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Found 12 results

  1. Through twenty-six, had suitors woo, One of the not so good got through. A bit o’ spanking here and there, Lots o’ scares with AIDS everywhere. Somehow survived for what it’s worth, Maybe not much? say I half in mirth. But I feel blest to still be on this earth. Blest that I the plague outlast, Blest that haters didn’t end me, Blest I didn’t end myself, And kept in hearty health. Kicked the bottle, put down the bong, And with fellow man learnt to get along. I may pick up the bong when I go gray, And have no job to occupy my day, But booze and I are quits, I say.
  2. This is a poem that I wrote. Copy-write 2015. All rights reserved. Coming Out Coming out as a spanko, is a lot like coming out as gay. You don’t know who to tell, or just what they’ll say. If I tell someone I feel the need to be spanked, their first thing they say is “like in a sexual way?” No it’s not about sex, at least not for me, it is not a want, but rather a need. A need to feel better about things I have done. A need to make my life a better one. When I am over someone’s knees and my ass is bare, it’s a feeling of love and of emotional care. It’s like I know it will hurt, from t
  3. I wrote this poem from my own heart. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! Copy-write 2015 To say I need a spanking, is not saying I want to be abused. It is saying I need some help, in areas of my life that I choose. To say I need discipline, is not stemming from past childhood regrets. It is saying I need to be accountable for my actions and accept what I get. To say I need the pain, is not a fetish by any sorts. It is saying even though I am an adult, I need pain to successfully make my life work. To say I need to be bare, is not talking about my ass. It is talking about the emotions that I’ll bare as it i
  4. Do other people live with their heart and mind divided, equally loving and hating what they allow into their lives? Eleven blocks of quickened footsteps each questioning my sanity. Wondering at my motives, claiming its just for coffee, only a chat but I am the only one I'm fooling. The first mention of "This Thing We Do" and the awkward seductress rises forth, Bold but with little bravery. A glimmer of dominance calls my name, coyly questions what I might do. Long minutes pass in fearful debate before, at last, flashing my submission. Long city blocks pass under our feet a
  5. Guest

    a poem

    It's a task to fall asleep Waking up ready to fight I'm frightened by the darkness Bad things happen in the night Fear not, self I am your only light Do not beget me Do you see a soul in sight I see only the horror The pain and the strife I see it no end I see it no right Then my dear What will you do For not a retched being Finds a worth in you If you haven't a village If you haven't a home Not even a shaddow Then roam I will roam through the valleys I will roam through the streets I will roam through the grave yards I will roam until weak I will seek nothing further
  6. Do I look at the world with objectivity, when all I see is hate? Do I try and fight off all these feelings when nothing I do stops, its too late. I gather all my precocious examinations of life to its fullest, to my fullest only to find myself surrounded by nothing but my own lip syncing parody in postmodern shambles I gather, I question, I materialize my possessions, yet I still feel rather unsentimental when I look into the mirror and see myself as an idealistic five year old child Nostalgia runs deep, it dampens the pain of growing up it shares its secrets of lovers lost, most impor
  7. When life passes us all by, moments and memories through childhood's eyes,When the youthful passions that gaily gave us imagination slowly dies, When traversing through thoughts of how it used to be is no longer enough, When emotions become nothing more then marshmellow fluff, When the words can no longer describe my sentiments about life, I find myself seeking wisdom from street corners paradise, I know that what I will find isn't what is needed to describe, The fullest attention to what might proscribe, And the bitter taste that reconciles the meal,And yet I walk these streets without zea
  8. Secret therapy given by anonymous men, too lost in the sexual overtones to know the role they fill. Dropping into 'Daddy's Girl' for Jenny to receive affection while continuing cycles of twisted love under the mask of age play. On her knees with downcast eyes, Dravin waits for the command. Angry and desperate, offering her flesh for the chance to hide in mindless submission. Jonathan scans the room, awkward and shy Reveling in the attention, the affections of the first man that comes along. Grasping at acceptance through a fantasy strangers provide
  9. I wrote this poem several years back, during a time of my life where I felt very out of control. I sat, Indian-style on my dresser and scrawled it in a frenzy of black dry erase on the mirror with tears streaming... As I look back on it with the perspective I have on things now, I see that even then I was begging for someone to step in and take a more firm place in my life. I can see that my need for direction, guidance and submission was there even then. And I'm happy to say, I've found just that. I am amazed at how fully and deeply the meeting of needs can change you. Anyway...enough backst
  10. Rolling steady through the mist There's thunder forming on your lips And lightning in your fingertips That's calling forth in me A need to bend and bow and yield Embrace your force without a shield To boldly say, "Do what you will" Exposed for you to see Cleansing fire and stinging rain Purifies the deepest stains Evoking beauty from the pain That burns white hot in me Your thunder head then recedes Giving way to gentle breeze I in awe just watch and breathe My beautiful storm...and me
  11. Gather Round The Campfire Gather round the campfire boys there's bread and beans to share We'll smoke ourselves a fine cigar be none the worse for wear Tell the stories of our glory days and tip a glass or two Saddle up and shoot our guns if you've not better things to do We might even sing ourselves a song in drunken revelry Defiant of the ones who scoff at camaraderie In moments of, quiet reflection we'll remember those we lost To the cancers and the heart attacks and curse each just because Then we'll sleep beneath a desert sky under God's celestial star There'll be time
  12. The Last Coyote He circles now outside the camp beyond the lantern glow In the shadows of a moonlit night through a silent falling snow The big dogs hunt most mindful of coyote scent and track He was never one for running alone or with the pack Uneasy with each baying bark the hounds must surely know He's moving now beyond the light... ...where will the last coyote go?
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