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  1. The young cardiologist was not performing a routine task as he prepared to observe a heart transplant. His reasoning to his colleagues and superiors was for the knowledge and experience he would gain from the observation, but in reality it was to look over the young lady that had captured his attention upon first diagnosis and meeting. She was deathly ill and as luck would have it she did not have to wait long upon diagnosis to receive a much needed heart. The anaesthesiologist was preparing to put her under as Aiden reasoned with himself that part of the reason he had concocted the "knowledge and experience" excuse was that she would have some support as she was going through the scariest time in her life. No family was permitted as Covid-19 guidelines were still in place and he couldn't bear the thought of her going through such a risky surgery without support from someone that cared for her. Not that he really knew her. Yet. "Would you like to hold my hand?" He asked her as the anaesthesiologist prepared the medicine for the IV. She gulped and nodded nervously and reached out for his hand. "Thanks Dr. Carlson." ***** Well, if I never wake from this at least I'm going out holding the hand of a very cute doctor is the last coherent thought Cass has before succumbing to the darkness. ***** Almost a week has passed since Cass's heart transplant. It went extremely well and the patient is recovering at a remarkable speed. A bit too well, as Cass is growing antsy at being cooped up in a hospital bed and room. Against doctors and nurses orders she decides that she's going to go looking for a vending machine and grab some chocolate. M&M's, Kit Kat, or a Milky Way she practically salivates while imagining consuming one of the delicious treats. She is overcome by her desire for a forbidden treat. And a forbidden task to get such a forbidden treat. Finally, some action. Cass's heart beat speeds up at the excitement this task has generated. Once out of bed, Cass secures the back of her nightgown, in final preparation for Operation Obtain Chocolate as she has hastily dubbed her mission, to make it more official, of course. Slowly and carefully she eases herself out of her room. First a toe, then an eye, as her head cranes out in full stealth mode, she believes. She waits for a nurse to enter a nearby room, pauses a moment, makes sure the coast is clear, and responsibly uses the handrails as she makes her way down the hallway. Cass chooses a direction at random as she has utterly no idea where the nearest vending machine is. Halfway down the hallway she decides to turn and see if she'll have any luck in another hall. She sees a waiting room towards the end of the area and is hopeful that means she's nearing a Chocolate Machine from Above. Her pace speeds up in anticipation.... ***** Walking out of a patient's room, Aiden looks up from the chart he has just closed and heads to his next patient's room. He blinks twice and narrows his eyes at the sight of a familiar patient out of her bed that most definitely shouldn't be... Grabbing a nearby wheelchair, he wheels up behind Cass, and says "Young lady, just what do you think you're doing out of bed and your room?" Startled, Cass pauses in her tracks and before she knows it, she finds herself whisked into a wheelchair and being wheeled back into her room, her mission thwarted by her cute doctor. Indignant, she huffs, "You're not that much older than me" at the young lady comment. Now back into her room Dr. Carlson responds to Cass by saying, "I believe I'm nearly a decade older actually but regardless of my age, the matter at hand here is you're being extremely naughty going against doctor's orders right now, young lady." *gulp* Naughty and a double young lady? What is going on here? Cass gently pinches herself to make sure she's still not under anesthesia. Nope, she's awake. Fully grasping she is indeed in reality, the loss of chocolate comes back to her. "All I wanted was some chocolate and to get out of this freaking room for just a minute!" "You know full well that's not allowed right now because if it was any of us here would be happy to bring you some without you risking your health to do so." Is the stern response Aiden gives as Cass is once again efficiently put back into that darn bed. "Whatever," Cass mutters while crossing her arms and narrowing her own eyes. "You're treating me like I'm some kind of child." "Oh, you're certainly in need of supervision and correction so maybe you're not far off." Is the words said to her as John briskly walks off, unable to stay a second longer without fearing turning her over his knee as she so richly needs. Most definitely not appropriate for both professional and health reasons though he admonishes himself while trying to shake himself back to reality and resume his workday. ***** Another week passes and the nurses and staff are kept quite busy dealing with the increasing antics of their recovering patient. Numerous escape attempts (or so-called Chocolate Missions as the patient claims), whining, pouting, and so called acts in the name of charity have left all those kept on Cass duty well exhausted. Cass actually did manage to read and play with the children at the end of the hall a couple times (for almost an entire hour each time, she gleefully thinks to herself) so the lack of obtaining chocolate was made up for in the sweet company of the children and the even sweeter victory of escaping her lonely hospital room. One afternoon after thwarting yet another Cass escapade, Aiden heard one of the nurses mutter, "Such a sweetheart but such an impossibly brat of a patient." He chuckled to himself at the accuracy. Brat, indeed. Fortunately for all, Cass's release date was upon them. Aiden was sad at the thought of no longer seeing the young woman that had captured his heart but happy at her level of progress as he felt confident at her chances of recovery and living a long, healthy life. As Cass was being pushed out of the hospital in a wheelchair by an orderly and approaching the exit of her prison (but also her second chance at life, she did acknowledge as well) her progress was stopped by Dr. Aiden Carlson. She inwardly groaned as freedom was so close along with her release from the rules and guidelines her keepers had been trying to enforce. "What now Doc? You're the one that granted me permission to leave in case you've forgotten." Cass quipped sarcastically. "Since you're no longer going to me my patient I wanted to give you this, should you need anything. Anything at all. Please don't hesitate to reach out." A business card was thrust into her hands as the doctor rushed off in the other direction embarrassed at such brash behavior. Cass flipped over the business card to see written, "I'd love to take you to dinner" along with his cell phone number written on the back. She smiled as her newly transplanted heart thumped faster at his proposal... ***** Exactly a week later and Aiden was on his way to pick up Cass after a long shift at the hospital. He was excited to get to know her more, especially outside of the hospital, and engage with her in everyday living. He parked outside her apartment as that had been one of his terms of the date as he didn't want to overtax her as she was still recovering. Doctor's orders, really, he wryly though. Cass came out of her apartment wearing a polka dotted dress and black sandals looking every bit the healthy young woman that she now was. "Hi, Dr. Carlson." She said as he opened her car door for her. "How many times have I told you now? It's Aiden. I'm no longer your doctor anymore." Half an hour later they were seated at the Italian restaurant starting on their salads. The young couple was enjoying getting to know each other more and were both quite charmed by each other. Another hour passes and the conversation is still in full flow. "May I interest you all in any dessert?" The waitress asks. "Yes, please. The biggest slice of chocolate cake you have." Aiden raises his eyebrow but Cass doesn't bat an eye and continues the conversation. A piece of cake approximately the size of a small child is delivered to the table and Cass digs in. Within minutes half the cake is devoured. "I'm not so sure cake is on your current diet...especially that much of it." Aiden chides gently. "Good thing you're not my doctor anymore then isn't it?" Cass teases. "Perhaps. Maybe that means I can actually do something about your bad behavior now." Cass pauses mid bite, the first time she's taken a break from inhaling the delicious chocolatey dessert in front of her. "Like what?" She inquires hopefully. "Like take you over my knee when you misbehave like a naughty brat." Cass blushes to perhaps the reddest her face has ever been and may ever get in her lifetime. Is that for real? She wonders again. Another pinch. The brief sting of pain. "Ow" she whispers quietly. "Exactly." Aiden says. "Let's go." Cass says as she suddenly stands up and leaves the restaurant. Aiden hurriedly puts a stack of bills on the table and follows after her. He starts the car with utter silence surrounding him. Oh crap, I have royally screwed this up. What was I thinking threatening her with a spanking on the first date? "Cass, I'm sorry...I was teasing and I shouldn't have done that." He tries to play the ending of their dinner off afraid he's ruined the date and his chances with her. "Aiden, were you serious?" She whispers in response, simultaneously hoping that he was and afraid that he was. "Well, I..." He tries to figure out the right response to this situation. "I hope you were." She answers quietly while turning to look out the window, refusing to look in his direction the remainder of the car ride to her apartment. Once parked, Aiden opens her car door and escorts her to the door of her apartment. "I'm sorry for how the dinner ended but I hope you'll consider going out with me again." Aiden stammers wondering what all of this means but knowing he'll puzzle the situation over all night. "Don't worry. I had a great time. I mean it. Good night!" Cass hugs Aiden and closes her apartment door, a lot also on her mind. 11 o'clock that night Aiden's phone vibrates from a text from Cass. "I do think you need to address my behavior lately. Maybe you could come over for a movie tomorrow and to discuss?" The next night rolls around with both Cass and Aiden a bundle of nerves. The movie is over before either one of them brings up the text. Cass says shyly, "About what you said last night...I agree that I probably do need a spanking for all my behavior lately. I wasn't exactly the best patient and I do feel bad about that now..." Cass can't meet Aiden's eyes. Aiden lifts her chin so their eyes are meeting. "Young lady, I want you to go get your hairbrush from the bathroom and bring it back out here for me." Cass jerks her chin out of his grasp and stands up nervously and rushes off. Once in her bathroom she hesitates, overcome with nerves. "Cassandra Marie, I'm waiting. You have 60 seconds to have that brush in my hands." She gulps and scurries back with the brush in her hands and delivers it to him. The brush now firmly in Aiden's hands she stands before him. "I want you to ask me for a spanking so I know you're truly ready to accept responsibility for your behavior." Cass swallows. She swallows again. She looks to the floor hoping that suddenly the earth will open up and swallow her in it. When no such luck happens she sighs. "Aiden, will you please spank me for being a very difficult patient and not exactly listening to orders, yours or anybody else's." No sooner had the words left her mouth did she find herself draped over Aiden's lap on her very own couch. She had just acknowledged her new circumstances in life when she found her pajama bottoms and panties being lowered. Mortified, she tried reaching back to cover her now exposed backside. "Your hand does not belong there." Aiden said sternly while pinning it to Cass's back. "It's time you learn the consequences of your behavior, Cass. I'm sure the whole hospital would be thankful if only they could know you're finally being taken to task for it." *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* Aiden's hand reigns down upon Cass's bottom as she tries to comprehend that she really is getting spanked. Her dreams are actually a reality. *smack* *smack* *smack* *SMACK* *Smack* *SMACK* But wait...why was this a dream? She suddenly wonders as the brush finds its way upon her bare bottom after the briefest of warm ups with Aiden's hand. "OW! Please, please, please," Cass begs now fully in reality due to the intense stinging sensation in her rear end. "I'm sorry!" Aiden pauses. "Sorry for what?" "Not listening to you and everyone else when I was at the hospital," Cass answers sincerely. "I'm glad to hear that. I intend to make sure you think twice before disobeying orders again in the future." *smack* *smack* *smack* Swat after swat of the brush land upon Cass's bottom which very quickly turned to a bright shade of red. "That is quite enough kicking, young lady." Aiden locks one of his legs over hers. "I really want the rest of this spanking to make an impression on you." *smack* *smack* *SMACK* "Please Aiden. I'm sorry. I'll listen from now on." "I'm very glad to hear that. Let's just make sure," Aiden finishes off the spanking with a dozen more swats with the hairbrush before rubbing Cass's back soothingly. "Shhh, that's a good girl. You're forgiven." He says as he lifts her into his lap for a hug. ***** Hours later after lots of aftercare cuddles and a shared bowl of ice cream Aiden departs for the night. With one last rub to Cass's sore bottom he says, "You're just lucky you're still recovering, young lady. Your bottom might not be so lucky next time."
  2. I lay in bed knowing that today is going to be the perfect lazy day. Add to that the fact that before bed last night there were already a couple inches of snow on the ground and that several more inches were to come and today couldn't get much better. I roll onto my back and see you still asleep beside me. No need to be the first one out of bed, I think to myself, and let myself drift back into sleep for nearly another hour more. I debate opening my eyes and consider the possibility of just sleeping the whole day. Why not? I'm sleeping so well, why ruin it? Right as I am once again about to succumb to some more sleep I hear a noise outside the door. Apparently the sleeping beauty that was beside me has awoken. With that realization I open my eyes and take a look at the time. Still morning, I tell myself, although it's nearly time for lunch. What a great start to my day. The perfect day that I knew it was to be the day before. How could it not be with just you and I and a world full of white wonder outside? Slowly, I make my way up out of bed. I slip on a pair of fluffy socks and make my way to the kitchen. The smell of coffee greets me like I knew it would and I notice you on the couch watching ESPN. Still not completely awake but well rested I join you on the couch. "Sleep well?" I ask. No response. I see that you're engrossed in the football game in front of you. A few minutes pass and I decide to scoot a little closer, despite potential morning breath, until I am snuggled up right beside you. Your arm pulls me closer as the first sign of acknowledgement from you. "Morning, Sunshine." I say while smiling. "Good Morning, brat." I get in response. Grinning I ask, "Don't you just love snow days?” For the next half an hour I watch the football game with you until the growling of my stomach makes me realize that it's time for lunch. Coincidentally, it's also halftime and together we make our way into the kitchen. I pull out the ingredients for sandwiches and we silently work on building our own creations. I grab some vegetables and dip and then reach for the apples. "Apple?" I ask and you reply affirmatively. Closing the refrigerator door with my hands full with the rest of my lunch I say, "Catch." Without thinking I launch one of the apples at you with the aim of a poorly skilled pitcher. As the warning from me and the launch of the apple happened nearly simultaneously, you were still working on your sandwich with your head down when the apple comes hurtling at you hitting you squarely in the forehead. I drop the rest of the food on the counter and rush to your side. "Are you ok? I didn't meant to!" I say both worried and guilty. Suddenly I'm being led over to the table and you're pulling out a chair. "What have I told you about your habit of throwing things?" You ask as I'm suddenly finding myself over your knee with my bottom high in the air and my head very close to the floor and my arms supporting me. “Umm...not to?" I say while thinking back to the numerous times that I have decided that the easiest way to get something to you is through the use of my arm rather than my legs. "And what did I say was going to happen the next time you did?" While debating how to answer this question my pajama bottoms are being pulled down providing a reminder to the answer of this question, as if I really needed one. As if debating whether to leave them up or not my panties are then being tugged down right after and I'm suddenly feeling a cool breeze on my exposed bottom. "I believe I said that you'd find yourself over my knee getting a spanking." You say as you begin to spank my bottom. "I didn't mean to! It's just a habit." I say as the smacks rain down on my behind. "Maybe this will do something to help break that habit then." You respond as the intensity of the spanking increases. "Owww!" I say as the heat builds up on my bottom. Smack after smack continues. I squirm a little but find it difficult to escape the unrelenting smack, smack, smack of your hand as it makes sufficient contact with my bottom. Suddenly there's a break in the spanking and I quickly hope that it's over. Just as that thought has entered my mind, you bring the spoon down forcefully upon my bottom. "Ahhhh! Nooo.." I cry as the sharp sting of the spoon intensifies the heat in my already burning behind. I never even realized that you had grabbed the spoon. You must have retrieved it while leading me over the chair, your agility in the kitchen clearly much better than my own. "Please, no more,” I plead. With this clearly not having an effect as the spoon continues to land smack after smack across my bottom I start to kick my legs as the spanking continues. Minutes pass and I try again, "I'm sorry!" "Sorry for what?" You ask as the spanking lets up ever so slightly. "For throwing the apple at you," I answer. "Are you going to throw things at me in the future when trying to give me something or are you going to just bring it over to me?" You've stopped spanking me for the moment. "I'll bring it to you. No more throwing, I promise." "Good girl." You say as you rub my bottom and pull my panties up for me. I stand up and pull my p.j. bottoms back up and give you a hug. We finish fixing our lunch and I bring my food to the couch, purposely bypassing the hard chairs in the kitchen. I carefully sit down with my food and eat my lunch beside you and as the third quarter is already underway we eat our food in silence. Once the game is over and lunch is cleaned up I suggest we go outside and enjoy the snow. Once outside I find an outlet for my itching throwing arm and hurl snowball after snowball at you. I don't mind the result of this decision as I am in need of being warmed up once back inside again anyway and the spoon is stored back in the kitchen, safely out of the way of my already well spanked bottom. A fun spanking is just the thing to completely warm me back up again after our afternoon of fun in the snow.
  3. I will be visiting Myrtle Beach area April 28 to May 3 and would like to be spanked by a 50+ woman. I am willing to return the favor.
  4. I spank my girlfriend for disciplinary reasons and usually only cycle through a few different positions/implements based on her behavior. I usually spank her over the knee, with her bent over something, or having her bend over with her hands behind her knees for when she's really misbehaved. I use my hand mostly, a hairbrush, and a belt if the situation calls for it. I'm just looking for other positions or implements I could use to just keep things fresh and keep her guessing. Any advice is welcomed! DM me! I also have some photos and small videos I've taken of previous spankings I've given her.
  5. Hi. I am looking for someone to take me over their knee and spank my bare bottom until it is glowing bright red after which I become a very obedient boy.
  6. BTW My birthday is March 3. Any ladies interested in giving me a birthday spanking speak up.
  7. Hello, I am Michael. I am a professional living in the Austin area. I am looking for a stern female disciplinarian to administer some overdue punishment. I am clean, discreet, and respectful. I am willing to travel, within reason, and I always meet in public first. I hope to hear from you.
  8. Best way to get to know me is message me, don't be shy I love to chat with anybody I am an experienced traveling Disciplinarian/Spanker based out of Manhattan NYC. I am a mature and responsible 29 year old male with around 7 years experience, and over the years I've spanked both young ladies and older women. I've enjoyed everything about spanking since I can remember, but really got involved and started acting as a disciplinarian about 7 years ago. I enjoy taking on the role and fulfilling this void for any naughty girl whose been searching for somebody to do that for them. From helping you break those bad habits, to needing motivation, roleplaying and also for any of you curious to experience that first real discipline spanking you've often thought about. And although I'm from NYC and Long Island, I travel quite often so don't let location stop you from introducing yourself. Sorry Spanking ONLY and I only spank females. And a real good spanking at that, pants and panties down around your ankles with a bright red sore bottom before daddy's done spanking your bottom ? Can also email directly at partyndbull@gmail.com
  9. From the album: rude rumps

    Have a Happy, Gothy, Spanky New Year!!
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