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Found 11 results

  1. Corporal Punishment.... an evocative phrase conjuring up images from a spanked bottom, through school punishments to brutal judicial floggings. I am not sure what started my fascination with Corporal Punishment. Perhaps it was accounts in books such as Jayne Eyre and the harsh environment of Lowood School. I do not think I ever finished that book, I never got beyond Jayne Eyre being Birched. Jayne Eyre - Lowood School I think the first ever proper spanking I saw was in a film called 'Roots of Heaven' where a lady received a 'good hiding' Roots of Heaven I have a deep interest in the school setting, maybe it was seeing the St Trinian's films, and the tantalising glimpse of the cane, though sadly never used, that aroused those interests. The first time I realised I was not alone in my interest of spanking and Corporal Punishment was when I came across an American magazine called 'Sting' An then I discovered 'Janus'. An UK magazine which often had a school theme. There were pictures and stories of schoolgirls being punished, as well as a letters section with some true life accounts. A new level of interest arose, and how I used to wait in those pre-internet days for a month between issues. The fascination has been a lifelong interest
  2. For many CP enthusiasts in the UK, punishments at school formed the start of the interest. Spanking was one method used, but the cane (particulary in England) and the tawse (particulary in Scotland), were other methods commonly in use. As ones knowledge developed, it was realised that the paddle was used in US Schools A seminal work on the Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls is now online: The Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls : Margaret Stone : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  3. For many in the UK who are are Corporal Punishment enthusiasts the school scenario is often synonymous with that interest. Perhaps that interest grew from evocative memories...... The classroom.... A memorable Headmistress........ The Strict School Teacher ready to instil discipline ...... The uniforms.......... The Rules..... The Discipline...... And what tales those School Punishment Books could tell...
  4. Beatriz, my cousin, she is my schoolmate and my most intimate friend. The classes have finished and all the students begin to go home, however Beatriz keeps me on the stairs, next to one of the windows, which opens and discreetly looks towards something that is outside, at the entrance of the school. Wait Vero, with a little luck, you will enjoy a wonderful show ... Although I insist she refuses to give me more details. Outside it was raining in a whirlwind and the students run to their homes, the teachers to their homes, and although most of them carry umbrellas, there is a considerable number of unsuspecting people who did not bring them. Beatriz looks out the window, as if looking for someone; I however begin to get impatient, I wonder what we expect, but this crazy is like that, always with ... Vero, Vero ... attentive ... look ... do you see ... there ... the Magpie. Now it's going to come out ... The Urraca is what we call the teacher of Latin, a bitter, ugly, tall and thin body like a broomstick, with that screeching voice and that bitter character; she never knew a smile, she always seems to be in a bad mood and when she speaks it is always annoying to listen to her ... maybe she has too many reasons to be like that. The Latin teacher in a spontaneous movement begins to walk quickly when leaving the school door while opening the umbrella, but something happens, the umbrella does not open and the heavy rain in a few seconds completely creeps her hair, collected in a bun and that ends her witch look. A new attempt and finally open the umbrella while placing it on her ... suddenly, a cloud of white dust under the umbrella hides the head and shoulders of the teacher. Almost no one notices, and the few who see the resultant weird show cannot contain their laughter that they try to hide ... from our privileged position, I surprised look at my cousin ... Bea, what was that? Are you behind ...? Yes Vero, that witch has suspended me for half a point, has not listened to my reasons and I will be studying all the Christmas holidays, besides the anger that will fall at home ... I promised to remember of me, and I think he will never forget this day ... You're crazy, if they discover you nobody knows what can happen to you ... Discover me? Please Vero, we are more than five hundred students in school, and that ugly old woman does not think I have too many friends among them. When word gets out of what has happened to her, it will undoubtedly be the object of mockery of the whole school for a couple of weeks ... We run down the stairs, the school is almost empty. When arriving at the main door, the Director is comforting the unfortunate teacher and helping her dry with a towel that has been collected from the concierge. We try to pass as if we were invisible but ... One moment young ladies ... That white powder in your shoes? What have you been doing?... You see sir, I do not know, I guess it's some dust from the yard or so; Maybe it's chalk, I was writing on the board twice in today's classes ... Let's see your hands ... Go to the visiting room and wait a moment there. I fear the worst and Bea begins to get nervous ... You see? I told you, you're an unconscious crazy, you're always getting into trouble, we'll see how you get out of this ... Beatriz does not answer me, I realize that nerves are blocking her. Poor crazy, has gotten into a mess and now does not know how to get out of it ... The door of the visiting room opens and the Director enters, with a serious gesture. Good girls, now they are going to tell me everything and I do not want lies. This matter can be a mischief, serious, but nothing more, or it can mean your expulsion from school in addition to a lawsuit from your teacher, so do not waste time please ... Sir ... it's true, it's been us. We have scratched several chalk to get enough to fill Ms. Olga's umbrella with dust, we just wanted to spend an innocent joke, we never imagined that ... We! She is saying "We!" ... I cannot believe it, she has gotten into this mess and now she gets me ... now I'm the fool that I'm unable to defend myself and not say anything in my favor ... Well, young girls, I like that, your confession reduces the seriousness of the incident, but it should not be left without your well-deserved punishment. Go to my office and wait outside in the hall. In a couple of minutes I'll be there. Are you crazy? I'm going to kill you ... why have you gotten me into your problems? I hate you, I do not want to know more about you ... as soon as the director arrives I want you to confess the truth, that you have been alone and that I have nothing to do with this ... Bea nods, with a face of regret and a tear beginning to streak her cheek; I feel sad, I love her and she is in a serious problem; I wish her luck. We walk down the corridor, up the stairs and again another corridor, which leads to the secretariat, and next to the Director's office. We sit on the sidewalk near the door and suddenly, when we see the door of the assistant director, we both realize that she, the one in charge of punishing the students, is no longer in school, so We have the clear possibility that the matter remains in a good fight, some detention and some punishment for home as extra work or lines. Bea, at best, tomorrow the Assistant Director will give you the strap; It is possible that even she wants to laugh when she finds out what happened to the "Magpie". Today we just have to swallow the Director's anger ... Thanks Vero, thanks for not leaving me alone in this ... I must have lost my reason. I'm getting into this without realizing it. Well, if it is necessary to win a quarrel, of course undeserved, for Bea I do it with pleasure. The Director appears in the corridor, the "Urraca" follows, something improved the aspect that he had a few minutes ago, with a proud gesture and that presages a certain pride, pride of knowing in a privileged situation with respect to whom he has made ridiculous minutes before. The anger is going to be great, and I'm afraid it includes the request for forgiveness, to humble yourself to satisfy that witch. Let's go young girls, come to the office ... We enter after them; the witch is accommodated in a chair on one side, the Director in his chair behind the table that separates us and us standing, with his hands on the neck, in front of him. The anger is as we imagined, she there with her stupid gaze trying to humiliate us, to show us her supremacy ... everything as planned until the Director ... Well, young people, tomorrow they will appear to my assistant and she will impose a punishment that will make them reflect on their behavior. Now, let's grant to the one who has been his victim, a satisfaction ... "six of the best" will be a sufficient punishment so that they do not forget the consequences of their behavior and so that Miss Olga has a satisfaction with you .. Do you think it's good, Miss Olga? I beg you, please, to also go thinking some words that show your repentance before your teacher ... Six of the best! That we did not expect it; the director does not punishes students, for that is his assistant, a woman ... he goes towards us with the cane in his hand, making her whistle in the air, tasting it, frightening us ... the fear takes over us, and as automats, at his request that we lean on the table, without being asked, we raise our skirt and as is customary in the front office, we pull the elastic of our underwear down ... fortunately, I wear wool tights, the day is cold, and despite my involuntary undress, I still have my white cotton panties, which will serve little to protect me from the dreaded cane. The image of the unfortunate teacher with her hair invaded by a white paste of lime and water, dripping down her face, her dirty glasses, a cry of anger and humiliation ... the image of the Director of the school, angry at the situation, with an attitude clearly aimed at avenging his teacher, perhaps with a masculine air that protects the weak sex ... everything makes me presage that the cane will work hard. The director looks at us surprised when he sees that without having asked for it, we have voluntarily raised the skirt of the uniform and the underwear, in the case of Bea leaving her butt completely naked; I realize that I had not planned to order that we do so, we are stupid ... He exchanges a glance with the teacher, surprised, as if trying to consult the convenience of our position, and a gesture with a twisted smile on his face, endorses it; She is having her revenge even more satisfying than she could have expected. The cane finally falls, on the buttocks of Beatriz that emits a cry out of pain and pulls me out of my thoughts, her body shudders, twists, the impact has caused the desired effect. While the second and third blow of Cane get the tears begin to go through the cheeks of Bea, I think about how many times we talk, we fantasize about the fact that the Director, the one in charge of punishing the boys and we know that with the pants and underpants down, I could sometimes do it with students; in the opposite case, the assistant of the Director, Mrs. Laura if she does it with students on occasions in which the Director is absent. That morbid conversation taken until the joke is now a reality, at least for my partner and for me. The fourth blow seems to be the last for Bea, the Director stands near me, and I feel, I hear the hiss that the cane leaves in the air and I feel, like a prick that tenses me followed by a burning in the skin of my ass that is introduced in my muscles ... My body trembles with pain, and when I have not recovered yet, I hear the whistle again and immediately feel its impact, dry, hard ... I think I cannot stand so much pain, my tears escape my eyes ... The third makes me want to run away, but fortunately the fear that has seized me, holds me and prevents greater evils. I wait for the fourth with a certain complacency; in short, it must be the last; Thinking about it in itself is a relief. The cane falls implacably trying to leave his signature engraved on my soul; I'm defeated. Honestly, young -referring to Bea- I have the impression that you have been the only one responsible and I do not understand very well because your friend is here with you. I have punished the two for the benefit of the doubt, but you will have an added, at least as an inducer ... The rod now falls without pause, in a succession of blows followed, without the possibility of breathing between each one of them, a terrible gust that in addition to surprising my cousin, leaves her self-sacrificed in tears, unable to move from the pain ... Seated, with her gaze fixed on our punishment, the Magpie remains motionless, impassive before the spectacle that surely is pleasing her considerably. The Director finally orders us to get up and fix ourselves, something we do with diligence and less quickly than we would like; putting on your underwear again is not pleasant. Now ladies, you are going to apologize to Miss Olga and you can retire to their homes. Remember that tomorrow you must report to my assistant so that you assign them an additional punishment. ... It has been almost worse to have to ask for forgiveness to that witch, it is humiliating; that crossed smile, that disgusting look ... well at least nobody has seen us ... if they all know that the Director has punished us ... my God, what a shame ... I would not go back to school ... Well, with the last session he gave you, Bea, I do not know how you stand, I thought you died right there ... now we know how the kids are doing when they go to visit the Director ... will we be the ones? Only girls that the Director has whipped? By God, Bea, we have lifted our skirts and I am sure that she was not going to ask us ... we were stupid ... and I at least just took off my tights but you have stayed with your ass in the air. .. in front of him and in front of the Magpie ... It does not matter ... especially that I have seen her ... better ... when you look in the mirror you will realize that I have a much nicer butt than the wreck that she carry under your back ... hahahaha
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