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Found 3 results

  1. I really need to get spanked! It has been over six months since my last spanking and, I guess that my butt needs to get sore, red and, painful.!!!
  2. Real discipline spankings wanted!

    I see a lot of newbies on here that are looking for discipline punishments for their own reasons. I know from first hand experience, that what seems sexy or erotic in one's mind, will be a very different experience in real life. Especially if they are giving their bodies to new acquaintances to be chastised. Not the best thing in my mind to do. Severe discipline and the people who share this powerful exchange usually base their agreement on one very important and absolutely required in any relationship, even vanilla. TRUST! Without trust, very bad things can happen and, the recieve of the punishment could end up being completely abused by their " mentor"! If they have never experienced a true discipline, it's not that hard to self administer a few hard swats to ones naked behind with a wooden spoon, or hairbrush. If you think you can handle more, continue, making the swats as hard as you can for as long as you can. If you can reach fifty or sixty crisp swings, thirty to each cheek, you have just experienced a punishment spanking. Not that having another person do the same will feel the same, usually not. When ones arm is allowed to swing freely, the speed of the implement will definately be faster than self spanking, but if you truly hit as hard as you could, it's a good, close to a real spanking. If you can't get past ten or twenty, you'd never survive a real proper punishment spanking. So if you've never been really spanked ( not for sexual reasons either) because that isn't even close to the pain that a well seasoned disciplinarian can deliver. The fantasies of what you thought it would be like, quickly vanish from the very first strike landing on your bare flesh. Pain fills your world, and the biggest thing on your mind and body, is trying to get away from it period. That's where the trust of the person doing the punishing to the person receiving it, kicks in. The spankee knows the spanker won't draw blood, hit bone, or in any way take the punishment too far, not that it will be easy to take, it won't be. But the level of trust needs to be there in the back of both minds, that the person being disciplined has offered there body freely and will accept a truly severly painful experience. Please be sure this is really what you want and need before you find yourself in a situation you really aren't prepared to have happen. Hoping everyone finds what they are seeking out there. I'm so blessed to have a lady of forty years marriage to spend the very best times and when over her knees, the very worst times of my life. This had been a long journey we've both traveled together, it has changed drastically over the years, from mostly fun erotic adventures to a wife that now can administer a truly severe punishment without holding back at all. She's an amazing woman, and I'm so happy she's still with this old grouchy man. Cheers, Max
  3. 24 yo boy from Glasgow

    24 yo boy near Glasgow looking for a sound spanking for smoking and drinking too much as of late. Love roleplay and really looking for a strong daddy to take me in hand and give me the discipline he sees fit. 2 doms (dad/uncle or mum/dad) would be really cool as well would love to try it!!! I can't accom afraid as still live with the parents but can travel. Still looking for the right person, unfortunately nobody comes a long that I think is suitable. Please though if you think you can put me in line do drop me a message!!! I like hand/slipper/hairbrush/ruler/belt and i like other humiliation / embarassement techniques too! As a side note I would also REALLY love to meet a young guy into it as well to take over my knee. GET IN TOUCH. XX