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  1. In my previous blog post, I told you a little about my first ever spanking and how my girlfriend and I explored it together. We were both completely new, didn't have the internet to fall back on and hadn't even had sex yet. But spanking had gripped us and whenever we had a moment, we talked about it, daydreamed about it or tried to plan our next playtime. That was easier said than done because both of us lived with our parents (we were teenagers, after all) and at my place, someone was pretty much always at home. That left her place. Her parents owned a business, which meant they were often away during the day. That left her older brother. He was pretty unpredictable but obviously we wouldn't want him around. We also had some difference of opinion about clothing. She felt hesitant to go bare bottom and while I did too, getting it on the bare felt appropriate to both of us. So we settled on the understanding that the one giving the spanking would decide if it was on the bare or not and we were not allowed to argue that decision. Another issue we had, was a difference in interest. She enjoyed mild spankings that gave her blushing cheeks and basically turned her on. She also didn't want them that often. For me on the other hand, I was more interested in punishments. A spanking for actual wrongdoing. This issue was easily fixed after a talk. I certainly didn't mind giving her a mild spanking! Getting my hands on her shapely tush was a big plus to my teenage mind, spanking or no spanking! On the other hand, she loved to spank me and being an avid tennis player, she had a strong arm and was not afraid to use it. She also liked the idea of punishment spankings. Her parents spanked but only very rarely but enough that she had some idea of what it was like and how to do it. So it was settled: I would give her fun spankings when she felt like it and she would give me punishment spankings when I deserved them. That automatically brought us to the next issue: when did I deserve to be spanked? This was the topic of a kitchen table discussion at her home while we were supposed to be doing our homework together. "We need rules," she said. Even though I had been the first one to spank her, she was now the one showing more initiative. She was a few months younger than me but it was also clear that she was more mature in many respects. Both blushing, eyeing each other nervously, we started drawing out some parameters that would determine my punishments. The conversation is etched into my memory because it was a turning point in our young relationship. It made sense that we needed rules. Breaking the rules would be reason for punishment. So I agreed, we needed rules. "So what kind of rules?" she asked. Excellent question of course. And while I had some ideas, I was too nervous to table them right away. I needed some examples so I asked her what her parents spanked for because mine didn't spank at all. The list wasn't very long. "Having a big mouth. Not doing as we're told. Bad grades, those kinds of things." "How about bad grades then?" I offered. She nodded. "Sure, I can spank you if you get bad grades." I wasn't a bad student and usually got good grades so I didn't really see much danger in agreeing to this rule. Dutch schools give grades from 1 to 10, where 10 is the best and 1 obviously the worst. A grade of 5.5. is a passing grade so we set the bar on a 6. I would get spanked if I scored less than a 6 on a test. Not much discussion there. "What about having a big mouth?" she offered next. "What do you mean? To you?" I asked. "Yes," she said. "To me. Or my friends. Or my parents." I hesitated. "So what would that mean, exactly?" "Not being rude, no swearing or cursing or being disrespectful." I didn't think those would be much of a problem. I was pretty respectful so this sounded like a pretty safe rule to establish as well. "Okay, I guess that's fine," I replied. "Good, so now you have to be nice to my friend J," she said with a smile. It was true, I didn't like her friend J and she didn't seem to like me either. I felt she was arrogant and always a bit condescending towards me. Whenever we were together, there were a few snide remarks exchanged. We just weren't able to get along so naturally, I objected to this. I protested that J hated me and it wasn't just my fault that we were always fighting. She listened but her reply was rather logical. Either we made this a rule and it would apply to everyone or we couldn't have this rule. If I got to pick and choose when or to whom I could be rude, it wasn't really a rule. I couldn't really argue with that. "So you think it should be a rule?" I asked. "Yes, I think it is a good rule. I don't like it when you are rude to my friends." She looked right at me and her bright, blue eyes seemed to look straight through me. All of a sudden I felt my resistance melt away. I still don't know why exactly but I couldn't stand up to her and I had a strong urge to yield to her. I looked down at my history book. "Okay, it's a rule," I heard myself say. She seemed very pleased and without much of a pause moved on to the next bit. "What about 'not doing as you are told''? I suddenly realized something and backtracked. "Wait! Who decides if I am being rude?" Her answer was quick and simple. "Me of course. Who else would do that?" Again her logic seemed undeniable. Of course I couldn't be the one who decided such things. Even though I expected that I might get in trouble with this rule sooner rather than later, I felt an urge to agree with her again. So I just nodded. "And what about not doing as you are told? How do you feel about that as a reason for punishment?" I scoffed. "That means you get to tell me what to do!" "Well, that's the way it is for parents and kids. The parents get to tell the kids what to do, she argued. "Yeah, but you're not my parent. You're younger than me," I countered. "I'm not going to run your life. But you should do as you're told if I'm going to spank you." Again, that seemed logical. And again, I didn't feel like arguing but instead I felt like yielding. "Yes, that's true I suppose." "You should write these down so we don't forget them," she said. At the back of my school history binder, I found an empty sheet of paper and wrote down my rules. My grades should be 6 or above I will not have a big mouth I will do as I am told Somehow, putting them in writing felt special and more official. I showed them to my girlfriend and she nodded approvingly. "Maybe we should add one more," she said. "Like what?" "Maybe that you shouldn't be late?" She had a point. I was often late and kept her waiting when we agreed to study together or go somewhere together. It was not by intention but it was just the kind of teenager I was. "I'll be in trouble so often then," I smiled. "It's up to you. You could try to be on time," she countered. I didn't say anything but just picked up the pen and wrote: "4. I will not be late." We agreed that this was enough. Four rules, some easier to follow than others. I looked at them with a mixture of excitement and disbelief. It was exciting to think that I now had a set of rules to follow and that there would be consequences for not doing so. But I also found it hard to believe that my girlfriend would follow through and that we could actually make this work. I looked at her, setting next to me at the table. Her blue eyes were still on me. "Are we really going to do this?" I asked in disbelief. "I'm okay with it if you are," she answered. It was a dream come true and even though I had some doubts if she would really follow through if it came to the actual punishment. "I'm okay with it, I think. And you? Are you really going to do it?" She smiled and the way she smiled, told me that she was not only okay with it, she wanted this arrangement too. "Next time you're late, you'll find out!" I could hear by her tone that she wasn't joking, she was absolutely serious. The skin on my bottom cheeks tingled. I had dreamed about rules and discipline for a long time and all of a sudden, I had them. Now I just had to follow them...
  2. Exactly who brought it up or how we came to even talk about it, I don’t remember anymore. But at age 15, a female friend and I discovered we shared an interest in spanking. It was me who first took the initiative to spank her. I still remember how we were very quiet and flustered about the whole thing as she slowly lowered her jeans in my bedroom. Nobody else was home. She was too embarrassed to lower her panties so she went over my knee with her white cotton briefs still covering her bottom. I also still remember how I very gently placed my hand on her bottom, the first time I had ever been so close to a girl, especially in such an intimate position. Her butt felt warm and soft and deliciously round under my hand. I smacked her gently, enjoying how her bottom wiggled in response. It barely stung. Our faces were much redder than her buttocks the whole time. Just as I was about to smack a bit harder, we heard a car pull up in the driveway and that was the end of our first careful spanking adventure. It was my mother who came home and she never learned we had been doing anything but our homework. A few days later, we met at her home for “homework”. We flipped a coin to see who would be the one getting spanked this time and I lost the toss. She mentioned she wanted to spank me on my bare bottom but I refused because I didn’t get to spank her on the bare either, the first time. We had a bit of a discussion about it with her saying that it was different for boys and me saying it wasn’t fair. In the end, we decided to let fate decide for us again. Another coin was flipped and I lost the toss again. I insisted we try for 2 out of 3 to which she agreed but again fate decided against me. I had to be bare. Mercifully she agreed that my underpants wouldn’t come down until I was over her knee. It was time. With slightly jittery hands I undid the belt of my jeans, the button and the zipper. I carefully lowered them to around my knees and positioned myself over her knee. She was seated on the bed so being over her lap was pretty comfortable. To my surprise, she didn’t waste any time! With a quick tug, she pulled my underpants down to below my buttocks. I was too surprised and embarrassed to say anything. I was also painfully aware of something growing in my nether regions which only added to my embarrassment at being exposed. Those first few slaps were the first I ever received from someone else. I had done some self-spanking before but this was different and arguably much better. I felt it a little but it wasn’t painful or anything. “You’re getting red,” she said and I could hear the smile in her voice. “Yes, of course,” I said. “Does it hurt when I smack you like this?” “A little,” I replied honestly. “Should I do it harder?” I both wanted that and didn’t want it at the same time. The question confused me, as I remember. My brain only came up with one answer. “If you like,” I said. I don’t remember her reply but I do remember that she liked it. A lot. She began smacking my exposed buttocks harder and now I really did feel it sting. She mentioned her hands hurt but that didn’t seem to stop her. I felt the heat building and actual discomfort setting in. No car pulled into the driveway to save me from my spanking. At this point my brain felt it necessary to remind me that she played tennis and that she was near the top of the leader-board for her age group. I began to see why! It didn’t take long before it really began to hurt and my hand flew back to shield my buttocks. Had she been an experienced spanker, this would definitely have caused problems for me but it stopped her. She was concerned if it had been too much or too hard. I was honest that it hurt quite a bit. She asked if it was enough and at that moment, I felt that it had been. She let me up and I noticed that mercifully any growth in my nether regions had gone. A check in the mirror showed me that my teenage buttocks had been reddened nicely and they were also warm to the touch. “You look very red,” she agreed and there was definitely a blush and a smile on her face when she said so. That smile was a sign foreshadowing how this relationship would develop but for now we were both inexperienced and just happy to have found someone to share our secret desire with. There was no internet back then and until we discovered by accident and luck that we shared this kinky secret, we believed we were alone with this strange desire. We were shy about exploring it and had to do it at times when we had sufficient privacy. Her first spanking was a bit of a let-down because we’d been interrupted but my first spanking was the opening salvo of many more exciting adventures. But that’s a story for another time.
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