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  1. Hi looking for a female who would love to be with a really nice guy for movies, concerts and perhaps some travel. If it sounds like you, why not give it a chance? I am recently suddenly single but open to beginning anew. ❤️TJ
  2. 22 year old Ellie had just arrived at the beach where her and her family were to stay for a week. She was excited to be back to the beach after a 5 year hiatus and as they had officially reached their destination and unpacked at the beach house she was ready to get into the ocean and officially begin her beach vacation. She hurriedly dressed in her bathing suit and unable to contain her enthusiasm a minute longer she called out to her family she was going out to the beach where they said they'd soon catch up with her at. Ellie's first view of the ocean was just as she remembered. The glorious waves crashing down and all the noises and sounds of the beach encompassing her all at once. She walked out and stuck her feet in the water, the waves pounding in. The water seems a little rougher than normal she thought to herself but then dismissed the thought since she hadn't been to the beach in years therefore she didn't really know what "normal" was, did she? She waded out until the waves touched her knees laughing happily as the waves came rolling in. Ellie looked around and noticed the beach wasn't very crowded, the ocean even less so. Peculiar she thought before her thoughts were interrupted by a particularly forceful wave. Enjoying herself she slowly waded out deeper and deeper into the water. She was waist deep when she looked out to shore and saw a tall, muscular male walk toward her after disembarking from a 4wheeler. Lifeguard, Ellie realized. "Waters are dangerously rough today. You should only go out far enough to get your feet wet in order to be safe. High riptide warning." The lifeguard called out as he waded towards her. Devon? Ellie realized as the lifeguard got closer. At that same moment he said, "Ellie? What are you doing here? It's been too long! Where are your parents? You shouldn't be out here all alone." Anger boiled up into Ellie and she said before thinking, "I'm not a child anymore Devon. I'm not your little sister's best friend. I'm an adult and I could do as I please without supervision." Defiance rose up in Ellie so quickly and strong that she had difficulty keeping upright in the waves. "I'm sorry Ellie, of course you could be here by yourself but right now you need to get out of this water. It's too dangerous. All the lifeguards are warning people." Devon responded hoping to placate the clearly agitated girl. No woman, he corrected himself. "Alright, I'm coming. I'll just spend my first day at the beach observing then since that's all that seems to be allowed." She said pertly. Devon, assured that she was now following him out of the water, turned his back on her and made his way towards the shore. Hmmmph, Ellie thought, I'm under the supervision of a lifeguard right now so I think I'll just enjoy a few more minutes out here before not being allowed back in the rest of this vacation she thought rather bitterly. Turning and heading the exact opposite direction of Devon. She smiled at her defiance. Looks like you can no longer boss me around Devon she thought to herself. Those days of being able to tell me what to do are long over. Almost to shore Devon turned around to ask Ellie where she was staying when he noticed she wasn't right behind him. Panic surged through him and he turned back around to see Ellie going out even further into the harsh waves. He ran towards her calling out to her, shocked with anger beneath the surface, only focused on getting her safely back to shore. Halfway towards her a powerful wave knocked her over and she went tumbling into the water. She did not reemerge. Adrenaline pumping, Devon reached the spot he saw Ellie last in. Visibility in the water was low but a momentary break in waves allowed him to see her thrashing wildly in the water. He dove in and pulled her up and into his arms. "It's okay Els, I've got you. I've got you. You're fine. Just breathe." He said reassuringly as if talking to a small child. Relief evident in his voice. Devon carried her out of the water and sat her on the 4wheeler. He retrieved his towel and wrapped it around her while closely examining her for injuries or shock. Tears streamed down Ellie's face. I'm an idiot she thought. I nearly drowned just to prove how much of an adult I now am. It was almost a short adulthood she thought darkly. "I'm fine Devon. You can stop looking at me like that. Just a little shaken up is all but I'm fine." Ellie said trying to reassure him. "Thanks for saving me." She added the last party hurriedly, blushing embarrassed at her actions. "Listen, I'm almost off. You're going to head back with me to the lifeguard station and then come back to my house with me. We can catch up, I can make sure you're ok, and we can have a little discussion about this too." Ellie gulped at his last words and had a sneaking suspicion she was not going to like the last activity. She didn't need a lecture and she felt that this one was going to be particularly bad. Ellie, Devon just saved your life. The least you could do is sit through a good scolding. You do deserve it after all. She told herself. Ellie sighed resignedly. "Ok." She acquiesced, looking for all the world like this was the last thing she wanted to do. This is probably long overdue, Devon thought to himself. This has needed to happen a long time ago. I guess this means I'm the man for the job he thought rather wryly. Just then he spotted Ellie's parents and brother and sister heading towards the beach. "Your family is coming." He hissed at Ellie now knowing her "I'm an adult" act was partially just that. "Tell them that you are going to spend the afternoon catching up with me." "Don't mention to them what just happened. I don't want to worry them." Ellie pleaded looking every bit like a naughty child. "Don't worry Els. It's not them you need to worry about right now." He said pointedly. "Devon!" Ellie's parents called out a greeting warmly. "It's been ages since we've last seen you. I had no idea you were working out here." Ellie's father said. Small talk ensued until Devon apologetically asked permission to bother their daughter for the next couple hours. Approval was readily given along with promises for them all to catch up more before their vacation ended. Ellie waved goodbye to her family as Devon drove the 4wheeler away. Once officially clocked out Devon led the way to his house a short walk from the beach. He's living the life Ellie thought. There would be nothing better then living at the beach. Devon unlocked the door and led Ellie inside. He led her to the couch and brought her a bottle of water out of the refrigerator. "Drink up, Els. I'm going to go change real quick and then we can talk." Ellie did what he said. Carefully taking a first sip and then realizing how thirsty she was she downed the whole water bottle in seconds. Devon came out of his room changed into shorts and a t-shirt and carrying sweatpants and a sweatshirt with him. "Thought you might want to change into something a little drier. Bathrooms right over there." He said pointing with his head to a room at the end of the hall. Grateful for his offering Ellie quickly changed and returned to the living room. Devon was seated in the chair so she took her seat back on the couch. "I-I didn't know you were living down here. Last I had heard from Cass you were trying to decide from a slew of job offerings." Ellie uncertainly attempted to start a conversation. "I got tired of working a traditional 9 to 5. Got to me after awhile and I decided that now while I still have a year or so left in my twenties would still be a somewhat appropriate time to sow some wild oats so to speak." Devon answered. "Pfft" Ellie snorted. "Sounds to me like you finally decided to have a little fun. It's about time you actually enjoyed life a little. You always did take things so seriously." "Not so much anymore. I'm figuring out my priorities in life." Devon said. "And being a lifeguard is one of them?" Ellie questioned. "Not necessarily, but it's a convenient job to have when you want to spend as much time at the beach as possible." Devon responded. "Ha! Who would've thought that Devon McIntyre is turning into a beach bum? Your next high schools reunion out to be interesting." Ellie laughed. "Well, I don't know about the bum part. But since you seem to be living your life according to a much higher standard tell me what you're doing these days. I know you've just graduated so I'm your new fancy full time job must be keeping you busy." Devon changed the subject somewhat smugly. Abashed Ellie responded. "Fair point. I don't have any job offers much less even a part time job for summer. I'm just a plain old bum. At least you have the beach thing going for you." Devon looked at Ellie for the first time since saving her from near drowning at the beach. There were glimpses of his sister's best friend that he remembered. The chestnut brown hair and sparkling green eyes but for the first time he saw Elizabeth Rodger as something other than that small pesky child but as a rather beautiful young woman. She was attractive in that she wasn't aware of her beauty and didn't try and improve her image by layers of makeup. Girls that tried too hard seemed much less attractive to him than those that just were and that was definitely the definition of Ellie. Maybe that was why as teenagers the close bonds of friendship his sister, Cassandra, and Ellie once had disseminated into one of casual friendship. A friendship still going because they were each others oldest friend. Devon, on the other hand, was just as Ellie remembered. He'd always been tall to her but compared to her 5"6 his 6"1 still made her feel small. He was tanned with sandy brown hair the color of the sand at the beach with baby blue eyes that were the draw for so many remarks about his gorgeous eyes. Just as Devon gave them a good look they returned her gaze and turned hard. "I think it's now time to discuss what just happened on the beach." Devon said his eyes meeting hers, his tone turned deadly serious. Ellie found herself unable to meet his gaze any longer. She started stammering, searching for a reasonable explanation, "I know it was my own fault, I should have come back in as soon as you told me to. I don't know what happened, I just get so stubborn sometimes." Ellie looked up hoping that would suffice for her actions. "Stubborn? Oh you've always been stubborn but that was something more than stubborn and you and I both know that." Devon's voice hardened to an even steelier tone. "That was outright defiance and to risk your life like that just to prove a point..." He trailed off in order to maintain the anger that was wanting to return. "I know...I'm sorry." Ellie said in a pitiful, sorrowful voice. "I'm planning on making sure you don't forget that. I don't want you forgetting ever again the importance of you safety." Devon pinned her with a look. "Come here Ellie." Alarm crossed Ellie's face. What's he going to do? She wondered. You know exactly what he's going to do she then thought. You were testing him just like you've tested others and now you're finally going to get what you've been looking for. Well, I've changed my mind now! Ellie thought growing quite scared. That's not what I want it all! In principle it seems appealing but in practice not so much. Ellie shook her head at Devon from the safety of her perch on the sofa. She shook her head again to make her point. As if reading her mind he said, "You made your point earlier at the beach, now it's my turn to make mine." His voice grew dangerous, "Come here Elizabeth Margaret. Now." Scared of the consequences of disobeying she slowly made her way towards him. First one step, then two, almost there she thought...No, no, no, no, no...she took one more step and felt herself being lifted off the floor. She found herself looking at the carpeted floor, placed firmly over Devon's knee. Her sweatpants came down, she whimpered, "Please Devon. Don't. I'm sorry. I've learned my lesson. It was dumb, so stupid. Please don't." "I'm going to make sure you don't forget this particular lesson." With that he removed his boxers she had put on along with his sweatpants and placed a firm smack on the center of her bottom. "Owwwwww!!!! Nooooooo!!!!" Ellie howled not wanting this to continue anymore the sting of the first spank a short little teaser for the coming main act. "Maybe you'll think twice before disobeying an order looking out for your safety after this." Devon began the lecture and placed a few more smacks onto Ellie's pale bottom. smack smack sma-ack* "Oww-www!" Howled Ellie to the last particularly hard spank. She kicked her legs wildly hoping to somehow rid of the pain being peppered onto her backside. Devon placed his legs over hers to still the thrashing, Ellie wimpered. "Sometimes your stubbornness goes too far, Elizabeth Margaret, and in this case you went as far as blatant disobedience." smack smack smacksmack "You could have drowned!" smack smack"Maybe this will remind you of the importance of your safety." With that Devon peppered her backside and Ellie started crying in earnest, regretting her earlier impulse and wishing she had just followed him to shore. "I'm sorry!!!!! So," sob, "sorry." Ellie pleaded wondering when this spanking was ever going to end. An hour had to have passed she thought. It's only been a few minutes little girl, Devon thought to himself, yourbottom is only beginning to get warmed. He looked down and noticed a definite reddening of her bottom. He realized this was probably her first ever spanking and decided to take pity on her. "Are you going to go out in the ocean again when it's that rough, young lady?" Devon asked while still maintaining a spanking pattern of "smack" "smack" "smack" with a particularly sharp smackto end the question. "No sir." Whimpered Ellie. Sir? Where did that come from wondered Ellie before crying out from the spanks now assaulting her inner thighs. "Are you going to ignore me the next time I tell you to do something?" Asked Devon smiling inwardly knowing with Ellie she would eventually even if she promised she wouldn't. "Noooo," Ellie answered. "No?" three hard smacksfollowed. Devon knew from her earlier response using sir that she realized what the proper response was to this question and she was attempting to be defiant even in the midst of her spanking. A particularly hard smack fell on Ellie's sit spot and she quickly answered, "No sir." Regretting ever saying it in the first place because she stubbornly always refused to address anyone that way stemming from when she was a child and would not give into her parents teaching of polite ways to address people when she was 10. By 10 her stubbornness was more than ready to be tested. "No more ocean unless the water is calm. Are we clear young lady?" smack smack smack Devon was determined to end this spanking with a lasting impression. "Yes sir!" Ellie called hoping the assault on her poor bottom was about to end. The message was delivered, loud and clear. She wouldn't dream of even dipping her toes in the water until the ocean calmed. smack smack smack smack smack smack Devon ended the spanking with six of the hardest spanks of the spanking. Ellie howled and sobbed even once the spanking was over. Not noticing that Devon was gently rubbing her bottom and back soothingly. He gathered her into his arms and brought them both to the couch where he sat Ellie on his lap gently. "I deserved that." Ellie whispered as she snuggled closer onto his lap. "Thank you." She whispered as she drifted into unconsciousness unaware of the last two words spoken to her childhood best friend's big brother. Devon grabbed the blanket off the back of the couch and tucked Ellie in right on top of him. He kissed her head and whispered to the sleeping girl, "I'll always take care of you."
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