then I heard something that made me feel a little better. My mother told Joe,” Now Joe you are only to spank her when I tell you she has earned it. There is no exception to this. Do you understand Joe?” He quickly said, “Yes”. My mother asks me “Do you understand all this girly”? “Yes” I said. She wanted to know if I had any question. I said, “no I just want to die.” “You brought this on yourself now you will have to deal with it. And remember if you are too embarrassed to be spanked by Joe then behave and he won’t have spank you”. I got up and went to my room. Later that day Joe called and said that he was going to miss me breaking them for him and, him spanking me to get back at me. But that the trade off to spank me bare was worth making the change. I told him how embarrassing it is to be bare like that in front of him with his spanking me in front of my mother. Then he said to me, “Who else would you want it to be? The next day my mother told me she had a “surprise for me” and that “we would have to leave the house by 8 AM”. I was still real sore from the spanking and was not happy with how my mother was punishing me. So, I just told her “fine”. Well I did not get up on time and she came into my room and told me to “get up we must go soon”. I told her to “go without me and my bottom was too sore to go anywhere today”. She said, “no problem” and left my room. I did fall back to sleep and when I got up, I went down to the kitchen and she was sitting there talking to Joe. My stomach dropped. Stopping a foot into the room my mother said, “come here and sit-down young lady”. I knew that my very sore bottom was about to hurt a lot more. I went to sit saying “I’m sorry mommy I will go and get ready right now”. She said, “it is much too late and that we would have to wait a week before we could go”. She went on saying, “you have to learn that when I tell you, you have to do something you just do it”. And now Joe is here to teach you this lesson”. “Please mommy not so soon after my last spanking my bottom is real sore now”. She looked at Joe and just said, “Please teach her a lesson and don’t think about how red her bottom is when you start”. He moved his chair to the living room and my mother followed him he set the chair in front of the couch and sat down. My mother sat on the couch and called to me, “We are waiting young lady do not make this get any worse”. I started to cry and walked slowly into the living room and over to Joe, saying “Mommy please just give me a day to recover from the last spanking PLEASE?” And then she had me pull down my PJ bottoms. I knew that I was not going to get out of this spanking so crying I pulled them down and quickly got over Joe’s lap. My bottom was still red, but Joe wasted no time in spanking me and from the fist spank I knew I was going to feel this one for a week. I was crying and making promise after promise to my mother and even to Joe, but the spanking went on. And for the first time during a spanking he was giving me for my mother he lectured me a little. I was surprised by this, but I did answer him when he said, “when are you going to learn not to defy your mother”? and he spanked me harder waiting for my answer. “NOW RIGHT NOW I WILL ALWAYS DO WHAT EVER SHE SAYS ALWAYS. “and then my mother said. “OK Joe what do you think? Do you think she means it?” He stopped spanking and said, “Yes I do”. My Mom said OK give her 10 more hard ones and send her to the corner”? Send me to the corner what the hell did that mean? Well I found out after 10 awfully slow and hard spanks. He stopped and Pointed to a corner of the living room and said, ‘You go and put your nose in that corner and don’t turn around or come out till you are told”. I Picked up my bottoms and ran to the corner rubbing all the way crying and crying and crying, trying to step into my bottoms on the way, without success. I put them on when I got there and stood there embarrassed and crying. Joe left and my mother was talking to me while I was rubbing and crying in the corner. She said, “I want you to know that you will be punished whenever you earn it even if it is right after you have been spanked. This will help you behave better and avoid a Joe visit. “Do you understand me”? I cried the best “Yes I understand believe me I understand.” She let me stand in the corner for another 30 minutes. It seemed like days. And told me I could get out and go put myself together. I did not think I could face Joe after this spanking. And I had to ask my mother “why the corner time”? She said that it was, “Joes idea to add to the punishment and give me time to think about being a bad girl”. I said to her please remind me to thank him. She laughed and said I will that is a good idea he will like hearing that from you.” I WAS KIDDING MOMMY” she said, “I wasn’t”. This was not getting any better and now I had to humiliate myself again in front of Joe. Thinking to myself the is embarrassing spanking by Joe is just getting more embarrassing,
  2. Hi, I just wanted to announce myself to everyone
  3. I feel that things run smoother when she wants to have structure, accountability, and boundaries to live with. Yes, this is your choice but I’m older and, I have worked with many women in my life who feel the same way. If this is not you, then that is your choice and I am not forcing you to do anything against your will and of course, everything is always consensual and you can always change your mind. She then knows that if she breaks a rule, procrastinates, or shows bad behavior she will be immediately punished. I have over 50 years of experience in dealing with errant women, I am slender, 5’9”, 145# and I enjoy working with a woman who is fit, petite, or slender and not overweight. I can be severe if you need it or you repeat the same act of disobedience. I will spank you with my hand and implements, as your behavior calls for. I believe that other forms of punishment are also needed such as lecturing, corner time, embarrassment, writing goals or reports, etc. I only work with females, so males, please do not reply. I live in Colorado west of Denver and I cannot host, please contact me directly to, Doug, at tisdoug@protonmail.com
  4. I live in upstate South Carolina and have been fortunate over the years. Most of the girls I dated were into spanking to at least some degree, with one notably embarrassing exception. Anyway, there is an all-women's college in this burg, and anyone who lives within driving distance of the area has probably heard of it, and everyone else likely has not. Having visited there a lot while dating some of the coeds, MANY moons ago, I found that they have bulletin boards in each dorm and classroom building. People post cars for sale, tutoring help, requests for rides home for holidays, most anything on these boards and I began to ask myself, "Self? Could one post cards on these boards offering strictly disciplinary spankings, and not get arrested?" Granted, my experience comes from 30+ years ago, but I KNOW there were girls who attended this college who were very much into spanking. And while everything has gone digital, attaching a card with a push-pin to a cork board is very last century, but then, so am I. One would have to include either an address or more likely a phone number, and since I am concerned about whether this violates any laws, I wonder if I should break down and buy a cell phone. On "SVU" they talk about burner phones all the time, but I just want to be upfront about this, and see if there is a "market" for it. Preferably without getting a visit from the local constables. So, what do the experts think? Is this a valid way to meet spankos? Or should I stick with the information superhighway, a method that has worked, but isn't my favorite medium?
  5. If you are astray and need structure, accountability, and old-fashioned strict discipline back in your life then it is time to stop procrastinating and do something to correct your “bad” behavior. I specialize in women who procrastinate, are constantly late, text while driving, overspend, smoke, and keep a messy house. This is consensual and non-sexual and you will have a safe-word if you think you need it to use but I expect you to take the punishment you have earned even if you have to take a break while it is being administered. I have many years of experience in providing all kinds of discipline and mentoring. My methods may be painful and embarrassing but they will get results. I use the tried and true methods including bare bottom spanking, with or without implements. In some cases, I may also use mouth soaping, enemas, corner time, scolding, and assigning essays. I live in the mountains west of Denver but get into Denver often and travel to the Los Angeles area also. Contact me direct if you are interested in strict discipline at cp4u2020@yahoo.com or cp4u2009@yahoo.com. I cannot host. Thanks, Doc
  6. I'm posting this on a whim because I don't expect that I'll ever find this. I'm in Columbia SC most of the time (I don't post the city I live in publicly). I'm struggling with sticking to my workout routine and kinda just doing the basics that I know to do to tone up while I lose weight and I'm not seeing any results externally. (Huge fear of disgusting saggy skin) At my core, I am a domestic discipline spanko since childhood as I'm sure many of you reading can relate. I want/need a *role model of physical fitness* to figuratively and literally whip my ass into shape and help me set up a routine and help me stick to it. This ad isn't intended to be looking for a relationship or sex, but literally a disciplinarian for this. I have great self discipline in most every other aspect of my life but this I really struggle with and figured I'd finally ask the void for help and see what happens. (Male disciplinarians only please) (Affordable Compensation could be discussed if needed) Much hope, Daci If it helps to know I'm real, I can be found on FL under the same name. **Must be in person, I find "self punishments" utterly ridiculous not to mention pointless and they do not work for me. Consider it a hard limit.** Not sure if I'm doing this correctly or if this is the correct place to post, I literally just discovered this website earlier today. If there's a better place to post please let me know as I figure out how to navigate this site.
  7. I literally need a personal trainer with me when I'm working out teaching me proper form, someone who can easily do the workouts assigned to me so I can watch how their body moves doing it so I can hopefully mimic it, him being a healthy fitness visual to motivate me as well, and helping me set up a specific routine of workouts to do every day designed to reach my personal body goals of reducing sagging skin as I continue to drop weight, to tone up and strengthen my weaker muscles, and to make my butt better formed and bigger. The Disciplinarian part comes in by needing him to be strict and stern with me, to motivate me by accepting no bullshit excuses from me about why I can't workout, and firmly and with consistency, dealing out punishment spankings if I fuck up I guess. And honestly..I would absolutely love being held accountable for my weak moments of eating the really unhealthy crap food that sets me back a week or more on my progress. I mentally respond extremely well to consensual male authority. I wouldn't even be against officially hiring a man that fits this description if he existed near me. Every day I try to do as many squats with my resistance bands as my legs can manage, use the bands to work on my arms until my arms can't pull them anymore, and I've recently taken up literally just running around my house outside with my dogs for cardio after work if it's still daylight and not raining. But that's all I can manage to make myself do, and I honestly have not been doing any of it on my days off work. I'm not seeing any results and I'm mad at myself because I know I'm better than this. I control every aspect of my life but stupidly struggle with this. I still have a lot of weight left to lose in my opinion. I've plateaued at only having lost 60lbs last I checked from my top weight 😔😔😔😔 but I'm keeping myself on a less than 1500 calorie (trying for no more than 1312 daily tbh) daily intake the best I can at least 5 days a week, sometimes 2000 plus though on my weaker moments on my days off work. But I'm probably just going to have to muddle through like I have been trying to do it on my own and hope some kind of acceptable progress is eventually seen since I can't seem to find a local man who can assist me with this. 😔 I'm just in a mood right now, I'm not usually such a pity party person, honest. I guess I'm just up in my feelings with being disappointed with my own behavior lately. I guess, really, I'm just shouting into the void at this point. I attached a photo of my only progress so far (I hope topless pics are allowed here). It was a photo I took to boost my confidence and I'm well aware of my specific pose that makes me look more flattering as I'm hiding the squishy stomach skin, but again, I wanted to boost my self image.
  8. Part 2 Don’t screw this up, Rob scolded himself. With a deep breath, he grabbed Cari’s wrist and tugged her firmly but carefully over his lap. Her weight was warm and light, and most assuredly welcome. He took a moment to take in the view of her body draped over his thighs: the graceful arch of her back, the spill of red-gold curls over her shoulder, the curve of her calves peeking out from under her skirt, the bottoms of her small feet where she’d rested them on the end of the loveseat. Her round, firm bottom was just where he wanted and needed it, just at the right mark for his targeting hand. He was hard and erect at steel in his pants. She shocked the hell out of him then, by craning back her head and asking awkwardly, “Aren’t you going to… make me… um. Don’t I have to be… bare?” For a moment all he could do was blink at her. “I…” she sighed and rolled her eyes, lifting herself up on one elbow to turn towards him further. Her face was aflame with color. “I looked at some… stuff. Online. Last night. I thought….” She shrugged by way of ending her last sentence. “Well I thought, if there was a next time…” Rob forced his mouth shut. What the hell? He wasn’t an idiot. If she was alright with being bare bottom spanked, who was he stop her? “But, you’re right. That’s the best way to make sure the punishment gets through.” He cleared his throat, feeling his own face flush with color. “Back up with you, then.” He helped her stand and their eyes met. She smiled at him shyly, but he saw that her eyes were still dancing. “Reach under your shirt and remove your panties,” he instructed. “I’ll lift your skirt when you go back over my knee.” When she just stood there, shifting from foot to foot, he picked up on the silent cue. “Or do you need me to do it?” Cari nodded. “You do it.” Her gaze never shifted from his as he reached up under her skirt, found the elastic at the top of her panties and pulled them down. In only a moment the small slip of silk was at her feet. She stepped carefully out of one side, and then the other, balancing with a hand on his shoulder, and never once breaking eye contact. Rob was the one who finally looked away, long enough to take in the red lace and silk scrap of material in his hands. With a little grin, he tucked the underwear into the pocket in his shirt. She wouldn’t be getting those back if he had anything to say about it. She was still staring at him, the moment filled with sexual tension. He snapped his fingers pointedly and gestured for her to get back over his lap. A tiny smile snuck over her features, there and gone in a millisecond. Then she feigned a frown and put on a show of reluctantly climbing back over his lap. Although he couldn’t be sure, and he certainly wasn’t about to ask her if he was correct about his suspicion, Rob thought she rubbed up against his crotch much more than was really necessary to reposition herself. One thing he was absolutely sure of was that his brat was enjoying this. “You ever been spanked before?” he asked her, resting his hand on her still covered bottom. Cari shook her head. Rob nodded, swallowing hard, his dry throat clicking. Do. Not. Fuck. This. Up. “What’s the magic word if you need me to stop?” Without a second’s hesitation: “Neatness.” “Okay, Cari. Time for your spanking.” The image of her strong thighs and gorgeous bottom burned itself into his brain as Rob swept up her skirt to reveal her completely. A shiver ran down her back and she turned her face away from him with a little nervous sound from deep in her throat. “By the time I’m finished here, Cari, your bottom is going to be as red as those naughty panties you had on.” He allowed himself to rest his right hand on her bare skin, but did not knead her buttock or caress her. “You’re going to be one sorry, little bad girl.” Another shiver ran down her spine. He watched as it danced down her back and when he glanced at her arms he noticed she had goose bumps. He grinned wolfishly then, and gave her the first of many spanks. Although he’d never spanked someone before Cari, Rob found that he was a very quick study in the art. His right hand fell down on her buttocks from a height about halfway to shoulder level. Alternating cheeks, the sound of his hand clapping down on her bare bottom was a sexy sensory overload all its own. The way her creamy skin changed color from pink to dusty rose was another appealing thing to witness. But his favorite part was how she writhed and wriggled all over his lap, squealing and moaning in reaction. After a particularly rhythmic onslot of fast smacks to the base center of her bottom, right on the sweet spot where her cheeks came together, she bucked so hard on his knees he thought he was going to cum in his pants just from the friction of her working again him. “Naughty, bad brats who come into my store and mess with my displays get their bottoms spanked,” he told her, as if she hadn’t already figured this out, punctuating each word with a hard, stinging slap. The scolding felt silly to him, one reason being that so far she was the one and only brat to wind up this way. The other reason it seemed ridiculous was that she was obviously thoroughly enjoying her comeuppance. Still, he persisted, enjoying the lecture in a way he couldn’t exactly put his finger on. “Do you understand, Cari?” She was panting now, but she managed a ragged answer. “Yes, I understand.” Her bottom bounced again as he gave her another dozen spanks. She gave out a little tormented cry as the last one fell and suddenly her hand appeared behind her back, blocking his next spank. “Please…” Rob paused. From the state she was worked up to, he wasn’t sure what she was imploring him to do. Please what? Stop? Screw me? Spank me harder? “Use the safety word if you need to.” He waited but she didn’t take that suggestion. Her hand was still in his way. He waited one more moment, then warned: “This spanking is at my discretion. And we’re not done yet. If you need me to stop, use the safety word. That’s why we have it. Otherwise, move your hand out of the way. Because if you don’t, I will move it for you, I will keep it out of the way, and we will start this all over again from the beginning.” Holy crap, he thought, I almost sound like I know what I’m doing. Slowly, she withdrew her hand. Rob took a moment to draw her prone body closer to his. He adjusted her further by pinning her legs between his own, holding her lower body down. A small mewling sound escaped Cari at this new development. Then he renewed the spanking, concentrating most of his attention to that sweet spot in the center of her backside. Her hampered legs still tried to buck and kick, and her cries became more frenzied, less intelligible. “You are not the one in charge here, brat,” he told her as his hand beat on her bottom. “You get to be in charge only by using the safe word. That’s it. Otherwise, you submit to my hand. The next time you try to shield yourself, I will go out to the front counter and find my wooden ruler to punish you.” He paused now, despite his insistence that he was the one in charge of the spanking. He supposed that meant he could also slow things down when he wanted as well. As much as he was enjoying this, he was getting winded. And although she was obviously not wanting to use the safety word, Cari clearly needed a breather. He allowed himself now to rub her bottom and watched her arch her back and push against his hand as he did. A low moan fell from her. “You’re a bad, bad girl,” he told her, shaking his head at her. “You enjoy this too much. You know only a very bad girl would enjoy this so much, right?” “Please… don’t stop…” Rob grinned. “I’m not stopping, brat. Don’t you worry about that.” He tipped her forward and brought his hand down on her bottom again and again. “I’m hardly even warmed up yet.” Twenty minutes later, Cari stood in the corner of the room, her nose pressed tightly into the crevice. The hem of her skirt was tucked into the neck of her top, exposing her reddened bottom and upper thighs. “I’m going to go out front and close up the register. Then you,” he cracked her bottom once with his hand, “are going out there to clean up the mess you made earlier. You are not to move from this corner. Do you hear me?” Cari nodded silently. “I will bring my ruler with me when I come back here, and if you have disobeyed me, you will get another spanking, this time with the ruler. Understand?” Again, she nodded. Rob nodded too, watching her a moment. This was his way of letting her control what came next. If she’d had enough for one night, she’d do as he told her. If not, he’d come back and find her out of the corner. Without another word, he strode out of the room, leaving her to decide her fate. Closing down the shop, a job that normally took Rob about 15 minutes, felt like forever that day. He kept worrying that he was taking too long, leaving her in the corner this long after her first spanking was bound to piss her off. His mind was so preoccupied with concern that he was screwing things up, that when he finally finished up with the store, he completely forgot to take his wooden ruler back with him to the office. The second he turned the corner into the room, he remembered it, but to his surprise she was still right in the corner where he’d left her, nose in the crevice. He’d thought for sure that she would test him further -- he didn’t think of her as his record store brat for nothing. He came up quietly behind her, and was pleased that although she must have heard his approach, she never once turned her face from the corner. He took her hand and untucked the back of her skirt, so that it fell down to once more cover her backside. When he pulled her towards him, she turned and laid her head on his shoulder. “You okay?” he murmered. She smiled up at him. “I’m great. I’m just… trying to understand how I made it to age 25, and never thought about what we just did in a sexual context. And now… I just want to jump your bones.” Rob couldn’t think of anything else she could have said that would’ve surprised him more. For a moment he was completely speechless. Cari laughed that husky laugh of hers, and between the sound of that and what she’d just said, his cock – which had wilted during his distracted work out front in the store – was suddenly hard as ironwood again. As he watched, she took his hand, still entwined with her own, and brought his fingers to her mouth. In turn, she kissed each finger on the hand that had smacked her bottom. As she did this, her eyes peeked up at him from beneath the fringe of her eyelashes. Her smile never once dimmed. When she finished kissing his fingers, she kissed the center of his palm, then licked it. She took both of his arms and wrapped them around her waist, so that his hands wound up on her bottom. Beneath her skirt, she was still bare, and now she swept up the skirt herself, stepping closer to him until they were belly to belly. Rob’s hands cupped her warmed behind and when he squeezed her buttocks, she moaned and pressed up hard against him. “Please, Rob. I… mmm… I need you to… hmmm….” He’d only known her a few weeks. He’d only today learned her first name. He still didn’t know her last name, or what she did for a living. What if she was married? What is her dad was some mafia boss that would blow off his kneecaps when he found out what Rob had done to his daughter? What if he gave in to her plea right now, only to come up disappointedly short in the lover category? All these thoughts were flitting very briefly through Rob’s mind as he stood there, caressing and kneading her reddened bottom. They circled in his brain as she pushed her small, firm breasts again his chest. But they gradually began to fade as she ground her pelvis against his own. And when she took his earlobe in her mouth and suckled it, they finally disappeared. The only other thing that he’d wanted to do more than spank her, was to kiss her. Rob took that moment to framed her face and take that kiss. Their lips met eagerly, hungrily. It was a sloppy kiss – wet, with slanted tongues and little nipping bites. She took his hands away from her face and clapped them back around her hips, and on his own Rob replaced them back on her bottom. A moan from her mouth ended in his and he swallowed it whole. “Fuck me,” she demanded, the words fierce between nipping kisses. “Rob… I want… you… to fuck me!” He chuckled and dealt her bottom a stinging smack. “You keep talking like that, little girl, and you’re going to get that ruler by the end of the night after all.” She grinned at this warning, and pushed him back towards the couch. He allowed himself to be manhandled by her, enjoying the fact that she was clearly enjoying herself. When they reached the sofa, she unsnapped the button on his jeans. A moment later, the zipper was open too, and her hand was in his boxers. “Damn, girl,” Rob ground out, his teeth clenched in exquisite torture. “You’re killing me.” Her eyes danced up at him. “It’s a nice way to go, huh?” she purred. He moved his head drunkenly, in a sloppy sort of nod, making Cari giggle. She shoved him playfully and he sat on the sofa, watching as she pulled off his jeans and boxers. “Are you sure about this?” he asked, not wanting her to stop, but also not wanting her to regret a rash coupling with the neighborhood record store guy. “Honey, I’m sure. You don’t need to worry about me. I can take care of myself.” She fingered his wallet out of the back pocket of his jeans, and wiggled her eyebrows. “You got a condom in here?” He nodded, his eyelids slanted, and watched her find the small square foil wrapped package. A moment later she sat astride him and worked the condom with quick, sure movements over his engorged member. “Wait, hang on a sec,” he held her back a moment, long enough to pull her top up over her head. Then he held those small, bare breasts in his hands, and suckled first one and then the other with his lips and teeth. Cari made little animalistic sounds, first moaning, then keening low in her throat. She opened her legs and sat astride his lap again, voicing a triumphant yell when he thrust inside of her. Rob’s hands had never been busier. He wanted to taste, touch, and plunder every inch of her. He felt like he couldn’t move his body fast enough to keep up with her. He kissed her mouth, her neck, her ears, her shoulders, her breasts, her belly. His hands were in her hair, on her face, his fingers in her mouth, then they were under her thighs, behind her knees, and finally back on her bottom. He quickly found that she liked him to spank her while they were having sex. Her skirt was still in the way, and with an impatient yank, he ripped the fabric and tore it away from her body. The sound of the tearing fabric made Cari gasp and then she was howling laughter as she rode him. “You have to buy me another skirt!” she told him, still giggling, looking over her shoulder at the discarded tatters of her dress. Rob rolled her over so that he was on top. He parted her legs and just before burrowing his face between them, he said, “I’ll buy you a trunk load…” Forty-five minutes later, they lay entwined on the sofa, satisfied, spent, and sleepy. Rob’s gaze lingered down the length of her body, over the creamy, pale skin of her back, past the rosy red hillocks of her bottom, and back to the white muscles of her strong thighs. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered, kissing her slowly, leisurely. “You’re pretty gorgeous yourself.” Cari snuggled close to him. “That was perfect. God, you should’ve threatened to spank me two weeks ago.” “You really never played with spanking before today?” he asked her, twirling a curl of her red hair around his finger. “You seemed to really enjoy yourself.” She shrugged one shoulder. “I’ve seen things over the years that made me think I might like it. But until tonight I never knew for sure. I’ve never had a boyfriend spank me before. I wasn’t ever spanked by anyone before tonight. I think I could get used to it. Maybe even addicted to it.” Rob laughed. “That would make two of us. I could get used to spanking your pretty little ass. I bet you I could give you a spanking every day for a month and not get bored.” “Be careful with those easy promises, mister,” she warned playfully. “I’m a girl who expects a certain level of romance and integrity. You tell me something like that, you better be prepared to live up to it.” He nodded gravely. “Understood. But I don’t make idle promises. Stick around and find out if I’m a man of my word.” He patted her bottom. “In the meantime I think we ought to get the heck out of here and get some food. My stomach’s growling like a bear. Spanking your butt has built up my appetite.” 3:50. Rob looked up as the bell jingled over his shop entrance. He expected to see a late customer, the last one hopefully of the day. Cari would be here any minute. Except it was her. For the first time, she was here early, before closing time. She smiled at him, and he winked at her. He still had a few customers in the shop and she was astute enough to let her smile be her greeting. His eyes trailed her as she browsed the store, taking in her loose jeans and boxy Pearl Jam t-shirt. He wondered what she had on under everything. He couldn’t wait to find out. It was only yesterday that he’d spanked her for the first time, then screwed on his sofa. He wanted to call it making love, but he kept reminding himself not to get too far ahead of himself. This was all so new. He still didn’t know much about her. How could he say they had made love – didn’t that automatically indicate that they were in love? One step at a time. That was what his head said. But Rob’s heart knew the truth. They had made love. He loved her. It might not be the love of two old people, together for fifty years of only one another and no one else. But he loved her. One by one, the other customers in the store cleared out. He helped them with purchases and bid them all to have a great evening, all the while watching her out of the corner of his eye. Finally, it was just the two of them. Rob went to the door, flipped his sign to closed, and locked the door. He’d been aware as he was helping the last of the customers that Cari was in the back, and up to something. Now as he turned back to the store, he saw she had lined up several records along the counter where the stereo was hooked up. In one quick glance, he knew what she had done. There was Untouchables by Korn, which Rob knew contained the song “Beat It Upright,” a song with very obvious sexual spanking references. Next was I’m Breathless by Madonna, which featured “Hanky Panky.” She’d even fished out some singles and 45’s – Puddle of Mudd’s “Control,” Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back,” Depeche Mode’s “Strangelove,” Kenny Wayne Shepherd with Kid Rock doing “Spank.” “You seem to have done some research since last night,” Rob said, a sideways grin on his face as he walked back to join her. She was in the middle of placing one of the records on the turntable. “I thought I’d put together a little playlist for us,” she explained, shooting him a grin over her shoulder. “I can see that. A themed playlist.” He patted her bottom through the soft denim of her jeans. “How’s your tush, girl? You able to sit down today?” Cari elbowed him gently. “Oh course I could! You overestimate your strength!” “Oh-ho-ho! Do I? Well, my, that sounds like a bold declaration from someone such as yourself. As you might recall, I did say I could go a whole month without growing bored of spanking your bottom. I doubt you can say the same thing about how the shape of your bottom might be faring at the end of that month.” She giggled and dodged his questing fingers. The music came on over the store speakers, loud and brazen. “Whip it,” by Devo. He chuckled and rolled his eyes, but let it play. She was running from him, just a few steps ahead of him, running towards the back office. She slid to a stop when she got there. Waiting for her on his desk was a lightweight wooden paddle, something he used at home to remove pizzas from his oven. Beside it were a large rubber spatula and a huge wooden spoon, also purloined from his kitchen. He had also brought a medium weight wooden hairbrush, his wood ruler from the front of the store, and a wide, leather belt from his closet. Cari stood stock still in front of his desk, her gaze moving from one object to the next. Her mouth hung open in a little “o.” Oh, shit. “They’re not all for tonight,” he hurried to reassure her. “In fact, we don’t even have to use any of them tonight. I was just… thinking about last night… and everything I saw reminded me of it. Of you. I guess I got carried away and lost my head a little.” She looked at him with raised eyebrows. “It’s okay. Just took me off guard.” She picked up the leather belt, already looped in half, and snapped the two pieces together. The sound the leather straps made as they connected made her eyes pop. “That’s probably best saved for a ways down the road,” Rob advised, taking it from her and placing it back on his desk. “Look, I’m sorry, I don’t know what…” She placed her hand over his mouth then, cutting him off. She pulled his arms around her and kissed him. Her tongue darted between his lips without warning and a sigh escaped him. When she pulled back from him, she was grinning. “For the record, I sorta like that belt. I definitely don’t want to wait too long to test it out, either. So stop your apologizing. And help me out of these clothes.” Rob did as she asked him, and when her top and jeans were removed, she stood before him in only a thin pair of white cotton underwear. Written across the back was one simple word: “NAUGHTY.” He chuckled as he saw this, snapping the top elastic on the panties. “At least you know what you are.” Cari nodded. She picked up the belt again and handed it to him. He watched as she moved aside a few items on his desktop, then bent over it, offering up her naughty side for his use. “How’s this, Rob?” she asked over one shoulder. “That’s really nice, baby,” he praised her, running one hand down her spine, and watching her shiver at the pleasure of his touch. “Just one final detail, though.” A moment later, that tiny pair of panties was in a pool around her feet. “Yes, much better,” Rob remarked, allowing the leather belt to slide like a caress over her bare bottom. “Perfect, in fact.” Cari pressed up against his desk, her nipples hard and erect against the wood. She closed her eyes and pushed her bottom out towards him, waiting for that first kiss of leather on her skin.
  9. Have had a few people ask about my writing, so I will share some from time to time. Wasn't sure which place to post so let me know if there's a better place than in the misc area. Part One 4:05. On the dot. And there she was again. Rob leaned back against the wall behind his counter and watched the pretty redhead as she walked into his record store. As she had on the other occasions when she’d visited his shop, she carefully avoided eye contact when she first came inside, opting instead to look around the store, as though she was browsing for something specific and was taking a few moments to figure out where she might be able to locate it. Rob took advantage of this time to browse her, allowing his eyes unfettered reign over her body, from the top of her bronze head of messy curls, and past her black and white Ramones t-shirt, with its home-cut neckline that now hung open over one shoulder. Small, firm breasts lay beneath Johnny Ramones head, little nipples puckered hard in the cool air conditioned room. A pair of frayed jeans, white with green leaves and red rose buds completed her outfit. Had the jeans been new, they might have been a preppy choice. But they were faded and well worn, as evidenced by the loose fringe of threads here and there, and the presence of tiny holes, one by her front right pocket, another over her left knee and a third riding low on her backside. Despite the peeks of skin through those holes and the bare shoulder she sported with her shirt, Rob felt certain it wasn’t all in an effort to be sexy. The jeans were frayed and holey because she’d worn them well and to excess. The shirt was flirty, but in an artsy way. She dressed the way she was. Flirty. Cute. Teasing. She was sexy as a result of it, but Rob sensed she had no idea that was the outcome. She was the type of girl that seemed to not know how pretty she was, or how sexy. Which in his eyes, made her all the more tantalizing. That was what he thought her to be like anyway. Admitingly, he could be completely wrong. He didn’t even know her name. Not yet anyway. He hoped today might change that. So far she still hadn’t so much as glanced in his direction, which was pretty impressive, considering she had to have felt his eyes on her at least a little. After her initial overview of the store from just inside the entrance, she’d done the same thing she did every day when she came in, which was to start at the aisle of vinyl LPs immediately on her right, and begin to browse through them. Rob kept his store in a unique way, compared to most other music vendors. Instead of categorizing into Country, Rock, Classical, Pop, etc, he chose instead to mix all genres of music together, segmenting only by the alphabet. So Mozart records were in the same general grouping in his store as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Bob Marley, Metallica, and Madonna. In that way, his organization was somewhat disorganized, at least according to his sister, Meredith, who sometimes helped out at the store. Rob chose to think of it as eclectic organization. He preferred it to having to figure out the appropriate category that certain crossover acts fell into; for example, should Kid Rock go under rap or rock? He’d even done a country album, so that was another option. Rob’s alphabetic system kept customer questions to a minimum when it came to finding an artist. But his current customer had complained about it to him every time she’d come in. As if on cue, she turned her head to him suddenly now and said, “I wish you’d organize by category. Seeing ACDC next to Air Supply is scary.” He grinned at her. “Sorry. I’ll take your suggestion into consideration.” She slanted a doubtful look his way, her bright green eyes sparkling. “Sure you will.” She stepped down to the next section of records, dragging the sole of her left black converse sneaker behind her. She bent over the records, flipping rapidly through the LP’s with her slender fingers, and providing Rob with a great view of her round bottom cheeks. "Do you actually sell any of these records?" she asked, scrunching up her nose. She reversed back to the first section, pulled out a copy of ACDC Back in Black, and carefully tipped out the enclosed vinyl. "Do people even still own record players?" "I have a bunch of regular clients," Rob answered. "LP sales in general are on the rise. It's become, for lack of a better word, fashionable again. There are pictures all over the internet of celebrities who are promoting their vinyl sales and the appreciation of vinyl media again. Some even offer signed vinyl albums at their concerts. And there's a market too for special vinyl editions. Lady Gaga's had a couple out. Green Day and the Dropkick Murphy's have, as well. “He shrugged.”Everything old becomes new again. Some people like hearing the crackles and pops in the background. They feel it's part of the music's soul. Plus there's the nostalgia aspect. My first music experiences were on vinyl, that sort of thing." It was past closing time, and he cleared his throat as he moved out from behind the register to go to the door and turn his sign over. Next he locked the door, turning back to face her and finding that she was watching him. “Oh, I’m sorry, is it closing time?” she asked innocently. As if she didn’t know. She came in at the same time every day, ever since the first day he’d been open just slightly longer than usual due to helping a customer with a large order. That first time, he’d told her he was technically closed, but she was still welcome to browse after he locked up and until he was ready to leave after closing up shop. Every day since then she’d been back, browsing and flirting. Never once had she actually made a purchase. If Rob was spoken for, he wouldn’t have put up with her nonsense. But he wasn’t spoken for. And she was damn cute. He figured even if she never bought a thing, he was still enjoying her company, though she could certainly be a bit of a brat. If he was honest, he had to admit that he would gladly give up selling a vault of LP’s to her, if in exchange she allowed him to kiss her. Oh course, that wasn’t the only thing he thought about doing to her. It just happened to be one of the top items on his list. In answer to her question, Rob nodded, and added his usual amendment: “Not to worry. Go ahead and browse. Just let me know if you need any help.” “Thanks. I will.” She was humming quietly as she slid her conversed feet down the next length of aisle. He watched her as he hit the Z key on the cash register, which would print out a list of cash transactions for the day. One of the LPs had caught her attention and she was carefully looking it over, reading the song list on the back. After a few moments of consideration, she placed it in a new position in the stack, so that now that stack was out of order. In addition to not putting it back correctly, she also turned the record so that it was sitting on the ledge with one corner sticking up. Rob clenched his jaw as he watched her do this. She glanced back at him with an impish grin. Then, while he watched she did that same thing in the next aisle with another two records, placing them out of order and cockeyed. As though this was perfectly normal, acceptable behavior, she moved further down the stack, switching her hips as though just barely fighting back the urge to skip or dance down the aisle. He’d asked her before not to come in here and screw up the racks in this manner. She’d told him she was doing him a favor, that by misfiling an occasional record, and by placing them cocked up as well, his customers might be made curious enough to consider a record they weren’t even there to look for. She told him it was like when the grocery store reorganized their aisles; just when you knew the store you shopped weekly by heart, suddenly everything was in a new place, and in looking for the items you wanted to buy, you came across items you usually didn’t see and bought a few of those as well. Rob thought she just liked pushing his buttons. She’d come in here often enough to know that he was a bit of a neat freak. She’d seen him cleaning up the records from previous shoppers, and she’d watched him as he did his closing ritual of cleaning up the entire store, making sure stacks of sale brochures where all aligned in neat piles and ensuring that the stacks of records were all uniformly settled in their appropriate areas. In the next aisle, she found a copy of Guns and Roses Appetite for Destruction and after admiring the album for a moment, she laid it flat on top of the other upright albums instead of back in line with them. She shot Rob a challenging look across the store and stepped down to the next group of records. Rob folded his arms over his chest and watched her, waiting to see just how far she was going to push him today. At this next shelf, she pulled all the records towards her and as she flipped through them one by one, she alternately flipped them up so that the last record in line sat as it should on its flat bottom edge, then the next record sat on one corner with its right top corner flipped up. The record after that sat on the opposite corner with its left top corner flipped up. And from there on she repeated the pattern. She was about halfway through this little project, a little mischievous smile on her face, when she was abruptly stopped by Rob’s hand appearing on her own. “That’s enough,” he growled at her, frowning at her look of innocent surprise. He removed her hand gently from the row of records and guided her away from the stack with his other hand. “I don’t mind you coming in here late and keeping me past closing. I really don’t. In fact, I kind of like it.” He blinked at the admission; he hadn’t intended to say that out loud, but it was too late to take it back now. “I don’t even really care that you don’t buy anything! But I’m not standing by anymore while you screw up my stacks.” “Oh.” She pouted up at him, not liking the scolding tone of his voice. “I’m sorry.” “You should be. Now I want you to go back to those records you just messed up and you put them back the way they were. Understand?” She blinked at him for a moment and Rob knew he’d caught her off guard with his bossy instruction. After a few moments hesitation, with him staring hard at her, she nodded mutely and turned to do as he’d bid. He watched her like a hawk, making sure that she didn’t pull any more stunts. When she’d completed cleaning up her mess, she turned back to him and he thought she looked genuinely unsure of herself. Her flirty air was gone. For a moment, his stomach dropped and he worried that even though he’d wanted to stop her blatant misbehavior, what he might have done instead was stop her from ever coming back. Shit. “I guess I better get out of your hair,” she said sadly, moving towards the door. “Wait a minute,” he said, close on her heels. When she didn’t stop at first, he grabbed her wrist, and tugged her back. “I want to be clear here, okay?” She nodded, looking from his hand on her wrist up into this face, her expression uncertain. “You can come in here any time. Okay? I don’t mind you being here after closing. You can browse all you want. You can tell me all your ideas for how you think I should organize my racks. Just don’t go off and make it your business to do that yourself. You hear me?” “Um, sure,” she said hesitantly. Her eyes were like saucers in her face. “I catch you at it again, there’s going to be consequences.” Her eyebrows rose at that. Some of her bravado returned in her voice as she challenged with, “Really? What consequences exactly?” Rob swallowed hard. What the hell, she’d probably never come back again after today anyway. He’d dreamed about saying it to her, and about actually doing it since that first day she’d come in and messed with his merchandise. “You come in here again and screw up my stacks and I’m going to spank your butt.” A surprised gasp that was more than half laughter expelled from her lungs. She stared at him, her already big eyes rounding out even more. He stared right back at her, not laughing, his face set and determined. “You’re kidding me,” she insisted, still staring at him in disbelief. Rob simply shook his head. “No joke. You’ve been warned. If you don’t believe me, try it and find out.” A hoarse bark of laughter was his response to that dare. “I think I’ll be leaving on that note,” she announced. He watched as she went to the door, flipped the lock back open and stepped outside into the sunlight, glanced back only once to meet his eyes and shake her head at him in disbelief. Wanting to appear uncaring about her abrupt departure, he pushed the door closed behind her, meeting her eyes through the window in the top half, and locked it with a twist of his wrist. Then he forced himself to turn away from the view of her walking away from his store, and him, for the last time. 4:20. Rob sighed, his eyes staring at the clock, then flicking over to the entrance to his store. She was a no show. He’d told himself to expect it, but there’d still been a flicker of hope in his heart anyway. Stupid, stupid, he scolded mentally. Why did I have to go and open my big mouth? For as long as he could remember, Rob had fantasized about spanking a woman. He couldn’t even trace the obsession back to any one place in time. He couldn’t remember a time when he wasn’t drawn to that as part of his sexual appetites. Until now, it had only been a fantasy of his – a bare bottomed lady writhing over his lap while he toasted her with his hand, paddle, strap, etc. He’d never worked up his nerve to approach the subject with his past girlfriends, never trusting their reactions to be positive. God only knew why he’d so brazenly broached the topic with his record store brat. A smirk appeared on his face. That was how he thought of her. His record store brat. Why would he threaten to spank a woman he hardly knew – he still didn’t even know her name! And he was still stalling. Still standing here, staring at the door, willing her to suddenly appear and open it. Despite chastising himself mentally, Rob didn’t budge from behind the counter. His gaze didn’t shift from the shop door. An upbeat Chuck Berry album was playing on the stereo, filing the shop with happy songs about fun and youth and women. It seemed to Rob that at least half of the catchy tunes were titled with woman's names and that just made him wonder more about what mystery brat's name might be. As each new minute passed by without her appearance, the chipper music grated on his nerves more and more. Rob shook his head in disgust and forced himself across the store. He’d just lock up and get the hell out of here. Maybe stop on the way home for a drink… He stopped dead in his tracks two steps before the door. She was walking towards his store, just several yards down the sidewalk. His heart thumped hard and fast as he spun abruptly on his heel and strode at a pace just short of a run back behind the counter. Act normal, he admonished himself. Calm down – she might just be coming back to tell you to go fuck yourself. Of course, even if he could get himself to come across calm and cool, she’d see past that anyway. He was open over thirty minutes late at this point, just because he was hoping she’d still show up. The bell jingled as the girl stepped through the shop door. Rob looked up from where he stood trying to look business like. He met her eyes and tried to think of what to say. She looked away from him nervously. “I… I thought I might be too late,” she said after a long moment of tense silence. “Nope.” Rob hoped his tone was light. “You just caught me. I was just getting ready to lock up.” “You don’t mind if I browse while you’re closing up?” Same old routine. No mention of what he’d said the last time they’d meant. She was pretending everything was normal. He shrugged. “Not at all. Take your time.” She shot him a sideways look, and there was no mistaking the mischievous glint in her eye. “Here, I’ll lock the door for you,” she offered. He watched as she flipped the lock. There was a roller shade on the top of the door that he almost never used. After a moment’s consideration she pulled the shade down as well. The entire front of his store was windows, of course. She couldn’t shade them from all eyes out on the street. But it had been raining nearly all day and although it had finally stopped, it was still dreary and unpleasant outside. No one was out walking the street; hardly any cars were going by. They were essentially alone. Rob watched in silence as she did her usual routine, casually moving from one group of stacked records to another. She flipped through, looking more carefully from time to time at a record of interest. Damn, he thought with disappointment. She’s going to be good today. He was openly watching her. He didn’t see any sense in pretending to be preoccupied by work. She wasn’t here for records, that much he knew for sure. She was curious, at least. Or bored. Or something. He refused to think of the possibility that he most hoped was true. That she liked him, as he liked her. That she was attracted to him. That maybe the thought of him spanking her hadn’t repelled her the way she’d acted like it had. That maybe the threat of a spanking from him had been part of what made her come back. She glanced over her shoulder at him and an impish smile flashed over her face. “So, I guess I shouldn’t do this with the records, right?” Asking this, she dislodged one LP from its place on the shelf and put it in front of the next stack over. Rob’s eyebrows rose. “That’s right. You definitely should not do that. We talked about that.” She nodded, slowly rolling her hips as she ambled through the aisle. Today she wore a long gypsy style skirt in varying shades of turquoise. Her top was a gauzy white thing with ruffled sleeves and hem. Her small feet were in white sandals. A slim ankle bracelet of bells gave her a soundtrack as she walked. Glancing his way again, she said, “And this, I definitely shouldn’t do this, right?” This time she went through a row of albums, cocking them up at varying corners and generally making a big, ugly mess of the covers. Rob folded his arms over his chest. “No. Definitely you should not do that.” She nodded, a look of serious concentration on her face, as though she was really concentrating at memorizing his rules. She moved on further into the store, leaving her mess as it was. When she came to the end of the aisle, where he had displayed new LP’s available this week, she gathered them all up in a bundle and started putting them in her own disorder across the table. When she finished, she looked over at him, and this time he saw the way her eyes danced. “How about that? Is that something I shouldn’t do?” Rob shook his head. “We need to have ourselves a little meeting, I think,” he said. She watched as he rolled the sleeves of his dress shirt to the elbows. Then with an innocent gasp, she followed behind him, pouting prettily, as he took her wrist and led her back into his office in the back of the store. Her pout gave way to a smile when they entered his office. She glanced at him and wiggled her eyebrows. "What a surprise. It's as neat as a pin back here too." Rob shrugged. She elbowed him playfully, marking the first time she'd initiated physical contact. Her elbow was sharp but the result was a flash of electric warmth on his skin. A slow grin spread over his face. "What can I say? It's a part of me I guess." She nodded. "I know what you mean. Just with me, it's not neatness that's ingrained in who I am." He studied her for a moment, wondering about her. "So, um, let's start with your name. What's your name?" She laughed, a sound that was huskier than he would have guessed. "Oh, I guess that makes sense. If you're about to spank somebody, you might want to know their name." Her blue eyes danced with mirth, even after she'd stopped laughing. "It's Cari. I'm Cari." Rob nodded. "Nice to meet you Cari. I'm Rob." He stuck out his hand and she put her smaller one inside of his. She had on three silver bangle bracelets that clinked musically as they shook hands. "Nice to officially meet you, too." She took in a big, deep breath and pulled a face at him. "Oh, my gosh, what am I doing here? I must be crazy." "I thought you weren't coming back," he admitted. "I thought I scared you off." He shrugged. "I was so relieved when you walked through that door. Relieved and happy." "I was scared. Well, no, not exactly. I'm... nervous. I'm... curious. Sorta... excited?" She pulled a face again. "That's weird, right?" Cari shook her head. "I don't know. I... I, um... I thought all night about you and that moment you said you'd..." Her face lit up scarlet red. "Well, you know. I couldn't stop thinking about it. And then when I went to sleep last night I had the most erotic dream about it. About you." She wrinkled her nose. "You, um, doing that to me. And so, here I am, I guess." "I'm really glad you came back," Rob said. He looked down and realized suddenly that he was still holding her hand. They'd never let go after they'd stopped shaking hands. Her gaze followed his and she seemed equally surprised to find her hand still inside of his. He winked at her. "After we take care of our business, I want to hear all about that little dream of yours." There was that sexy, husky laugh again. God, just listening to that laugh was making him aroused. He couldn't imagine how he would keep from tearing her clothes off after he finished spanking her. There was a little love seat in his office. He tugged her towards it and she followed willingly, her eyes round and unwavering. "Be gentle," she whispered. Rob chuckled. "By definition, a spanking isn't gentle." He stopped at the sofa, turned to face her and tipped her chin up. "But I will be careful. And you just say, um... 'Neatness' if you need me to stop completely. Okay?" She laughed again, this time laying her forehead against his chest. "Okay. You got it. ‘Neatness.’ How appropriate." "Okay, then. Here we go." "Wait! Have you... Done this before?" "Um. No. Only in my own dreams. And I've read about it, online.” She nodded. She let out a shaky breath. "Okay.” She laughed nervously. “Well, I hope you read carefully mister! I hope you took good notes!” He squeezed her hand. Her eyes met his and for a moment all that mattered on Earth was them, and that room, and that moment. “Oh God, I’m shaking like a leaf! Just do it now! Before I change my mind!” Rob wasted no more time after that. He'd waited a long time for this chance and he wasn't going to prolong it any longer. In front of him was a pretty woman who seemed as attracted to him as he was to her AND she was consenting to being bottom up over his lap for a spanking. No one needed to tell him twice!
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