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  1. This is a pretty straight-forward story, nothing particularly special about it. For me, canes are a hard limit, but I wanted to write a story with something I wasn't interested in but many other spankos were to see if I could pull it off. Telling Lies Brenda slipped a hand between her legs, rubbing hard as she watched the woman on the computer screen cry out as a thick, leather belt cracked across her shapely bare and now very red ass. The man standing next to her on the bed she was bent over lifted the belt and brought it down again. Brenda rubbed faster, feeling herself close to orgasm when her headphones were snatched roughly off her head. She turned, startled, seeing Calvin standing behind her glowering. Brenda! What are you watching?" "Sir! You're home! I thought you weren't going to be home for another hour." "You thought wrong and you haven't answered my question. You know you're not supposed to be watching spanking videos. We just discussed this last week!" "I..I ... it was just one, sir...I got distracted." "From the work you were supposed to be doing? Did you get that done?" "Well, n-no, sir, not yet. I was going to." Calvin grabbed her by the upper arm and pulled her roughly out of her chair. He then took her place and started tapping at the keyboard, calling up her browsing history. "Just one, you said," he said frowning. "Then who watched these other..." he paused and began counting, scrolling through the history. "Twenty-five, Brenda? No wonder you lost track of time and didn't expect me home." Brenda hung her head, ashamed and more than a little scared at getting caught. "Twenty-five," Calvin said, standing up and glaring at his girl. "Not only did you break our rule but you told me a bald-face lie." "I-I'm sorry, sir," she said, swallowing hard. "I didn't think you'd look." "That just makes it worse, Brenda," he said. Grabbing her by the upper arm again, he dragged her to the corner. "Put your nose there. I don't even have to tell you you're in trouble or what you have coming. You know good and well what the consequences are." "Yes, sir," she said tremulously. "I'm sorry, sir." "You're sorry you got caught. I'm going to make sure you are sorry you lied to me and that you watched those videos again." He gave her bottom a hard smack and then walked away. She stood there squirming for 15 minutes as he moved about the house and then came back to the room, sitting at her computer again. He went through the past few days’ histories, noting she had been watching the videos daily and not confessing it to him. He also clicked on a few to see what she had been watching. Finally, he picked up the bowl of water and the bar of soap he'd brought to the room and walked over to her. "Turn around, Brenda, but keep your hands on your head." When she had done so, he noted with satisfaction the alarm in her eyes. "I will not tolerate you lying to me. We're going to wash those lies right out of your mouth--now open wide." "Please, sir, please, no" she begged. "Now, Brenda," he said sternly. She opened her mouth wide and he dipped the soap into the water and then crammed it into her mouth, rubbing it around, up and down her tongue and around her lips, watching with satisfaction as the suds filled her mouth and her face screwed up into a sour grimace. He finally pulled the soap out and she coughed, gagging a little. He motioned for her to spit into the bowl. "You can rinse out after your punishment is over, my girl." He set the bowl and soap aside and then pulled her shorts and underwear to her knees. "Now go lie on the bed--on your stomach, of course. I want your naughty ass sticking up in the air like that poor woman whose strapping you were enjoying so much." Brenda choked back a sob and hobbled to the bed, her mouth filled with the awful flavor of the soap and her body dreading what she knew was coming next. She climbed onto the bed, lying on her stomach and lifting her hips. Calvin watched her, almost changing his mind on what he had decided to do, then steeling his resolve as he thought about what he had seen on the computer. "I'm very disappointed in you, Brenda. We have talked about why these are not good for you and yet you've spent a great amount of time watching them. And then for you to lie to me? To hide them from me? That goes against all our agreements. I did not think I would need to teach you the lesson that things will always be worse for you if I find out you've been hiding them." Calvin walked to a drawer and opened it, noting Brenda's eyes on him as he did so. "Obviously the strapping I gave you last week didn't get the message through," he said as he pulled out a long, wooden paddle with six holes drilled into it. "I've only had to use this twice on you, and I had hoped that I wouldn't have to again. However, clearly the time has come again." Brenda pulled a pillow toward her and buried her face in it, scared but knowing anything she said would make it worse. "How many videos did you watch again, Brenda? The real number?" Brenda swallowed and then gagged as suds went down her throat, "Twenty-five, sir" "Very well, my girl, then you can guess what you have coming." He strode back to the bed and rested the paddle against her ass cheeks. He patted them a few times with the paddle and then gave her a firm, but not too hard, swat with it. He waited a moment and then repeated the motion five times, pausing between each one to let the sting settle in. The sixth swat came down harder and made her flinch and squeeze the pillows. He again completed a set of five at the same severity. He then stood and waited a few moments, "When we are done, I expect a firm commitment and promise from you that you will stop. If necessary, I will check your computer every night and spank you every night. Is that going to have to happen, Brenda?" "No, sir, please, I promise I'll stop!" Calvin nodded and lifted the paddle again, this time coming down hard and making her jump. Her hands flew back to cover her bottom and to furiously rub. "Stop that, Brenda, he said, pulling her hands away and then pinning her wrists to her back with one hand as he delivered four more hard seats to her cherry red bottom. She rolled, but Calvin pressed her down, pinning her in place. "You knew when you watched videos there would be consequences. If you didn't want a severe punishment, you should have obeyed our rules." "Yes, sir, please, I'm very sorry, please no more, it really hurts--I've learned my lesson." "We will be done when I say we're done, Brenda, and that won't be until you've gotten 10 more." Brenda buried her face in the pillow again, tears wetting her face. Calvin took a deep breath and began the next set of five, once again increasing the severity as he covered her entire bottom with unforgiving swats if hard wood. She cried out with each one, her distress growing. After the five, he paused again, setting the paddle aside and reaching down to rub her throbbing bottom. He waited as Brenda regained control of herself and her breathing slowed again. "You would have gotten a severe punishment for watching so many videos right after we had discussed it," Calvin said to her. "But lying to my face? Hiding it? Trying to get away with it when you know you've been caught. That is unacceptable. That tells me I haven't been getting through to you with my discipline." "Oh, no, sir, please, you have...I ...I ..I don't know why I behaved as I did. Please, sir, please don't be harsher with me." "Are you going to argue with me? Even now, Brenda?" Calvin asked with wonder in his voice. He shook his head and walked over to the closet. "Some time ago, I warned you what I would do if I kept having to repeat the same lessons. I bought something I hoped I’d never have to use on you. I bought it hoping that you seeing it would be enough of a deterrent." Calvin reached into the closet and pulled out a long, slender cane with a leather-wrapped handle. Returning to the bed, he tapped her sore ass with it. "Obviously that was a false hope. You're getting your final five with this." Brenda sobbed into the pillow, all argument gone from her, knowing she had pushed her lover too far this time. Calvin tapped again and then lifted the cane, bringing it down with a sharp swish across the top of her ass. She let out a cry and he had to set his lips, reminding himself that if he didn't want to have to use this cane again, it needed to do its job this time. He waited until she had settled back into place, her legs no longer kicking. Again, he brought it down hard, a second weal appearing in a straight line under the first. He continued working his way down her ass until five lines crossed her throbbing cheeks and his lover was crying on the bed. He put the cane back in the closet and then pulled Brenda up off the bed and into his arms, holding her close, rubbing her back and murmuring softly to her, "There, there, my girl, it's over, it's all right now." She cried into his shoulder, her arms wrapped around his waist. After a few moments, she finally spoke, "Oh, sir, I'm so, so sorry. I promise I won't lie to you again. I'm going to try really hard not to watch any more videos, but if I do, I'll tell you, I promise." "Yes, my girl, I'm sure you will. You are forgiven. I don't ever want to repeat that but you should know I will if it is necessary." "Oh, sir, I know you will help me do what is right, that you will punish me when I need it, but I'm going to try hard to make sure I don't need it again." "Good, my girl, I know you can do it. I know you sometimes need extra motivation," he lifted her face and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips, making a face as he was reminded it was still covered in soap. "Now go rinse out your mouth and hurry back here. You can leave your clothes in the bathroom because I'm planning to fuck you long and hard until we are both worn out." Brenda looked at him with shining eyes and hurried off to do as she was bid, her rosy cheeks bouncing as she rushed to the bathroom.
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