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  1. Hi all, obviously nobody is able to comment for everyone, but I wondered if someone is able to speculate on this subject. Is it generally more common for wives to spank their husbands or for husbands to spank their wives? Round my area, we subscribe to the idea that boys shouldn't hit girls and husbands should be willing to love their wives sacrificially (which includes taking pain to restore harmony), which means spankings tend to be F/M, but that is just us, I don't want to judge others according to our local custom and I am curious about what tends to happen with others.
  2. one of my longtimefriends invited me over to his office... this time i had to wear a nice black skirt, high heels, stockings and a nice whit shirt... i had to come over his table and bend over... he pushed my skirt up and started to feel me between my legs... i was already wet and than he startet to spank my ass... what is the big turn on for you - to invite someone to your office and spank in the office.?
  3. Male spanko who loves to play spanking games.
  4. I am very interested in honest feedback on my first attempt to post a spanking video I created. https://www.spankingtube.com/video/121162/spanking-adult-stephanie-car-crash-dude-spanking
  5. I am curious to know if there are stirght men that desires to get spanked by a man? Thought of having a Man over my lap and dominating him is very exciting. Masculinity in my control and over my lap is such an empowering thought that creates a phenomenal energy that boots through me...
  6. Which of the following punishments do you think is the most embarrassing? 1) Being spanked 2) Being put in the corner 3) Being grounded Bob
  7. What color of underwear do you prefer to wear when you know your gonna get spanked? White, red etc. I like to wear white tighty whites to feel little but sometimes she plays out red or pink underwear for me.
  8. Hi, everyone. My wife and I are switches and like to play games on the night of the week when our teenage kids all are usually out of the house for a couple of hours. Here's one we invented (I think we did anyway). We have a ziploc bag we call the 'grab bag' with lots of folded up slips of paper, each with a different game or spanking description on it. This is one we drew when I had to (well.. GOT to) be the bottom recently :-) I was laid bare-bottomed over our 'wedge', a ramp-shaped pillow we bought from Liberator a while back. My lovely wife selected 6 of her favorite implements from our trove of them, and laid them out in a row from left to right... paddleball paddle, salad spoon, flogger, wood paddle, cane, and bathbrush. The object of the game was for me to get the last (rightmost) implement (bathbrush in this case) into the leftmost position in the row. The game consisted of turns in which I had to roll a pair of dice, with each die representing the implement currently in the position of its number (1 meant the leftmost implement, 6 meant the rightmost implement, etc). After I rolled the dice, those two implements then swapped places in the row, and I received a good firm swat with whichever of them was now furthest to the right. Whenever I rolled doubles, no implements swapped places, but I still received a swat with the implement currently in that position. The game went on for a few minutes, and I was getting a pretty sore rear end when I finally got lucky and ended up with the bathbrush on the left end of the row. I took several swats with each implement, I think, and she had told me that any that were not used on me during the game would be... at the end of the game. We enjoyed this one very much. Maybe I'll get to lay her over the wedge for this same game in the future, if I'm lucky. With my luck, though, it'll probably be me receiving it again next time too! I hope this will inspire some of you to come up with some new ideas for spanking games and share them. We're always looking for something new to add to our grab bag !
  9. Any one near bay area want to administer a real bottom spanking? I am looking for a female of any age or a male over 55.
  10. As I left work, I heard the notification of a text message arriving. The message was from Linda who is engaged to my brother, Ted. Ted is 4 years older than me and works driving truck for the same local company I work for. We alternate delivering auto parts to stores which takes us away from home for 4 days at a time. It’s not unusual to hear from Linda while Ted is away, but her request for help, was a bit unusual as she prides herself on being independent. “Paul, can you come to dinner tonight? I need your help.” “Sure, had no plans for dinner anyway” At 6pm I rang the doorbell and was surprised how quickly Linda opened the door. “Oh Paul, thank you for showing up.” As she threw her arms around me, it became obvious that something was very disturbing. “Of course, Linda, you know anytime Ted is out of town you can count on me. What seems to be the problem?” “Let me grab a couple beers and we can sit down, eat some dinner, and after dinner I’ll do my best to explain.” We had a couple sandwiches and the beer, and then Linda proceeded to tell me what was on her mind. Things between her and Ted had become strained, partially because he was gone for 3 nights, and she got lonely, but instead of her being more understanding, she had become distant and bitchy even when he was home. This had led to Ted becoming irritable and grumpy himself, and now it seemed all they did was argue and stay away from each other rather than sit down and deal. As he was getting ready to leave this morning, he had made it clear that things needed to change or maybe they just weren’t meant to be together. Linda had pleaded with Ted to deal with it, do what was needed, but his parting shot as he walked out the door was to tell her, what she needed was a good ole fashioned trip over someone’s lap. She had agreed and begged him to do what he thought was necessary, but again, his comment was, he would never hit a woman, no matter what the reason or need. “Paul, Ted was right, I have been a bitchy spoiled brat, but if he won’t do what is needed, how will I ever learn to change, and become the wife he deserves and needs? How do I convince him to take control, and give me what he claims I deserve?” I called your mom and talked with her for a while, and she suggested I talk to you. You are younger than Ted, but according to your mom you have more a 1950’s outlook on life. According to her, in the 50’s and even early 60’s everyone got spanked when it was needed, even her. She told me that early in their marriage your dad would take her in hand, bare her bottom and leave a lasting impression on it. Afterwards her attitude and behavior would improve, and if it didn’t there was always a hairbrush or paddle to make sure the impression lasted longer. “Paul, would you please do what your brother won’t do? I’m begging you; I need to make sure I do better, I don’t want to lose your brother just because I can’t control my attitude, and lack of understanding.” I had listened to Linda intently, but now I sat back in a mild state of shock. I asked her for another beer and while she got it I tried to understand what she was asking of me. I knew my brother, and yes, he is very narrow minded when it came to some things. One could almost call him “woke”, but I also knew he loved Linda with all his heart and losing her because of his short, sided views would eat him alive. I also thought Linda was a great “Lady” and perfect for Ted, and that she loved him as much as he loved her. They were perfect for each other, and that was my quandary. How to help without causing a problem between Ted and myself. I was pretty sure he wouldn’t look kindly on me doing what he didn’t believe in doing himself. Linda brought back my second beer, and I asked her to give me some privacy for a bit while I did some thinking and made a phone call or two. First thing I did was call Mom. I explained where I was, and the conversation Linda and I had just had. I wanted her opinion on how I should proceed. She explained to me that she felt Linda was serious about wanting to solve the rift between Ted and her, and that she carried most of the guilt. Whether that was actually the case or not didn’t really matter. What mattered was how Linda perceived things, and how she dealt with the guilt. She agreed that Ted might not look kindly but that was a problem that would have to be dealt with when he returned from his current trip. I thanked Mom and hung up. My next call was to Ted, as I knew his deliveries for the day had been finished and he would be at the motel for the night. After some small talk I asked him how things between him and Linda were. After some ranting about things, he basically said that she just seemed unhappy and distant lately and he didn’t know what the cause was, or what to do about it. It took some skill to get him to finally tell about the conversation between them before he left. He even mentioned her asking for him to deal with her attitude. He agreed it might work, but he just couldn’t picture him giving her, a grown adult, a spanking. I asked him if he agreed it might help, why couldn’t he do what was needed if it meant saving their relationship. With a chuckle, he said that if a sore bottom improved her attitude, he would be grateful, but he would not be the one to hurt her. Told him to drive safe and I’d see him when he got back. I went and found Linda in the kitchen washing some dishes. “Okay Linda, I’m ready to talk some more.” We went back to the living room where I told her that I loved her like a sister and would do anything to make sure she became my sister-in-law, but I needed to know for sure what she wanted and expected. “Paul, I want to be held accountable. I need to understand there are consequences for my actions and mostly I deserve to pay for the mistakes I have made and will make. I need to trust someone to take charge and deal with those things. If Ted won’t do it, I trust you, and want you to be that person.” “I don’t know much about your childhood Linda; were you ever been spanked growing up?” Linda told me that mostly she was grounded, or lost privileges growing up, but a couple times her Dad had for serious behavior sent her to her room to get ready for bed and then came up and spanked her bare bottom. The last time when she was 17, she had actually asked for the spanking because she had come home with alcohol on her breath. When told she was grounded and that it included not being able to go to the prom she begged for any other punishment. Her Mom had interceded and convinced her dad that Prom was to important to miss, but that underage drinking was to important to go unpunished. It was her mom that suggested that not only a spanking was needed but for the first time something that would leave a lasting impression was proper. Linda was sent to her bedroom to get ready for bed, and after putting on her nightgown, sat down dreading what was to happen, but glad to get it over with so she could go to the Prom. Dad walked in, sat on the corner of the bed, while Mom stood with her hands behind her back. When told, Linda laid over her dad’s lap. Her nightgown was raised above her waist exposing her bare bottom since she assumed it was expected. After all, her previous spankings had been on the bare, and yes, she was 6 years older now, but it never crossed her mind that it would be different. With a brief scolding to remind her why she was being punished her dad started spanking her bottom with the gusto only a dad can deliver when he is disappointed in his daughter. Pretty soon Linda said her butt felt like it was on fire and all she could do was plead for mercy and promise to never drink again until she was of age. Finally, Dad paused, but only long enough for Mom to walk over and hand him the black rectangular hairbrush the Linda had admired on her mother’s dresser, but had never seen her Mother actually brush her hair with it. It took a moment for Linda to realize why the hairbrush was now in her bedroom, and panic set it! She pleaded and begged them not to use the brush as she knew it would be twice as painful, but Mom reminded her that Linda had been promised a “lasting impression” and that was going to happen whether Linda liked it or not. “Paul, I can assure you that hairbrush left an impression that lasted until my 21st birthday. I never touched another drop of alcohol until I could drink legally. Dad used it to make my bottom bounce every time it felt the weight of that evil implement. I kicked and cried, begged and pleaded, but not until he was satisfied, I had learned a valuable lesson did he stop. When he helped me to my feet I danced around a little and rubbed furiously until both him and Mom put their arms around me and reminded me that they loved me.” I looked at Linda and thought long and hard before saying: “Okay Linda. If I’m understanding you right, you want me to do what Ted won’t do. That said, I’m willing to give it a try, so how do you want to proceed?” “I think dad had the right idea so I will prepare for bed. I don’t think it would be proper for you to be in my bedroom everything considered, so you stay here while I get ready. That okay with you?” I nodded yes and sat back to wait. I wasn’t sure what to do and decided that nothing at this time was the best idea. Took about 10 minutes for Linda to return, wearing a mid-thigh lavender nightgown. As she shuffled over to where I sat on the couch, she had her eyes down, hands behind her back, and a look of trepidation but mixed with relief. She moved to my right side at the same time moving her right hand out from behind her back. In her hand was a hairbrush similar to the one she had described earlier. “Paul. I didn’t want any misunderstanding. I expect a spanking similar to what I received the last time I had to crawl over someone lap. That includes using this (holding the hairbrush out to me) to make sure it is as mom described, “a lasting impression.” As I took the brush from her, she laid over my lap, and with a big sigh, settled down. Keeping the brush in my left hand, I patted her bottom a couple times. I have always enjoyed the female backside, and to be honest thought that Linda had one of the nicest ones around. Just wide enough to be considered well proportionate, and full enough to leave no doubt it belonged to a young lady. Now, there it was, directly under my gaze, with the owner’s permission to touch it. The first slap was on the nearest cheek, and the only reaction was a slight jiggle as the hand made contact. I followed with more of the light spanks until Linda asked me to stop. “I need a spanking! I need, and want you to pull up my nightgown, bare my bottom and do your best to turn my butt red hot and sore. Paul don’t hold back, I need to feel this, I need to get the release of guilt I carry, and a couple polite swats won’t give me what I deserve! I don’t want you to stop until you think I have learned a lesson, and I have apologized and promise to do better.” Setting the brush in the small of her back, I reached down with both hands and pulling the hem of her gown up above her waist. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was when I saw that she hadn’t worn any panties, and her bottom as already bared. Also surprising I assumed I had given her a nice spanking to start with, but there was barely a hint of color on her firm white cheeks. Pulling her closer, wrapping my left arm firmly around her waist, the next smack was almost has hard as I thought was possible. A slight groan, and a wiggle of the hips was the only reaction. Again and again I brought my hand down first on one cheek then the other, working to cover as much of the fleshy portion as I could. Soon I had her wiggling more and expressing her discomfort, but apology, and never a request to stop. Her ass now was getting a very very red, and I could almost feel heat emanating from it. The problem was, my hand was almost as red as her backside, and I had to stop to give it a break. When she asked why I had stopped, I explained about my hand. “That is why you have the brush, and I think it is time to give your hand a rest and use it to finish the lesson.” I had almost forgotten about the brush. I picked it up and laid it on her left cheek, raised it up, and brought it down sharply. Linda almost jumped off my lap in her reaction, but quickly settled back down. It took over 20-25 applications of the brush but finally she broke down, apologized and promised to be good. “Please no more Paul, I’ll be good, I promise!” “I’m sure you mean that, and this will make sure you remember.” As I punctuated each word with another stroke of the brush. Finally, I pulled down her gown, and rolled her over so I could hug her as she cried the last of her tears. Linda and Ted were married a couple months later, and they are as happy a couple as anyone has ever seen. Every once in awhile I get a text message from Linda asking me to “dinner” which I happily agree to. Ted tells me that every once in awhile Linda will start to slip, and it is amazing how when he gets home from his next trip she is the loving caring wife again. I say nothing of course.
  11. Mr Grayson Lisa was nowhere to be seen when I walked back in the kitchen. I looked around at the half empty wine bottle on the table and the two glasses as well as the remains of the pizza we had shared before we went out. The rest of the room was untidy as per normal and I had to admit the way me and Lisa were living was nothing to be proud of. Picking up the bottle and pouring it down the sink instead of putting it in the fridge seemed a symbol of my determination to stop drinking so much and begin to study more and stop playing silly games with Lisa. Maybe she wouldn't like the “new” me but right now I didn’t care. My hand reached around and felt the hot skin on my bottom and rubbed gently, even the texture felt different as the sting subsided and began to have that almost relieving glow. I recalled the things I had broken just to get Mr Grayson to come over and how I had laughed when LIsa did the same. What was happening to me, my Mum had worked so hard to give me this opportunity and I knew she was sacrificing so much to put a little money in my bank to help with the measly student loan I had. I actually began to cry at what she would make of my first few weeks here at university and walked around the kitchen with a purpose to clean up this mess and the mess of my life. I had hardly noticed the door open and in walked Lisa. “Oh god Becky, look at your bottom, why did you have to go and let him spank you so hard, you idiot,” she asked. I was in no mood to entertain her and looked around to try and give her a “death stare” before turning back to carry on cleaning the kitchen. I heard her gasp as she walked closer and without warning she put her hand square on my burning cheeks. I pushed her hand away as she sounded genuinely shocked exclaiming how hot it was. Then in her annoying, half giggling voce she said how her bottom was hardly even pink and mine was like a lobster, as if she was proud of her cry baby antics to avoid what she really needed. I was almost tempted to grab her and finish what Mr Grayson had started before I just pushed her away quite firmly. “If you must know I wanted him to spank me hard because I, well we both deserved it and I am not proud of what we did” I yelled at her angrily. The next few days were very tense and fractious between us and we both walked around on eggshells but soon enough we were friends again. I had joined the university Netball team and got on really great with the other girls and all in all settled in very well. I would ring my Mum most evening and although I did miss her I was very happy. I kept the flat tidy and went to all my lectures, mostly on time. Lisa was still fun to be around but her main preoccupation was now with boys. Most evenings out followed the same pattern of her. “eying up the talent” choosing a target and then her infectious smile and bright blue sparkling eyes did the rest. I was usually “set up” with one of the guy's friends and it was not uncommon to end with a kiss or what the American’s call “first base” but I was not interested in anything more. I was on my way home from the university when I walked in the foyer of our apartment block and looked at the notice board. Our flat was due for an inspection and I wanted to see what date it was scheduled for, when I saw on the board the telephone number of Mr Grayson in relation to requesting any repairs or to report any issues. I could feel my heart skip a little and just kept looking at the number. The memory of his hand bouncing relentlessly off my practically bare bottom was running around my head like it was yesterday. It had only been about four weeks but I had tried to somehow block it out and Lisa and I had never discussed it since. The more I looked the more I felt I owed him a proper apology and some explanation at least. As I opened the door Lisa was just zipping up her bag and then I remembered she was going home for the weekend, I had thought it was next weekend so not realized. She hugged me and with a giggle told me not to have too many boys over although I am she knew that was hardly going to happen. It was the first time I had been in the flat on my own, and I was sipping a nice hot cup of green tea and flicking through my phone. I had actually got a couple of numbers of boys I had seen while out with Lisa and was actually contemplating calling one of them when the image of Mr Grayson’s number sprang into my head. All of a sudden I stood up and almost ran down all the stairs to the notice board. It was as if it was a now or never moment and my hands were trembling as I made the call. Lisa had always spoken to him before and I felt nervous already. “Oh err, Hi Mr Grayson, this is Becky, err Becky Shaw from Flat 38, no nothing is broken I just wanted to speak to you”. I said nervously while walking back. It was arranged he would call over on his way out, after all it was a Friday night and all the world must have plans apart from me it seemed. Looking in my room I tried to figure out what to wear, I wanted to be smart and not a grubby little student or worse a half dressed tart like he had usually seen me. I didn’t exactly have much choice, only bringing with me what I could carry was limiting but to be honest I hardly had an extensive wardrobe at home. Clothes were not really something I could buy whenever I wanted so I usually just wore jeans and a sweatshirt with the odd dress to go out in now and again. I decided on just a clean sand coloured T-shirt and the best jeans I had and quickly brushed my hair and put on a little makeup, at least to make a bit of an effort I thought. The knock on the door made me jump and with a deep breath went to open it. He looked totally different, obviously not wearing his blue overalls as he did when he had been to repair things before. I offered him a Coffee and he accepted and we sat opposite each other at the table in the kitchen. He smiled and said with a hint of amusement that it was nice to see me “dressed” for a change. Blushing a little I began to speak and explain how sorry I was for playing silly games before. I deliberately tried not to blame Lisa or really involve her in the conversation at all. I wanted to take responsibility for my own actions, admitting I had gone along quite willingly in what had happened. He let me speak, get it all off my chest I guess you could say and I did feel much better for it. It felt so easy to talk to him, he listened and just seemed to ask the right questions every so often to ease the conversation along. All the times he had been over fixing things I had barely said two words to him. Now with some encouragement I began to tell him all about me and how I grew up with just my Mum and she was so proud when I got a place here then got good enough grades in my exams to make it. Not once had the spanking been mentioned and I got the feeling he was a true gentleman and I was so comfortable alone in his company, which was unlike some men who you knew were looking almost through your clothes and just had the look of mistrust about them. He then suddenly surprised me by asking if I had anything to eat this evening as he knew what students were like and doubted I would have had a decent meal in weeks. He was right of course and I just shook my head. “Right Becky, although like your Mum I prefer Rebecca, we are going out for dinner, you have apologized graciously and sincerely and I accept wholeheartedly and as a reward for that you deserve a treat” he announced. With the obligatory “I’m not talking no for an answer” I was almost being ushered out of the door. Once downstairs there was a taxi right outside and we both got in. I had no idea where we were going and sat a little nervously as he called someone explaining he had a change of plans for this evening and would catch up with them later. We arrived outside an Italian restaurant and as soon as we walked in I felt so out of place and underdressed. The waiter did seem to look me up and down a little inquisitively as Mr Grayson more told him a table for two rather than asking. I actually did feel the way I was dressed was now making me feel a little more comfortable as I looked less like I was his “date” or something and more likey I was his granddaughter or such. He ordered a bottle of white wine and I opened the menu. I must have looked as shocked as I was as he smiled and told me I had earned this by being honest. The price of one course was more than I spent on food in an entire week. The meal was of course delicious and probably the best I had ever had in my entire life. He kept topping my wine glass up and by the time dessert arrived I was feeling just a little tipsy but very happy. This was such an amazing evening and his company had actually been very engaging and interesting and I was glad I had made my apology and it felt like the whole embarrassing chapter was over. I was just pushing a fork of the most exquisite triple chocolate gateau in my mouth when he looked at me and spoke. “So Rebecca, exactly how many times did you or Lisa break something on purpose to get me over so you could prance around half naked”. He asked I almost spat out the cake and had to hold my hand in front of my mouth. I knew my face was red instantly and I looked around praying that no one had overheard what he said. I had trouble swallowing before I could even think about speaking and actually did think back to how many times. He just sat calmly and leaned back a little in his chair waiting for me to answer. All I could do was mumble under my breath that it might have been seven or eight. I took a nervous gulp of my wine knowing he was about to speak again. “Right, seven or eight times and do you think one…. Spanking is enough to make up for that young lady” he waited, “Well answer young lady. Do you” The word spanking seemed to fall on one of those moments in a room when no one else is speaking. I was convinced everyone must have heard and could only blush more and looked down at the table. A second ago we seemed to be talking as equals over a nice meal and now I was getting admonished and spoken to like a child. He tapped the table impatiently then opened his mouth again, “If I have to ask you one more time Rebecca you will be over my knee this instant explaining to all these people what you have done to earn it……..now is one spanking enough” he asked firmly. I could only sniff and shake my head in reply which made him respond with such a patronizing “good girl”, I wished the ground would swallow me up and as I glanced around, this looked like the sort of place where he indeed could take me over his knee and no one would say a word. I even had a picture in my head of how I would look with my bottom in the air and my jeans so tight as he walloped my bum. I played a bizarre little game in my head trying to guess the reactions of the people at different tables and how some would look and laugh and others might tut their disapproval. My insane thoughts were brought to a halt as he said it was agreed that we would make it a nice round number and I would report to his house for the next ten saturdays. I had no idea what had just happened but I agreed instantly and even thought if he had asked me to stand right up and take my jeans down there and then I would have probably done it. He just seemed to have a way about him that made you want to comply. I was on the bus the next day on my way to his house as part of ten Saturdays that we had agreed was fair to wipe the slate clean as he put it. I had been to netball practice in the morning and was still carrying my bag and sulking already as I had not made the team for mid week's match. At school I always made the team, I was always first choice, I was the tallest and fastest and could catch the best and now in the big wide world I was learning to be a little fish in a bigger pond just as I was going to learn what being a Brat with Lisa had earned me. I wouldn’t have minded if she was getting this too but a few crocodile tears and she had escaped any consequences. I stepped off the bus and looked around at the houses and was quite surprised what a nice area Mr Grayson lived in. It wasn't that far from campus but looked like a different world with expensive cars outside and well manicured lawns and perfect flower beds. I looked at the house number on the plaque on the gatepost and walked through the already opened gates. I knew of course I didn’t have to go along with all this, I mean what could he do, alright yes he could tell people but me and Lisa could deny it, say he just some pervy old man but all the time these thought were running through my head I sighed heavily and knocked on his door. It was like I had this curiosity and, no more a desire to see what he was going to and at the same time I wanted to prove I would not back down. After all I doubt anyone had died from a spanked bottom and I was sure he was going to enjoy it and we had been mean to him so all in all I had accepted my fate as the door opened. “I thought those damn phones you all cling too told the time, you’re fourteen minutes late my girl” he snapped. “Get inside, turn left, put the bag on the floor and your hands on your head and stand in the middle of the room” he barked like some sergeant major at boot camp. So much for a smile and a hello I thought and knew this was going to be a long afternoon as I looked around at the large room. It was a strange sort of room, at first glance it looked a little like a sitting room, lounge type of thing but didn't seem to have enough furniture to suit the size. There was a wide open space in the middle that had a wooden floor but there was carpet all the way around and several chairs and a sofa were all arranged with little tables between them and then a large old fashioned wardrobe type item in one corner. I waited a few minutes with my hands on my head feeling quite ridiculous as I heard footsteps and doors closing then he came into the room. He walked around me and this time his smile did not seem so welcoming. “Elbows back, head up, stand straight, feet apart and look ahead. I don't want to see a slovenly girl, I expect to see a well presented young lady who knows how to stay in position is that clear Rebecca” he instructed. He sounded well versed in his little speech and I doubted I was the first girl to be in this room standing like this in front of him. He asked what was in the bag and with a little quip suggested I was not thinking of moving in was I, before I could tell him it was my netball kit. This brought a smile from him and it said that was a wonderful idea for me to think of that to wear for him. Of course I tried to explain that was not at all the reason for it, I hadn’t had time to go back and then come here and as he already knew I was late as it was. He turned me by the elbow causing a perfect pivot until I was facing the door, then with a tap to the seat of my jeans he told me to go out in the hall and change into it as he was disappointed by my attire anyway. With all that I was sure was going to happen I didn’t see much point in arguing and knew a lot of guys enjoying seeing us girls in the netball kits. We used to attract several older gentlemen, some on the pretext of walking their dogs who used to stand on the sidelines watching us play. It felt a little surreal to be changing in the hall of a strange house I had only just entered but the whole situation was surreal. I put on the tight black lycra shorts that gave some modesty to the little dress which was dark green with a red diagonal flash across the front and back. I tugged up the matching green knee socks with red tops over my calves and stepped into the bright orange trainers which I used for indoor practice. I still had on the black sports bra I had worn all day and walked back in the room. “Oh much better Rebecca, I can see we need a few lessons on what things to wear for your appointments here my girl, I dont allow jeans under any circumstances” he announced. I tried to keep my elbows back and stood in the position he had explained and looked straight ahead as he walked around me. With a little whisper in my ear as he was behind me he told me not to move my hands if I knew what was good for me. Then the feel of both his hands at the waistband of the tight shorts made me gasp as he began to pull them down. Even though the material is quite stretchy I had to brace myself to not move as he dragged them over my hips and left them at the top of my knees. With a little smile at my obvious compliance he walked over to one of the little tables between two armchairs and opened a small drawer below it. I knew the netball dress was still long enough to cover my bare bottom and more importantly between my legs when he was in front of me. He rummaged in the drawer and took out what looked like brightly yellow coloured plastic clothes pegs. “I know you found it amusing to try and show yourself to me before Rebecca but now you will show me what I want to see on my terms” he smiled at my red face. He walked behind me and I felt him pull the loose smock type dress up at the back and then use one of the pegs to hold it there. I knew what was next as he was in front of me and doing the same to the front of the dress. I had thought he might have caught a glimpse of my pubic hair during the few escapades me and Lisa put on for him but now he had a clear and unobstructed view. He stepped back and told me to open my legs a little further and I tried to fight the resistance of the tightness of the shorts at my knees. A little slap to the inside of my tight thigh and mocking words to “try harder” encouraged me to get them about 50 cm apart. I could sense my heart beating and tried to control my breathing as I felt a spiteful pull on the reddish brown hair between my legs. “Nice unusual colour young lady and quite well groomed but I am afraid naighty little girls don't get the privilege of keeping a grown up bush so I want it gone by next week understand” and to accompany his shaming words he gave me a firm slap right between my legs. Without a split second’s hesitation I replied with a loud and confident “Yes Sir”, I had no idea what made me call him sir but it just seemed so normal and I was feeling the adrenaline surging around my body, almost desperate now to find out what was going to happen next. I didn’t have long to wait and he walked behind me and delivered a crisp, loud, stinging slap to each of my bare bum cheeks. With me standing like this I could feel my cheeks were relaxed enough for his hand to make them jiggle and shake a little as he continued to administer a full ten to each cheek. “Right there is your warm up now you can take these little shorts right off and walk over to the cupboard in the corner and pick something for your real punishment” he said as if I were picking something from the shelf at the supermarket.
  12. Bruce was not pleased with her falling back to old habits after all the progress they made.
  13. Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. My name is Mark and I am in my early 50's and literally have decades of spanking experience. I am currently a spanking mentor and disciplinarian to those that need it and can take on an exacting persona whilst doing this. I have been the obvious Head teacher etc but also the concerned parent. Daddy has to spank his naughty little ones when they need it! I am a lifelong spanko and this is never going to change and I thoroughly enjoy smacking the bare bottoms of those that need it and I have the knowledge and experience to give them exactly what they need. I am a real life Health Care Professional so I have an enhanced DBS check and value your safety at all times. Dont be shy and feel free to reach out to me.. www.markspanks121.co.uk markspanks121@aol.com
  14. Hello! I am new here but would really like to try out erotic roleplay with a mistress who would like to spank my tight little ass. I am 5’5’. 23 with blond hair. If any domme is interested please DM me, I will be available at 9:30pm est, we can discuss our relationsihp and limits etc once we get to know each other. I apologize if this isn’t the right place to discuss this
  15. Wonder why there are so few Canadian spankos on here and so far (except for me) all on the east coast?
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    From the album: Red Butt

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    From the album: Red Butt

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