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Found 2 results

  1. Drave


    Personally I do not understand the habit of one line answers that proliferate across the internet .... If you are going to say something, then much like with mathematics examinations; the worthwhile marks are in the working out, not the answer. So this is with regard to myself and my wife Dr Z (an actual Dr). We come as a unit. We're a 100% monogamous couple, though we have used other people quite often within scenes to achieve something we wished to achieve. Personally I am a born 100% Alpha and my wife an Alpha submissive; ergo she is only submissive to myself and that is within a scene. Outside of that we are egalitarian, symbiotic and Gestalt. We would not have it any other way. Our residential status was 'mostly moving', but due to COVID we are now presently settled in über rural Eastern Europe. We have lived and worked on five of the seven continents ... Not Antarctica (too damned cold) and we'd never set foot in N America let alone reside there. By the time I was 18yr old I had my first full on submissive girl friend and have had a sub ever since, if I wanted one and had time. Since my late 20's I've been blissfully married to my Dr wife who is also my submissive (in scene) for the past 30 years. My business interests/portfolio have included adult sexual entertainment businesses in many guises. That all started by my providing security services to an adult shop at age 18 yr old (big for my age, advanced for my years 😏) .... By age 22yr old I'd gained my first licence and sex shop ... then it all escalated from there. Seeing as I am self aware, then I am aware that some or most people find me to be 'pompous' and over bearing. Indeed in the past some have even found me genuinely frightening on the internet. Well, firstly I am who I am and I'm not going to hide it to please other people's sensibilities of who they are, or whom they are not as the case maybe. It is also worth saying I am clinically defined as having no recognisable emotional register (no I am not Autistic, I am 100% socially functional) so I talk in logic, fact and am extremely directly. As for people being afraid, as they do not owe me money, have not upset my wife or hurt my dog .... Then they have no issue to be concerned about. For my wife and I 'spanking' is the impact part of BDSM. We are aware that this is a 'spanking' forum and that many spanking people find BDSM 'challenging' and often unpleasant. Hence I/we will not be talking about it unless directly asked and that will be replied to in a private message. To alleviate any possible confusion amongst monitoring law enforcement or other members here ....... My wife and I find child abuse to be highly offensive ...... Striking a child is wholly unacceptable no matter what b*llsh*t people want to wrap it up in, including religious mumbo jumbo. That is apart from child abuse by striking, being illegal in many countries. We have two children, both are presently completing their respective PhD's, both already lecturing and advising establishment figures ... Never once were either hit. Neither are we interested in what happened to someone when they were a child. They are now an adult so need deal with it themselves or with their counsellor in private ... Please, keep it to yourselves.
  2. I just wanted to try something here a little introduction We have done this on other sites and I wanted to try here. I have been into the spanking community for roughly 42 years. I have had my hand in on several events in the Spanking groups here MDSS MSP M/f F/m spanking I would like to start a post that kinda explains who you are and where like this.... Mike here Southeastmimentor@yahoo.com Male disciplinarian in Canton Michigan I spank both boys and girls and always ready to lend a helping hand. Now if your a male or female top in Michigan type a hi to let the boys and girls know how to get a hold of you. Just a thought of helping others know how to get in touch with you
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