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Found 7 results

  1. Has anyone been spanked while wearing an anal plug? Thoughts?? Was it for punishment or pleasure/any precaution measures taken? I want to be safe going forward! Thanks for the input.
  2. (I was going to put this in writing punishment, but to me it seems more appropriate here even if it's fiction. Please move if you need to.) So, I was looking for stories online and randomly came across this one. It is well written but shows how badly things can go when you ignore safety protocols and/or your gut feelings. It ends kind of abruptly, I'd love to read the next chapter, but it's true to life in this way. This is a good story to show the pitfalls, but since it's a story, people can perhaps heed the warning instead of arguing with the "author" about what they should have done instead. It also, for me, captures the feelings of complacency and also growing panic and helps me feel like I'm in her shoes. I'm posting the link to give credit but also copying and pasting the story in the next comment so that more people will read it. Then you can follow the link if you would like to read anything else by this author. I have not gotten the chance to peruse her blog. https://www.google.com/amp/s/domesticsubmission.wordpress.com/2017/05/18/story-the-first-spanking/amp/
  3. I want to say, first, that there are two very helpful threads going on at the moment, started by @shygurl. One is a list verifying those who are willing to/have met someone in person. Another is a list of people others have spoken to by way of a voice medium. Someone messaged me today and asked if I would mentor them at the recommendation of someone else. The person who recommended me to this person has absolutely no idea the kind of person I am at all. We have barely spoken. Recommendations are great and it is a wonderful compliment when someone recommends you as an EE or ER...If the person recommending you actually has a relationship with you and knows more about you than your screen name. If I were less of a person I could have very easily taken advantage of the situation. If you are new to this site, please, please take your time in getting to know people here on your own before you jump into any kind of arrangement, no matter what glowing reference someone else has given the person. On the other hand, also be careful not to judge others too harshly on the words of others. It can be a catch-22. Had I listened to some others I might have been able to avoid at least one negative situation I was in. At the same time, though, this isn't high school (or college...my college was pretty cliquey as well). Take what everyone says as valuable but trust your gut and learn about other people for yourself instead of trusting them solely on their reputation with someone who you also barely know.
  4. Wow, its been a long while since I posted here! Welp, here we go again~! So I was wondering, what safety words do we all use? I know some go for the "Green, Yellow, Red" technique. But that can only cover (or uncover hehe) so much. What words do you seem attached to using for safety in the various fetishes out there? For me it depends on the partner(s). I use the word "Banana" for one spanking partner, but then use "Pineapple" for another. There's actually a funny story behind using Pineapple! It came from a friend of mine threatening to give me one after I had been over her house for two days. She told me that a culture (I think it was Roman) that if a guest overstayed their welcome, they were given a gift of a singular pineapple. No other words had to be exchanged, you just took your free fruit and left! Now comes the title of this topic! What are your safe words? Do they have any memories behind (hehe) them? I wanna know! And I'm sure others here would love to read a few!
  5. Welcome to our Spanking Safety and Advice forum. Please share any advice or safety tips that may be helpful to those new to the lifestyle. Post your tips here or start a new topic. Have a question about safety, looking for advice, here's where to ask.
  6. Hi all! This is my first post, I'll start with a little background then straight to my question. Recently my girlfriend and I have decided to kick our spankings into high gear. I now have a set of rules for her and she receives very strict spankings for breaking them. No warmup and full force spanking. These leave her sore for multiple days and bruised for at least a week. We both get a ton from this and it has amped up our relationship in a major way. On to my question. It seems that she tends to break rules ~ every 7-10 days on average. My basic question is how safe is spanking at the punishment level and at what frequency? What if I spank her today and she breaks a rule tomorrow? That last thing I want to do is give her leather butt or cause any muscle/nerve damage. I've done extensive research on the topic and opinions vary DRASTICALLY. I'd like to hear it from the source. Those who participate in hard punishment spanking, what is your real life experience? For anyone interested, here is the results of internet data collection to date: · During a long spanking session (let’s say more than 30 strokes), it’s important to get the blood flowing to the area before coming in with the real heavy strokes. · Heavier implements (Wooden paddles) and canes compress the muscle and actually cause internal bruising, even if there is no surface bruising. It’s important to give that time to heal between sessions with those types of implements. 5-7 days is usually fine. During that healing process, it’s perfectly fine to spank with lighter implements, leather, switches. · White is a warning. It means the blood has left the surface of the bottom. If the but turns immediately white when a spanking starts, take a break and let the blood come in. If the ass has been red for a while and turns white after a particularly hard round, this is ok, finish the set and then let the redness come back in. · Red that turns into bruising is OK, you can keep going. Information derived from real life spanko blogs: (FYI, I'm not here to refute any of these very experienced spankos. I'm here to find out how much spanking I can include in my relationship while still being safe) Alex Reynolds states that she gets very hard spankings nearly every day. Applying massive amounts of lotion and exfoliation of key to her survival http://alexinspankingland.com/the-care-and-keeping-of-a-frequently-spanked-bottom/ Julie spanks her husband David extremely hard at least 3-4 times a month. http://strictjuliespanks.blogspot.com/2013/03/beating-your-man-properly.html?zx=8b96f547940d59f4 Micheal Masterson has a great blog entry about how to punish a spanko. Spankos like to be spanked so how do we spank them in such a way that is an effective. In this article, he claims that spanking over bruises is safe and recommends a hard spanking followed up by 10 strokes of the paddle every morning for a week to make sure the lesson sets in. punishment: http://www.thespankingblog.com/index.php/weblog/comments/how_to_provide_an_effective_punishment_to_someone_who_enjoys_being_spanked/ Thanks in advance for any help!!!!
  7. I have recently been exploring a personal ads site for spankos. I have had some nice chats with a few ladies, some of whom live in my area. I want to explore the possibility of meeting one or more of these women in person for a spanking session. But I am a worry wart with a touch of OCD. Here's an example: I'm 64 and there is a VERY young lady who is 19 near me who wants me to spank her. All we have ever done online is do a little role play and exchanged photos. Assuming we would meet at my apartment, isn't she taking a horrible risk? She is entering the apartment of essentially a stranger behind locked doors. How does she know I am not a serial rapist? From my point of view, how do I know she will not try to blackmail me and threaten to tell the police that it was not consensual, that I assaulted her? I mean, I have strings of correspondence that would prove we already had a consensual online relationship, but still... I wrote to her that I thought we should at least meet for coffee in a public place first. But no, she said she is the type who "just likes to jump into things." Yikes! (By the way, when I mentioned my concerns to her, she stopped responding. Probably just as well.) Then there is an older woman who is much more mature and we have corresponded a bit more, gotten to know each other somewhat. But she is married (I am separated, going through a divorce). What if her husband becomes suspicious and in a weak moment, this woman tells all and the guy comes looking for me? I will partially answer my own question by suggesting that before any RT meeting takes place, both parties should have emailed extensively, perhaps even for more than a month, and then have a meeting in a public place to get a sense of each other. Am I the only worry wart here? Have any of you had similar worries? Any advice? Thanks so much for any feedback!
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