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  1. Miss Lucy Middleton September 1907 I could not believe it. How dare she? I have never been so embarrassed in my life! I threw myself back down onto the chaise longue by the window, wincing with the soreness. How dare she? Spanking me like a child of six, over her knee. It is not to be borne. I am too old to have a governess and if I choose to go and look at the horses instead of sitting in a school room learning useless facts, then I will do that. There was a knock on the door and Charlotte came in. I had not seen her since I fled the school room as soon as we were allowed to leave after lessons. I had refused my luncheon and had come up to my room and cried at the indignity of it all. Charlotte came and sat down beside me. She brushed away a tear from my cheek. "Don't cry Lucy. It will make your eyes so red and puffy". I giggled despite myself, as I knew she spoke half in jest. I spoke to her in a serious tone though. "How dare she, Charlotte? She has no right to treat me like that. I am not a child, to be put over her lap. I am a grown woman. If I choose not to go to lessons that should be allowed. Instead she bares my bottom and spanks me!" My voice had risen with my anger, and Charlotte tried to hush me, but I would not heed her. "I am going to go to Sir George. I am going to tell him exactly what I think of his idea of a governess, and moreover, what I think of that governess treating me in such a base fashion. I will tell him that my education is complete and I have no desire to further it." I stood up and marched over to the window, glaring out. Charlotte followed me. "She spanked me as well, you know." I turned to her in shock. "But why? You did nothing - you were there like a good girl, weren't you?" "Yes, but I would not tell her where you were when she asked, so she spanked me. Over the desk." I could feel the anger welling inside me. How dare she treat Charlotte like that? She had done nothing wrong! I stood up, and made to move out of the room. "I am going to talk to Sir George. It is not right that we should be treated like this. I will tell him, and make him see that I am right." Charlotte grabbed my arm. "Please don't Lucy!" she pleaded, "You will only get us into more trouble. And what if Sir George decides we are not worth the bother as wards? He did not have to take us in, you know. If he chose not to be our guardian, we would have very little at all. We certainly would not have the security that we have here. We mustn't anger him!” She was getting more agitated as she spoke, so in the end I gave in. I had no desire to upset her further. “Very well, I will bide my time. It may be that Miss Downing was trying to show us her authority or some such. I will do my lessons like a good little girl for now, as it pleases you.” I did not add that if I was going to have to attend lessons like a child, I would have to find other ways to take my amusements. Charlotte hugged me gratefully, and we sat down on the bed together. I winced. Charlotte noticed, and rang the bell. Alice appeared shortly thereafter. “Alice, please go and find some cooling lotion for Miss Lucy.” Alice gave me a knowing look, and disappeared on her task. She came back about ten minutes later with some lotion, and then left us in peace. Charlotte motioned for me to lie face down on the bed, pushed up my skirts and parted my drawers. She then rubbed the cooling lotion into my sore cheeks as I winced. Miss Downing's hand had been harsh indeed. Eventually Charlotte was finished, and she pulled back down my skirts and came to sit on the bed beside me. There we stayed, in silence, each contemplating the changes the last few days had brought, and how much Winterbrook Hall differed from our expectations.
  2. Hello 👋 just a re-introduction, am a curious switch spanko who thinks about spanking probably too much. Am seeking a female curious spanko who feels the same, if you are reading this let's chat and see what happens Ideally looking for online spanking at this time but if things click then we can consider taking it to next level. If you have a few extra minutes feel free to say hello I would greatly appreciate it, thanks for reading.
  3. Miss Amelia Downing September 1907 My very first day at Winterbrook. I arrived yesterday on the evening train and was met at the station by Jack, who is one of the grooms from the house. He must be all of twenty years old and at first was very deferential and rather shy. However as we trotted along the lanes in the soft autumnal sunshine he began to relax and talk about life at Winterbrook. Sir George, it seems runs a very tight ship. I expected nothing less from what he had said to me at interview but it was good to have it confirmed from a different source. “It’s the girls that get the worst of it, Mr Jenks is very strict and Sir George e’en more so. Us lads at the stable don’t get it too bad though.” Jack grinned, “Mr Thomas, he’s the head groom, he’s alright like. Just so long as we get the work done he treats us proper.” “Properly,” I corrected him, “the word is an adverb.” “Is it Miss? I didn’t do much schooling me.” I smiled. “Then it’s fortunate that I’m not going to be your governess isn’t it?” He gave me a sidelong look and blushed “I reckon so. I’d always be in trouble.” “Indeed you would young Jack, and I assure you you wouldn't be sitting as comfortably as you are now if I had to deal with you!” He blushed even deeper red then spoke quickly to cover his embarrassment . “You going to be strict with Miss Lucy and Miss Charlotte?” “I think that’s rather a matter for me don’t you?” He nodded his head, embarrassed again. I realised I had been undeservedly sharp with him. “Tell me about Miss Lucy and Miss Charlotte,” I said in a gentler tone. “Well Miss, I think they’re already turning a few heads. Two prettier girls you never did see. I think Sir George might have his hands full if Master Freddy brings some of his Army pals home.” “Master Freddy?” “Sir George’s son. His out with the army in South Africa, making sure those Boers don’t cause any more trouble. But you know what young army officers are like, very high spirited miss, very high spirited!" I fell silent as I thought of my own darling Charles. He hadn’t been high spirited, he had been the perfect gentleman. But I knew I mustn’t let my mind dwell on him. It was eight years since that dreadful day when I had heard of his death at Omdurman. Eight years during which I had slowly rebuilt my life. And now here I was ready to begin the next chapter. The room I was given was just as I remembered it from last week, light and pleasant and airy. I didn’t join the family for dinner as I had already eaten and the gong had already sounded. Instead I spent a quiet evening unpacking my things and making my room feel like home. I met Charlotte and Lucy over breakfast this morning. They were as Jack had described, very pretty indeed. Charlotte, the older one is a little taller than her sister and perhaps not quite as beautiful. What marred their appearance somewhat was the plainness of the dresses they both wore. They have obviously come from a household where there has not been a great deal of money to spend on clothes. I will have to speak to Sir George about the necessity of providing a proper wardrobe for them both. I have also decided that they will have school-style sailor dresses for the lessons they will be taking in the schoolroom. It is important, I find, that the distinction between leisure and study is clearly marked in the pupil’s mind by their mode of dress. Sir George introduced me to them and they greeted me politely enough and made a little conversation over the breakfast table. Although it is clear from the looks that Sir George was giving me over the top of his ‘Times’ that he prefers a silent breakfast. Perhaps in the mornings he might find it more convenient if the girls and I ate at a separate time from him and allowed him to enjoy his newspaper in peace? Eventually he folded his newspaper and stomped off to his study. I rose from the table and addressed Charlotte and Lucy. “Girls, if you would care to go up to the schoolroom after breakfast then our lessons will commence at ten o’clock.” They both scowled but it was the younger one, Lucy, who spoke. “I don’t think I do care to go the schoolroom Miss Downing. I think I’d rather go and look at the horses.” I smiled, but there was deliberately no warmth in the expression. I didn’t raise my voice. “I think you misunderstand me Lucinda, your attendance in the schoolroom is not optional. I will see both you and your sister in half an hour’s times. Please do not be late.” I did not give her the chance to reply but simply turned on my heel and walked briskly from the room. At ten o’clock I made my way up to the schoolroom. Alas there was but one of the sisters waiting for me. Charlotte got to her feet as I entered the room. I told her to sit and she took her seat at the desk nearest to the window. “Charlotte, where is your sister?” I asked her. Charlotte bit her lip. “I don’t know,” she said quietly. She is a terrible liar. I can spot when someone is not telling the truth very easily. It is a skill you rapidly acquire when you have been a governess to two young boys. I fixed Charlotte with a hard stare. “You are very foolish if you think you can get away with lying to me,” I said coldly. “I will ask you again. Where is your sister?” “I don’t know,” she said wretchedly. “Stand up ,” I ordered. Charlotte got slowly to her feet. I went over to her. “Bend over the desk,” I said. “What?” she said, her eyes wide with surprise. “I think you heard me young lady. I told you to bend over the desk.” She gave me a look of incredulity but I met her gaze, my eyes looking into hers. She looked away then reluctantly bent forward over the desk. I gathered up her skirts and petticoats and placed them across her back, revealing her long, white, cotton drawers. I didn’t bother to part the cotton and bare her bottom. I simply lifted my hand and brought my open palm down smartly across her seat. She yelped. I smacked her again, first the left cheek and then the right. Hard, stinging smacks that I knew she would feel keenly. When I had given her a dozen or so I paused but did not allow her to stand. “That was for telling lies Charlotte. And believe me it was a very mild chastisement compared to what I would usually give for such an offence. Please do not think of lying again. Tell me, where is Lucinda?” Charlotte was all too ready to confess now. “She has gone down to the stables,” she admitted. “Very well, you may adjust your dress and take your seat. You have learned one valuable lesson this morning Charlotte. It is always better to tell the truth first time than to have to have it beaten out of you.” “Yes Miss,” she murmured, brushing the back of her hand across her eyes. I rang the bell for the maid. It was a minute before Maria arrived. “Maria, would you go down to the stables and fetch Miss Lucy. If she will not come then inform her that I will go to the stables and fetch her myself, but that if I am forced to do so then I will be very angry indeed.” I saw Maria suppress a smile, but she gave a little curtsey and headed off on her task. I set Charlotte some reading comprehension to do while we waited for the return of the prodigal. It was a full ten minutes before Lucy came stomping into the room. There was a mutinous look on her face. “Lucinda, I told you to be in the classroom for ten o’clock. Why did you choose to ignore that instruction?” I challenged her. She shrugged. “I told you I wanted to look at the horses. I don’t need a governess and nor does Charlotte. I’ll do as I want.” Such open rebellion could not be tolerated. I stood up, marched over to Lucy and took her firmly by the wrist. She struggled, but I was much too strong and experienced for her. I pulled her over to my chair. “Let go!” she cried, “Let go, you’re hurting me!” In one simple movement I sat down and pulled her face down across my lap. She continued to struggle but it was not hard to catch her wrists and pin them in the small of her back. With my other hand I reached back and lifted her skirts. “Stop it! Stop it!” she shrieked “I’m too old to be spanked!” “You have acted like a silly, petulant, spoilt child Lucinda and that is how I am going to treat you,” I told her. I had afforded Charlotte the small dignity of not parting her knickers, Lucy had forfeited that dignity tenfold. I bared her bottom and she struggled and kicked her legs even more. It was to no avail, I held her firmly. I took a long look at her. Her bottom was as pretty as the rest of her, very white and very round, perfectly unblemished. But it was not going to remain unmarked for very much longer. This young woman thoroughly deserved the spanking she was about to get. I spanked her hard, very hard if truth be told. She was fortunate that I did not have the hairbrush to hand or she would have felt the sting of that as well. For ten minutes I kept her over my knee, my open palm smacking down on her bare bottom, until the whole area framed by the split cotton was uniformly scarlet. She stopped struggling about halfway through and the final couple of minutes were marked by the mixed sounds of my hand on her bare bottom and her choking sobs. Eventually I allowed her to stand. She stood in front of me, her face almost as red as her bottom, wiping the tears from her eyes. I handed her a clean handkerchief. “Let that be a lesson to you Lucinda. If you choose to cross me then you may be assured that the consequences will be exceedingly painful. Now go and sit at your desk and I will find you an exercise to be getting on with.” Lucy shuffled over to her desk, wincing as her sore bottom made contact with the hard bench. She did not meet my eye as I handed her her books but I was under no illusions; I might have won the opening skirmish but there was a long battle still to be fought and from the angry looks being cast my way by Charlotte Lucy would not be my sole enemy. I smiled inwardly, it was a conflict I would relish, and I would enjoy eventual victory.
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