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Found 32 results

  1. If you are astray and need structure, accountability, and old-fashioned strict discipline back in your life then it is time to stop procrastinating and do something to correct your “bad” behavior. I specialize in women who procrastinate, are constantly late, text while driving, overspend, smoke, and keep a messy house. This is consensual and non-sexual and you will have a safe-word if you think you need it to use but I expect you to take the punishment you have earned even if you have to take a break while it is being administered. I have many years of experience in providing all kinds of discipline and mentoring. My methods may be painful and embarrassing but they will get results. I use the tried and true methods including bare bottom spanking, with or without implements. In some cases, I may also use mouth soaping, enemas, corner time, scolding, and assigning essays. I live in the mountains west of Denver but get into Denver often and travel to the Los Angeles area also. Contact me direct if you are interested in strict discipline at cp4u2020@yahoo.com or cp4u2009@yahoo.com. I cannot host. Thanks, Doc
  2. What is it you need help with in your life? Have you struggled with weight, drinking, tobacco, drugs, bad language (cursing), putting off important things, etc, etc. Do you think that having goals and the possibility of disciplinary consequences would help? Have you tried it? Did it help you? I have used spanking as a consequence in a few cases with life coaching for issues and seen it work on some. Opinions? Anyone wanna try it?
  3. I'm a male graduate student in need of a disciplinarian to keep me accountable through line-writing, corner time, and spankings. Apart from this fetish of mine I'm into literature (Kafka, Woolf, Javier Marias) and movies... Actually I don't have much of a life outside of grad school and work right now. I also have real-life offline experience with spanking, lots of it, but online suits me for now. I'm really word-oriented and prefer online text, chat, or email to webcams, but that's negotiable. I had a profile here about a year ago (same user name) but I deleted it in a fit of pique. Even though my headline reads like a classified ad, I hope people will say hello, whether or not they're into what I'm looking for.
  4. Looking for a Dom who enjoys the coaching/personal growth aspect of D/s just as much as the discipline side. Sensual/Daddy Doms are preferable (but I am not into age-play). It has been so difficult finding a decent man who enjoys disciplining a woman just as much as he enjoys spending time outside of the bedroom with her. Looking for sane outside the bedroom (vanilla) but adventurous behind closed doors. How does one find this dynamic in such a hyper-feminist area where this sort of setup is considered taboo (to put it lightly)?
  5. 53 y/o male available to give discipline spankings. I am very good with discipline and mentoring for those needing it.
  6. Hi, I'm new here, just stumbled on this site. My name is Ken and I'm a single white male with extensive experience in mentoring and disciplining females. I do travel around the Central Nebraska area so if anyone is interested, please do hit me up! I currently have a couple females I've seen on a regular basis with excellent results. Even if you just want to chat, feel free to message me. Ken
  7. What is it you need help with in your life? Have you struggled with weight, drinking, tobacco, drugs, bad language (cursing), putting off important things, etc, etc. Do you think that having goals and the possibility of disciplinary consequences would help? Have you tried it? Did it help you? I have used spanking as a consequence in a few cases with life coaching for issues and seen it work on some. Opinions? Anyone wanna try it?
  8. She has been awaiting all afternoon for this moment. The arrival of her Daddy. Her heart begins to beat a bit faster as she waits on the balcony overlooking the main foyer. Daddy enters the marble and oak entrance and sees his lovely girl gazing down on him. Her long hair reaching the top of her breasts, her lips closed and her eyes full of anxious tension. Hello my love. What a nice surprise. Hello Daddy, I've been waiting for you. I missed you. Well Daddy has a surprise for you. Today has been special so I wish to share something with you. Daddy removes his suit jacket, staring intensely into her eyes. Up the winding stairwell he walks never breaking his gaze from her face. Daddy needs to shower. Come with me my Dear. The warm water cascades over her long hair while I hold her tightly in my arms. I whisper in her ear, Daddy wants to ravage your young body. She looks up wondering if I will bend her over here and now and drive my throbbing cock deep inside her or will I spank her wet ass fast and hard. What does Daddy have in mind? I begin to kiss her moist lips. They crave my attention. She is still learning her role. She is unsure just where she fits in this world of kink but Daddy will expose her to something new this evening. Her supple neck begs my attention but I draw her earlobe into my mouth. It gets her so excited and I reach between her legs and massage the lips of her vagina. She is getting aroused as I wish. I turn her around and shampoo her hair. She is not going to receive me in the shower. All I wish is to wash and caress her lusting body. My hands covered with soap move down her back and I wash her buttocks. My sweet young sub kisses my neck as I wash between her checks. Slowly circling her butt hole. She is moaning but I will not penetrate her this evening. I get on my knees and wash her slender legs and between her toes. Her body is amazing and I am thankful she shares it with me. The evening is arriving as we enter our bedroom. I close the curtains and when I turn she drops her towel. Daddy I want you. I crave your attention. I wish you to ravage me. SSHHH, my sweet child. Daddy is in control. You shall keep silent now. Lay down on the bed. Face down. Show me your amazing ass. Now Daddy has a treat for you. Spread your legs. She has no idea she will soon be harnessed tightly against the sheets. Is that to tight? Her arms and legs are bound by the leather cuffs of the 6 point restraint. No Daddy. Good, Daddy wants to help you explore your inner desires. I want you to find your place. Tonight we will see if this is the place for you. Do you know what I am placing on you? It feels like leather but there are two. Yes. Tonight we are going to break through "The Wall". What is that Daddy? She feels the sting of the first swat. Her ass shakes from the hard strike and she expresses her pain. Another and another I deliver, her bottom is red and stinging. Oh Daddy. Another firm swat is delivered. I say nothing as I move to the other side of the bed. I softly caress her bottom before delivering 3 fast and hard swats. She is moaning with pain but we are nowhere near her wall. The point where her tolerance is pushed to the limit. Now I switch to a different leather paddle. One which delivers its strikes to a single side of her red, sore ass. After about 20 rhythmic spanks my sweet young companion is beginning to realize this is no normal spanking. Her mind races for the reason I am not speaking. She is in pain. Her ass is stinging. The anxiety is building. Why is Daddy being so cruel? It's now time to administer whatever is necessary to help her explore the other side. I draw my small paddle and with a hard sharp strike leave an imprint on her right side. She is quivering and I move to the left. Her hips are trying to move her ass but the restraints hold her in place. With a passion in my heart I deliver spank upon spank and suddenly she erupts into tears. Daddy please stop. I know she now is staring directly at "The Wall" so I deliver the final spanks pushing her through. She breaks down in sobs as I release her from her bondage and hold her tightly. Showing her she is safe. Daddy I love you. I need you. Thank you for caring. Yes Daddy does care. I needed you to join me in this journey.
  9. Hi! My name is Allie. I'm a 23 year old college student. I live in northwestern PA. I am seeking a strict disciplinarian/ daddy figure/ mentor to keep me on track, and bring some catharsis to my life. Someone who is genuinely alpha personality wise, and patient because I can be a handful at times. I am open to online and in real life partnerships. I have Light brown hair and a curvy build.
  10. Hi! My name is Allie. I'm a 23 year old college student. I live in northwestern PA. I am seeking a strict disciplinarian/ daddy figure/ mentor to keep me on track, and bring some catharsis to my life. Someone who is genuinely alpha personality wise, and patient because I can be a handful at times. I am open to online and in real life partnerships. I have Light brown hair and a curvy build.
  11. Hi! My name is Allie. I'm a 23 year old college student. I live in northwestern PA. I am seeking a strict disciplinarian/ daddy figure/ mentor to keep me on track, and bring some catharsis to my life. Someone who is genuinely alpha personality wise, and patient because I can be a handful at times. I am open to online and in real life partnerships. I have Light brown hair and a curvy build.
  12. Hi. I'm a single straight top in Mass/NH for a female. I'm safe and confidential. Kev
  13. Greetings! I'm a 43 American living in Japan for work. I am an educator, an artist, and an author. I travel back to the states 3 to 4 times per year, for extended periods of time. Seeking communication, friendship, and an eventual relationship with a like minded person.
  14. Good afternoon everyone! I am a 38-year old online disciplinarian looking for new pupils. If you are having self-discipline issues or would like to improve your behavior, or simply need guidance and someone to keep you accountable, please contact me! My goal is to help you reach your goals. During the first session, we go over your goals, and I assign a first series of rules and "homework". I will keep you accountable, and discipline will be used if you do not follow instructions, or do not make enough effort to improve. As you can see, I am not interested in sexual discussions, and I am only looking for motivated students! Kind regards, Phil
  15. Seeking behavior modification from an experienced Disciplinarian. Im seeking regular contact that involves mentoring (online and in person), stern lecturing and scheduled (you set the interval, not me) maintenance spankings. When I break the established rules, I expect punishment spankings that are very unpleasant (severe) and guaranteed to correct arritude. In the past being over a spanking horse with a strap applied was very effective. If youd like to discuss the program you would implement to modify my bad behaviors please get in touch. This should be real yet safe and sane. Im in the Washington DC area but can travel for the discipline sessions at least monthly.
  16. Hello. My name is Sal. I am an older gentleman experienced in mentoring and disciplining troubled young women. A good listener, I provide sound advice as well as a sound spanking when appropriate.
  17. As I put in my status, Today marks two years with my mentor, that I met here in the chat room. I wrote her a letter with my heart and soul put into it. As I reread all I wrote, something I put there stood out, and I felt I wanted to share this one part here and add to it within the same context. We worked on so much, I was such a mess when we met, Barely existing by then. I was and still am like a book, loosely bound, with many pages left blank and scattered thru out my story. You stepped in, searched out those pages, and gave me what I needed to put there. There were pages that showed poor choices, bad habits, and lack of care for myself, these pages you seemed to fall on by accident, since I didn't see them, those you made me read, and then we added new pages showing those things were corrected. Some pages were wrinkled, and you showed me how to smooth them. Others were torn and you helped me mend them. Some pages were laced with poison, the kind that comes from others by there actions or treatment of me, you showed me it was ok to tear those out, and learn to let go, so the sickness they caused could begin to heal. There are pages that are tear stained, you held me while shared them. We saw pages that were funny or showed silly mistakes, and we laughed togther, as I learned to laugh at myself. Some pages reveal accomplishments, you showed me you were proud of them, and helped me be proud as well. Together, we have been strengthening the binding so my story is stronger and no longer scattered, while there are still many pages from the past that need work, I know you will be there to help me with them. I am proud to call you my mentor, and will be there as I continue to add to my book, for as the song says, the rest is still unwritten..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtGY4G7II6s
  18. i recently came out to my sister about feeling the need to be spanked. I didn't tell her that id ever acted on that need but i did mention that some day i would want to have DD in my relationship when i'm married. She defiantly thought it was weird and did not think it was a good idea. But she also didn't judge me to much for it, well not that i know of .It's still the same between us if not somewhat better because i don't have to hide such a huge part of my life from her anymore. It did get me thinking however that it took me so long to except this part of my life and even longer to tell someone maybe its us who have trouble excepting it and not others.i Found out about DD when i was a freshman in high school i was working on a school debate for corporeal punishment and came across a DD blog. I was simply appalled and pretty much thought theses women were brain washed. But you know what i keep going back to that site because i had to understand why these women wanted such a thing and slowly i did i began to understand exactly why they wanted it because they were me. I'm not submissive by nature i'm rather strong willed and if i ever hope of having a smooth relationship someday well ill certainly need to let my husband have his rightful place as HoH and well that's hard for me and ill likely need some help. SO after a while and a lot of praying i figured that this was what i would want in a marriage. But that was all there was i thought until junior year my parents started letting up a lot i was 17 and i stated that i was piratically and adult quite a few times and i guess they listed because slowly more and more freedom came my way and slowly i became desperate for some boundaries of course i was to stubborn to ask my parents still am. So after a while i finally realized that what i really needed was someone to help me like women in DD relationships had, but that didn't exist did it? Yes it did mentoring now it took me forever to admit that i needed a mentor and that having to miss a final test because you forgot to do the paper you had to turn in with it and lying to your teacher saying you got the day of the test mixed up ( i was lucky i could take it as a make up) was a clear sign that i needed help. But slowly i did and then i told myself i would just keep it to online mentoring clamming it was the safety factor. But today i'm pretty sure it was more the fact that i couldn't admit i needed a Real Life spanking well not at that point i couldn't. I went trough countless online mentors even tried to make it work with a couple two different times. Even go emotionally tangled up with one witch is not the best idea, it works for some but for me it was horrible in fact it was something that i should have gotten out of sooner. But one really smart person, he is now a grandfather to me in everywhere except blood told me that i would one day seek a real life spanking and that it was in my wiring. Hate to say it but you were right grandpa i would and i am. So why did it take me so long, so much heartache to find the right thing well here's my take on it, for me at least i was so scared that if others found out they would be appalled and that me excepting it made me sick or something. I'm not saying everyone will understand i know my parents never will, my my sister did to a point, she may not agree but she gets its my life and shes not going to judge me for it. So i think sometimes what really stops us from immersing in this life style is excepting ourselves its something that can be really hard when you need something that is somewhat "taboo" in society it is however a modern world and nobody knows what you need better than you so if i can give any advice to someone just starting out it is this (and if you are still reading this by know your a trooper) Don't worry about society, or your family or your friends, there are plenty of people out there into this and if its something you need/ want then you should give it a shot, but be careful i learned everything i know the hard way so don't do what i did cause i was lucky and i never had any truly horrible experiences but plenty have and iv had enough bad ones to know that you absolutely have to be careful and use common sense, that's my rant for know just felt like sharing iv meet some awesome people on here and they have gotten me trough a lot they know who they are and i am so thankful for them.
  19. Hello, It has been awhile since I posted, so I thought I'd renew my offer to mentor others. I am a 53 year old retired teacher. I am gentle and sensitive yet firm when it comes to discipline. I specialize in mentoring young adults. My goal in mentoring is to help my mentees eliminate negative behaviors, grow in responsibility, and to set and achieve their own personal goals (i.e, earning a college degree, obtaining a career, or successfully overcoming an especially negative or harmful behavior). If I can help you, contact me here on SN or email me directly at tchr90310@yahoo.com Sincerely, DaddyAndy
  20. Hello all! Just thought I'd introduce myself and let everyone know that if they are in need of a mentor then I might be able to help. I'm a nice and caring person who can try to the best of my abilities to give you what you need.
  21. I'm 25 and willing to mentor anybody online
  22. I would really value opinions from both side sod the coin over this matter. I have been asked by a friend to who is divorced in her late 40’s if I can help her. She have never been in a DD relationship but did once experience a spanking from a boy friend years a go. She says she needs someone to give her guidance and structure to her life, she wants to grow and be a better person, she feels the best way for her to achieve this is by having a Mentor to guide and discipline her. At the moment she is struggling with her life and also doing some silly things like over spending, drinking to excess at times, not keep a tidy home & also not always very nice to her friends letting them down at the last m inure etc. My dilemma is should I do it or not, I do strongly believe & practise the DD lifestyle, in my opinion it is a wives place to live by her husbands rules and if she breaks these rules she should be punished, the punishments I use are varied but do include spanking by hand a nd various implements. This would be a first time for me to punish a woman that I am not married to, while I do know that it would not be a sexual thing between us it would be intimate and I have to be really HONEST and say I do enjoy spanking. I find the whole experience very de-stressing I do get great pleasure from having this control and the whole spanking process. But I do feel that my life experience & mentoring would be useful for her My question to you all is this : Is it right for me to take spank this woman who is seeking guidance, when I get such pleasure Is it my just rewards for taking the time to Mentor her, as I do know this will take up lots of my spare time. I know i will have to be totally honest and tell tell that if we did I would be getting pleasure from spanking her. I have always enjoyed listening to other people and I do enjoy giving advise and helping, as my children have now grown up I do have spare time & I do feel I could help others lease a happier lifestyle with my experience of life.
  23. Hi my name is Dominic, I am from the UK, I believe in the Domestic Discipline lifestyle. Recently I have been asked by a divorced lady if I would consider guiding her and spanking her when required. I am unsure about this at the moment but feel it is something I would get some satisfaction from. I hope to meet and chat to people who can share their experiences with me.
  24. I will work with you one on one with the issues that you want to work on. You'll have a strict disciplinarian and mentor to work with you towards your own personal goals. I have a lot of experience and a nice home where you can visit me. We can work on healthy habits, being on time, school work, spending issues, respect for authority and other issues where you feel you could use a boost. Being held accountable for your choices is going to lead to much better decisions and a generally happier, healthier life. I'm located in Charlotte, NC. We will set rules and guidelines based on your own needs and decide on punishments for misbehavior. If you break a rule, I will mark it down as a Demerit and you'll have to answer to it at our next visit. You'll always have a chance to tell your side of the story but ultimately it will be my decision. That said, I consider myself very fair and a gentleman and you'll be in very good hands. Just message me if you're interested. I'm willing to do a single over-the-knee session or long-term mentoring based on what you need. Tell me a little about yourself and what you're seeking. This is for females only. Thanks
  25. I've made a few changes to the inventory listing on the site. And -- Dana Kane has been kind enough to tape a review of the 16" fan blade being used. Thanks, Dana! As always, newbies are encouraged to read the FAQ on how this is supposed to work.
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