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Found 109 results

  1. I have been a stable and consistent member on multiple spanking sites for the duration of the last year (without intermission) and for years before that (on and off). Collectively, I have years of experience being threatened with all forms of corporal punishment, and in my lifetime of experience I have been seriously threatened with the most severe and unpleasant forms of corporal punishment on thousands of occasions, and on every single occasion, I managed to get out of it. The one and only time I did get receive it was only because I chose to - So since there are lots of spankees on this site likely being reminded daily that they face a multitude of dreadful spanking implements and other punishments should they misbehave, and I'm sure that the people who are unable to sit right now and face waking up to another spanking will find this most useful. I am going to share with you the two methods that have proven to be 100% successful in the skillful art of avoiding getting a much dreaded spanking (for everyone who has tried them). The first method is known as The Sentinal because it will protect you from both the spanking you're immediatly facing as well as any other spankings you would have received over the rest of your life time from that particular spanker and it is performed like this; When your spanker informs you that you're going to get a spanking that will make you cry and beg for mercy, you simply agree to meet them at the location they tell you, only instead of leaving your house and getting in your car and driving there, get on an x-box and play video games instead (or take a bath and read a good book) - as long as you don't leave your hosue on time, your spanker will show up thinking they're going to teach you a lesson, only to find out that you've wised up and didn't go!. I actually discovered this method on accident because I was very stupid and disrespectful and I simply forgot about the appointment entirely. The highly acclaimed female spanker who I was lucky to have an appointment with ended up cutting me off entirely after that. It's actually very regrettable and I wish I had never done that - I hope it serves you better than it did me. The next method is a bit more complex and should be used only by people who are well versed in stupidity. I don't know what to call it right now (other than being an idiot) but nonetheless, it has a 100% success rate. Now, both of these methods are excellent in avoiding spankings, but if I had to bet on which one was more reliable, I would have to go with this one. Whereas the first one evokes anger in the spanker, this one evokes discomfort and apprehension. In order to execute this method successfully, you will have to try very hard to act as dumb as possible and within a few days of getting in touch with your spanker, you will need to volunteer WAY WAY WAY too much personal information - the content probably doesn't matter but as long as it relates to how pissed off you are and how sad you are and how you have all of these problems ranging from depression to substance abuse to a dysfunctional family or something along those lines, it will be sure to make the spanker apprehensive about you. Any initial interest that was shown will diminish and you will not find yourself without a spanker again, but you'll also feel incredibly stupid.... More or less, the aforementioned things did happen between me and two experienced female spankers.... I actually don't suggest doing any of these things. I only did them because I was an inconsiderate and naive asshole (in the first scenario) and I only volunteered so much information about myself because I'm the dumbest personh on this site.
  2. There is a wood shop down the road from Me that builds cabinets, on occasion they leave fairly large bundles of leftover pieces of material. I have stopped and taken a few strips just to have for various projects but last Friday that had a large number of walnut strips in various dimensions. The thoughts of walnut wood paddles, hmmmmm.... Needless to say, when time permits I will make a couple- one with holes and one with out holes. I wonder how hard it will be for Me to find a willing girl to test them out on? — I still have a bit of Lexan I can do something with. Now, where is that Kimberley girl ? 😁 So if there are any naughty girls that are intrigued, you know what you need to do. ’ Come here, it’s time’ Be Well , Rick.
  3. I provide motherly guidance and discipline. I am safe and sane. I am fair but strict. This is strictly Non sexual for me. Only those who are serious please.
  4. Some of you may remember me from my previous posts about the issues I was having with my girlfriend. We recently broke things off (i have kind of been spiraling to be honest). Is there anyone in Atlanta, Georgia, or any one near that would be open to talking. (about spanking, about life, anything really.) Are there any spankers or spankees out there looking for friends? I want to get to know more people in the community. Even if you aren't in Atlanta, or around, still shoot me a message if you're open to talking.
  5. I am an experienced spanker traveling to the Lincoln, Nebraska area. Will be there from Wednesday evening thru Saturday night. Anyone looking for a good bare bottom spanking in the area hit me up. I will be staying at a hotel so I can host.
  6. This post is out of context, however if there may be an adult female in need of a good scolding, spanking, and corner time to correct any errant behaviors , I am able to set up a consultation soon. We all know these destructive behavior patterns seldom resolve themselves. My kik id is overrmykneemiss, I can be reached there or by this site. Be rid of the guilt, clean the slate and be a brand new girl again. I am waiting to hear from you. Sir.
  7. So I have not visited in a LONG time...I think I probably remember some of you but it has been years. I want to begin by just hanging out, taking in the view and maybe participating with someone local after a while. I am a senior male who is pretty entrenched in being a spanker to female spankees. I lead a very sane existence except for the little kink. It has been with me for a very long time, so I get it. At this point looking for communication with kindred spirits in GA, but happy to chit chat with anyone. Only interested in genuine honest humans...I know there are some phonies in here, so please do not be one of them. I do have some experience so I am not desperate...
  8. I am new to this platform and learning how to navigate. I have just completed my introduction/ description and hope to find like minded spanking enthusiasts here in the Pacific Northwest. My goal is to connect with others both on line and eventually in person, in a safe,sane and respectful manner as we explore our mutual interest of spanking. I look forward to meeting you!
  9. Hey there- For starters, I hope everyone is well and doing their part to protect themselves and others during this terrible pandemic. #StayHome BUT...when this pandemic is over, I’m a “Daddy” in the Twin Cities available to any deserving ladies who may need and/or want one. I’m NOT a *creeper* or a *pedo*, so please don’t judge. If you’re looking for that special person kind hearted (daddy-type) with a firm hand and has a nice cozy place to escape to, let’s chat and get to know each other. (lord knows we have plenty of time..lol) Until then, be safe, be healthy!😊😊
  10. Now that I am back in my home state of California, I'm trying to better myself in a few ways! I feel like I can dish out a heck of a discipline spanking, and even give a maternal, yet still firm one as well. I'm also a good spankee and try not to brag about being a good giver and receiver. So that brings me to my point: I want to improve my spanker and spankee selves. I feel doing this more often would boost my confidence in life, not to mention my skills in being a switch. If anyone in the southern California area needs a touch of discipline (or even a light, playful partner) in their lives, please do not hesitate to PM me to get the gears working and your (or my own) fanny a lovely shade of red! ~ Curry
  11. Hello there, Experienced spanker from RI USA, 5'11 decent build. I've been in the scene and interested since I can remember. I am currently looking for Female spankees in need of discipline/therapy. Age and ethnicity does not concern me (18+ is a must!). I have my favorite implements and am currently expanding upon my collection. I am 100% discreet and never share/discuss personal information outside of a session. Nice to meet you all! Looking forward to speaking with you and getting to know and learn from everyone here. I simply go by the name "Sir", and if contact me it would be preferred if you use it. Thank you!
  12. Got bad habits? Need motivation to be more industrious? Want help to improve your over-all performance? Daddy-type discipliner here. I provide structure via strict rules to be followed. Or maybe you are a spankee who just plain enjoys the sensation of having your bottom warmed and stung. Whichever the case, I welcome you all. So ladies if you are in the Illinois area, or are willing to travel (as am I), message me and let's talk. I'm here to service your disciplinary needs. I spank females only, no men.
  13. Hi there, I am looking to give spankings in DC. I can meet at a hotel or you can host and I will come over and spank you to your hearts content... And mine. 😈 Email me at incognegrowth@gmail.com or DM me to chat.
  14. Older male looking for males and females in central Indiana that would like to receive a spanking. I enjoy giving all kinds of spankings. Let me know and we can talk and see if we are on the same page if this is what you are looking for.
  15. Hi everyone I'm new here and live in South Carolina now looking for either a spankee or a spanker near me. I'm a 21 year old male in college needing discipline and help to stay focused on my life and studies. I also have been in a spanker role many times and I am trained to also give discipline where it is needed. Please feel free to message me.
  16. As my feelings say here, a dark and stormy night in Lansing, I struggle to find sleep, My mind slips from one thought to the next. I find Myself wondering of all of the females lying awake with thoughts of needing attention. I can sense a perplexing plethora of emotions whirl in her mind from curiosity to feelings of need, guilt, feeling lost, totally stressed out about how to fill her needs with out getting caught, being hurt or creating other problems. She may seek real time answers as well as a real time solution but who can she trust that understands her emotional dilemma? A good question, there are many good, sincere Er’s out there, scary thoughts of taking the risk has to outweigh this burning desire that seems to forever smolder in her subconscious mind. How to solve this seemingly endless question? Is finding the answers worth the risk? Be a good girl, Rick, 🙂
  17. I love to spank and be spanked--Everybody's welcome Males or Females--no restrictions to any adults such as weight, race, religion or political persuasion. Also looking for a LTR that would include spanks.
  18. I am an experienced discipline spanker in the Atlanta Area, looking to provide nonsexual discipline spankings. Firm, caring, respectful
  19. Looking for females who need discipline, or who just like the feeing of a reddened bottom! Let me hear from you.
  20. A reintroduction; I am located near Lansing, Michigan, close to several colleges and large-small cities. The techniques I use are flexible, the skill set gained from 20+ years of involvement in Discipline, Mentoring, Daddy adult daughter, age regression among a few. A girl will find Me to be a good listener, passionate about what I do, I feel I possess a great deal of integrity. I stress safety, honesty and consideration for her needs, wants and what is best for her. If as a girl/woman that may have thoughts of guilt, shame, bad habits that need to be corrected, possibly stress relief, curiosity- heaven forbid being a brat, lol, this is an opportunity for you to resolve your issues that live in your consciousness and free the ties that are holding you back. A spanking on you bucket list? As I said, I am flexible, if a one time session or multiple sessions, this is a safe and sincere offer if I can help. Confidentiality, a professional, safe setting is assured. My kik is overrmykneemiss, my e-mail is the same with an @yahoo.com I am waiting to hear from you, ‘come here, it’s time,. Rick.
  21. Hi All, I'm new to this site but not new to spanking. Looking forward to chatting and hopefully making some new friends, who share the same...interest. You may know me as the normal looking guy walking down the street, who you'd never expect to be dreaming about putting a young lady over his knee. ps - i'm warm and friendly by nature. only stern when appropriate. don't be afraid to say hello.
  22. I haven't heard from or spoken to my one ee in about three weeks. We agreed upon daily contact from the onset of our relationship, and we specifically had a conversation about the holiday weekend. My ee stated that there would be no reason why he wouldn't be able to communicate with me as per normal, but I haven't heard from him since we had that conversation. This is highly unusual and I am very concerned! Some of the feedback I initially got when talking to people is that sometimes this happens -- people just disappear. But really?! When someone has been so conscientious and taking the relationship as serious as the other party, I wouldn't think that's the case. Someone also pointed out to me that my ee's phone could have broken. I feel so...negligent? in not asking for other means of contact. Let me explain -- I didn't want to be intrusive and so upon learning that Skype was on this person's phone I didn't even ask for a phone number or email address because I figured all of that was accessed on his phone anyway so what's the point? The point is that if something did happen to the phone, my ee doesn't have any of my information either and so can't get in contact with me at all to let me know he's okay. So, I guess some of the questions I have are... How much/how often do you typically communicate with your ER/ee? In what way apart from this site do you have to contact your ER/ee? At what point do you start worrying about someone's safety and well-being when there is a lack of contact? At what point do you 'write the person off' as disappearing? I'm guessing a welfare check is a little over the top...but that's how worried I am!
  23. Female looking for an experienced disciplinarian in Utah. I have a few struggles I would like to take care of so I’m looking for someone who can work with me on this. I am NOT looking for anything sexual because I am married and want to keep it that way!! I need guidance and I want to completely get rid of some major things to where’s a spanking might help. I am new to this site and don’t know quite how to work it so please leave your email or message me if you are a SPANKER or know someone who is a spanker in Utah so I can contact you/them. I am just exploring my options 🙂 Thanks!!
  24. New here, but not exactly new to the scene. Looking for spankees/submissives in Southeast AZ in need of discipline. Hope to make some connections and some good friends. I'm open to any circumstances with men as the spankees/subs, including non-sexual, discipline-only scenes. Women are welcome to observe, and spanking your husband for you has significant attraction for me.
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