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Found 8 results

  1. I am curious to know if there are stirght men that desires to get spanked by a man? Thought of having a Man over my lap and dominating him is very exciting. Masculinity in my control and over my lap is such an empowering thought that creates a phenomenal energy that boots through me...
  2. Greetings. I am single, straight, safe, caring, and spiritual. I only discipline females. (Sorry guys). I am available for counseling, mentoring, and even a Christian relationship/marriage. As a mentor, no sex required. So I will mentor a married woman, or a college student, for example. I am in Arizona, but I am near California. I am safe, caring, and very supportive. I am very confidential. If you are not local, I can offer advice, counseling and guidance online, should you have any questions or issues. I am a very experienced disciplinarian. I have had many CDD Christian friends. I attended a Christian college in WV, Alderson Broaddus College. No pressure, friendly and safe. A limits respected. PM me, or write please. kevlast500@gmail. Praise the Lord. Ask and you shall receive. Blessings, Kevin
  3. Hi. Just a shout out. I recently moved to Kingman, Arizona. Real nice folks here. But we aren't in Kansas anymore. (Kansas is the best state for spankings). Anyways, I am a straight top for females only. I am looking for a special girl here. But I am friendly with everyone. I am experienced. (Oh, btw, I am not 97, not even close, for all of you age freaks out there). So I can offer help and mentoring. I can be on the stern side, hope you are fine with this. And finally, I am family oriented. I am not a "player". Nothing against players... If you want to be a confidential friend, email me please. Kevlast500 a g mail. Warm wishes to all. Sunny side up please. 🙂
  4. I am a straight, married guy, 68, in Orange County, NY. I come every time my wife takes me across her lap and spanks me really hard with just her hand. She really makes it sting! A few times she’s continued spanking a few moments after my orgasm. All the excitement, the endorphins, and my penis pressing down on her thigh brings me to climax. I’ve had a bit of moisture in my eyes a few times, especially when she starts by grabbing me, bending me under her arm, getting me hopping and yelping before she pulls me across her lap. But, I’ve never cried yet. I keep wondering about getting spanked the same way by a man. What would it feel like? I imagine I’d be more humiliated, which could lead to the catharsis of crying! I guess it could be a straight or gay man. As long as he really wants to spank me and enjoys it for his own reasons. I fantasize about a male friend who likes to spank me when he thinks I deserve it, or when he just wants to. I also like to wear my tight low rise briefs, hoping my bottom looks spankable in them. That’s where my screen name comes from. I no longer expect that I’ll ever live out this fantasy. My wife won’t let me, and I hesitate to sneak. Any ideas or thoughts?
  5. So I'm new to this site. I'm a Christian guy in his 20's. I love Jesus passionately. However, throughout my life I've always wanted to be spanked by an older Male. Even when I was really little. It's my belief that its NOT sexual and shouldn't be sexual whatsoever. Somehow because I lacked this discipline, it pulled me into some unwanted stuff. I know there are guys out there who spank other guys but are there any WITHOUT sexual intentions? I'm really looking for an older Christian mentor. Ps I'm straight but need a male disciplinarian
  6. Hi. I don't mean to bore you, but I notice so many young ladies (only) on here looking for a safe, caring disciplinarian. I'm in the Boston area. Whether you are just in the area visiting, or if you are from New England, or if you are just curious and need an easygoing, understanding man to talk to, or if you know that you need a good hard spanking, message me please. Age, marital status open. All limits respected.
  7. Hello Ladies Are you interested in being spanked, or talking about it? Thinking you might want to try it? Just want a friend who has the same type of interest as you ? I am a Married, 57 year old , tall, sane and safe male living in central NJ. I enjoy relationships with gals who find spanking desirable, for any reason. Because I am married, I can only get away now and then for an actual visit. But I can write, chat, and I can be a lot of fun. I am hoping for someone who wants to be listened to, and understood. Stress is a killer, and everyone needs some way to relax. If this might be yours, let's talk about it. My email is otkok45@hotmail.com. Uncle Bob
  8. Hello I am in the southern part on New Jersey. I am 57, married, safe, can be a lot of fun, and can spank to the need of a woman who wants a spanking. I like getting to know you first through emails. I am not after anything but whatever the woman wants. No funny business. If you are thinking about spankings, or would like to talk it over, writing to me is a good way to start. godzillalips@yahoo.com If you laugh at the name, that's a good reason to paddle you. :0) Jersey Johnny
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