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Found 5 results

  1. Live-in

    If you live in with the ER, would you stay naked for him 24/7?
  2. My first experience was kinda simple, even though I had to be bare for an otk, I had other implements done right on my bare butt. It was kinda gentle but, increasing in strength evey few minutes. Had my butt rosy red and stinging at the end with more bare hand spanking to top the sting sensation. And, since it was my first time, it took about half an hour to finish the session. My butt was really rosy red and stinging. I could even feel it under my pants and, every time I took a step forward. And, in every session after the first one was a bit more intense and, with an extra implement. I'm one session, I only had the long paddle from the beginning till the end. And, boy!, I could say that my butt was stinging like crazy! Another time, I had only the cane, with a five minutes break after the tenth stroke, with about ten breaks in between, sored with pain all across my butt. This was a painful experience. I couldn't even sit straight for weeks! The paddle and the cane are my worst enemies! The new hand is the least one where it looks that my butt enjoys being spanked with...
  3. I really need to get spanked! It has been over six months since my last spanking and, I guess that my butt needs to get sore, red and, painful.!!!
  4. I'm really in need to be spanked because it has been about six months since my last spanking. And, I need one so bad that I want to have my bums burning like fire, soft to the touch. Does anyone our there who can help me?
  5. My first time

    I'm a 41yo woman who just enjoys being spanked on a weekly basis. I've been into this for about a couple of years now with a master I met through a site. Sometimes he's gentle but, when it comes to discipline, he's tough and strong. On a weekly basis, he uses his hand pretty hard till my bums burns and, if I need a much more discipline, he'd use a paddle or the cane, my worst enemy!...