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Found 6 results

  1. Yesterday, after any week, return to a session of training in my slave exploration with @Humiliationrp, my Sir ! Today the pain and hurt of the heavy strapping still on my skin and mind. I need sametimes be hard punished for my discipline, but also becouse a long and hard pain make me cum. I'm a strange girl ... the pain make me wet and excite. Was my first time for ass plug... why do it ? I'm a sub .... not sure , but start like make my Sir be happy for my progress in the slave training. Kiss, sir!
  2. Although I am secretive about my identity in order to protect my reputation, I do not like to be dishonest and therefore I am going to be as open as I can in this introduction. I'm not looking for sex or erotic spanking because I am married - at least for now. I'm over 40 and flexible about others ages. I am a professional with a reputation, and I have a family that I don't want to be harmed in any way by my kink - so discretion and trust is essential. I am honestly not sure that I will be able to ever actually participate in spankings - I am testing the waters and hope to establish a strong relationship of trust before anything physical will happen. I've never had or given a spanking as an adult from or to anyone but my wife - and she has decided that she will never again participate in spanking. 😞 I have almost no experience as a spanker although I am interested. My experience is as a spankee - although I still consider myself a novice. I decided to dip my toes into these waters because I realized that if I had to either give up orgasms or give up spankings for the rest of my life, I believe that I would give up the orgasms. Although I am not interested in exchanging spanking with other males, I would like to have a buddy or two with whom I could talk about spanking perspectives. I am also open to friendships with like minded people of any other gender.
  3. Brand new Discord server! This is an spanko community where fantasies, guidance, structure, discipline, accountability, and behavior modification can be borne out.In the Academy, naughty students will be turned into a well-behaved, disciplined, and respectful people. Teachers will administer lessons, assignments, dress code, curfew, accountability, discipline, and yes... SPANKINGS! Are you a student looking for discipline? Or a teacher looking to discipline others?Maybe a bit of both?! Come check us out! It’s a real discipline based server providing opportunities for people to play who otherwise would not be able to. https://disboard.org/server/796956689122983997
  4. Hey all I’ll be posting my stories going forward in here, since many kind members let me know this is a better Place to do so! Here pt.1 again so you don’t have to go searching for it! For any that don’t know I am no way shape or form a writer Nor do I claim to be. But I feel I have a lot to say, so here goes! I am a long time top, always have been, however I’m not Opposed to being a switch, it’s just never been the case for me. My wife, is relatively new to DD as we’ve been married 4 years come month end, but is very much a bottom. I view our relationship very much as equal DD for both partners, same rules, same Consequences. But if I were to assume how she treats it, it would’ve more of a HoH (head of house) marriage. As she is typically on the receiving end, and I normally hold myself to a higher standard or morality and ethics and actively avoid being in these situations, by trying as I may to be on my best behaviour. My story starts yesterday morning, my alarm went off and I started to get ready for work, but as I rolled over my wife was no where to be found, I went down stairs and found her sound asleep with our baby girl of 9months. So selfishly I thought, normally I use this time and walk our dogs, but this morning seeing the opportunity I thought, “I’ll crawl back into bed and get 15-20more min! Of sleep” and I did just that. When I woke up and went downstairs for coffee my wife was still asleep. When she finally woke she asked me if i was already back from walking the boys. Rather than saying I took a day off or decided to sleep in. I looked her square in the eyes and said, “yes I did” I lied to her. Then I even went as far to say, you must’ve been sleeping so sound that you didn’t hear us! Well As the morning went on I thought I was in the clear. So off for my shower I went. Once out while I was getting ready my wife Confronted me. And she did so very lovingly, and asked “I don’t want to accuse you, but if you took the boys out already, why weren’t the dogs leashes moved, and how come your shoes are in the same place I left them?” As well “I also heard your snooze alarm go off twice this morning” Rather than trying to add more lies, I owned up. I lied. No two ways around it. She was devastated and beyond hurt that I would lie to her. Now to some this might seem insignificant, I just said I walked the dogs, it’s not a big deal you are allowed to take a break once in a while. For us honesty and trust is everything. For a little bit of backstory for anyone whose made it this far, my wife had a awful childhood. And we’ve been going through couples councilling for a few years now dealing with the topics relating to honesty and trust and trying to repair her woundings of the past. So hopefully this paints a small picture of how big of a deal this is for us. To me, I just showed her, that I was not safe place, and was not reliable. In her mind she goes into panic mode and starts thinking along the lines of, If I could lie so easily about such a small thing could I be lying about big things too? Or can he be trusted, will he just betray me again when it really counts? This is how the anxiety eats my wife alive. So anyways, I’m apologizing and desperately trying to make things, right. She says she forgives me, but that’s justbecause I know she doesn’t want this eating at me all day at work. At about this time I have to leave or I’ll be late. While at work I have plenty of time to go back and fourth in my head on how to make this right. Everything plan, idea, solution i come up with keeps coming round to the same conclusion. I have to be spanked. My wife has said after a spanking she feels there is no lingering guilt, no grudges, and wen it’s done, it’s done. Which is exactly how I want to feel, but more so I want to submit myself to her to show how sorry I truly am. And that I am not above being punished.  Fast forward to the end of the day. I get home, and I can see everything is tense and raw still, so I kiss my wife hold my baby girl and go for my shower. After bath and bed time for our daughter I approach my wife. And explain my proposal. She explains that she admires my bravery, and it means a lot that I would do that for her, but she will not spank me, and that She doesn’t want to see me in that position... I persist, and insist she does. But alas she does not budge. The tense feelings continue on for yet another day. So now that we’ve played catch up this brings me to today, I work for a rather large construction outfit. We have about 4-5 different trades and all work together which is very nice! Myself I’m one of the lead journeymen for one of the branches of trades workers. So here I am At work feeling sorry for myself, when my boss asks me to take the crew to our currently vacant office building we’re renovating and work there for the day. The day goes by, and I can’t get out of my head at all. Even to the point of effecting my production, I can’t understand why she won’t spank me, and why she’s convinced that I shouldn’t be in that position, is it my personality? Is it my job title? Is it because I’m her husband? And just like that I see it. A beautiful scrap piece of puckboard (a white plastic like material) Around this time Everyone is leaving for break now and I don’t have much time. So I grab one of the carpenters jigsaws and make two crude but quick cuts. Take out my knife and shave down the edges, I’ve just created my very own paddle, crude, but I’d imagine effective. Then as if ordained by the universe my boss calls and pulls the entire crew less me to a different job. So here I am in an empty office building ridden with guilt and a paddle in hand. Knowing full well my wife would almost certainly prefer me use it on her rather the other way around I had to think of a way to change her mind... Then I remember back to my early days, this office we are renovating used to be the companies hub of operations, and one of the corner offices belonged to one of my old bosses. Her and I have always had a sterling reputation with each other and never had as much as a tiff when I worked for her. But I could never shake the suspicion that she’s bent more than a few people over her desk in her time, and spanked the attitude out of said people. She is one of those people who has a commanding presence about her, one that demands respect, as well as many of the qualities of a disciplinarian I admire. And being woman in construction, which I cant imagine being easy, especially in charge of at times very egotistical men, she does a excellent job at maintaining her unwavering authority. Obviously with that being said I’d be half tempted if she was in the office that day to get her to break in this paddle for me, and I’m sure she’d happily spank my bottom. But sadly I am alone. So what did I do instead? I still marched into her office, moved her items to the side of her desk and dropped my pants. I bent over her old desk and started to spank myself, long and hard with my paddle. I’m convinced when self spanking you take it slightly easier on yourself than if someone else would administer it. And being truly repentant I didn’t want that. So I set a timer, and committed to hard spanking on my bare bottoms for 15minutes. Around what I assume to be the five minute mark, I was shaking, and my knees buckling. I was ready to quit, but I imagined my former boss putting her hand on my back holding me down, paddling my now firery red bottom. The imagery in my head was so strong, I actually felt as if I couldn’t move. That I was small, and powerless, and could not move even if I tried, and the only option was to endure this phantom spanking. Smack after smack landed, harder and harder. Until one hit so hard i buckled. I had to stop for a quick breather. When I looked at my phone only 8minutes had passed! I was only half way there! I paused my timer and desperately tried to rub the fire out of my backside. I remember thinking to myself, I know this is my first spanking and all, but I have to be able to take more than this! My wife takes hers like a champ, and doesn’t start to wriggle and protest until well into hers! Is she really that much tougher than me, it would seem so! After a minute or so of rubbing and soothing I collected myself and bent back over. These last 7 minutes were brutal. But I had to focus on why I was here. I wanted to show my wife the results of my spanking as well present her with the paddle in hopes she would use it on me when she felt appropriate or comfortable to do so. But at the bare minimum, at least spanking myself would show her that I am repentant, and sorry and that my lapse in judgement isn’t something I take lightly, let alone actively want to do again going forward. But also break her from this idea that I somehow was above being spanked for bad behaviour, and to get off the pedestal that she seemingly has me on in her mind. Smack after smack landed, and the final few minutes had me in tears. Not sobbing, but a steady trickle of tears ran down my face and pooled on the large desk I was bent over. After what seemed like an eternity, the alarm went. My spanking was done. Standing up I rubbed my bottom kind of hopping up and down attempting to soothe the burn. In the office is a very large mirror, completely bottomless at this point, I removed the drop sheet it inspect the damage, and what I saw completely shook me. My never reddened previously backside was every shade of red, pock marks or purple and blue speckled across my cheeks as well, my aim was off at times, and did quite the number on my upper thighs. My bottom was throbbing, aching and in so much pain, but the guilt, anxiety, and emotional discomfort was Completely gone. In this moment I began to understand why my wife took to spanking so quickly. And has even requested it at times. The sense of completion at the end of a spanking is unlike anything I’d ever experienced. No more lingering voices whispering negative words in the back of my head no more Doubt, Just calm. I looked at the time, and my workload, pulled up my pants, laced up my boots and got back to work. One thing I did not Consider, is that my job for the day required me to be on my back working under desks, and cabinets, on rigid hard surfaces, shuffling along on none other than my well spanked bottom. I supposed it was a fitting consequence with all things considered. That brings my story to right here right now. I have an hour before my shift is over, and a paddle in my hand. I write this story if you can even call it that, sitting in my old bosses chair, donning a very red, sore and bruised bottom. Eagerly waiting to see my wife’s response when I’m home and show her, even a confident top can be a submissive bottom. That rules are rules, and I’m not above the ones we set for our family, that I love her, and I am truly sorry.
  5. Not often, but there are times that I just don't have anyone to spank me and yearn for some well heated buns. Of course we all know that self spankings pretty much suck by comparison to the real thing, but when my own expectations are set, I do find that the bare minimums (get it...BARE minimum?) can be met. To help overcome the problem of giving up too early, I use an app on my phone that I sit down and quickly modify to how much I want to endure. This way at least, when I hit go, everything is pretty well scripted out for me. This helps in many ways, including forcing me to keep pace with the plan, thanks to both the visual and audible cues. Here's how it works (and please see the screenshots below)... Get the Seconds app on your phone. Create a new timer (I have used custom in the past, but find that circuit is a bit easier to set up and manage) Give the timer a name, e.g. SpankingNeeds Add the number of sets (just like any workout), so I default to 3 Add the number of exercises -- here again, I default to 3 -- then name them a friendly name (Hand, Strap, Paddle...). Also set the color that you want to have flash on the phone. Split the interval between left and right so that it will force you to swap left and right cheeks on time, giving you the option to set how many seconds you would like between each! And finally, set the beats per minute that you would like for the cadence (beeps). Randomize the order if you like (just a swipe option) Set your desired rest between intervals, between sets, and warm up and cool down time. Enable text-to-speech with whatever other options you like (I used count) Now just run it when you are ready, able, and willing! I prefer to set the Get Ready timer to something like 60 seconds. As soon as it fires off, Siri tells me to get ready and how long I have to do so is on the phone. I immediately hop up and run to my spanking area to assume the position (bared, etc..). So just hearing that voice is a great start. When that timer is up, I hear the next phase and implement, just as I entered it (with whatever randomization if I opted for that), with a visual cue as the screen color changes. It even tells me when to swap from side to side, even giving me a few seconds to do so! Having the voice, the time, adds to my own self-awareness and self-discipline. And with the cadence keeping pace, I am compelled to comply with each hit, better matching what a real disciplinarian might dish out. So this clearly aids with the mental state, thereby reducing the amount of cheating -- I often push beyond where I might otherwise stop, driven by the audio and visual cues and applying the discipline as though it isn't me actually doing it.
  6. After lots of thinking, I have ordered an spankermachine (www.spankermachine.com) which is on its way. It suggests to use items less than 100 grams in weight. I would like to buy canes within this 100 grams limit. I am beginner, who just knows some canes stings and thick canes thud. Never ever got caned or spanked. Please suggest canes that are light weight and would still: 1. Give higher intensity stings 2. Higher intensity thuds I live in US. I am looking to buy two canes, each for #1 and #2 separately.
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