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Found 1 result

  1. Recently, I keep having this peculiar fantasy where someone slowly and convincingly explains to me how I am in a serious predicament and that my only option is to submit to a spanking given by them. Over the course of the conversation, there's more and more coercion, the stakes mount, and in the end I'm persuaded. Feeling overwhelmed and on the verge of tears, I voluntarily lay myself over his lap. It goes something like this: An unknown man calls me and asks me to come down to his office. I'm confused as to who he is and what he wants, but it seems important so I begrudgingly go down to his office. The walls are covered with certifications and law degrees and the setting is very formal. After I sit, he tells me that the reason he asked me to come is because my recent behavior has been unacceptable and I need to face the consequences. I'm confused. He then begins to lay out, on his table, very detailed evidence of some of my past misbehavior. Screenshots, photographs, and documents, showing me slacking off, turning in assignments late, lying, and other forms of substandard behavior from the past month. He grills me about each one and forces me to admit it. I'm confused where he got all this information. He tells me that his office specializes in "handling the misbehavior of young adults in the community." He tells me that my recent behavior cannot be tolerated and that the only solution is for him to give me a spanking. I laugh and tell him that's ridiculous, that he is a stranger who has no authority over me or my life, and I would never ever let someone spank me. He starts explaining just how wrong I am. "Authority can come from a variety of places, and in many ways I have gained authority over you." He pulls out a law book, and asks me to read out loud a statute regarding corporal punishment in the jurisdiction. He explains that the law is actually very malleable and nuanced and you can make a legal argument for anything. He walks me through the legal jargon and justification, of why is office is actually not only completely legal, but actually legally desirable in several respects. He then explains that his office is able to establish a position of power because it spends a lot of time reaching out into the community to create "leverage" over misbehaving boys and girls like me. He gives me some personal examples: He hands me a copy of my school's student handbook and flips to a page. A clause in small print under the disciplinary code reads: In rare circumstances, the university may accept alternative or community based remedies to address student misconduct. He tells me that, based on that clause, he contacted my school's dean and convinced them that his office's methods were an appropriate way to handle matters like mine. He shows me a letter from the dean authorizing his authority to do so. He continues, "Young adults like yourself can be troublesome for landlords, because they throw parties and are generally not as tidy, among other things." He hands me a copy of my lease and points out an obscure clause that reads: Unseemly behavior by tenant or other personal disputes shall be subject to arbitration. He states that he has in fact contacted my landlord, and convinced her that he should be the sole arbiter to handle that clause for her tenants and cases like mine. He shows me an email from her attesting to that fact. He then pulls up my the employee manual from my job, and highlights a random provision that states: Improper or unprofessional behavior outside the workplace that nonetheless paints a bad light on the company may result in sanctions (including, but not limited to, docked pay,...). He tells me that it took a lot of mental gymnastics, but after several calls, he was able to convince my employer's human resource department to outsource some of these cases to his office because his methods were not explicitly excluded in the manual. Lastly, he states that parents always have the legal right to discipline their children, and that even though I'm an adult, I'm in many ways still a dependent on them, financially and otherwise. Thus, he contacted them, and explained to them he was a pro bono lawyer who could help keep young adults like me out of trouble with my school, my landlord, and my employer, and thus wanted to help ensure their investment in me wasn't going to waste. He sent them a retainer agreement which they signed several days ago. He shows me their signature. My parents likely didn't notice however, that the agreement used legal latin which stated that they signed over their parental rights to discipline me over to him: My office shall have the authority to act in loco parentis for your child and retain the rights that come with it. "Now, as you can see. I very clearly have every authority to spank you. The question is, will you submit to it. At first impression, you may feel the need to comply with me because you think I have some leverage over you in different aspects of your life, but I prefer to not abuse the power given to me, and I would like to convince you to voluntarily accept my offer." He slaps a very thick and heavy contract on the table. It is a very meticulous and exhaustive "Disciplinary Agreement" that is over 200 pages long and lays out every minute detail about submitting to his authority to spank me. He explains that "there are a lot of benefits as to why you should sign this agreement and handle the matter here in this office." The contract states that I promise to submit to his authority and accept a spanking from him, but in exchange his office will provide some benefits. His office promises that after this proceeding has concluded, it will give me a certified letter from his office stating that this matter has been handled and my actions have been addressed. If my behavior ever gets raised somewhere else (like at school or work), I can merely give them this letter, and avoid facing punishment. This way, the matter is resolved right here and now and I don't have to worry about potential future consequences which may be out of my control. In addition, he promises that he will take into account my side of the story and make a fair decision (which he can't guarantee anywhere else will do the same), and that any given punishment has no other effects beyond this office (once the spanking is done, it's done, and I can move on). Lastly, he promises to keep this matter, and all the evidence and information obtained about it private, and to make sure that this behavior doesn't tarnish or affect me elsewhere. What happens in his office, stays in the office. Overall, a good deal. However, I'm somewhat wavering and not convinced. He grows impatient with me and shifts tone. "I highly recommend that you sign this, because if you don't, you put me in a very tough position because I have a duty to address the misbehavior in this community. So let me tell you what happens if you don't sign here today." "If you won't let me personally spank you, I will make it my mission to find someone who will. I will contact every single authoritative figure in your life, telling them exactly why and how you should get your bottom spanked, and do my very best to convince them to spank you. As you know, I'm very convincing. These will include, but are not limited to: your parents, your aunts and uncles, your bosses and supervisors, every single one of your professors, the leadership figures in every organization or community you're apart of, public officials you come in contact with... you name it. I will go down the list until I find someone willing, and you can bet I will. Here is the list I have so far. Check out those names I already have written down... I've identified 22 people. Do you really want me to contact them all? Which one of those do you think will say yes?" "To deter others from misbehaving like you, I like to put up warnings. How would you feel if I put up this one? A picture of you, from my security camera, walking into my office earlier today, right next to these pictures of a bare naked and well-spanked bottom. The post will will note what I do, what you did, the fact that you are a naughty boy who came in here today, and what kind of spanking boys like you can be expect for that behavior. Now, none of this is a lie, but I'm certain you don't want to be publicly associated with my office. This post will go up on my office's website, as well as our monthly publication, various social media sites, and a handful of other forums and flyers so that I can sufficiently notify the public and warn other naughty boys like you. On average, our statistics say that our postings reach at least 50,000 people. The post will stay up indefinitely, until you sign that agreement. Now, do you want to be made an example of, or wouldn't you prefer we keep this matter private? Our agreement will protect your privacy. "Lastly, even if you don't submit here right now, I guarantee that one day, for all the reasons I've said here, you will inevitably find your way back here before me. And when you do, I will not be happy about your insubordination, and you will be punished for it severely. For every single day you put off signing this, you will receive a very hard smack by this paddle. Mark my words... Disobedient boys like you always end up back here in six months. If you're not careful, you could face over 200 of these. Can you take that? Do you want to take that gamble? "Now, I'm not messing around. This Contract is a gift to you, and now I'm getting impatient." He puts an egg timer on the table and sets it to one minute. "Sign it now or you'll regret it, because if that bell goes off, I revoke my offer. This is your last chance." At the last second, I panic and grab the pen. "Fine! Let's get this over with." "Wise choice." He flips through the pages of the contract to several specific pages, asking me to initial here, initial there, sign here, sign there. Before I could wrap my head around this whole situation, he slams the contract shut. "At the beginning of today, you said I had no authority over you... Let me read this agreement to you so you appreciate the weight of the commitment you just made." He slowly walks me through the particulars of the contract. Several pages of legalese describing how it is a binding contract fully enforceable by a court of law. Ten full pages of glowing affirmations by me wherein I unequivocally and wholeheartedly agree that he has the authority to spank me anytime, anyplace, and in any manner he chooses. Not just for this matter, but for any matters in the future that come up as well, indefinitely, giving complete control over to him to decide and enforce spanking against me and waiving countless rights. Fifty pages full of all the ways he is allowed to spank me and all the methods he can employ. And if I ever contest or breach the agreement, I agreed that would be liable for up to $100,000 in administrative fees to his office as reimbursement. I'm screwed. There's no way out of this now. I begin to cry. "Now that we have gotten all this formality out of the way... Let's begin." He opens up a cabinet with a variety of implements. "Bare your bottom. Everything." I nervously shake as I take all my clothes off and hand them to him. He taps the table. "Get on the table, on all fours and push your bottom out as far as it goes." Behind me, he snaps a picture of my bare bottom. I ask what it's for. He says "Collateral. My office keeps detailed records of all our spankings - before, during, and after - for administrative purposes. Pursuant to our agreement, these pictures of course will remain private... that is... unless you break our agreement. Then I won't hesitate to show the whole world how bright red your bottom gets." I'm interested in people's thoughts on this? Anyone have similar ideas? Tips/Tricks for doing a scene like this? What should I add/change? Let me know.
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