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  1. That big taboo subject that nobody likes talking about, the one that makes you feel all cringy inside and you're scared to admit to having problems with. Yet, in the world we're living the statistics for Mental Health Problems are shocking, causing drives such as Mental Health Awareness. We're more then comfortable to complain of our awful cold (man-flu), yet can't admit we have anxiety and so I am here to open up some discussions and hopefully freedom about this topic. STATISTICS How common are mental health problems? (Mind uk) 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England . 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem (like anxiety and depression) in any given week in England. Suicidal thoughts and self-harm aren’t mental health diagnoses. But they are related to mental health. Over the course of someone’s lifetime 1 in 5 people have suicidal thoughts 1 in 14 people self-harm 1 in 15 people attempt suicide. Women are more likely to have suicidal thoughts and make suicide attempts than men. But men are 3 times more likely to take their own life than women. Approximately only 1 in 8 adults with a mental health problem are currently getting any kind of treatment.  So if only 1 in 8 are getting treatment, how are the other 7 coping? We need to feel free and able to seek help, know that it is ok, acceptable, helpful and you are worthy of all the help that is out there! PANIC ATTACKS So here is my own story and how this lifestyle has helped along the journey. If you have read my two previous blog posts you will know some of my history and where I've come from. It took my YEARS to admit to myself and even longer to admit to others that I do suffer with my mental health. My first taste of it was 12 years ago when I was 18 and my brother left (none did I know - for 6 years!) and I started getting panic attacks. I would be laying in bed or watching TV or reading a book and would feel this wave come over me, suddenly I was hyperventilating, my heart was racing, my whole body shaking, and I was filled with this horrendous overwhelming fear so strong that I would end up throwing up. It would then disappear as quick as it came. I had this for over a year and spent every minute of every day wandering when it would happen again. My dad is against medication due to the effect it has had on my mom so I used distraction and grounding to get myself out of it. DEPRESSION / GRIEF Fast forward a few years and I had just got out of a relationship where I was being raped. I was taught to drive by being punched in my arm if I made a mistake. But in the midst of this I lost the child I so desperately wanted to adopt (looking back now it's the best thing that could've happened, that was no place to raise a child - but I had so much love for him I was determined to make it work). The whole thing fell through, he promised to attend anger management classes, but I was done. Without my baby there was no way I was staying. However I also didn't want to move back in with my parents, and I was so hurt, and depressed, lonely, despondent and hadn't learned basic lifeskills like EMOTION as a child that I couldn't deal with it. I had a job 2 days a week so made myself completely drunk on the Friday, stayed drunk until the Wednesday night and then sober up to work on the Thursday. I didn't eat much as that just inhibited the alcohol! My mom convinced me that I would kill myself if I stayed so I needed to return home. SELF DESTRUCT I then entered a period where life was a game of risk, driving my land rover 50+mph over a humped bridge and getting all weeks off the floor, spinning (wheelies) it on gravel, getting up to 6-7 coffee's a day, not sleeping more then a few hours a night, walking in a forest at midnight, drunk driving, drinking too much in general...I did it all. I wasn't necessarily trying to harm myself but my fear had gone and something in me needed to prove that someone cared enough to stop me. DENIAL Alcohol wasn't allowed in my parents house, so I needed a new coping strategy and I worked - I worked myself to the bone. I was doing 120+ hour weeks, working 6-7 days at a time, 15 hour days. I then got accustomed to that and needed to up the anti, so I started doing a 12 hour day straight onto a 12 hour night or a 15 hour day straight onto a 9 hour night. I got accustomed to that so I started doing more and more. Eventually I was working 3-4 days and nights all at once then would sleep for 2 days and restart the cycle. It got to the point where I was hallucinating in my sleep, I would hear the hospital bells go and wander around my home trying to find 'the patient'. Another time I had a man in my home - or at least thought I did, I fell asleep in a traffic jam, I ate dried pasta because I thought it was crisps, I lost my car in the parking lot outside my own home. The wake up call for me came when I slept through Christmas only waking up to eat and drive home. Boxing day I slept until 4pm and felt so guilty that I hadn't walked the dogs, fed them or let them out. I knew I had to change! I got a different job working 30 hours a week and for at least a few months kept to that while my body recovered. Fast forward a couple of years though and life in my new town was tough, I wasn't earning enough and so once the bills were paid there was nothing left for food. I lived in my brothers house and was too proud to admit how bad things had got so was making a potato last as long as possible, was feeding the dogs and having nothing leftover. It broke my spirit and I needed a way out, so on top of my job I started volunteering at the church. I volunteered for everything going and soon I was back in my old habits of hiding the pain in my mind, hiding my mental health with work. PHYSICAL STRESS RESPONSE Fast forward 2 years and I was doing an Internship at the church taking up 4 days a week, then working my 30 hours around this, and then volunteering on at least 4 different teams and what I wouldn't fill up with this I would fill with 15 hour overtime days and once the week was complete I was back onto 80 hour weeks again. I did this for months and then my mind started struggling again because of the Celebrate Recovery course, the Internship which in parts focused deeply on my past and counselling my mind started struggling again and it all got too much. I ignored my brain and so my body shut down. I went from doing 80 hour weeks to not being able to make it up the stairs. A visit to the doctor and 2 weeks on the couch later I was fine. It was a stress response and a real wake up call. I needed to cut back on things and deal with what was going on inside me rather then trying to cover it up so started writing an autobiography which I found therapeutic and was able to deal with memories as they came up. ANXIETY Fast forward 3 years and I am now a single foster carer to a little boy with a life limiting condition and complex care needs, a mother who may not make it to December she's so ill, having had to give up work and recently moved house, a big meeting coming up and so much else going and yet again not dealing with the problem. But now I can't drink or work because of my son, I can't be self-destructive as I need to be on form to care for him first and foremost. Then I had my first anxiety attack but for 3 hours I thought I was dying and too ashamed to tell anyone...finally figuring out what was going on I was able to calm myself down. Then the next day while eating crisps in the garden I could feel my heart start to race, my breathing getting heavy, my hands shaky, my legs wobbly and a feeling of absolute dread. I was able to talk to someone who was able to share their own experiences with me, offer practical advice and basically just support me through it. I felt so ashamed that it was happening, that I wasn't strong or in control of my own emotions, I felt like such a burden and a failure, weak... because I couldn't be completely independent, all of a sudden I need help. Yet, as they told me of their own struggles and how they have worked through them I felt so much repect for the amount of strength they had, admiration for how they dealt with it, gratitude for being there for me the whole time I felt horrendous. I felt so positive about them and their ability to share their journey and yet like a piece of crap for going through it myself. As humans we are so hard on ourselves, where we see strength in others we see weakness in ourselves. We need to be kinder, more honest, more accepting with ourselves! I think the real lesson I have learned is to be open about struggles, I share if I'm feeling sick from a cold and I'm learning I need to share what's going on upstairs too, that having anxiety is no more shameful, taboo or makes me any weaker then any physical problem I could have. I'm learning thats its just as OK to have medication for anxiety as it is for me to have medication for a cold. I'm learning it's OK to talk. My biggest lesson has come from having no other option then to deal with it head on, I cant drink now with a child, I cant work until I'm too tired to think, I can't run from it, so all of a sudden I need to deal with it...and it feels a million times better then all my other strategies! Spanking and PTSD In November 2020 after suffering with flashbacks of various traumas in my past, reliving moments not necessarily through pictures but also the emotions and physical feelings would come back if triggered; I was diagnosed with PTSD and panic disorder. This is from repeated abuse and childhood trauma. I was so embarrassed and didn't want anyone to know, I kept it from my parents for ages, from family and friends. I'm on a high dose of meds which really help now, and the stabiluty, safety, structure and accountability of DD really helps with my self destruct mode. Mental health matters, if you are struggling please open up and talk about it - learn from my own lifetime of mistakes, running doesn't help!
  2. Greetings. I am single, straight, safe, caring, and spiritual. I only discipline females. (Sorry guys). I am available for counseling, mentoring, and even a Christian relationship/marriage. As a mentor, no sex required. So I will mentor a married woman, or a college student, for example. I am in Arizona, but I am near California. I am safe, caring, and very supportive. I am very confidential. If you are not local, I can offer advice, counseling and guidance online, should you have any questions or issues. I am a very experienced disciplinarian. I have had many CDD Christian friends. I attended a Christian college in WV, Alderson Broaddus College. No pressure, friendly and safe. A limits respected. PM me, or write please. kevlast500@gmail. Praise the Lord. Ask and you shall receive. Blessings, Kevin
  3. Please reach out to me and tell me what you want and need. Pleasing others is “what I get out of it”. So may ask that question
  4. Hello! I am a 18 year old male. I am looking for a disciplinarian / mentor or a mutual friend who can guide me or micromange me. This is because my family does not believe in punishing me via physical disciplines, this caused me to be lazy, and be quite bratful. After getting disappointing grades and gaining weight, I wanted to change this. Futher detail will be provided to people interested I don't mind any genders or age, just as long as you are willing to become a discipline and mange me! Thank you!
  5. Hi, Male 35yrs from the Netherlands here. Love to spank myself and now looking for a female mentor who gives me guidance and directions. Someone who guides my disciplinary measures, when needed. This can be online, e.g. kik. J.
  6. So, work is pretty quiet during this social distancing thing we are doing, so I thought I would try my hand and writing a story. Hope you like it: THE day has finally come. As you wake up, it’s the first thing on your mind and you wonder how much sleep you got as the thought of you being over my knee kept you up thinking about it last night: how will it go, will you have the nerve to go through with your first spanking, will you like it after all this time thinking about it, so many things racing through your mind… As you make your way to the coffee shop where we first met you think about our first meeting. How we discussed a ton of things including how you imagine your spankings, your limits and what you want in this experience. After chatting online you found yourself thinking, yeah...this might work... But now, on your way, you think if you should have added that you want corner-time and a lecture about how you can specific improvements in your life...OMG, that would be soooo embarrassing now that it could actually be happening today!!! You shared with me that you'd like to be first spanked on your pants, then panties then on your bare bottom...this is exactly what you want, but now you picture yourself standing in the corner with a pink bottom… OMG!! At first you felt good sharing area's in your life you want to improve…know that you’ve been staying up too late, too much screen-time and you’ve been late for work a couple of times just in the past couple of weeks. Your boss is really cool, but now, she is noticing it too. You’re wondering if a spanking really will help? As your mind races and anticipates, you feel your face flush as you feel both embarrassed and excited at the same time. You turn the corner and see our Starbucks, you look down at the clock in your car and you see that you're 4 minutes late!! You remember me asking you not to be late!!! Damn, red light!! You quickly consider bailing right there, but with all the anxiety, you still really want a spanking, and plus, you’ve told your best friend what you’re doing…you will be checking in with her every 15 minutes…just that conversation alone was embarrassing enough talk about…as you think about that you pull into the parking lot. Now 6 minutes late you hurry to the door, you come in and see me sitting in a quiet corner. You see I have a drink waiting for you at your seat, shyly you say "hi" take a sip and think 'he remembered.' I sit there quietly watching you, just for a moment, until we have eye contact again, then I finally say, “good to see you…how’s your morning been?” To be continued…. Please advise if you would like it to be continued?
  7. Another one of many memories and thoughts from this Er. I have helped a few girls in the past that after the initial meet and greet, tell Me that they do not like being spanked, it does not take an experienced Mentor long to figure out that she may not being quite honest about her feelings. I am one to teach honesty, self awareness, and to think objectively, I know that it is extremely difficult for most to admit certain faults, desires and true objectives. It takes time to learn to trust, to tell some of the ‘god awful ‘ things that can plague her mind when in fact many of the acts may be not as bad as she thinks, having a Mentor to help sort things is a huge benefit, she may feel after a conversation that there is more hope than she thought possible. The ones that do enjoy or find pleasure with certain or all aspects of discipline ( once known and understood to a point) may be more effective in the process than not getting what they want ( spanking, aftercare, etc..) if they choose to step outside of the rules and boundaries. To allow her pleasure for being good, not allowing pleasure for being bad is something I have used in the past with good results. To some reading this are aware of what I am writing about, to some it may seem like a ‘no brainer’ , then hopefully some will read this and realize that they are not strange or have forbidden needs and desires. We are all different in some way or other, trying to get through this life the best that we can. Be well, Rick.
  8. I'm posting this on a whim because I don't expect that I'll ever find this. I'm in Columbia SC most of the time (I don't post the city I live in publicly). I'm struggling with sticking to my workout routine and kinda just doing the basics that I know to do to tone up while I lose weight and I'm not seeing any results externally. (Huge fear of disgusting saggy skin) At my core, I am a domestic discipline spanko since childhood as I'm sure many of you reading can relate. I want/need a *role model of physical fitness* to figuratively and literally whip my ass into shape and help me set up a routine and help me stick to it. This ad isn't intended to be looking for a relationship or sex, but literally a disciplinarian for this. I have great self discipline in most every other aspect of my life but this I really struggle with and figured I'd finally ask the void for help and see what happens. (Male disciplinarians only please) (Affordable Compensation could be discussed if needed) Much hope, Daci If it helps to know I'm real, I can be found on FL under the same name. **Must be in person, I find "self punishments" utterly ridiculous not to mention pointless and they do not work for me. Consider it a hard limit.** Not sure if I'm doing this correctly or if this is the correct place to post, I literally just discovered this website earlier today. If there's a better place to post please let me know as I figure out how to navigate this site.
  9. It has been my experience that we have many spankos who are not ready or not looking for commitment. And they know it. If these so called "sceners" happen to contact you, you might tell them that you are looking for a real mentoring relationship or romance. Some sceners will respond, "Me too." When actually, they view spanking more in terms of "being in the scene" rather than spanking as domestic discipline. They are thinking more about just getting/giving a spanking, not about getting involved with any one person. I feel that sceners should be more upfront with others regarding thier view of spanking. If you are not ready to get involved with any one person, just let others know right away. Thereis nothing wrong with scening, or having different partners. But it is wrong to lead someone on when you know darn well that you arent ready for anything serious. If you are looking for something more serious, be on the lookout for these "Me too'ers". Just a word to the newbie who might be looking for something more than just a spanking.
  10. Experienced spanker / mentor will help you with your spanking needs. Novices welcome. I understand... No expectation of sexual contact.
  11. Let's talk about your spanking needs. Maybe I can help? Safe, sane, experienced''''
  12. More rambling thoughts; After a week or so of chatting with a couple of ee’s, I found myself in a state of mind that changes with what I feel is best for her and realize that as an Er I can and sometimes do, that is make assumptions. In the past I felt that I was able to adjust my style to fit a girls needs and wants in regards to her situation, in effect sometimes make her feel that I come across as being judgmental, condescending, controlling to name a few behaviors. My topic ‘Wearing the right hat’ seems to fit in this scenario, it can be difficult to get to know someone initially in a cyber chat, even more difficult is to get to know, like and care for someone and not take her self defeating, sometimes dangerous behaviors seriously, thus allowing it to happen without being considered a ‘prick’ so to speak. I have always tried to separate being a Disciplinarian from a Mentor to helping as a Figure to fill the quest that she may be attempting to conquer. Possibly I have a paternal instinct, a desire to help, maybe enjoy meeting and learning how a ee came to learn and accept her needs. At any rate, I was reminded in the past week or so that I wear different hats, as well as have tools that need to be chosen carefully when chatting and meeting a future ee for whatever purpose the she is seeking an Er. I have always stressed honesty when an ee is talking about her issues with an Er, I realize honestly has layers that need to be tugged and pulled apart to be able to get to core issues, tough stuff but trust and an Er’s integrity needs to prevail in order for it to work. The learning process never ends, ‘ If you are not going forward, you are going backwards ‘ Rick.
  13. Hi There: You: a Spankee, 18+ to 80 years of age who wants to experience that “ certain feeling“ that you experienced when you realized you were late for curfew or had a note from the teacher which mom or dad needed to sign to get you back into class. You knew there would be a scolding; maybe even a grounding, and if you were particularly unlucky — well, the scolding would be the least of your worries. You remember those scary words, “The only thing you understand is a good whippin’, isn’t it? Go to your room right now and prepare yourself! “ Ourlives were all different--yet our lives where all the same. .. Me: I am a late middle aged retired university professor, 70+ ,as well as a dad and grandpa several times over. Because of recent age-related physical limitations, I must now limit my activities to online meetings, either by private messages, text, email, Skype, or other platforms which we might have in common. If you would like to participate in a surrogate parental relationship please drop me a private message on this service and we will see what develop. I’ve had numerous excellent relationships with This Thing We Do over the past 50 tears or so and enjoy continuing, even if it is only in a virtual environment. Thanks for reading. y2s
  14. Even though it hasn't been that long since I've joined, this forum has changed my life a lot! I thought I'd take the time to write out what's happened since and how I took my first spanking today. Feel free to scroll through and skim what you'd like. As you can tell from my name, I do love to write (and may ramble a bit?) 😀. Setting up the Spanking A few weeks ago, I joined this community for the first time and posted my introduction. I outlined my need for a mentor for my college years to keep me in line. Since then, I've met several members of the community through my pm's and chat, and I have to say, it was a quite a warm welcome that I received! I scoured the various threads looking for safety advice, bracing myself for what to expect, and developing my idea of what it was I wanted from an ER. I wanted someone who would listen to me talk about my day to day happenings, who would become a friend alongside a mentor, and who would push me to be a better person. Someone who voiced their disappointment when it was warranted and had a firm hand when needed. And well...I seem to have found that person through here. I was going to start college soon, and I knew my procrastination was getting out of hand. I was certain having an ER would change that. Everything seemed to work out perfectly. He lives close to my current home and the university I would be attending. Right from the start, he was friendly enough and seemed perfectly fine with letting me decide the pace. Our conversations were more about our hobbies and what we were currently doing rather than just spankings. I liked that. We had our first Skype call a week after we met through SN. Then followed a meet-up at a restaurant where we talked a lot about our love for math, Italian food, and general expectations for the future spanking. He made it clear that we don't have to rush, that I don't need to get the spanking until I feel ready, etc. Honestly, even if I told him then that I didn't want to continue, he wouldn't have been mad. I didn't feel pressured at all, another reason why I clicked so well with him. Through our conversations, he reminded me of safe words multiple times. He told me I could stop it whenever I wanted, especially since it was my first time. A lot of people talk about being very nervous or scared for their first spanking, but...the days before today, I wasn't terrified at least. While I was mildly worried (which was to be expected), I had no doubt that he'd take care of me. Before the Spanking The night before the spanking, we talked a bit more about what would happen. I set up my safe call, we got the location and time picked, and that was that. The next morning (aka this morning), I spent an hour getting ready and checking the forums again to make sure I didn't miss anything. I took a tube of my lotion with me and we met up at another restaurant to eat, talk, and help me de-stress a bit. Mentally, I was worried when I had woken up. But after we talked at the restaurant, I felt much better. He let me know that I was the one in control, that I could tell him to stop whenever I wanted. We headed in his car to find a secluded parking lot nearby with no people around (his back windows were tinted enough that no one course really see into it.) We moved to the backseat and he asked me to position myself over his lap. I did, forearms on the seat and head lowered between them, feeling like I was in my own little space back there. That was the moment that I realized I was actually about to get my first spanking. During the Spanking The spanking was meant to be an introductory one to let me get a taste of what was to come. It wasn't focused around discipline this time but rather, just a sampling. We started with just a slow hand spanking over my pants. After a minute or so, he asked if I would be okay lowering my shorts. I said yes. My ER moved to spank me over my underwear while I debated in my mind. He moved the fabric aside once in a while to check whether my butt was turning red or not, respecting my boundaries all the while. This time, I was the one who said I'd be okay lowering my panties after another minute or two. A bare bottom spanking really does make a huge difference. I could feel the sting from his hand much better, and it was starting to hurt a bit. I stayed mostly still though, barely moving at the time. He'd build up sometimes, moving from the top to the bottom and placing several smacks in a row. It was starting to feel like a real spanking now. He asked me if I was ready to test the wooden paddle, and I said yes, handing it to him. He had explained that paddles were "thuddier" rather than stingy, and I didn't fully understand until the paddling started. Even though he started off very slowly to help me get accustomed to it, it still came as a surprise. When he placed three or four harder swats in a row, I was completely unprepared for how fast the pain would build up and called out "Yellow". He stopped immediately since that was the first time I used the system, asking if I was okay. And to get a small change of pace, he picked up the leather paddle next and went to work on my poor behind for a few minutes. (There were small bouts of hand spankings mixed in here and there.) The leather one felt different, and I definitely prefer it to the wooden one (which is why I asked him to bring the wooden one for disciplining in the future! No pain, no gain, right?). I was beginning to fidget just a little, though not much. It was nearing the end of the introductory spanking now, and he asked if I would be okay with the wooden paddle once again. Since we didn't get to use it much before, I agreed, wanting to get a better taste of that implement in particular. And this time, I did squirm about a bit as he started spanking me with it, with a small whimper here and there. And just like that, the worst of it was over. After the Spanking He put lotion on my cheeks, rubbing it in and massaging it as I relaxed and came back down to earth. He told me how proud he was that I took it so well, how I did great, and after...we hugged for a while as he talked to me. It was a very nice experience, and it felt like this huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was a bit exhausted and disconnected, but he mentally brought me back through his gentle words. My family was never much for expressing emotion, and I've never heard either of my parents drop the "L" word (love). This was a nice change of pace, and I felt closer to my ER compared to before. I didn't realize it was possible to trust him more than before, but I did. He walked me through the entire process with as little stress as possible. I went home and stayed on my bed for a while, butt in the air and far, far away from the hard chairs all around our house. We messaged a bit to go over how the experience was and I took a bubble bath to relax, taking a peek at my reddened and marked behind in the mirror. And now here I am, sitting on a not so soft chair as I type out how today went. Thoughts The spanking was everything I had wanted and more. It did exactly what I wanted it to, hurt a bit more than I expected, and will certainly act like a great deterrent in the future to keep me from procrastinating. The pain wasn't unbearable, but it would be enough to leave a lasting impression in my mind. And really...It's been a while since I felt as relieved as I did right after the spanking. Of course, none of this would have worked without the proper ER. Before today, we went over in excruciating detail what would happen during the introductory spanking. He asked if I wanted tears, if I wanted marks, how serious it would be...the whole shebang. We went over safety words as well. And right before the spanking, he asked if I wanted to talk more with him first to ease my nerves. During the spanking, he would pause often to check up on me and ask how I was feeling, or what I was thinking. He would ask if I wanted him to continue, tell me when he thought a bruise might form, and ask how if I was okay with the intensity. Our communication throughout was clear and exactly how I wanted it to be. He wasn't demanding, wasn't overbearing, and for me, it really showed the difference between someone who's a mentor vs someone who's just a disciplinarian. And even if my bottom is now sore as I type, I feel like a new and improved person already! I feel much better after the spanking and we're working on setting up meetings every other week once college starts, so I'll have motivation to stay on top of my classwork. Thank you, @spoonybard, for helping me out today and being an amazing mentor! Questions For those of you that made it down this long post, I have a few questions if you have time to answer! EE's - How often does your ER discipline you? How would you describe your relationship? Do you have a safe word when spanking? How long did you know them before you started to trust them fully? What do you look for in an ER/love most about your ER? What's your favorite and least favorite implement? ER's - What are the main reasons you discipline your EE? What do you think of your relationship? Do you like using a safe word through your discipline sessions? What do you look for in an EE/love most about your EE? How do you determine the time and intensity of the punishments? What's your favorite and least favorite implement? And finally...I saw that there's a blogging section on the forums. Maybe in the future, I'll record my college experience and discipline sessions there so I'll be able to look back on them one day. Thanks to everyone who read my post, and thanks to this community for being so accepting! (Also, sorry for any grammar mistakes. I'm exhausted after today and ready to pass out 😴)
  15. Hi. I'm a guy in my 20s seeking an authoritative male/female who will put me over their knee for a good spanking when I need it. Hopefully you will be able to give me the guidance and discipline I require to hold me to account for my poor behaviour/habits.
  16. A mentoring relationship I was in recently ended and I'm looking for a new spanking partner. I'm a caring, fatherly man (61) and a mentor or disciplinarian role suits me. On the other hand, a woman who craves good, sound, OTK spankings for stress relief or a turn-on could also find a good partner and friend in me.
  17. Are there any spankers in/very close to Raleigh? I'm looking for someone to discipline/mentor me.
  18. I am seeking a male spanking mentor and disciplinarian in Jacksonville, Fl. Would love to hear from your guys.
  19. Greetings, I am new to this site and exploring the idea of an online self-discipline mentor. It would be dual purpose of discipline and fun/exploration. I would like to dialogue over email and see if we are a right fit. I'm 28, from US, looking for online only dialogue. My email is becca.j85@hush.com. Looking forward to hearing from some of you! Best, Becca
  20. Guest

    Hello all

    Hi, I'm still on the search for someone who could possibly meet my wants. I thought these tags might catch someone's attention.
  21. I'll be traveling to Tampa this week and would like to find a male spanker who is available to spank and play .
  22. Best way to get to know me is message me, don't be shy I love to chat with anybody I am an experienced traveling Disciplinarian/Spanker based out of Manhattan NYC. I am a mature and responsible 29 year old male with around 7 years experience, and over the years I've spanked both young ladies and older women. I've enjoyed everything about spanking since I can remember, but really got involved and started acting as a disciplinarian about 7 years ago. I enjoy taking on the role and fulfilling this void for any naughty girl whose been searching for somebody to do that for them. From helping you break those bad habits, to needing motivation, roleplaying and also for any of you curious to experience that first real discipline spanking you've often thought about. And although I'm from NYC and Long Island, I travel quite often so don't let location stop you from introducing yourself. Sorry Spanking ONLY and I only spank females. And a real good spanking at that, pants and panties down around your ankles with a bright red sore bottom before daddy's done spanking your bottom ? Can also email directly at partyndbull@gmail.com
  23. OK...not desperate but I couldn't help but sort-of reference (and tweak the name of) an old Madonna movie. Hello, I'm Werebeast, but you can just call me Beast if you'd like. I'm a thirty-nine-year-old guy living in Flint, Michigan. I'm going to be honest in that I'm nervous to be here. I've never received a disciplinary spanking in my adult life. I did get a few spankings as a child, and I absolutely hated them. A lot of the time I was wrongly disciplined and therefore just left me confused and angry. While I do have a genuine interest in erotic spankings, I'm not here for that. I'd like to find an older male mentor to help keep me in line...or rather I'd like to think that I do. It's a bit confusing, but I'd like to explore this avenue and maybe if someone is willing down the road, see about a bit of a chat...perhaps a spanking and see where things go. I can't guarantee anything really other than I'd like to chat with interested people sometime and go from there. The truth is I'm really nervous. I'm scared of getting a real spanking and I have a low pain tolerance. I need a good guy to mentor me and who can help me in areas where I fail because of my lack of willpower and accountability. I must say that I do have a mentor right now for a certain part of my life (who has also become my friend), and I wish he could take on the role of administering me a spanking if it was necessary, but even asking him would be inappropriate of me. In fact, I wouldn't even know how to inadvertently bring up the topic, in general, to see what he thinks of things like that. But really, I think it would be out of the question to even ask and so here I am. I think I'll stop before I write a novel. If anyone is interested in learning a bit more about me, and also if you are interested in possibly mentoring me in the future, please feel free to check out my profile. I have filled out the About Me section with a bit more about myself. Thank you.
  24. Hi I'm new here. I'm married and not looking for anything sexual . For now I want to start self disciplining but need a mentor. I do not want to send pictures just talk online. Most of my discipline will be for weight loss but maybe some other things I need help with improving too.. I am very self conscious and a shy person.
  25. Hello, I'm having trouble staying motivated and would like to find an older man or woman to hold me accountable for my behavior. Finding someone near me has been tough, so I'm looking for long distance assistance.
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