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Found 13 results

  1. roleplay stepmother / stepson spanking... these days i get a lot of emails about fantasy about stepmother / stepson roleplay - spanking and so on... What is the big turn on about that kind of fantasy?
  2. one of my longtimefriends invited me over to his office... this time i had to wear a nice black skirt, high heels, stockings and a nice whit shirt... i had to come over his table and bend over... he pushed my skirt up and started to feel me between my legs... i was already wet and than he startet to spank my ass... what is the big turn on for you - to invite someone to your office and spank in the office.?
  3. You like to spank or spanked and what is the best possition? I love to spank my sub - he has to go on his knees - as in the air and i spank his ass - and at th same time i can do him with my strap-on... love it... and when i have trust i like a light spanking , too... over the knees so he can take my panties down and play with my pussy and clit at the same time sooooo hot
  4. hi, i am from Europe and i will be back in Manhattan, NYC in March. you like to get spanked or you like to do the spanking? I am bi and i think it is hot to spank also a female over my legs....and when i have trust i love light spanking on my ass... but the bit turn on is when i have a sub in front of me and spank his ass
  5. LeighOTK


    Your naughty girl walks slowly from the bathroom on feet still unsteady from being cased in slumber. Her hair is slightly mussy and wild, and her eyes still wide and innocent...for its early, and the day has not yet grown her up. She stands looking patiently and happily toward you. Wearing nothing but a button down night shirt, and simple white panties, you let your eyes scan the length of her. You take in every dip and curve of her exposed legs from the ankles up to the thighs, where they disappear under the hem of her shirt. You part your hands slightly in invitation and with no words...just a simple smile she moves fluidly into your arms. You embrace each other fiercely, as if cursing the night for robbing you of precious moments to experience one another. With her sitting on your lap you move your hands from her knees and up over her thigh, skirting to the outer edge of it, where it curves back to meet her bottom. Pushing your arm farther forward, your fingers slip inside the leg of her panties and push at them, exposing more of her cheek to your exploring touch. Shifting her slightly you say in your sweet silken authority, "Stand up." With her on her feet in front of you, you reach down and forward, wrapping your hands around her legs at her knees. With deliberate slowness, your hands slide up her legs, over her thighs, and back to her bottom...giving it a firm but gentle squeeze. Ever so delicately, your fingertips slide inside the waist band of her panties, but they do not lower them...not yet. With you both savoring the process of what's happening, you trace your fingers inside the waist band from the back to the front where they slip slightly lower toward her womanhood...a gentle tease. Then they slide back to the back again. Tracing your fingers back to her sides just above her hips, you begin to tug gently downward on the thin fabric. As the elastic moves down you feel it tighten slightly just before releasing as it slips over the fullness of her rounded bottom, exposing her skin to the cool air of the room. Though her panties would fall easily from her form, you keep your grip on them, sliding them down her legs all the way to the floor. This increases her sense of anticipation, and exaggerates the fact that you are in charge. You move your hands back up her body and let them slip under the night shirt hanging loosely from her shoulders. Calves, knees, thighs, bottom, waist, ribs, breasts...you take her in entirely with your touch. You look up at her as she looks down at you, your eyes meeting. For a long moment you appraise each others' faces...communicating wordlessly. The language that passes unspoken between you, like a low and rumbling thunder, translates many emotions. Trust, love, patience. Honesty, acceptance, dominance, hunger and craving. Sweet submission freely given. Without your eyes separating from one another, your hands emerge from the sleep wrinkled night shirt and finds the bottom-most button holding it together. Gently you slide the first plastic disc through its opposing hole. As your hands move upward, one by one opening the front of her shirt, your trusting lady/child closes her eyes in sweet surrender and lets her head fall backward. As you open the last button, and pull the shirt slightly open, you watch the rise and fall of her chest as her breath quickens with expectation and catches in her throat. Grazing your hands over her abdomen...moving ever upward toward her shoulders...you begin to peel away the last of her inhibitions. As she once again lowers her head and your eyes meet, you see them glassy and glazed with submission and need. Turning her to face away from you, you slide the night shirt slowly down her back, until finally it hits the floor. Before you now stands the form, not of a girl...but a woman. A woman with soft mountains and secret valleys...patient terrain, hungry to be explored. You extend your arms and slide your hands over and down her back, before they finally settle on her rounded bottom cheeks. You run your hands in small and large circles, testing and memorizing every subtle curve of your favorite part of her anatomy. Finally you wrap your arms around her and pull her down to sit on your lap. For many long minutes you stay here, happily in each others arms...feeling the warmth of the embrace and the energy that flows back and forth between the spirit of who you both are. You slip your hand upward to her face and meet her eyes again with your own. You see in her that her submission is reaching the point of driving her in an almost carnal way. You adjust your grip to the back of her neck and pull her softly but firmly toward you and plant a soft kiss on her full and waiting lips. In a motion quick and fluid, you turn her legs and pull her forward, laying her across your lap. As she settles into position, she raises her bottom and sways it slightly back and forth, for she is aching to feel the searing heat of your dominance of her. Refusing to make her wait any longer, you raise your hand and bring it down hard onto her begging flesh. Immediately, she cries out in pain and gratitude, a cry that fades into a low and sultry moan. Driven by need, hers and yours, you raise your hand again...
  6. I think it was harder for my Sir than it was for me, even though I was more scared than I had ever been for a spanking. This was discipline, not a punishment. It was strange and surreal for both of us. But it opened an entire threshold of relationship that had never existed in our 15 years of marriage. Sir and I had been thinking and praying about maintainence for quite some time. I believe I have posted about it before. Sir and I (my husband Wes and I have chosen to move to the more formal method of addressing him...as "Sir" to reinforce his role and my submission.) are evangelicals and both of us were raised with corporal discipline. My parents practiced Domestic Discipline as well, so it was inevitable that we would have it in our own relationship. Because of my upbringing though, I am a "good girl" and don't get in trouble very often any more. Like the Scripture says, wide is the road and narrow is the gate...so I try to stay as close to the center as possible. The longest I have gone is nearly 4 months. I was only spanked three times last year and none of them were serious offenses and easily could have been excused. Point being that as time between spankings ebbed, I began to feel more and more distant from Sir. It was like our life became more routine. Well as I noted in one of my first postings, we prayed and found that I was making an idolatry out of being a "good girl". I wasn't doing it out of my normal love...I was doing it as a method of controlling my life...something I am supposed to be abdicating to Sir and to the Lord. This was where the discussions about maintainence came up. We would talk about it almost everynight in our devotions. We schedule sex because of our lifestyle because we don't want that important aspect of our marriage to wane. Why wouldn't we want to schedule spankings which have just as an important role in our marriage and happiness. We talked about how long was too long and I suggested two weeks. Sir, in his wisdom, noted that maintainence wouldn't just be quick brief spankings and that 2 weeks might be too stressful both emotionally and on my butt. We settled on three weeks. I circled the date on the calender. If I didn't need to be spanked before then, I would submit to a three tiered discipline that included cornertime, and three spankings. If I did get spanked the three week clock would start from the following day after the spanking. Yesterday was three weeks. It was the strangest, scariest, yet most wonderful day of our marriage. In many ways it was like the first time that we made love and I gave him my virginity. It wasn't going to be perfect or altogether pleasant, but I looked forward to it. We deliberately chose an evening where all of our kids were at church for Awanas. Sir took the kids, and I stayed home to await him. All day I cleaned the house, did my routines, thinking about what layed ahead of me. I was reminded of the first time I went into real labor with Breanna my oldest, how much I couldn't wait for it, so I could be with my baby girl. I counted the cost of the pain and realized the reward was more than enought to offset it. I didn't know what the reward would be for this but I knew that God had blessings for our heart of obedience. We have a room that all spankings occur in. It is the same room we do our family devotions. It is on the third floor; has a nice big bay window that looks out over the Hudson Valley, a comfortable chair, and our paddles and straps. Before I settled in to wait for him, I cut two switches...one thin and whip like...and a thicker one like a cane. I pulled out leather strap that is solely for my punishments. I pulled out my Bible, knelt on the prayer cushion facing the corner and read all the highlighted verses in Proverbs which is part of our punishment ritual. I also read Proverbs 31 to remind myself why I was doing this. For the first time ever, as I heard him in the house and make his way up the stairs, I didn't feel the dread about what was going to happen. I did feel the anxiousness, the understandable nervousness about the pain, but it felt like I was almost looking forward to it...which isn't really right...but I just can't put it into words. Tough for someone who writes soooo much. Sir came in and sat in the chair where I would be spanked and bade me to come over. I sat on his lap and he hugged me deeply. I began to cry emotionally into his shoulder. "Molly, I love you so much," Sir whispered into my ear. "Because of that, I am not going to soften these disciplines. Do you understand?" I nodded. "Yes Sir," I sniffled I managed looking up into his appreciative gaze. "Molly, I am going to spank you. I'm spanking for a number of reasons. I'm spanking you because you are a healthier person after a spanking. We are closer together as a couple when you are spanked and that is a very good thing. Our sex is better after a spanking and I think we both really like that. I am spanking you so that you can practice submission and obedience which are Godly characteristics in a wife. Finally, I am spanking you so that you will trust my leadership over you. Now it is important for you to know that you are not being spanked because you did anything wrong. I am not dissappointed in you...quite the opposite...I am so proud that you want to embark in this next evolution of our marriage. I love that you call me Sir now. I love that we will doing this more often and it won't be because of something bad in our home. The children will start seeing the joy in your heart." I couldn't help but feel the smile on my face, which Sir was about to erase with his hand. I thanked him. Then he suggested that we pray. We both got out of the chair and knelt in front of it. It is easy to submit to Sir when I see him submit to the Lord so readily. He prayed that God would be with both of us during the spanking...that He would reveal Himself through the administering and receiving of it. He prayed that God wouldn't withhold any pain I was to feel that would continue to mold my character. Then he touched my butt through my pajamas and prayed that God would protect my flesh from injury. It wasn't a threat of severity...just a routine prayer he always prayed over me before spankings. For the first time though, I heard its sincerity and importance. When he was finished, we both rose wordlessly. He sat in the chair and when he was ready, I laid over his lap, clutching his leg for leverage, because my toes were barely touching the floor. I felt him pull my flannel jammy bottoms down to my knees and then slide my underwear down. He rested his left hand softly on the small of my back just above the crack of my back. He would steady me and hold me down when he started to spank me. "Ready, sweet girl?" he asked rhetorically. I nodded. "Yes, Sir, I'm ready." I could feel his body tense as he moved and his large hand slapped down hard over my left butt cheek. He brought it down repeatedly causing me to issue loud but controlled "OOWW!"s. He continued to raise the severity of the bare hand swats until I was on the edge of tears, my face red, and my body squirming under his control. He spanked me for probably ten minutes, easily 50-70 swats in rapid succession. Much longer than a normal warm up. After that he put me back in the corner, standing on my toes with my pajamas around my knees. I recited aloud for 15 minutes the reasons I was being disciplined. "I am being spanked to improve our marriage. I am being spanked to be obedient to God. I am being spanked to submit and trust Sir. I am being spanked because it makes our lovemaking better." The second spanking was with the strap. It was ten minutes and was almost the worse strap spanking I could recall. I was hollaring and screaming but refused to be disobedient. When he stopped I burst into tears. Nonethe less, I was put back into the corner, where I recited the reasons for being spanked. 15 minutes later I was laying on the ottoman, in the diaper possiton as Sir took the slender switch to me for ten minutes. It made squirm and cry but wasn't has overly intense as the strap. Then picked up the cane switch and gave me 25 hard swats that made me scream in pain. It was the real agony, that I expected. I cried and cried, loudly even as he pulled me up to hug me and hold me. Surprisingly after we held each other in the silence save my sobbing, we kissed each other deeply. Before we knew it, we were making beautiful love with each other and I felt it was a easy and joyful as any we had before. I have a reason to look forward to my next maintainence. Just not on my back
  7. Basically, I tend to get a very strong fight or flight response when spanked pass a certain level (that's actually not even that high in my opinion), and find myself freaking out if I'm getting constrained. I want to submit properly and be able to handle the pain better. I do find that I can take a bit more before kicking and screaming if it's an actual punishment, but have a very hard time if it's more for fun (role-playing type things)... So in general, a question to ees, what are some ways you use to better process the pain and punishment, especially if you are those people that can hold your position without much fuss. What mindset are you in during a spanking? Do you focus on anything in particular? To -ers, is there any trick you know that help your -ee get into the more submissive mindset?
  8. I have a spanking-adjacent question for those wiser and more experienced than myself, related to submission. I guess I should start with some brief context and say that submission is something I have started exploring recently, and it is all very new to me, particularly on a practical level - although as I learn a little more it is very much resonating with unspoken thoughts and feelings I have had for a long, long time. But I am wet behind the ears and as such pretty clueless, so far; nevertheless, I am eager to learn. But anyway, my question: my Sir asked me to consider something, but I am struggling to understand it or come up with answers, so I am hoping to crowdsource ideas here (for which I have his permission, if that's relevant). He asked me to think about ways I could initiate submission... and that concept somehow causes my brain to short-circuit. How can you initiate submission? I think I get confused because initiating, to me, implies taking a lead, which doesn't feel submissive... so, on the face of it, it seems a contraction in terms. I do have a couple of ideas about how to understand this as a non-contradictory thing, but I would appreciate further input from others. One thing that seems to make sense to me is the idea of learning which submissive things you can do to please your dominant or make them happy, and then doing those without having to be asked. The other (which is possibly the same thing, in some cases) is showing them that you are offering submission, and that you would be willing to do things if they wished, but without any expectations on them to do so; although then I get a little stymied about how to do that in practice. I suppose, to put it in the frame of spanking (oh, look! We're on a spanking website!), a submissive could lay out spanking implements they knew the dominant enjoyed using to indicate that they were open to a spanking if the dominant chose, but without it being a sign that they were asking for that to happen? Ugh, my brain still hurts a little in trying to consider this. I would be most grateful to anyone who feels able to chime in. How can a submissive initiate submission? And how is that not a contradictory concept? With my thanks in advance for any responses, annie
  9. Today I concluded what I thought was a relationship, the first step I took when I came into this community. It lasted almost 2 years, that's a lot of time. I learned a lot during that time and maybe this post will be mixed but it's all related and resumes a bit of my story. The terminology spanker/dominant/submission/spankee for some gets a bit blurry, it gives the impression that are the same thing when in reality they are not. I am a little/submissive by nature and I learned more about my role during these past couple of years, I got involved and learned more about me. At the beginning I thought that my submission was to anyone who would claim to be dominant, for whom I had feelings or trusted in a way that seemed would honor that submission. I was completely wrong, submission is something that it's earned, a gift for someone worthy of it, not something to take lightly. The person with whom I learned this claimed ownership since day one (first red flag) I didn't know better and I agreed (second red flag considering that was on-line), my submission since felt so natural, was transparent and pure, I developed feelings for this person because I saw him as that dominant to be with me but I didn't see that he wasn't a dominant, he was switch leaning to the spanker side. First month was great, we clicked so well and I was happy, felt safe and I fell in love; I didn't see what was coming, he leaving me for the first time without saying anything, silence it's the worst and more lethal method to use with a person, a sub. He came back claiming what was "his" like nothing happened but my trust was broken, I was broken to the point of getting help; yes that is how much involved I was, I know for some might seem exaggerated or stupid but it happens; there are women that trust blindly when there is nothing to fear. We tried to get it back but I wasn't there anymore, I was afraid and didn't trust him, adding to that the fact that he kept talking with girls in here and I didn't understand why he did and kept it as a secret; on his side there was anger because I wasn't submitting, there were no more self-spanking times for him to enjoy which made him accuse me of being fake and a liar. This took place with him not wanting to share pictures, barely I received two and not wanting to have any other type of communication other than email; he always said he didn't have access to any other methods. We enter this game of egos and who could endure more, who could stay longer without talking to the other one; sadly I gave in most of the times hoping he would change, he never understood how he had affected our "relationship" and he insisted to the point of me wanting to leave; at the same time I was learning more about my submission, about how a D/s relationship works and how different I was from what he thought/wanted of me. We tried more times to keep the communication but always something went wrong, one of us was always mad and he kept insisting on recording pictures of me, of me submitting or getting back to being an spankee. I told him that I would try but I needed time, never agreed. He had issues of his own and had those disappearance periods and I just felt like he was leaving me, in a way he did, more than once. I won't go all over the times we fought, we said horrible things and came back to each other, wasn't healthy, I was depressed and so was he, me because of us and him with his personal issues. I became so attached and needy of his presence even when that meant me being hurt and sad by the way he treated me. I got to a point where my love was not the same, every time we fought and he left I trusted less until not trusting at all. I tried to have a less toxic relationship, we both tried and we got to a point when he finally let me call him, we enjoyed our talks so much, we could talk for hours, but then the fights began again and we just didn't make it work. Today he told me to not bothering him anymore, he was mad at me because I didn't agree to what he wanted, he blamed me for always blocking him with me, anyways what I want to say is the following: Spankers, it's not the same being a spanker than a dominant, yes dominant traits are found in spankers but it's not the same, building a sub and nurturing is a commitment, it's not only about bossing around a girl, submission is earned and comes with a whole new level of trust, submissives can be very different from spankees and it's a different type of relationship. Spankees, please learn your place, don't let pretty words get you all wrapped up, don't settle, look for a serious partner, please please learn about yourselves before surrendering into someone else's desires. Sorry for the rambling, it's late and indeed was a hard day. Any comments, feedback, questions, are welcome.
  10. Hi guys, this will be a bit longer as I am asking for an honest opinion and help. If you are bothered, please do not read but I want to give you some information on me so those of you who do bother might be able to give some advice... I am 27 years old, from Europe (so please excuse me if my English has errors, I do try my best but it is not my native tongue) and have been married for 4 years. We have two small children and lead a life that provides a certain safety (financially mostly, we both have secure jobs). I am very much into spanking but at the same time extremely unexperienced. I realised that I had some kind of faible for it when I was still very young, I think 9 or 10. I would draw spanking scenes or clip pictures from magazines to arrange some sort of spanking situation. I knew that I was weird because already as a child I took care to hide it from anyone. When I got older, the feelings didn't go away. I tried selfspanking (utterly unrewarding) and I started to write fiction and fanfiction, simply for myself. I have to add that I didn't have a well-cared for childhood. We were provided well for (financially) but my dad was working abroad most of the year and my mom overchallenged. I always longed for some disciplinarian who would take care and care at all. I am just saying this because it may explain my spanking desire.. or I am imagining and it is coincidentally. Years passed and I never had a relationship for I was always attracted by older guys who had no interest in me. Only when I finished college and started working I met up with my husband. We have already been through difficult times but I would never ever separate, even if he will never be able to fulfil my wishes. Can't explain, I just never will. It took me roughly two years to tell him that I like spanking. He was never good at picking up hints and we rarely speak at all. It is difficult because that's so important in a good relationship. Our first attempts were so horrible that I told him for a while that I am not into it anymore. I guess that's due to the fact that our relationship was unstable and we had issues.. Now we are back to solid grounds and things work out better. I want him to spank me but not simply to feel the pain. To me it would be an expression that somebody cared and bothered if I were out of bounds. Here comes the problem though - he is not that strict type of disciplinarian. To him, a spanking is foreplay only. Also, even when I do tell him of my wishes, he usually ignores them or it will only last for a couple of days and will then be forgotten. I have read a bit in this forum as I am completely new to a disciplinarian lifestyle and what pains me is the realisation that I could not imagine to lead a submissive life with him because I simply think that he'd take advantage of it. So I thought maybe I'd just get the occasional spanking I crave for so much, but even that is not working out because he is doing it "all wrong". He is completely inexperienced, but as he doesn't like to talk and is not willing to read (internet, whatever) I can't see how we will ever manage. I can practically jump across his lap and tell him spank me and there will be a few love pats. I have been teasing him that I want it harder and then he'd do five or six really harsh slaps and then he is done. I don't know what to do. Before I was married I even toyed with the idea to seek some stranger to do it for me, but was always too scared as there are many weird people out there. I always kept that desire to myself. And now that I am in a marriage, I thought I had a partner for this but he is just not picking up on anything at all. I don't think that he is entirely opposed to the concept, actually he started spanking me himself as foreplay a couple of times, but I'd hardly call that spanking and as I said, to him it is purely sexual. Here closes the story and catches on to my topic. My marriage is not horrible, we are having many many nice moments. But there are some big points which don't work well over which we'd fight. And that causes some insecurity on my side and a lack of trust with disciplinary things. I don't know how to put this nicely without making him sound like a horrible person - but I simply do not trust him to discipline me the way I need it because I think he is not even capable of taking of all aspects of his own life, how would he be able to take care of me then in addition? Sorry this last sentence is really harsh and doesn't sound quite like I meant it. Maybe it all comes down to my impression that a disciplinarian has to be constant and reliable to be trusted - and to know what to expect - and if that changes too often it won't work. I love my husband and I always think that we will work things out. He has many many nice sides which I appreciate. Yet sometimes I feel very desperate and wonder whether there are issues which cannot be changed (I can't force him to talk about relationship issues if he doesn't want to).. If anyone here is experienced and can offer advice, I would be more than grateful. But please refrain from comments such as "leave him" or whatever. This is no marriage counselling but simply about the question whether disciplinary spanking requires a certain type of relationship at all? Anni
  11. At this moment I need your hand, To encourage me, guide me In the ways You command. At this moment I need your words To help me cut thru stressful seas As Sharp as the kings Swords. At this moment I need your embrace So Strong and So Tight To Quiet the Terrors I face. At this moment I need your quiet gaze and glance As I wrestle Day and Night And take the fighters stance. I know no matter what I need No matter how far or near My Cry you will always heed And when I need you, you will appear
  12. I would just like to let the community know that My Erotic Sexual Spanking/Submission Training Ebook is now available in the kindle books section of AMAZON.COM MERCY'S FATE *Preview* , a 2 chapter 12000 word teaser is available at the following location: http://www.amazon.com/Mercys-Fate-Preview-ebook/dp/B006SMEY8I/ Mercy's Fate *The Submission of Melody* full length Ebook 73000words is also AVAILABLE NOW! at the following location: http://www.amazon.com/Mercys-Fate-Submission-Melody-ebook/dp/B007S6DDCG/ These books can be read on a kindle reader, home computer, laptop,and many smartphones using AMAZON.COM free reader application! Both versions are Available WORLDWIDE This is a novel based on the early relationship of Myself and my wife. W/we are a REAL couple, members of many yahoo groups, spankingtube, and fetlife, with photos & videos posted. This book is intended for the enjoyment of ADULTS ONLY. ENJOY! Masterofmercy
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