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Found 12 results

  1. The Stranger at the Bistro.doc
  2. Enjoy!! The Lazy Husband What the hell have you been doing all day while I have been at work? This is getting really old me busting my ass all day while your unemployed ass just sits around all day. It’s time for a change young man. Kim is an essential worker and got no time off during the pandemic, while Mark was laid off his heating and air job. All he did was lay around watch TV and order items off the internet. Baby I will start cleaning please I don’t need a reminder trip over your knee. Well it’s obvious that you didn’t learn anything from your lesson last week isn’t it. What you didn’t take me seriously? What did I tell was going to happen if you didn’t start picking up after yourself? Bare bottom spanking with no warm up. Thats correct young man she said as she moved a straight back chair from the kitchen table to the living room. She then said yes your gonna clean this house spotless but first your gonna get spanked. She grabbed a wooden spoon from the kitchen utensils and in one slick motion grabbed her lazy husband by the ear and dragged him with one hand by the ear and had the spoon in her other hand. She sat down on the straight back chair and in then with her left hand tugged down his shorts and underwear and through him over her knee and started paddling his bare bottom with augusto using the spoon. Smacks reigned down on Mark’s bare bottom. He instantly started to kick and squirm ton avoid the blows from that wicked spoon. Whack whack whack whack whack whack whack owwww owwww I’m sorry he pleaded, Kim had def ears she just kept on blistering his bottom. Please stop Mark cried and attempted to cover his bottom and Kim just pinned his arm to the small of his back. Swats reigned down over and over and Mark was blubbering like a baby. Finally she let him up. Young man she said i told you this would happen and I meant it she scolded. And if you think this is over think again. Get your nose in the corner and I will be right back. Yes ma’am he said and started to rub his sore bottom. He was in the corner sniffling trying to regain his composure. Kim returned with BOE paddle that was a custom made Oak paddle with the words Kim’s Fire Starter etched in it. She called him out of the corner and pointed to the chair bend over the chair and grab the legs hang on naughty boy. She brought down the paddle with all of her might. Over and over thwack thwack thwack thwack Mark was crying his eyes out and then it happened he started to feel funny in his head. It didn’t hurt as bad he could take it. Then just as the paddle swats started they stopped. Then he felt it ow ow ow NO please ma’am stop.! Kim could see he was in subspace so she picked the wooden spoon back up and paddled his thighs over and over again with short rapid fire stingy blows. She then grabbed Mark by the ear and marched him to the corner. Hands on your head young man and don’t you dare touch that bottom. Mark was sniffling in the corner trying to calm himself down and Kim took a seat in the straight back chair and admired her handy work. She waited 20 minutes and then went to Mark in the corner and whispered softly in his ear I love you honey but sometimes I have to deal with my naughty boy. She then handed Mark and apron and said wear this with no underwear. She then watched Mark cleaning the house with only and apron on and a shiny red bare bottom.
  3. So here it comes. You know you've earned it. He warned you and you didn't listen. You're gonna get a spanking from him. "Will that be so bad", you wonder. You quickly shake off that thought... "of course it will be! It's gonna hurt like crazy!" He's never spanked you before and he's never even seen you remotely undressed. You just share an apartment out of convenience and the thought of anything else has never even crossed your mind... but you wonder... has it ever crossed his? No matter. This is a spanking and will be the closest either of you have ever been to one another. When he calls you into the lving room, you notice he is sitting in an armless dining room chair, turned around and pulled away from the table. You also notice that the window blinds are all open. Whatever happens next will be on display for anyone that cares to notice. At least you are on the second floor, though... You approach ever so slowly, without making it look like you're being slow. You're wearing your favorite jeans and t-shirt and then you realize that it was never stated how the spanking would take place... nothing was ever said about what would be worn, or not worn for that matter. You just knew that certain things warranted a spanking and that was it. You never dreamed it would seriously happen. When you get to him, he takes your hand and gently has you stand in front of him. At first he speaks gently about what you did, and then gradually it becomes a scolding. You haven't been scolded since you were a little girl and it almost makes you cry. You think "Surely this is just a game!" You give him a little smile; one you save for special occasions, hoping that it will break the mood and you two can have a good laugh about it all. He stops scolding and says in a voice you didn't even know he had "wipe the smile off your face. Now." Ok, that makes a tear come to the corner of your eye. This is real after all... But wait. He then tells you to put your hands on his shoulders. As he begins to reach towards you again, you think "maybe he's gonna just hug me after all!" That question is answered in very short order though. Nope, he's now unfastening your pants. "Well", you think, "so maybe a spanking has to at least be with my jeans down. I can do this." Then the thought hits you... "what panties do I have on? Am i even wearing panties?" For the life of you, you dont remember... You hope that you're not wearing that sexy red thong or your Wonder Woman bikinis. That would certainly be embarassing! No matter what you have on, and you're not looking at this point. It doesn't matter what you have on, you realize as you feel his fingers enter the waistband and pull them down past your knees... you don't even remember him pulling your jeans down beacuase you were too worried about you panties when it was happening. You feel your face flush red with embarassment and begin to feel warm all over. It's then you feel the cool of the room on your bare bottom. The next thing you know, he's taken your hand again, gently, but firmly, and you are going across his lap. You see the floor and the legs of the chair and realize that there's no question about it. This spanking is about to happen and there's not a thing you can do about it. You grab the chair legs and hold on. An eternal second goes by while you feel his hand on your bare butt and realize that there are now less boundaries between you. He's seen and touched your bare butt. You wonder if he will see more than that during your spanking, cause you know you're gonna kick and squirm and there is no way to hide it. The tear that formed in the corner of your eye before now falls and you realize both of your eyes are watery and you're about to cry. The next thing you know, there is a loud smack sound, a sting on your right cheek and an echo in the room of a spanked bottom. This is followed slowly at first and then more rapidly and loudly as each cheek is attended to by his hand. You realize that this is gonna be a long, hard, thorough spanking and the tears start to flow.
  4. DaChief


    From the album: DaChief

    © Property of DaChief

  5. DaChief


    From the album: DaChief

    © Property of DaChief

  6. I literally need a personal trainer with me when I'm working out teaching me proper form, someone who can easily do the workouts assigned to me so I can watch how their body moves doing it so I can hopefully mimic it, him being a healthy fitness visual to motivate me as well, and helping me set up a specific routine of workouts to do every day designed to reach my personal body goals of reducing sagging skin as I continue to drop weight, to tone up and strengthen my weaker muscles, and to make my butt better formed and bigger. The Disciplinarian part comes in by needing him to be strict and stern with me, to motivate me by accepting no bullshit excuses from me about why I can't workout, and firmly and with consistency, dealing out punishment spankings if I fuck up I guess. And honestly..I would absolutely love being held accountable for my weak moments of eating the really unhealthy crap food that sets me back a week or more on my progress. I mentally respond extremely well to consensual male authority. I wouldn't even be against officially hiring a man that fits this description if he existed near me. Every day I try to do as many squats with my resistance bands as my legs can manage, use the bands to work on my arms until my arms can't pull them anymore, and I've recently taken up literally just running around my house outside with my dogs for cardio after work if it's still daylight and not raining. But that's all I can manage to make myself do, and I honestly have not been doing any of it on my days off work. I'm not seeing any results and I'm mad at myself because I know I'm better than this. I control every aspect of my life but stupidly struggle with this. I still have a lot of weight left to lose in my opinion. I've plateaued at only having lost 60lbs last I checked from my top weight 😔😔😔😔 but I'm keeping myself on a less than 1500 calorie (trying for no more than 1312 daily tbh) daily intake the best I can at least 5 days a week, sometimes 2000 plus though on my weaker moments on my days off work. But I'm probably just going to have to muddle through like I have been trying to do it on my own and hope some kind of acceptable progress is eventually seen since I can't seem to find a local man who can assist me with this. 😔 I'm just in a mood right now, I'm not usually such a pity party person, honest. I guess I'm just up in my feelings with being disappointed with my own behavior lately. I guess, really, I'm just shouting into the void at this point. I attached a photo of my only progress so far (I hope topless pics are allowed here). It was a photo I took to boost my confidence and I'm well aware of my specific pose that makes me look more flattering as I'm hiding the squishy stomach skin, but again, I wanted to boost my self image.
  7. I'm a 21-year-old aviation student, the only child of an ambitious businesswoman. My father was an American fighter pilot downed over Afghanistan in 2003. My mother, of European ancestry, was a strict, but fair disciplinarian, who had no reservations about spanking. From about the age 5, I was spanked when necessary through grammar school, high school and embarrassingly, once as a freshman in college. Despite modern parental theories, I don't think spanking created a "monster" or negatively altered my personality or morality. Unread Content Mark site read Home Momeezboy
  8. Recently, I saw an old "Lucille Ball" sitcom, co-starring Jay North (Dennis the Menace), playing the role of a mischievous teenager. The conclusion of the show saw Ms Ball, dressed as a wooden toy soldier, sitting on a chair, with the young actor stretched across her lap. <sigh> "Coming out" is so scary and nerve-wracking, but, my Mom is of European heritage, and hence; strict, but fair and an advocate of classic discipline. My dad was a military pilot, shot down over Afghanistan when I was a child. My Mom raised me (ambiguously) single-handedly since the age of 6. I was spanked as a child through grammar school, an adolescent in middle school and occasionally as a teen in high school. I was a happy, well-adjusted kid, with that one exception, but I loved and respected (not feared) Mommy and never resisted discipline. Embarrassingly enough, that serendipitous finding has triggered the realization of an intense longing for that type of maternal attention. Ironically, if Mommy thought a spanking was "in my best interest," even now, I would not resist being guided across her knee, but uncontrollably long for being treated like her little boy again. HOW DO I ADMIT THAT TO HER, LADIES? Is it even a wise thing to do? If under a similar circumstance, what would YOUR reaction be? Ugh ,
  9. Guest

    When you come home

    When you come home to me my darling, you will be led by the hand to our bedroom. I will sit in the chair that was purchased for one purpose and have you on your knees in front of me as I talk to you. I will tell you just how much I love and admire you in so many ways. How strong that you have been during a very stressful time for you. Strong, not only for self but also for those who are dependent upon you for support. I couldn’t be prouder of my girl and that pride only increases my love and my respect for you. But, I also know my lovely lady very well. How so often in the past the need to be strong led to decisions that we both know were detrimental and harmful to you. The little girl in you became overwhelmed and afraid and often rightfully so. That little girl remains an intricate part of you and it’s time for the little girl to let go of the control and let her daddy take control of the situation. You will be placed over my knee and as your panties are slowly lowered to your knees, as will the guards and defenses that are needed in the adult world. There will be no need for those guards my naughty girl, as your bottom is bared to me so will be your heart and your soul. Then my sweet love, you will be spanked and spanked long and hard by my firm hand. It’s my hand that you need to feel, the hand of your love, your sir and your daddy. How I wish that I had been there long ago to keep you from making improper choices, choices which led to guilt and self doubt. But I can promise you this my love, I will do everything in my power to see that those choices will not be evident in the present or the future. If tears need to be shed, they will be shed, this I promise you. I offer you my knee and my palm in that endeavor. My arms await my sobbing little girl grasped tightly in my arms. I love you my dear sweet red cheeked angel.
  10. I'd like a spanking better than Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday shopping; beat the crowds with heat on the seat. Older, safe, non-sex spankers only need apply. Need some discipline, some repeat heat to the seat. Need to start soon before I chicken out.
  11. Over the knee spanking is my favorite, especially when it's a bratty girl. http://fetishmegasite.com/?query=spank
  12. Hi folks, I am Bob and Im' in Brooklyn, NY. I'm into both giving and getting otk bare bottom spankings, if not buck naked spankings. I give to guys only and get spanked by both guys and gals. I also host spank parties in Queens, NY; Newark, NJ; and in Philadelphia area, totalling about 10 per year. They are in private homes with many repeat guests. All parties are free or nominal ($5 for Philadelphia). If you're interested contact me. I also have three short videos, 1 to 3 minutes each showing my bare bottom getting spanked; I can send you the link. I travel a lot throughout North America including Boston, Washington, Atlanta, Miami, Denver, San Antonio, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Fresno, San Francisco and Seattle. If you're in one of these cities, let me know. We might connect soon! My full g-rated pic shows when you view my profile (even though you don't see it in preview). Bob(by) ( = )( = ) boys don't learn till buns burn
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