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  1. Hello all! My circumstances have changed since I first posted so I thought I'd post again. I'm a guy, in my 20s currently located in the Dallas area. I'm in a very happy relationship with my sub and girlfriend. Both of us are interested in me spanking other girls for fun, discipline, or any other excuse. See my profile for a little more about me.
  2. Greetings, fellow spankos of old and young! I'm a 20 year old male near Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. In a current relationship, so being discreet is required. I'm Bi-Sexual, and average sized. Primarily looking to make a spanko friend or two, if bonds are made, maybe meetup.
  3. Looking for male spanker I’ve never been spanked would like to chat and maybe set something up.
  4. Anyone in New Jersey, male or female to spank or be spanked? Or both?
  5. Looking for a master on kik. I send wedgie and spanking videos. Kik: yankeeshawks
  6. Hello spankers, I am a 21 year old athletic male. I have never been spanked by another man before but I am interested in talking about it. I want to be spanked in person or online. Feel free to message me on kik: blake1610
  7. Howdy all, I just got registered to this forum after having issues joining. I finally tried from a different computer and here I am. I'm a 60 year old Texan who has been interested in spankings since I was a pre-teen. At the time I was in school, corporal punishment was very popular here in Texas. I witnessed many paddling, but, unfortunately, I only got one. I sure wanted to do something to get paddled, but always chickened out. I found out others were into spanking from Penthouse forums and eventually found magazines in the adult bookstores. The internet sure added to my need for spanking material. My first wife used to spanking my butt every month or so and seemed to enjoy it. My current wife has indulged me a few times, but she is just not into it. She is aware that I spank myself, but prefers that I do it when she's not home. Though she has been home a few times when I was spanking myself. I just got a good long two day punishment spanking for running a red light. It ended yesterday and I had told her why I was getting spanked. She only told me that the intersection where I ran the red light was very dangerous. Well, I looking forward to interacting with people in this group. Woody
  8. New here and I’m really interested in this stuff. and experiencing different implements
  9. Hi I'm Nathan a 43 year old male from New York City interested in exploring being spanked by a male authority figure. This would be something new for me , but have thought about this for some time now. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?
  10. hello! im looking for any spankers in the land o lakes area or near there willing to spank me and possibly friends, i usually prefer a female spanker but im open to men too, i do have some rules but its mainly standard stuff, i like most implements but a hand is nice to start out XD i like both bare bottom and underwear covered, please pm me if your interested or reply here if you have some questions, thank you for your time!! ^w^
  11. So I'm new to this site. I'm a Christian guy in his 20's. I love Jesus passionately. However, throughout my life I've always wanted to be spanked by an older Male. Even when I was really little. It's my belief that its NOT sexual and shouldn't be sexual whatsoever. Somehow because I lacked this discipline, it pulled me into some unwanted stuff. I know there are guys out there who spank other guys but are there any WITHOUT sexual intentions? I'm really looking for an older Christian mentor. Ps I'm straight but need a male disciplinarian
  12. So I meet with this girl and today was our second time meeting each other and we came to my house. After some awkward banter we started making out. Till today I had never kissed anyone so I didn't know what I was doing, just copied what she did. But when we got more into I really didn't know what to do with my hands. This mostly because I have always seen myself as a submissive so I never thought about it. She's also a submissive but stated she also would like to be a Dom. So her first task as my mistress was for me to be dominant. So that didn't go so well for me kinda stayed stuck in a loop of kissing I did end up having her over my lap for a few slaps on the ass, but didn't go long because parents were home. I then asked her how it felt knowing it was her first . While after that we took our pants off and that's pretty much where it ended. I want ideas or places I can learn what to do because I found myself dry going her alot I'd like to do more. She said just do what feels natural or just do don't think. But I really had no urges other than bladent sex. Which I knew she wouldn't allow so that's why it ended with us in our undies. Please help this lowly newbie.
  13. 20 year old male in search of a spanker. I'm 5'7 bit over weight short hair with a beard. I have yet to be spanked as an adult and am eager to try it. So if anyone happens to be near my area or interested I'd love to chat and possibly meet.
  14. I was getting out of line lately...late to work, got speeding ticket and was late on two bills.so I put a search out for a real disciplinary spanking, and I chose to go male because I new I would get the spanking I needed, I found a strict spanker older 50+ male we talked and I gave him full control of my spanking the next day he ordered me over to his house after work, I was scared the whole day and took me everything for me to go over there but I did when I got there " he sternly said I need to talk to you and led me to the living room and lectured me about my behavior then told me that I would be getting spanked, and grabbed my arm and stood me in the corner then pulled my pants and underwear down, and I waited for 15 mins bared and scared I heard him say ok come here I turned around and saw him in a chair and with heavy hairbrush by his side now I was seriously scared I walked over to his side and he asked me if I new y I was going to get this spanking, I said yes he lead me over his knees and position Ed me where he wanted and as he scolded me he began spanking and half strength this went on for 5 mins tell I began to react as I started to wiggle and kick he scolded me stricter and the "sorrys began" I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Then it continued on at this point I was wiggling even put my hand up on my back and that's when he got the hairbrush out he just continued the discipline with scolding and hairbrush in now I was kicking and begging " please sir!!!!!" They went unheard he now had my intention fully my pants were on the ground underwear around one foot and pleading and whining like a little boy as I began tearing up he paused and ordered me up he grabbed my chin and " said you go stand in that corner with your hands on your head and think! Do you understand me!" Yes sir I stood in the corner and thought about how this is a real punishment after 10 minutes, I heard a knock and was startled he told me stay right there so I did another guy walked in past me in the corner then grabbed a enevlope and left, after another 5 minutes he walked into the room on the phone " yes hello do you know if Justin worked yesterday?ooohhhh really, thank you" my stomach dropped because now he new I liked to him saying I couldn't come over yesterday because I worked, " Justin dale Olson now you lied to me! Un exceptable!" He walked over to me and brought me up the stairs and which I new what was happening he was going to spank me tell I was bawling, he always told me real severe real life discipline is given in the bedroom so I could cry...I tried saying sorry no avail he stopped by the bathroom and got the bath brush and stormed me into the bedroom and shut the door he then sat on the bed and ordered all the clothes off I took my shirt off and he lead me over his knees and lectured me he was genuinely mad, now I was at the worst it could be naked over a strong knee about to be spanked tell I cryed he grabbed my wrist and started and started hard within a minute I was begging and pleading and looking into a mirror watching the spanking I kicked and wiggled and begged after about 2 minutes I began to cry and was really,really sorry about it all after a minute I was crying hard and wiggleing as he held me down he spanked harder he knew he had my attention I caught a look in the mirror and saw tears dripping from my face that's when I knew it was real discipline, another minute went buy and I was bawling my eyes out and begging, he then finished with extremely hard spanks and I bawled he let me cry over his knees for a minute then he lifted me off his knees grabbed my chin and said I hope you learned your lesson! No lieing I cryed I'm sorry!sir he grabbed my arm and marched me downstairs butt naked bottom bright red in tears he kneeled me in the corner and scolded me then I spent 45 minutes with my nose in the corner crying and thinking......I'm so sorry
  15. So I've been chatting I guess is the best way to describe it, with this guy. It's been on and off and yesterday after we haven't talked for a while, saying like more than a week. He texts me a picture of a smiley face with some words. So I kinda told him "idk why you stopped talking to me" . Cause by now I'm feeling forgotten or that he's not really interested. But then he says he's been working on a plan for our meet up, and that mentally reset my whole temper with him. But almost immediately after, he stops replying. I wanna know if you guys would keep waiting on him. He's no longer my top goal but I don't wanna just have him on my contacts forever. We are , or rather were planning a meet up for a spanking at the beginning he made it clear he'd want to be spanked which I had no problem with. Then later he texts about how he's a Dom and blah blah, so I think I'm getting spanked and that's it (if he ever agrees to show) which I'm ok with to. I just don't know what to say or do. If anyone's got advice I'd like to hear it.
  16. 20 year old male looking to be spanked, I am new to this but I know I want a good spanking done to me before I say no to it. If anyone near the area would like to do it I'd appreciate if you did. This can be a one time thing or if we get along and everything's right maybe become a relationship of some kind. :3
  17. New sub looking to be spanked I'm 20 years old, male and mostly submissive. I'm looking for my first spanking to see if this is for me. Would love a partner but a punisher may still work to see if I'd still look up to someone that brought me to tears. I have really no experience in this so I am really more looking for a mentor, would love to meet someone please and thank you.
  18. 20 year old male looking to be spanked here in Hialeah Florida maybe even start a relationship around it. I'm pretty much 100% new to this but I know I want this. So I'd love like a mentor.
  19. Hi new to spankings I'm 19 years old male would like to be spanked to see if I'm as into it as I think can be male or female I'll try to be on my best behavior for you.
  20. Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 26, male, and have been into spanking my entire life, but I've always been too shy to be open about it. Up until now I've only really self spanked, but even that feels amazing. I think I would enjoy giving or receiving for either disclipine or fun. I would love to meet or talk to others like myself and learn more about spanking. Hit me up, I'm chill, I don't bite lol
  21. Hello I am a 20 yr old college boy. I will send pics or videos over kik of wedgies & spankings. Inbox me why I should send them to you.
  22. Greetings friends and family: my name is George and I am currently, as of 12/2016, sixty-one years old. Truly, I love to give OTK and I love to receive OTK to other males; have not spanked a female yet; may be willing to try. I live in Davis California; have been here more or less since 1963; graduated Davis Senior High in 1974. My main accomplishment in this world or hobby that we share is this: I am the only one, next to the director Gil Connerly, that has attended each session of Camp Red Tails sponsored by MHF since 1995 or there abouts. To summarize, though I prefer male-to-male, I can adapt. In addition, though I prefer the use of a hand, I am quite comfortable with other implements, especially a strap or a belt. Lastly, like I said, I am a switch; as for bottom or top I am almost too much of both to say I prefer either top or bottom. Would love to hear from those in Davis or Yolo County; others are welcome too. Thanks for the opportunity.
  23. Hi! I am 18 years old, male, and chubby looking to get spanked regularly by a man (Preferably athletic) to help me with keeping on track.
  24. Question for all the guys willing to chat How did you know domestic discipline was something you wanted in your relationship? How did your significant other react? How has it impacted your relationship? What are the best things that have come from it? Do you remember the first time you had to give/receive discipline?
  25. Hi everyone, I think I had a profile on here years ago...but anyway I'm back. I'm on fetlife under Hangmans_Crow. I'm pretty active in the New Orleans scene. I live in Metairie but play mostly in New Orleans. I'm a Switch, I Top and Bottom all the time. I'm always looking to meet and talk with fellow spankos. Both guys and gals. Looking to only play with females but I have no problem teaching newbie guys. I'm active in Noble, a BDSM club / group in New Orleans Tassp, the Texas all-state spanking party And I'm looking forward to the big easy bottoms up party next month here in New Orleans.
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