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  1. I am very interested in honest feedback on my first attempt to post a spanking video I created. https://www.spankingtube.com/video/121162/spanking-adult-stephanie-car-crash-dude-spanking
  2. He was still behind me as I bent over to push the tight ultra stretchy shorts down my legs and awkwardly over my trainers. I am sure he must have enjoyed the show I was making getting them right off and almost hopping on one foot as I carried it out. I walked slowly and deliberately over to the large oak cupboard knowing he had a perfect view of my bare bum cheeks sashaying from side to side with each step. The door creaked open and my eyes grew wider as I caught sight of all manner of implements designed to sting a naughty bottom. All hanging right in front of me and now I was expected to calmly just choose one not knowing which would hurt more than another. I just took my right hand from behind my head and quickly picked up what looked a little like half a wide belt with the end split into two. Knowing the rule to keep my hands behind my head I pushed the loop where the item had been hanging from between my teeth and let it dangle down as I turned to walk towards him. “Oh Rebecca, excellent choice and perfectly presented, now walk over to the red leather chair and climb right up with a knee on each of the arms” he politely informed me. The leather felt cold to the touch on my skin and he walked behind the chair to help guide me into position. He told me to take my hands from my head and reach over the backrest of the chair, making me bend further and with my knees spread wide apart on the arms. As I put my hands down I got to two little straps, almost like handles stitched into the leather. They were as wide as the arms and I had to reach just a little further to grab them but in doing so pulled my upper body down even more until my head was looking down and my shoulders were resting on the backrest and took some of my weight. With a curt “Good girl” he was satisfied and brushed my hair from my face with his hands. “This young lady is a Tawse, a Scottish Tawse used in schools many years ago but now forms part of my collection” he said as he took hold of it and I released it from my mouth. I began to panic now, not with the view he was going to get with me being on such shameful display but how I knew this so-called Tawse would set my bottom on fire. I saw his feet move away from my gaze and as he walked behind me I knew every last intimate detail of my paradoxically named private parts were anything but private now. He rested his finger on the base of my spine and began to trace it down to where my bum cheeks began and then further to my anus and trailed it down again to run it right between my now moist pussy lips. My whole body was trembling as I thought that no ex boyfriend or even my doctor had seen more of me than he was seeing now. His finger stayed just long enough to extract a little gasp from me which seemed to be the purpose then I sensed him step back. “Hold tight my girl, keep that bottom right up and remember why you deserve this, if your behavior hadn’t been so appalling I wouldn't need to do this to you” he said calmly. “Thwackkkkk,” it landed with a loud splat and sent a ripple through my cheeks and almost a sizzle on my skin. My fingers tightened on the leather handles at the back of the chair making my knuckles white. Before I had time to absorb the feeling properly another “Thwackkkk” thundered down just below the first. My breathing was hard and I tried to focus on something else to take my mind away, trying to block the intense sting which was surging from the impact. Another “Thwackkkk” soon followed and I could feel my face screw up and a little hiss escaped between my teeth. My knees moved a little on the wide arms of the chair and my feet just flicked up and down a little in an almost involuntary action as the next “Thwakkkk” reigend down. “Keep those feet still Rebecca and concentrate on that bottom, some girls think shaking it around like they're on the dance floor will help. I can assure you it just earns them more” he instructed. I am not sure if I need confirmation that indeed other girls had been subject to the same treatment but I took it as that before another “Thwakkkk” landed right at the top of my thighs. This time my gasp and hiss was audible and accompanied by a little shake of my head. I remembered at least ro keep my feet still and was rewarded with a polite “good girl” from his condescending voice. “Thwakkkk” again made me close my eyes even tighter and grind my teeth as it really began to hurt so much now. The wicked, heavy piece of hard leather continued to land on my bottom and worse the base of my thighs where they met my cheeks until tears were running down my cheeks and my gasps had morphed into sobs and cries. “Well done Rebecca, you kept your bottom up nice and high for the full twenty, very impressive young lady” he congratulated me. I could only respond with a hesitant and tearful, “Thank you Sir”. Oh god why the hell was I thanking him, I mean was I thanking him for stopping when my bum felt like it had the skin thrashed off it. Or was it a thank you for giving me such a painfully sound whipping with the horrid Tawse thing or whatever it was called. Indeed was it a thank you for informing me that I had kept my bottom up or allowed me to be in the ridiculous, obscene pose in front of him. No matter what I was actually “thanking” him for, it just felt the right thing to say. He walked around in front me and ruffled my hair a little like you would do with a child and told me I could get to my feet now. “Go to the bathroom in the hall young lady and wash your face, then head to the kitchen and help yourself to a drink of water and make me a coffee, five minutes not a second longer” he looked at his watch as he dismissed me. I let my hands out of the little leather straps and tried to straighten my back. I slid one knee onto the actual seat of the chair and pushed myself back onto my feet. He was putting the Tawse back in its place as I walked gingerly towards the door. I had no idea where I was going and opened it to step out into the hallway. My hand reached down to gently caress my blazing bottom and I let out a loud sigh. There were several other doors facing me but it was hardly a chinese puzzle to figure out which was the bathroom and I ran some cold water to splash on my face and try and bring some sense into just what happened. A mirror above the sink made it possible for me to twist around and gaze in horror at my bum, it was deep read and marked with vivid shades of scarlett almost merging into magenty which would have made the most famous renaissance artist proud off. I remembered his warning of five minutes and hurried to the kitchen and felt a lovely warmth fill the room from a log burner in the corner. At least the cups were already set out, saving me the trouble of finding them. I took a gulp of water as his coffee spluttered into the cup under the espresso machine and as it filled to the top I placed another cup and waited. I knew he had not given me “permission” to make a coffee for myself but thought “so what”,I am not a doormat that he can just walk all over even if I did deserve a sore bottom for what I had done. . I took a cup in each hand and walked back to him. He looked up at me and then he looked at one cup, then the other. I handed him one then lifted the other to my lips and took a sip and although I doubted I needed any more stimulation from caffeine the coffee did taste good. Before he had a chance to say anything I opened my mouth. “I don't care if you didn’t say I could have a coffee, I have done exactly as you said and knelt up on that damn chair and gone along with all this and the least I have earned is a coffee” I snapped His eyes widened a little, “Oh Rebecca that is just the icing on the cake, some rebellion, some spirit, some chutzpah, could you be any more perfect” he smiled No one had even called me “Perfect” in my whole life, I doubt even my Mum would regard me as anything approaching perfection. Yet here was a man who I hardly knew giving me such a compliment. I blushed a little, not with the shame of what he could see with my netball dress still pinned up high but more with the embarrassment and disbelief when anyone praised me and I didn't think I deserved it. I held the coffee cup in each hand under my chin and gave him a smile as he smiled back before he got up to walk around me yet again. “Tell me Rebecca, did you actually like your little games of show off, with your friend Lisa” he asked. I could feel my face blush a little more and held the cup tight and just let my shoulders do a slight shrug and a brief nod of my head. Oh why did I have to admit that, yes it was a sort of thrill and a kind of rush to do something daring and risky. He looked pleased and acknowledged that he suspected as much. He then stepped back and took the cup from my hands and at the same time he removed the pegs from my dress. The act of covering myself from his gaze was short lived as he told me to take it right off and get back in what he said was the “Display” position I had been in earlier. Hands at the back of my head, elbows back and feet apart. This time I only had the black sports bra and my green and red knee socks and bright orange trainers on. “Well as you have probably guessed, you are not the only girl to enjoy the certain privileges of this room” he confirmed my suspicions. I was not sure I would have agreed with the word “privilege” but yet I did have an intense curiosity as to how and why other girls would end up here. I could see how his regular contact with students that his job provided would give him an easy way to recruit girls. Yet surely he didn't just ask them, I mean he had waited until me and Iisa had literally asked ourselves and then had to smile to myself at the thought of Lisa having to undergo what I had just been through. God she would have totally screamed the house down. “You may at times during your next nine visits encounter a naughty girl, either waiting or leaving and I expect that to be dealt with the utmost discretion young lady, is that clear, he instructed. I didn't care about seeing another girl, I cared about another girl seeing me. What on earth had I got myself into. It was like I was in some secret club more suited to a Hollywood thriller than the campus of a prestigious university. I followed him with my eyes as he walked over to the red chair that I had been subjected to such an undignified display not so long ago. He announced that each of the chairs, although looked the same, were in fact of various sizes and the little “handles” on the back were in different places to suit the height of a particular girl. Also the arms were wider, the red chair being the widest, he smiled. He placed the clothes pegs back in the drawer and said a few little items were placed conveniently to hand in case they were needed. “It's quite rare for me to have a girl up on one of the chairs on her first visit but I am glad I judged you well and you didn’t disappoint me. Now come with me young lady” he said curtly. We walked through the hall and into the kitchen and I was puzzled to see him pick my jeans up from the top of my bag. He held them upside down over the table as I watched a crumpled tissue and a couple of pound coins tumble and one landed on its edge and began to spin and reminded me just how my head felt during this bizarre afternoon. He folded them neatly and I thought that was the purpose but then he walked over and without looking at me he opened the door to the log burner and threw them right into the burning embers. I was rooted to the spot and it seemed to happen in slow motion as they laid and then flames began to spread from the edge of the denim and he closed the heavy iron door. “This will serve two purposes, young lady. One you will never enter my house in jeans again and two you can have a little treat on the way home wearing the cute netball kit” he almost laughed. I was numb trying to figure out what I had just seen with my own eyes. How could he be so mean, I didn't even know the stupid rule about wearing jeans to come to see him. Then what the hell did he mean by “treat” ? How was making me walk home in this outfit something I would enjoy. Not to mention I only had three pairs of jeans and could not even think of replacing them till the end of term when I got the next installment of my student loan. I was seething with anger inside yet I stayed in the same position with my hands behind my head like a Madame Tussaud’s waxwork dummy. “Willful damage young lady, that’s what you did to play your little games. Well two can play games” he said. With my eyes now wide open and staring in outright shock I saw he had my crumpled shorts in his hand. My hands flew from my head as he opened the door to the log burner again. This time my jeans were well alight and flames flickered brightly. I lunged forward in a desperate attempt to grab them from his hand but he was too quick and pushed them right in the center of the flames. I just let out a loud childish whine and shook my head in utter frustration. Suddenly I turned to him and yelled. “What the fuck is your problem, I havn’t got the meoney to replace them for ages and I need them! You have right no right, you,.....you…..fat bastard” I spat venomously at him. For a portly man he could move quickly and before I could blink after my tirade he had grabbed my left wrist tightly. He dragged me harshly, almost at one point thinking he would pull my shoulder out of my socket until I was face down over his knee. He left me in no doubt he had done this many times before and despite me wriggling like a fish the hard slaps seemed to find their intended target every time. On top of my already sore bottom they made me yelp and squeal like a banshee from the outset. I could only repeat the word “Sorry” over and over again and prayed he would stop. “You will not use such foul language ever in front of me my girl, is that clear” he emphasized every other word with a loud, stinging smack. Aa I stopped moving and laid limply sobbing he let go of my arm but leaned down to whisper in my ear. “It's about trust Rebecca, it's all about trust” I had no idea what that cryptic statement meant as I rolled on the floor and just slumped face down with my hands clutching my cheeks that I felt were hotter than my damn jeans in the stupid log burner. He had left the room and whether on purpose or not he let me compose myself. After washing the tears from from my eyes for the second time this afternoon I tried to comprehend what on earth he meant by “Trust” Did he mean I was just expected to stand still while he burned all my clothes in front of me ar was the trust meant there was some wider purpose that would make sense. He walked in and held out his hand with what looked like three pieces of thick card like paper. I looked down as I held them in my own hands and saw they were each a £100 voucher for a local shopping center, I was confused, why was he giving me these. He went on to explain that he had a friend who worked in the security department of the center and he got them for free as part of a bonus scheme he was in. He chuckled and said more like a scam but what mattered was that they were free. I was still looking a little bewildered and not sure why Mr Grayson had given them to me. “So Rebecca, I want you to go this week and buy some clothes, whatever you want for yourself but next week I expect a proper young lady in front of me” he said. I was left holding the vouchers and still not sure of the real reason. Did he feel guilty that he had just set fire to my jeans and was making up for it, albeit ten fold. Or was it that he did want me dressed in something nice and maybe even provocative or something. He thrust my netball dress in my hand and as I tugged it over my head and realized I was going to have to make my way home like this. The burning of my shorts now made more sense as this was a deliberate action to embarrass me even more. I was acutely aware of how little the dress covered and maybe no one looking would guess I had nothing underneath I certainly knew. With my bag in my hand I was puzzled to be led down the side of the house by Mr Grayson to his large and secluded garden. Beyond which was some sort of dog agility circuit with small fences for the dogs to jump and seesaws and such like. I didn’t even know he had any dogs and never heard barking. He then gave me directions to go along a path down by the railway track and across a little bridge and it would take me to a park that was not far from campus and then just a little further to my apartment block. I looked a little unsure but he told me it was much quicker and he was positive I would rather not sit my sore bare bottom on a hard, bouncing seat of the bus. I had to confess he was right and with a little peck on my cheek from him and a warm smile he motioned me to go. The breeze made me shudder and as I walked I was so conscious of my bare hot bottom and my pussy lips seemed to just tingle at what a secret thrill the whole afternoon had been. No one was around on the quiet footpath and almost absent mindedly my hand flipped the hem of the dress up at the front and a delicious mixture of daring and naughtiness filled my whole body. I felt absurdly proud and a strange sort of accomplishment that he had said I was one of the rare girls that got on the red chair for the first visit. Without even noticing I had run my finger between my legs and gasped how wet I was. I couldn't wait to get home and play with myself. I used to do it at home all the time and had not dared to since I moved in with Lisa. I saw the bridge over the railway line and a silly self dare came into my head. I climbed up the three zig zag flights of steps to the part that went over the tracks. I looked around and could only see the roof’s of nearby houses and no sight of a window. With a deep breath I tucked the dress up at the front and back with one hand while I held my bag with the other. I told myself I wasn't doing this, Becky the Brat was doing this and she had just taken over my body for a few seconds. The thrill was amazing as the breeze cooled my throbbing bare bottom and I walked slowly right to the far side. Pushing my dress down and giggling to myself I walked quickly and soon got to the park and then to the streets around campus. Of course people were around now and I began to get a few strange and curious looks. It was not as if I was stark naked but god did it feel like I was. I was almost squeezing my thighs together with each step in anticipation of what I was going to do when I got home. I walked In the entrance of my block and saw the stairs then gasped at the thought of someone following me up and knowing without a doubt they would see me bare under the short dress. I began to walk and got half way up the first flight when I heard the sound of the door open, I looked over my shoulder and saw two boys maybe a little older than me. I felt my heart pounding and by now didn't care and actually slowed down my steps so they could catch me up. I heard a snigger and a muted laugh behind me and then as I got the door of my flat they walked past and I even looked around to smile at them. “Jeez Ryan, did you see the state of that arse”, “Yeah man someone really gave her a good hiding” they laughed. The keys were shaking in my hand as I shoved the door open and pushed it shut with my back and dropped the bag. I yanked the dress right up past my waist and gasped out loud as I slumped down right there with my bottom on the rough coconut door mat. Oh god I was going to make the most of having the place to myself tonight. My hand went straight between my legs and frantically almost dementedly I thrust my fingers inside and closed my eyes. I yelled in delight and in only a few seconds I was delirious and gulping in lungfuls of air as the most intense orgasm hit me. “Oh my god Becky, What….I mean just What!” Even Lisa was lost for words as she stood looking at me. The blood drained from my face as a boy walked in from the kitchen.
  3. How to spank a submissive to teach proper discipline in a loving manner. This is what I follow to discipline my loving wife. Number 1: CONSENSUAL, it must be consensual. There is absolutely no alternative whatsoever. No consent means no consent, do not pressurize her to submit to you if she doesn't want to. Situation: She lied that she finished her share of the chores but actually goofed around. You had warned her of strict consequences earlier. Ideally what should you do? #Calm down first. NEVER scold or spank when you are not calm. 1. Make her stand between your legs while you sit on the couch. 2. Give her a scolding and explain to her why lying to you is wrong. Make sure she feels remorseful for defying your authority. My wife starts crying when I scold her, and she is remorseful. 3. Bare her bum (no clothes below waist) and send her to the corner (holding her ears) so she can ponder over her bad girl behavior. 4. Once she has served sufficient corner time (10 to 40 minutes, your wish) call her to the spanking chair. 5. Tell her that you love her and you will help her become the well disciplined wife she wants to become. 6. Take her over your knee and rub her bum for a minute and compose your thoughts for her scolding. 7. Start with a sound hand spanking for 5-6 minutes and keep lecturing her. Continue till she is crying out of guilt and not pain. Be mindful you do not bruise her OR break her limits OR make her bleed. You are her head and she is your submissive, so you are responsible to keep her safe, healthy, disciplined and MOST IMPORTANTLY loved+happy. If you abuse her, you deserve to be thrown into jail. 8. Make her get up and bring a hair brush/ wooden spatula/ switch/ paddle. If needed, take her to the bathroom for a mouth washing with soap. 9. Give her an appropriate number of strokes of the implement depending on her pain tolerance, the offense, condition of her bum, her guilt level. 10. Make her count and repeat a line on what she did wrong. 11. After finishing the spanking, tell her what will happen if she repeats this mistake and give her a follow through punishment like bedtime spankings, lines, grounding, diaper punishment etc. 12. Hug her, cuddle with her, tell her she is forgiven, tell her you love her, tell her she is safe. Give her proper aftercare and keep talking to her. Let her cry on your shoulder/chest. My wife cries in my chest/shoulder for 10 minutes AFTER the spanking is over and I hug her and talk to her in a voice one uses to talk to little kids. That calms her down, find what calms your sub and properly make them feel better. - Try not to have sex that night.. Since she behaved like a bad girl earlier, she loses the privilege of sex. Do something platonic but close with her. I lay her down over me and we read a story together, any novel and she falls asleep on me, which is SUPER CUTE. THis is our every night routine, not only punishment night routine. - Keep giving her small, non-painful maintenance spankings [light hand smacks for 4-5 minutes] every 4-5 days. It will help her feel better (if she consents to it obviously) and act as a therapy. - Give her lots of kisses on platonic areas like forehead, cheek etc. - Be consistent. Consensually create boundaries for her in general life to safely explore and enjoy in and define consequences for breaking the boundaries. Consistently follow through so that she feels safe around you. End quote: If your Sub feels safe around you, loves you, knows you love her, knows you will support her, knows you will keep you safe, knows you will discipline her when needed and knows you will keep her happy and her best interests, YOU ARE A PERFECT DOM. I try to be my wife's perfect Dom, for she is my soulmate and my perfect Sub. In a loving relationship with a beautiful submissive lady for 2-3 years.
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