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Found 161 results

  1. I have been a stable and consistent member on multiple spanking sites for the duration of the last year (without intermission) and for years before that (on and off). Collectively, I have years of experience being threatened with all forms of corporal punishment, and in my lifetime of experience I have been seriously threatened with the most severe and unpleasant forms of corporal punishment on thousands of occasions, and on every single occasion, I managed to get out of it. The one and only time I did get receive it was only because I chose to - So since there are lots of spankees on this site likely being reminded daily that they face a multitude of dreadful spanking implements and other punishments should they misbehave, and I'm sure that the people who are unable to sit right now and face waking up to another spanking will find this most useful. I am going to share with you the two methods that have proven to be 100% successful in the skillful art of avoiding getting a much dreaded spanking (for everyone who has tried them). The first method is known as The Sentinal because it will protect you from both the spanking you're immediatly facing as well as any other spankings you would have received over the rest of your life time from that particular spanker and it is performed like this; When your spanker informs you that you're going to get a spanking that will make you cry and beg for mercy, you simply agree to meet them at the location they tell you, only instead of leaving your house and getting in your car and driving there, get on an x-box and play video games instead (or take a bath and read a good book) - as long as you don't leave your hosue on time, your spanker will show up thinking they're going to teach you a lesson, only to find out that you've wised up and didn't go!. I actually discovered this method on accident because I was very stupid and disrespectful and I simply forgot about the appointment entirely. The highly acclaimed female spanker who I was lucky to have an appointment with ended up cutting me off entirely after that. It's actually very regrettable and I wish I had never done that - I hope it serves you better than it did me. The next method is a bit more complex and should be used only by people who are well versed in stupidity. I don't know what to call it right now (other than being an idiot) but nonetheless, it has a 100% success rate. Now, both of these methods are excellent in avoiding spankings, but if I had to bet on which one was more reliable, I would have to go with this one. Whereas the first one evokes anger in the spanker, this one evokes discomfort and apprehension. In order to execute this method successfully, you will have to try very hard to act as dumb as possible and within a few days of getting in touch with your spanker, you will need to volunteer WAY WAY WAY too much personal information - the content probably doesn't matter but as long as it relates to how pissed off you are and how sad you are and how you have all of these problems ranging from depression to substance abuse to a dysfunctional family or something along those lines, it will be sure to make the spanker apprehensive about you. Any initial interest that was shown will diminish and you will not find yourself without a spanker again, but you'll also feel incredibly stupid.... More or less, the aforementioned things did happen between me and two experienced female spankers.... I actually don't suggest doing any of these things. I only did them because I was an inconsiderate and naive asshole (in the first scenario) and I only volunteered so much information about myself because I'm the dumbest personh on this site.
  2. I guess this blog is quite selfishly for myself, to make sense of all this. I have been into spanking as a child and can quite clearly remember going into my own little spanko world, imagining myself in different scenarios (any but the one I was in). Spanko world was safe, loving...I was protected and held accountable. It was only until my first relationship that I found a book and read it and there were several spanking stories that it really clicked and I attempted to get my now Ex into it but though he was very open to discussing it, he just didn't have it in him. As a child growing up in a developing country I lived in a family of 5. My mom who had had an illness which is now considered non-existent as a teenager and thereafter had a damaged heart. So my whole upbringing was centered around my moms health, in and out of hospital for stays and daily for medication injections. When I was 8 I learned how to do this myself and thought I was so cool slamming a needle into my moms leg. I was a mini nurse and from a very early age quickly becoming the parent. Though I was the youngest child by 4 and 6 years I quickly took on a lot of the 'caring' responsibilities. I supported my mom going into hospital every day, going shopping doing chores etc. There was a whole other side to the dynamic though and that came with my moms temper. My dad was always saying to us 'don't wind her up, she isn't well' which essentially was putting the blame of her temper on us. The youngest I can remember being abused was at 5 or 6 on my hands and knees with my brother scrubbing the kitchen floor, but was doing it in the wrong spot, so she picked me up by my shorts and top and threw me to the right spot. We were 'smacked' or 'given a hiding' with a slipper, wooden spoon or hand, but it was done in anger, normally stood up and a hand on our arm. As I got older it was more just slaps, punches, being shoved and being pinned to a wall where I couldn't breathe. We constantly had her screaming in our faces, weren't allowed to flinch, move or look away and had to respond 'yes mom'. My sister liked to be the center of attention, where I am always eager to please and it breaks my heart to know I have dissapointed, she will do something she knows she shouldn't and announce it to the world. Would run away to see if anyone would notice. She was also my constant bully, pulling me down constantly, teasing me, pulling friends away everytime they were over, hitting, scratching, keeping me awake, etc etc etc. We never got along from the day I was born to the day we left home. She hated me and I hated the way she treated me...and it's only in the last 2 or 3 years that we are very slowly building up a bond and getting more 'sisterly love'. When I was 18 my brother found a girlfriend we all thought we loved - until she took him away from us. We didn't see or hear from him for 6 years. My mom blamed this on me - knowing her you can imagine how this played out in my life for 6 years! When I was 18 I went and worked at a 'public (the posh kind)' school and lived with the teacher I was working under. She was a very hard lady and we instantly took a disliking to each other...but it was a tough time. She kept her house freezing apart from her bedroom and the lounge which she put portable heaters in. I remember one night going to sleep with wet hair and waking up in the morning to find it frozen solid to my head and having a shower to literally defrost myself. Each day she would write down everything I did wrong and at the end of the day we would have to talk about them and apologise for each thing. I then moved into the house of a family, which was so much better but occasionally they would just go away on holiday, not telling me apart from a note left under the door on the day of their departure - me waking up to an empty house and only having what was left over in the fridge to live on (I was not paid during this time was was living on a farm in the middle of nowhere). All in all it was not a happy year, I was not wanted in that household, I hated woking at the school and I was working with a teacher who made me feel 2 inches tall. At 23 I found and moved in with a man who was genuinely a lovely guy who in many ways was a dream come true. He really looked after me financially and I helped him out a lot with emotions. We lived life together and for the most part were very happy. My first signs really of his temper was when he taught me to drive and if I made a mistake he punched me. Though the relationship the 'punches' happened more and more regularly. Without going into a very private part of my life, for 2 years I was raped. By the end he'd pinned me just like my mom used to several times...as you can imagine I ended it. He promised to go to anger management classes but I'd had it and the end had come. So coming from all that history why on earth am I drawn to a life where i am controlled and some vanillas would say 'abused'. Is there something in my blood where I need to be? Why is it that I feel I need a guy to be 'over' me? So I am a strong personality, a strong character with a very high standard of morals. I am not a swearer, I don't sleep around, I don't 'date' unless I can see something bigger could develop and because of my past I do not trust easily. I hold people at arms length, but once I let someone in - they are really in. I am fiercely independent and like to look after myself, i haven't had that someone looking after me, I have always been a mini parent, my own protector, the carer - and to let someone in that close to me is terrifying. Which only makes my logic of wanting this lifestyle even more confusing - there is no logic! So the way I see the DD/CDD/TIH/HOH lifestyle is a couple who are not top and bottom, not controller and controllee, not dominant and submissive but two people who love each other living life together. Both who are equal, who are important, who are cared for and loved and looked after. The difference being that when she (or in some cases he, but since I am going Biblical and God says man is the head) needs accountability, he holds her accountable. He provides guidance and boundaries for her to live within, not for control but for safety and security - then holds himself to the same rules. Her consequences come in the form of discipline whether that he spanking, restrictions, tasks etc; and his comes in being open and honest, self-correcting but also allowing her to be open and honest and holding him accountable for his actions. For once in my life I would like to not be the one doing all the caring and receiving all the abuse, I would like the caring to go both ways and to feel completely safe. Yes I know my butt will be painful at times, but I also know it's not done in temper, I am safe, loved and still protected. I don't need to live in fear, don't need to watch my back and can completely trust my partner - even at my most vulnerable. I am drawn to the accountability, with the types of abuse I have recieved and my personality type I struggle with letting people down, whether that is others or myself and to be able to let that guilt and feeling of 'sorrow from my actions' go would be amazing rather then having to bury them. I crave to have someone there who is 'looking after' me (not taking away too much of my independence), someone who wants to protect me - someone I can look up to. I struggle in life with self-discipline, and tend to act on impulse. I am very sarcastic and do occasionally get stroppy (I blame this on being a woman blessed with these delightful things called hormones *facepalm). I think the numerous things that fall under these two umbrella categories are the things that will get me 'accounting' the most. So is this lifestyle another form of abuse? Absolutely not!
  3. As the title says, I'm 21 and have never been spanked before and am looking for a long term partnwe for discipline. Mouthsoaping is also on the table. Pm or quote me if interested!
  4. Hi, I've been on this site for a while and thought I would post an ad. I'm looking for girls here in Wisconsin that need discipline in there life. I'm someone who sincerely cares about the girls he spanks.
  5. Hi! I have been kind of inactive on this account. I have been too embarrassed to actually go and comment on anything. I always responded to surveys where no one can really see what you answered and read stories posted on here, but that is it besides answering PMs. I am a 19 year old female in need of discipline. I feel like sometimes I have my life together and everything is fine, until I realize that I am entirely wrong and need to get my life together. Just today I found out my student loan refund had been sent to a random bank account. It is a struggle. I have known that I have needed this type of discipline since I was about 10 years old. I was not spanked as a child. I feel like now though I need it more than ever. Part of me worries that it might hurt more than I think, but that might be just what I need. However, I haven't gotten around to finding someone out there who could discipline me the way I need because: I can't drive (I have no car), I live with my adopted family (long story there too) and they are always home, I don't have a whole lot of money (Too anxious to ask for better pay for my babysitting job, plus you can look above and see I really am bad with the money thing). I have interests outside of spanking. I love cartoons and TV in general, comic books, YA novels, and listening to music. I am a college student currently and hope to eventually become a school librarian after a few years of teaching. So this is my official debut here. After I post this, I am going to reply to others until I get sleepy or decide to give up and read. Have a good day!
  6. Greetings, fellow spankos of old and young! I'm a 20 year old male near Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. In a current relationship, so being discreet is required. I'm Bi-Sexual, and average sized. Primarily looking to make a spanko friend or two, if bonds are made, maybe meetup.
  7. As a spanker, I do not understand this concept. Understand the need to be spanked might be so strong spankees feel the need. The art of positioning must awkward, impacting in the right place and with the right force must be difficult. Would imagine it would leave the spankee dissatisfied. Am I wrong?
  8. Some of you may remember me from my previous posts about the issues I was having with my girlfriend. We recently broke things off (i have kind of been spiraling to be honest). Is there anyone in Atlanta, Georgia, or any one near that would be open to talking. (about spanking, about life, anything really.) Are there any spankers or spankees out there looking for friends? I want to get to know more people in the community. Even if you aren't in Atlanta, or around, still shoot me a message if you're open to talking.
  9. I'm a 26 yr non binary trans man, i use he him, they them pronouns. I love being spanked, i have a friend who has been giving me spankings occasionally but its not enough. I would love to find a local spanker. I would prefer to find someone who is also queer whether that be bisexual, pansexual, trans etc.
  10. 26 yr nonbinary trans man, i use he him, they them pronouns. I love being spanked and would like to find a local spanker, i'm in the sw mi area. I prefer someone who is also queer whether that's bi, pan, trans, etc My profile says brat, i'm not into ageplay, i'm just playful and a bit of a brat by nature lol
  11. I’m down to earth, and this site is sweet. Location directory and everything. First things first I’m looking for a girl and I know it’s weird but I’m the one here who wants/needs a spanking. I’m discreet obviously given the situation but I’m also not afraid to spank if you want that. I’m good at it and as long as we communicate I don’t see any problems. Unless you have a quiet spot we need a hotel, I can afford it. MA is best I can go western MA I can go Rhode Island a little bit or some New Hampshire. im 24, athletic, and would love a girl older than me to slap me red. Bring implements maybe I’ll have some. My schedule fluctuates so no rush, I got fantasies and you do too. Let’s do it
  12. Hello. I am new here and I want to say Hello to all of you. I am Molly, 32, female, and spankee in a dd-marriage. Nice too meet you all and thank you for reading this :)
  13. My name is Spencer. 20 years old. I am in need of a self spanking held over the phone for being naughty and disrespectful. I have a high pain tolerance. Looking for a long hard spanking from a man or woman who will scold me and ensure that I am very thoroughly spanked. I have a bath brush, wooden spoon, and plastic rod. I can also go cut a switch. Looking for marks/bruses. If interested, text me at (813) 524-9764 and include your username.
  14. I am Tom, 42 y/o living in CT and expert in different types of spanking and discipline. If you are a lady, needing a taste of the art of spanking, please message me. You would be surprised.
  15. Now that I am back in my home state of California, I'm trying to better myself in a few ways! I feel like I can dish out a heck of a discipline spanking, and even give a maternal, yet still firm one as well. I'm also a good spankee and try not to brag about being a good giver and receiver. So that brings me to my point: I want to improve my spanker and spankee selves. I feel doing this more often would boost my confidence in life, not to mention my skills in being a switch. If anyone in the southern California area needs a touch of discipline (or even a light, playful partner) in their lives, please do not hesitate to PM me to get the gears working and your (or my own) fanny a lovely shade of red! ~ Curry
  16. I’ve just moved to St. John’s Michigan and I’m looking for someone who knows how to make a grown man cry due to a spanking. My pain tolerance is high but i want to challenge people. Must be able to provide your own transportation
  17. KaylaSimone


    Hii My name is Kayla, I’m in desperate such of someone to discipline me and help me keep to my goals and responsibilities. I’ve always had time and money management issue but now it’s starting to affect my school work and how I provide for my son. I’ve never been spanked or really disciplined and I feel like since I’ve never had the fear of discipline that I’ve found myself in this situation. I’m desperately and openly trying to find someone in the North Carolina’s preferably in Charlotte to help me better my life even if that means not sitting for a couple days
  18. Im looking to meet a female (spankee) who lives in New Jersey someone who enjoys the spanking lifestyle. Im open to advanced or newbees looking for their first adult spanking. This would be all about spanking for pleasure, stress relief, guilt release, discipline for not doing what you should be and so on. This is not about sex in any way! This is all about discipline through caring and guidance through adult spankings. I have a lifetime of experience to offer. Message me if you are interested.
  19. Hi everyone I'm new here and live in South Carolina now looking for either a spankee or a spanker near me. I'm a 21 year old male in college needing discipline and help to stay focused on my life and studies. I also have been in a spanker role many times and I am trained to also give discipline where it is needed. Please feel free to message me.
  20. Hello! I’m a student at Eastern Kentucky University and I’m looking to see if any women in the area are interested in putting me over there knee. I’ve never been able to try anything like this before, but I’m super interested in it! If you’re a lady in the area that’s interested, let me know! (I’m 20 years old btw. Lol)
  21. I love to spank and be spanked--Everybody's welcome Males or Females--no restrictions to any adults such as weight, race, religion or political persuasion. Also looking for a LTR that would include spanks.
  22. New here.How does a male Spankee look for a female spammer in my area?
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