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Found 13 results

  1. Hello all! With school starting again and Covid going strong, I found that I’m having trouble keeping myself in check or holding myself accountable. School has only begun 2 weeks and I’ve already missed 3 classes and turned in 2 assignments late. So, what I’m looking for is someone that could hold me accountable, either with weekly maintenance spanking directions, or punish me for bad behavior. I’m in my final year of college, and it’s important that I stay on top of everything, so please lemme know if you’re interested in helping me be a functional adult lol.
  2. How do others deal with the idea of desiring a spanking, but also legitimately wanting to follow your rules as to not get one? It seems like such a weird issue, but when you have a desire to feel the calm and controlled feeling that being put in your place brings, it seems like a hard thing to then have to brat or purposely break a rule to get it. I suppose there are “good boy” or Maintenance spankings, but I’m not sure it would be the same?
  3. Female looking for an experienced disciplinarian in Utah. I have a few struggles I would like to take care of so I’m looking for someone who can work with me on this. I am NOT looking for anything sexual because I am married and want to keep it that way!! I need guidance and I want to completely get rid of some major things to where’s a spanking might help. I am new to this site and don’t know quite how to work it so please leave your email or message me if you are a SPANKER or know someone who is a spanker in Utah so I can contact you/them. I am just exploring my options 🙂 Thanks!!
  4. I have been into spankings as long as I can remember. I guess I thought that my own spanking needs might subside as I grew older, but that has certainly not been the case. So here I am, in a totally vanilla marriage, with not a hope in hell that she will see to any of my needs or desires. Sure, I can beat myself silly from time to time and even pay for a professional disciplinarian a few times a year, but what I am really after is a spank buddy. If you are in the Atlanta area (north of the Perimeter preferred, as it creates more opportunities) and would like to start down the road of building an enduring spanking relationship, please get with me and let's see where it goes. My ideal person would: Live relatively close to Roswell / Alpharetta Be able to host (though I can from time to time) Require no sex acts Be a true lifelong spanko, like me Be female, but also open to males that meet all my other expectations Look to form a long-term relationship, as I can see us getting together no less than once a month, likely bi-weekly. Anyway, there's more on me in my profile, so if you are at all interested please check me out. If nothing else, it would be great to continue to make friends and perhaps somewhere down the road our paths cross.
  5. I’m helping my husband get rules organized and he wants to do maintenance spanking. How should those go how many swats how long what tools how often. Anything will help.
  6. I feel that things run smoother when she wants to have structure, accountability, and boundaries to live with. Yes, this is your choice but I’m older and, I have worked with many women in my life who feel the same way. If this is not you, then that is your choice and I am not forcing you to do anything against your will and of course, everything is always consensual and you can always change your mind. She then knows that if she breaks a rule, procrastinates, or shows bad behavior she will be immediately punished. I have over 50 years of experience in dealing with errant women, I am slender, 5’9”, 145# and I enjoy working with a woman who is fit, petite, or slender and not overweight. I can be severe if you need it or you repeat the same act of disobedience. I will spank you with my hand and implements, as your behavior calls for. I believe that other forms of punishment are also needed such as lecturing, corner time, embarrassment, writing goals or reports, etc. I only work with females, so males, please do not reply. I live in Colorado west of Denver and I cannot host, please contact me directly to, Doug, at tisdoug@protonmail.com
  7. Personally, I've only received punishment spankings so far...so I'm just curious as to what kind of spankings you've felt a need for or that you've actually enjoyed.
  8. Krrish


    From the album: Krrish

    It was long due. Her ass was plugged during this spanking and she received it in her car. Wish I had a better angle for this pic when I took it lol. Her face was also covered with a bag. I do need a better camera for these because it looks a lot worse in person then it does in this pic. Her tears were icing on the cake.

    © Krrish

  9. I'm just curious about the activity levels of some of the folks in this community. Let's see who has spanked or been spanked the most this year.
  10. Sorry for the lengthy post; I know it's long but there are some very helpful parts I think. These ideas are not mine, I did not write them. They're from "Dom's Guide to Submissive Training vol. 1." I found it very informative and wanted to share it here because I figured other people would as well. Keep in mind, this is just one way of doing things. This won't work for everyone and I am not even saying it would work for me, I just though some people might benefit from it. It is also from a book for D/s not just spanking, so some things don't apply, and while the author uses a female as the sub, the genders could also be reversed. This is from chapter three, Physical Submission. Take Her Spanking Temperature: Pain tolerance and response is unique to every person. SOme submissive women have a vast experience with spanking and can absorb a great deal of pain; others begin to kick and pull away at the slightest tough. Women also have different ways of showig their pain or pleasure. Some women jerk and pull away sobbing but are actually sexually aroused and enjoying the pain, and other women may stoically take the spanking but not find much pleasure in the process. For the first act of training, you want to give her a good long spanking with different implements and postures to see what creates the best response and how much pain she can take. Many masters do this before the contract is signed as a way of getting to know their intended sub, but if you haven't done it by the time she is collared you need to start with this immediately. For the first spanking, give her a safe word to use to stop the spanking when she has had enough/too much. . . . Sit on the edge of the bed and drape her over your lap. You can also start the spanking over the knee, but this is going to be a long spanking so it's better for her back to let her lie across you. Begin by rubbing and feeling her bottom, taking control of her. Stop several times during the spanking to rub, apply lotion, or kiss her. . . . Start with a light warm-up spanking, hand only, until a pink hue covers her globes. As time progresses go from tapping to smacking harder and bringing up a deeper shade of red. Once she is lifting her legs in response (but not doing the spanking dance) stop and caress her for a moment. Show her a wooden hairbrush or small paddle. Throughout the spanking always show her what you are using so she will know how each one feels. Give her a good hard hairbrush/paddle spanking until her legs are pumping up and down (the spanking dance). Her bottom should be splotched red and starting to bruise slightly. Send her to stand with her nose in the corner (no rubbing or tuching) while she catches her breath. For the next round use a larger paddle (like a ceremonial paddle) or a cane if that is your preferred instrument. Have your sub return and bend over the bed, legs slightly apart and give her six swats or strokes withe cane) with the paddle ranging in impact from light to harsh. If she is able to endure more, position her on her back and lift both legs. Hold her calves or ankles with one hand (known as the diaper position) and use a belt or tawse on her "sit spot. . . ." Continue the spanking using each of the implements you have. Try to bring her to tears or to a moment where she uses the safe word. When the spanking is over, comfort and care for your submissive. Have a conversation about which implements she enjoyed (save that list for erotic spanking) and which ones she hated/feared (place those on the discipline list). Make sure she knows you are proud of her for enduring such a hard spanking. Punishment Spanking: For larger mistakes or steps out of bounds, be prepared to take her OTK or across the bed and give her a good, hard disciplinary spanking. Importan note: NEVER GIVE A DISCIPLINARY SPANKING IN ANGER. Wait until you are clear minded so it can be a teaching situation and not a "fight." You must be in control. Discipline spankings differ from the other parts of her physical submission because they are supposed to hurt and not bring her pleasure. If your sub is a "pain slut" . . . you will need to make sure the discipline spanking hurts sharply and is over quickly before she has a chance to convert the feeling into pleasure. A lexan paddle provides a very sharp, quick sting that will do a good job punishing a person with a high pain tolerance. A punishment spanking does not follow the same ritual (warm up, rubbing, lotion, etc.) as a pleasure spanking. The purpose is to correct behavior. The methadology of a punishment spanking is: 1. Lecture sternly. Stand your sub in front of you and explain what is wrong and why. 2. Immediate positioning. Immediately put her OTK or over the bed. 3. One implement, hard and fast strokes. Dont use a lot of different toys, this isn't play. 4. Stop when she is crying or truely remorseful. Gratitude. She must thank you for your discipline. 5. Aftercare. When it is over, it is imperative you hold her, comfort her and forgive her. ' Don't be afraid to spank her to tears. Aftercare is the most important part of a punishment spanking. Because other types of spankings are used in your relationship, punishment spankings must be different, but also have good results. Your sub will feel distress at not pleasing you before she is spanked, because pleasing you is her heart's desire. After the spanking, hold her and kiss her lightly. Tell her you are proud of her for taking her spanking. Finally, once the punishment is over, the incident is over. Do not keep bringing it up or reminding her of what happened. Let her know that punishment takes away guilt and makes her free. Erotic Spanking: Punishment spankings are fast, painful, and done in a one-way direction (you punish, she takes it). Erotic spankings are part of sex play. They are slow, usually made of only light to moderate pain, and are more playful than purposeful. Safe words can be used as part of play but they generally aren't necessary. Erotic spanking is done usually as foreplay. It's a way to redden up your sub and create arousal for you both. Sex play often involves softer implements such as your hand, a soft leather or flexible hand paddle, a light leather flogger or light use of a riding crop. The goal of erotic spanking is to tingle the skin and the senses, not overload your sub with pain. Once your relationship moves from training to everyday life both of you will initiate erotic spankings as part of your sexual relationship. Maintenance spankings: You'll discover a big part of training is rituals -- certain things done a certain way all of the time. The purpose of ritual is to change patterns in thought, expectation, and behaviorso they become the norm in the relationship. Submissive women often connect their partner's desire to spank them as a sign of strength and love for them. As such, there should be a daily spanking ritual in place to reaffirm her during the tense days of training. On the internet and in some BDSM cicrles you hear a lot about "bratting" -- women who act out or purposely break the rules in order to earn a spanking. SUbs who do this are usually immature and aren't getting enough attention from their partner. Providing a daily maintenance spanking gets rid of this annoying habit because it helps your sub feel continually cared for and provides and strong ritual for her to expect and enjoy. Maintenance spankings are usually done in the morning first thing or at night before bedtime. Maintenance spankings are lighter than discipline spankings but a littler harsher than an ertic spanking. . . . A sub should be given an expected position or ritual to follow for her maintenance spanking. She should bring you the hairbrush or set out the chair and wait for you to sit down and take her in hand. The spanking should redden her behind and leave the sting behind for about 30 minutes. You aren't trying to disable her from working; you just want a daily reminder that she is loved and cared for under your protection. If you do not live with your sub and do not have access to her every day, instruct her to give herself a maintanence spanking each mornign and report to you that she has fulfilled your wish. Long handed wooden bath brushes are very good for self spanking. The handle is long enough for the woman to reach around and be able to swat herself, and the flat wood on the back of the brush makes a solid thud against her bottom. If you have a secure phone or internet connection, she can always spank herself on Skype for you to watch, or send you a picture of her red bottom. Other Punishments: Spanking is not the only way to control your sub's behavior. Bondage, rope games, physical challenges, and display are also ways you could punish her. Important note: NEVER WITHDRAW YOUR AFFECTION OR ATTENTION AS A FORM OF PUNISHMENT. This woman has put her life, her heart, her mind, her emotions, and her body into your hands because she trusts you and your love for her. She has willingly put herself in a position to depend on you. If you take away your affection she will feel betrayed and alone. That's emotional abuse. Good punishments are often related to the offense that happened and involve a natural consequence. For example, if your sub disobeys you and stays up late on the internet although you told her to go to bed early, not only does she deserve a hard spanking, but you can also forbid her from getting on the computer for a few days. If her car is messy, spank her and have her clean it in front of you wearing short-shorts to reveal her spanked bottom. If your sub is embarrassed by traditional childlike punishments sch as coner time or writing lines, use that to your advantage and have her stand in the corner showing off her spanked bottom for a time, or giver her a hard paddling and then make her sit on a wooden chair and write a thousand times. You can also put the kitchen table/writing punishment tp stronger use and after her spanking have her write a 1000 word essay by hand on a topic. Creative punishments not only make a point to your sub, but they also add a little spice and variety to the training time. Instead of "just another spanking" your sub can experience new feelings, sensations, and lessons. It also shows her you have thought about her and aren't just being a lazy paddler. After all punishments a sub should always apologize for her behavior and thank you for your correction.
  11. Older white male with many years of experience in mentoring and Disciplining wayward, procrastinating females who seek improvement In their lives. Some also think it is time to atone for past indiscretions that have bothered them for years. No sex or relationship other than mentoring, confidentiality given and expected. I live in Colorado, but travel to Southern California and South Utah often. Females Only Email Doug at cp4u2009@yahoo.com if you are female, serious and interested.
  12. 60’s white male with many years of experience in mentoring and Disciplining wayward, procrastinating females who seek improvement In their lives. Some also think it is time to atone for past indiscretions that have bothered them for years. No sex or relationship other than mentoring, confidentiality given and expected. I live in Colorado, but travel to Southern California and South Utah often. Only Email Doug at cp4u2009@yahoo.com if you are female, serious and interested.
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