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  1. “You’re getting a spanking when we get home.” Gemma’s heart leapt into her throat, and she did her best job to study the floor. “That’s not fair.” “Look at me.” Gemma pouted, keeping her eyes firmly on her feet. “Do I need to repeat myself?” John said casually, a faint edge in his tone. “No sir…” Gemma whispered, rolling her eyes at the floor before looking up at John. She knew exactly what would happen if he had to repeat himself. Totally not fair. “You know it’s fair.” John said as if he were reading her thoughts. “How many times have I told you to put stuff back in the aisle where you found it?” “A lot.” Gemma said, pouting and biting her lip. “And how many times should I have to tell you to do something?” “Once, sir.” “That’s right. Now, you’re going to put those apples back where you found them. And when we get home, I’m going to make your bottom match that exact color. Understood?” “Yes sir…” Gemma grumbled, slowly replacing the fruit where she had found it on the shelf. She finished, then slowly walked back to john. “Can we go now?” “That eager to get your spanking?” “I just want it over with.” “Sure. There’s just one more thing we need to pick up. You’re going to go pick out a nice, sturdy bathbrush for me to use on your bottom when we get home.” “But… But…” “That’s what I’m going to use it on, yes.” John said, grinning wolfishly. Gemma scowled at her feet. “You’re so mean!” She said suddenly, glaring up at him. “I barely did anything!” Time stopped for a second. Oh shit, Gemma thought. How loud had she said that? Nervously, she glanced around the aisle. People were staring at them. And then her gaze swung back to John. One look into his eyes told her everything she needed to know about what was about to happen. “Wait.” She squeaked fidgeting with her hands. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say it like that!” “Oh, you’ll be sorry.” John said ominously. Gemma found herself being lifted in the air and tucked firmly under his arm. “Wait, wait wait wait!” She squeaked in a panic. “At least wait until we’re back at the car!” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! John’s hand came crashing down on the seat of Gemma’s skirt. She struggled and swung her feet, but to no avail. “Jooohnn!” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! “Owwww! John!” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! After a third barrage of smacks, John mercifully relented for a moment. Gemma blushed furiously as she dangled helplessly under his arm. “Gemma, why are you getting a spanking right now?” John asked quietly, steel in his tone. She knew that tone all too well. “John please can we just go out to the car? This is so embarrassing, everyone can see- “ WHACK! “Everyone also saw you raise your voice to me earlier.” John said firmly, continuing to smack her bottom. WHACK! “And everyone also saw you acting like a total brat in public.” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! “So as far as I’m concerned- “ WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! “If you were so worried about the embarrassment, you should have thought of it earlier.” WHACK! “Before- “ WHACK! “-You caused a scene.” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Gemma squirmed and writhed, kicking her legs wildly with each smack. Her face was burning red with embarrassment. John had never spanked her quite this publicly before. He’d threatened to, sure. But this was a whole new level of embarrassment. “Now, I’m going to ask you again.” John said gently, with a few threatening taps to her bottom. “Why are you getting a spanking right now?” “I, uh…” Gemma stumbled over her words, desperately looking for a way out. “I’m not going to stop until you’ve learned your lesson.” John said, finality in his tone. “You already made me repeat myself once. Do I need to do it again?” “No sir!” Gemma squeaked, finding her voice. “I’m getting spanked because… because I didn’t put the apples back where I found them.” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! “And?” “Because I raised my voice at you and caused a scene in public.” “That’s right.” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! “How many times have I told you to stop leaving messes behind in stores?” “A lot…” WHACK! “That’s right.” John said quietly. “And how many times should I have to tell you?” “Once, sir.” Gemma squeaked, barely able to speak through her immense shame. The whole store wasn’t just seeing her getting spanked, they could also hear John giving her a lecture like a naughty child who had been caught stealing candy. “You understand then? Why I’m giving you this spanking?” “Yes sir!” “Gemma, how do all proper spankings of naughty young ladies take place? Oh god. Gemma thought, dread forming a knot in her stomach. He wouldn’t actually, would he? “Gemma?” John said, letting the unsaid threat of what might happen if he had to repeat himself again hang in the air. “On the bare bottom… sir.” Gemma managed to mumble out miserably. WHACK! “And do you think that you deserve a bare bottom spanking for your behavior?” Hanging there miserably under his arm, Gemma gave the only answer to that question she knew. “Yes… Yes sir.” Immediately, she felt John’s rough hand flip up her skirt, and then slowly drag her panties down to mid-knee. A few onlookers gasped in shock. Gemma was certain she heard the click of a camera. Still carrying Gemma under his arm, John walked over to an empty milk crate. “This’ll do.” He mumbled to himself, setting his left foot on top of the crate. Gemma found herself gently draped across the raised knee, bottom raised high in the air. “Hang on. This shouldn’t take too long.” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! John immediately began a barrage of fast, hard smacks to Gemma’s bottom. The sound of each smack echoed like thunder through the store’s aisles. It wasn’t long before Gemma’s wails of pain would join them. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! “WAAAHHHHH OWWWW OWWIEEEEEEE” For the next ten minutes, John methodically and firmly tanned Gemma’s bottom and thighs with his hand. It didn’t take long for her to be reduced to streams of tears as she dangled over his knee, hands desperately gripping his jeans. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! “WAAAHHHHHHH! WHAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” Satisfied with the reaction he was getting, John relented- gently rubbing her reddened bottom as she sniffled and sobbed. It normally took a lot more to get her to tears. The embarrassment of being spanked in public was clearly driving the lesson home. “I’m sorry sir.” Gemma sniffled out weakly between her sobs. “I bet you are.” John said, a hint of mirth in his voice. “But we’re not done yet. Not even close.” Gemma broke out into a fresh set of sobs upon hearing this. John patiently waited for her to finish, then gently helped her up to a sitting position on the crate next to him. “I’m really, really sorry.” Gemma said sincerely, staring up at him through tear filled eyes. “I know you are.” John said, gently brushing the tears away with his thumb. “How many times have we dealt with this issue?” Gemma sniffled and stared at her feet. “A lot.” “That’s right. Each time you say you learned your lesson, but then you keep misbehaving.” “I know…” “So, we’re going to make sure the lesson really sinks in this time, okay? That way we won’t have to deal with this problem again.” Gemma looked up at John, eyes swimming with tears. “Thank you sir- I’m- I deserve it.” “Good girl.” John said gently as he caressed her head. “Now, I’m going to go get that bathbrush.” Gemma nodded silently and broke out into fresh sobs. “You’re going to bend over and touch your toes, right here where everyone can see you. And you’re going to stay like that until I get back. Understood?” Gemma nodded, her eyes squeezed shut in shame and embarrassment. “When I get back, I’m going to blister your bottom with that brush.” She nodded again as fresh tears streaming down her face. “Yes sir.” “After that, we’re going back to the car. You’ll get the capsaicin cream and sit with your bare bottom on the straw mat all the way home.” John paused for a moment to let the words sink in before he continued. “As soon as we’re home, you’re going to have a nice hot shower to heat your bottom up some more. And after that, you’re going to wait bent over the bed for a good long strapping with my belt. Understood?” “Yes sir.” Gemma sobbed, the tears now flowing freely again. John helped her up from the crate. “Now, you’re going to bend over here and wait for me to come back with the bathbrush.” Gemma obeyed, allowing him to guide her into position. She grasped her ankles tightly as she bent over, bottom in the air. John tapped her leg gently, and she obediently widened her stance. “Good girl.” John said, rubbing her bottom gently with one hand. “Now, I want to make sure this doesn’t happen ever again.” He grabbed the hem of her sweater and slowly pulled it up over her breasts. Gemma gasped, her face flushing an even deeper shade of red. She wasn’t wearing a bra. “This is what you’re going to get from now on if you misbehave in public. Understood?” “Y-Yes sir.” “You stay just like this until I get back with the bathbrush. And while you wait, I want you to think about how embarrassing it is for you to be bent over like this, exposed for everyone to see. I want you to think about how your unacceptable behavior got you here.” John tapped her bottom. “And I want you to think how sore, red, and hot this bottom is going to be by the time I’m done with it. Understood?” “Yes sir.” “I’ll be right back.” John said, and then firmly strode away down the aisle. Gemma was left in position, hopelessly exposed to the eyes of the public- awaiting his return with the bathbrush for the next part of her punishment.
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