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  1. Abigail Church pulled into the wide driveway in front of the old Victorian home. This was certainly the place, the number was clearly displayed on the mailbox out front, and it matched the description she was given by her father’s assistant. After parking and turning off the car, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. After releasing it in a sigh, she gathered her things and got out to go inside. Her heart was heavy as she walked to the entrance. She knew that this wasn’t the worst thing in the world that she had to do, and it could even be beneficial, but she was annoyed to find herself in this town, doing this, at this place in her life. Upon arriving at front the door, she saw a sign in the window: IF YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT TO SEE MRS. FORNEY: Please enter and take the first door to the right. Sign the guest register. Please have a seat and you will be retrieved. After another deep breath, followed by another long exhalation, Abi opened the door. There were bells attached to the knob on the other side, and they jingled as she entered the foyer. There was a staircase to the left. She followed the instructions on the sign and made her way through the open doorway on the right that led into the parlor. To her right was a small table with a register and a pen. She wrote her name and time of arrival on the next available line, and found her way to one of the chairs to take her seat. She could hear the sound of a woman talking coming from upstairs. It sounded like she might be on the phone, but being on a different story and through several walls, she could not make out the conversation. Abi sat and waited. Her mind began to wander again, thinking about the past few months of her life. She had been away to college, but hardly saw a classroom. She was partying and drinking, and just generally blowing off any responsibilities she had. While some students could handle it and still pass their classes, she clearly could not. It culminated in her failing her classes, and then, she found herself fired from her serving job as well, for she had called in too many times after being hungover, or just wanting to blow off work. She wasn’t sure why she went wild. She didn’t have an oppressive childhood, and she felt there was nothing to rebel against. But rebel she did. Maybe it was because she had been a “good kid” for all these years, and she finally just wanted to let loose. Now, here she was. She found herself in this middle-of-nowhere town. Her father insisted she come after bottoming out last semester. He moved here recently to start a new management job at the local textile plant, and he thought she could stand a little bit of the slower small town life. As much as she didn’t want to do it, she felt it was a good idea, too. She was even starting to feel excited at the prospect as she drove into town on her first day. Then, she had to run that stupid stop sign right in front of a cop. “Miss Church, I am ready to see you now!” Mrs. Forney’s authoritative voice snapped Abi from her thoughts. There, in the doorway, stood Mrs. Forney. Abigail took her in. She was older, but was graceful and pretty. Her hair was dark and short, in a slight bob. She was wearing a full length black and white dress that looked sharp and professional. She reminded her of the faculty that worked in the various departments back at what was now her old school. She had a serious look about her, and her face seemed intelligent and wise. “Follow me, please.” Mrs. Forney lead her out of the parlor, into the foyer, and started up the stairs. Abi followed, staying two steps behind. Her heart was racing, but she was unsure why. Surely this would not be too bad, she thought. She wasn’t even really sure what this lady was supposed to do. She just knew, once again, from her father’s assistant, that young women that had a bit of trouble in this town could meet her as an alternative to something such as traffic fines, or to receive help and motivation if they found themselves needing it. She wondered what it would be. Maybe some sort of tough love speech and an assignment of some community service? Some sort of self-care homework? A recommendation for counseling? They landed on the balcony. Mrs. Forney opened a wooden door to the left that lead into her office. It was a lovely room. There were houseplants, a couple of framed watercolors, and some plaques and diplomas hanging on the wall. One was her Master’s in education. A couple were “Teacher of the Year” plaques from the local High School. There were a couple of bookshelves and a small curio cabinent. There paddle on the wall as well, hanging from a leather lanyard. Abi didn’t think much of it, just that it was odd that there were no greek letters or honor society marks on it. “Have a seat.” Mrs. Forney motioned to a wooden chair in front of her desk as she sat down in hers. “So, I have a brief that tells me why you are here today. First off, the main reason is that you were ticketed for running a stop sign two weeks ago, correct?” “Yes ma’am.” Abi didn’t know why, but she had the instinct to answer in a modest and polite tone. “Okay, then I also have in my notes that it has not been a good few months for you in general. Trouble with school, partying, and that you were fired from your job as well?” “Yes ma’am.” Mrs. Forney tapped her pen on the desk. “I see. Before I decide exactly what course of action I need to take, I should ask, do you know what it is I do here, Miss Abigail?” “No ma’am.” “Mhm, well okay.” She sat her notes down on the desk. “Well, what I do here is administer corporal punishment. Many here find it helps more than anything else.” “Corporal punishment?” Abi suddenly felt a confused embarrassment wash over her face. “As in, in, um-” “Spanking. Yes. I spank young ladies like you who need it. I want you to understand this is what is going to happen today. If you disagree, you are free to leave, and pay your fine. I cannot force you to stay. However, I strongly advise you do. You’ve had a lot of issues that need to be dealt with, and I believe this could expedite the process.” Abi was a bit stunned. This was not what she expected. The thought of getting spanked was embarrassing. She felt it was borderline absurd! How could she agree to this? It was like some sort of silly joke. “Well, young lady, what say you?” “I, I don’t know…” Abi trailed off. She could have said “no,” and walked out right there on the spot. She was not legally obliged to be there. Then she thought about that stupid stop sign, and that stupid ticket. How was she going to pay for it? She had not found a job, yet. This little town did not have much in the way of opportunity outside of fast food, or the aforementioned textile mill. Her father would rather die than let her work there, plus since he was in management, she really couldn’t. What could she do? “Okay, I will do it,” she said reluctantly. She was tired of not meeting her obligations, of not taking responsibility. Though she didn’t think this was the right way, necessarily, she felt that maybe she should commit to some sort of discipline for once this year. “Okay Abigail, could you stand up, please?” Abi stood up in front of the desk. Mrs. Forney eyed her up and down, from her blonde hair and blushing face to her casual flowing blue dress. She was pleased that she was dressed appropriately for the occasion. “Have you ever been spanked, young lady?” “Not really, ma’am. No.” “Not really? As in you might have gotten a couple of little taps on your backside, but nothing serious?” “Yes ma’am. I was a good kid growing up and hardly got in trouble until now.” She was starting to shake a little, she was beginning to get frightened. “Well, I feel even good girls need to be spanked sometimes, to learn that there are consequences for their actions, and to give them a bit of humility. However, you have not been very good lately have you? Mrs. Forney’s voice was getting sharper. “No ma’am.” said Abi, whose heart was beginning to race. “Indeed you have not! Shirking responsibilities like your schooling. Getting fired! And then, though it may seem minor, getting a ticket on your first day here! Your head has not been in the game, it seems. I indeed to see that it starts to get back in it, starting right now!” Mrs. Forney opened her desk drawer and pulled out a wooden hairbrush. She got up from her desk chair and made her way over to an upholstered high-backed chair that was in the corner by the bay window. She pulled the chair from the corner, and set it in the middle of the floor, with its back to the window, and sat down. “Come over here and stand next to me, please,” she said, motioning to Abi then to her right side. Abi walked over to her with reluctance. “Now, young lady, you are going to get a spanking. I regret that you have not received one sooner, for it seems you could have used it! Now, bend down and get over my lap!” Abi hesitated and stepped backwards as Mrs. Forney grabbed her arm. “We are doing this!” She yelled as she pulled Abi by the arm and forced her down over her lap. “You are getting this spanking, Miss!” No sooner than it took her to say it, Mrs. Forney started swatting Abi through her dress slowly, but firmly with the brush. The soft thuds were echoing through the room. Abi would squirm, but Mrs. Forney held her with a tight grip. Abi’s bottom started to feel warm. She could hear Mrs. Forney’s voice through the smacks, speaking calmly for the time being. “This is the beginning of you getting some discipline back in your life. You have gone on for too long without a firm hand to put a stop to this nonsense.” The smacks continued, and Abi’s breathing became more labored. She felt her lips quiver as her rear became hotter and hotter. This was humiliating and uncomfortable, but she was starting to think that she might be able to handle this. Then there was a pause. The swatting had stopped. Is that it? She thought to herself, but only briefly, for the next sensation gave her a chill. Mrs. Forney started to pull up her dress. She pulled it up as far as she could, exposing Abi’s basic but cute cheeky white cotton panties, bunching the now excess dress fabric under her left arm that held her in place. The spanking started again, this time with Mrs. Forney swatting her panties and what was exposed of her cheeks a bit harder than before. The room was now filling with the sounds of loud smacks instead of the soft thuds from before. The speed in which they were applied were increasing as well. “Now, Abi, I think you are learning that in this town, your actions will be dealt with!” Mrs Forney was lecturing, her voice reaching Abi’s ears through the steady smack! Smack! Smack! Abi was shaking, her bottom was really starting to feel like it was on fire, and it was occurring to her that Mrs. Forney didn’t seem to have any intention of letting up. “You need to start THINKING about responsibilities! You have no excuse!” The smacks kept coming. One of them landed particularly hard, and it caused Abi to yelp and throw her hand back in a futile attempt to protect her burning backside. “GET THAT HAND AWAY FROM HERE NOW!” yelled Mrs. Forney, who then grabbed Abi’s hand and smacked her open palm one good time with the brush before placing it back where it belonged. “You will take your punishment like a good girl and I am the only one that decides when it is done!” The smacks continued on Abi’s bottom, landing faster and harder until another pause. Abi could feel tears beginning to well up, and she was biting her lip in an attempt to not show her distress. She dared not get her hopes up that it was done this time, however. She was correct. She felt a tug. Mrs. Forney’s fingers had slipped behind the waistband of her panties, and she was starting to pull them down to expose Abi’s bare behind. “Oh no! No! No! No!” Abi started crying out as she did this. “Oh yes. This is happening. I am going to spank your bare bottom now, miss, and I better not hear you protest like that anymore, unless you want me to double the amount I am about to give you!” “Yes ma’am,” said Abi, through a little sob. Once again, Mrs. Forney started with the brush. The swats were coming at a steady cadence, and landing hard on Abi’s exposed posterior. She was starting to cry out a little more after each smack. The room filled with sounds of “oh!” and “ow!” and “nooo!” between sounds of wood hitting flesh. Abi began to whimper. The swats got faster. Abi began to sob, the swats got harder. Then, a few well-placed smacks seemed to hit her harder than all of the ones that came before. Abi cried out and the tears began to flow. Mr. Forney kept spanking her, each swat landing as hard or harder than the one that came before. Abi was crying. Mrs Forney was scolding her loudly. “All of that money on your tuition! Gone! In the trash! You unawareness of your surroundings, causing you to get in trouble your first!” SMACK “Day!” SMACK “Here!” SMACK! The last swat hit hard and Abi bawled. “I am sorry Mrs. Forney! I am sorry!” she blubbered through tears and sobs. “Good, I am glad to hear it,” replied Mrs. Forney as she gave her a few lighter swats. ‘Now tell me, are you ready to be more responsible for yourself?” The swats were still going. “Yes ma’, owww! Y, yes ma’am!” Abi said through bawling blubber. “Good!” Mrs. Forney reared back and gave her one last hard swat with the brush, causing Abi to cry out again, loudly “That is what I wanted to hear,” she said as she set the brush down on Abi’s back. “I am glad that you have learned a little lesson here today, and I hope it sticks.” She picked up the brush. “You may stand up , but do not touch your clothes or move, do you understand?” “Yes ma’am.” Abi replied, sobbing and sniffling. Mrs. Forney helped her up, holding her hand to help guide her. Once she was up, her dress fell down, covering her again, but her panties were still pulled down to her lower thighs. She stood there, rubbing the tears from her eyes. “Okay, Abigail, there is one more thing I need you to do,” said Mrs. Forney as she slid her chair back to get up. Once standing, she gently grabbed Abi’s arm. “I need you to come over here, please,” she said as she started walking her across the room, awkwardly since her panties were still pulled down. She placed her in the corner opposite the door, then picked up Abi’s arms and placed them so she was holding her hands on her head. She then bent her body forward to get her nose closer to the wall, and pulled her dress back up to expose her bottom yet again, which was bright red, hot, and glowing. “Now you stay like this and do not move a muscle until I say so, understand?” “Yes ma’am,” replied Abi, still sniffling and sobbing lightly. Mrs Forney went to have a seat at her desk and observed her work. This girl was definitely shocked, and shook. She had cried, she had apologized. Mrs. Forney assessed that it was probably from the shock that she just got spanked. Though this session did seem beneficial, she wondered if Abigail would wind up there again, sobbing and spanked. She conjectured that she probably would. Though she was repentant now, once the initial shock wore off, she would probably need additional reinforcement. She let some more time pass as she pondered. “Okay, Abigail, you can put down your hands, pull up your panties, and come over here.” Abi complied, and walked over to the desk. “Take a seat.” Abi winced as she sat her poor red bottom in the wooden chair. “Abigail Church. I spanked you today, and I hope that it helped turn you back to the straight and narrow. I gather you are smart, and have a lot of potential. I don’t want to see you waste it! Now please, behave, and be mindful of your actions!” “Yes ma’am, thank you, ma’am,” Abi quietly replied. “You may go now.” Abi gathered herself, and picked up her bag she left by the desk and began her walk to the office door. As she stepped out onto the foyer, she heard Mrs Forney call out: “Oh, Abigail?” Abi turned around. “Ma’am?” “If I see you here again, I will spank you for twice as long, and twice as hard. And I will paddle you.” “Yes ma’am, I understand.” Abi turned around and headed down the stairs and outside to her car. She sat in the driver’s seat for a moment, trembling, wondering what the hell just happened in there? She then turned on her ignition and backed out of the driveway to go home. Her First Appointment.pdf
  2. This story was written as a sample of what should have happened after my general encouragement of procrastination in the chat this afternoon. Accept my apologies if you are an ER who had to reprimand or otherwise punish an EE today due to my encouraging naughtiness. I came into the chat today for one reason, and that was a naughty reason. This post is intended as an act of contrition, seeing as I do not currently have a spanker to tend to my naughtiness. An Acceptable Outlet for Stress “I caught you bratting in the forum.” I looked up from my manuscript in surprise. Annabel had entered the room several minutes before and was doing light cleaning in the house. I was on a deadline, so had only looked up from my computer long enough to flash her a smile. She had worked on for the next few minutes in relative silence, and I had continued writing with a fury. “What?” I asked, in a good semblance of confusion. She raised her brows at me. “I think you heard me just fine.” I scowled at her bossy tone. I was too busy for these kinds of nagging interruptions. I returned to my work, murmuring, “What are you talking about?” Annabel approached my workspace, as she rarely did when I was working. Without so much as a word, she pulled my laptop from my hands, unplugging it from the wall, and placed it on the coffee table. “Do I have your attention?” she asked. If I thought her voice had been bossy before, this tone was arched levels of bossy. I spread my hands wide in exasperation. “Yes! I’m on a deadline.” She pushed my feet off the ottoman and sat down in their place, facing me. “I know. A serious deadline. You told me Friday: ‘I have a really important deadline. Don’t let me wait until the last minute, please!’ And I respected that. I encouraged you not to go out with your friends last night.” “I didn’t!” I replied, getting really frustrated now. Annabel was right that I had asked her to help me stay on track. Sometimes, without her, I tended to make poor choices when there were extraneous demands on my time. “You said I had better stay home, and I did.” Annabel waited for me to stop arguing, then she raised her brows. “I know. And I know you worked hard last night. I know you’re working hard to finish this revision. I’m trying to be supportive.” I let out a frustrated sigh. “Do you think I’m not grateful? Because I feel like I’m grateful. Did you need me to thank you for helping me stay on track?” I knew my tone was slipping into sass. I tended to do that, and Annabel usually scowled me down with the evil eye. But she knew, and I knew, that my tone was not sassy to tease. It was sarcastic to shut her down. Annabel got quieter. “You will want to tread very carefully right now, young lady.” Quieter was always a bad sign. I could argue Annabel into a corner at the best of times, but when she got really quiet, I was doomed. That realization tended to make me stupid. “What?” I snapped. “Were you expecting me to hand you a trophy right now? I’m in the middle of something!” “Stop,” she warned, quiet. She was painfully well-controlled when she was angry. I pointed toward the hallway, livid now. “Go away, Anni. I’m not doing this with you right now. I have too much to do.” I reached past her and grabbed my laptop again. Without giving her another glance, I opened it and continued reading the paragraph I had been agonizing over for the past twenty minutes. I could not concentrate on it, though. Annabel sat there, in my space, watching me for several long moments. Then she stood up. I felt a creeping guilt as she walked away, soundlessly, down the hall. Though I kept my eyes on my work, I accomplished nothing for several quiet minutes. Then Annabel returned. I studiously focused on my computer, because my guilt at speaking so disrespectfully to her was trying to crush me. She walked directly to me this time, and once again grasped my computer. She placed it on the ottoman this time, and then pushed the ottoman aside. I looked up into her eyes, worried about what I might find there. All I found was a dominant wall, and it made my breath catch in surprise. “Up,” she ordered, in a tone I had become accustomed to hearing only when she was administering discipline. “Anni,” I argued, in a tone that had much more respectful distance than before. “I’m sorry I—” She interrupted me with a sharp, “Up, now!” I obeyed before I realized what I had done. Or before I realized what she had in her hand. When I had told her to go away, she had gone to the implement basket in her study and returned with a paddle. Everything clicked for me now, and I back-pedaled fast. “Hey, I’m really sorry. I’m just stressed. I did not mean to speak so disrespectfully to you. You know I love you and I would never hurt you.” She nodded, saying, “Uh-huh,” in a tone that sounded like she agreed. But I knew that grip she placed on my arm was not forgiving. She pulled me away from my workspace, across the living room. I let her pull me along, but I argued faster and faster. “You wanted to talk, and I shut you down. I’m sorry. We can talk. I want to talk. We should talk, Annabel. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect you to talk to me about this. Please!” We both knew that as soon as I started bringing out “please”, I had lost. Without a single word of explanation, she toppled me over the back of the living room couch. “Anni!” I demanded. But her argument was stronger. A sharp swing, and the paddle landed across my rump. “Hey!” I gasped, shocked at her force. I was wearing my weekend sweatpants, but still! Usually she started gentle. “You’re going to bruise me!” Anni did not answer. The paddle did. Twice. “Okay!” I cried out. “You have my attention. Please! You don’t need to—” Another smack and I cut my argument off. I needed every ounce of will power I had to keep from crying out as Anni continued with the paddle over my clothes. I counted myself lucky she kept my clothes on, because usually during true discipline, she stripped my comforts away piece by piece. Of course, during discipline, she usually started with a lecture and a hand spanking, too, so… “Ow!” I finally cried, wondering if she needed an audible payoff for her ministrations. It worked. She put the paddle down. Bracing myself across the couch, I let out a tiny sigh of relief. There was still the lecture to look forward to, but at least the stingy sensation would dull in a few minutes, and I could get back to work. Except, Annabel was not finished with me. She tugged at the sweatpants. In protest, I tried to grab them, but she held me over the couch with one hand. She was not any stronger than me, but she had the advantage of standing solidly on two feet, while my feet were dancing to stay on the floor. “We need to talk about this!” I argued in surprise. We always talked about my punishments before she administered them. She always wanted to be very clear that I knew and understood why she was doing what she was doing. She slapped her palm sharply across my backside once, and I cried out. “You owe it to me to talk about this!” There was a momentary silence, and I sagged in relief. That had done the trick. But then I heard the swing of the paddle in the air, and it came down on only one layer of silky cloth protection. I wailed at the impact. “Manipulation,” Annabel cracked. “I owe you nothing except a good hiding.” “No,” I said, but my tone had slipped into desperation now. “I’m sorry.” “Good,” she answered, but there was no forgiveness in her tone. “Being sorry will make this have greater impact. It will not, however, stay my hand.” And it was her hand, thank God, and not the paddle, that peppered my backside over my panties. It was not a warmup, though. I jumped and yelped with each swat. Grasping at the couch cushion, I tried to hold myself still, as if that would make it hurt less. Nothing had the power to do that, though. She wanted it to hurt. “Anni,” I begged her, when I thought I could not bear another moment. “I’m so sorry! Please talk to me! Please! Let’s talk about it!” She stopped spanking, and I let out an audible moan of relief. But when I tried to stand upright, her hand was there again, in the small of my back, keeping me tilted over the couch. “I’m surprised by your sudden communicativeness. It did not seem to me that you wanted to talk before. You seemed like you wanted to be rude and callous. How do I treat rudeness, generally?” I swallowed. “Exactingly.” “Yes,” she replied. She laid another stinging swat across my backside, and I whimpered. “I came out here to tell you something. Do you remember what I said?” I glared at the couch cushion. “No,” I lied. Another swat made me yelp. “Well, that’s a shame, because it took me a long time to gather my thoughts and speak up about what I saw. I would have hoped you would pay me some attention when I speak.” Another volley of swats. I jumped and yelped, but she was not going to be gentle with me. She spoke while she spanked, which was the worst way to be punished. “The interesting thing about this was, I did not come out here expecting to be giving a spanking. I came out here to check on you, because I was concerned.” Desperate to save myself, though on some level I knew I couldn’t, I argued, “I only took a little break to go into the forums. I was so bored of working, and I wasted my entire weekend on it.” A particularly sharp swat made me yelp and silenced my arguments. “I have no problem with you going into the forum,” Anni explained. “You have been working hard, and if you needed a break, it was good for you to get away from the manuscript for a while. That is not the issue.” She stopped swatting and asked me, in a dangerous tone. “What is the issue?” That was a trap. It was such a trap! And no way was I going to fall for a toppy trap created to make ee’s deserving of a spanking. I remained resolutely silent. She made a sound in her throat. Hooking her thumbs through the waistband of my panties, she tugged. “No,” I protested, squirming. She grasped the paddle and gave me another smacking wallop to discourage fighting her. Crying out, I let her remove the only protection I had left. There were no sweet caresses tonight. Anni laid the palm of her hand sharply across my right buttock, and I cried out at the force of it. How was her hand not completely exhausted by now? She paused. “The issue was?” she asked. The unnerving quiet of her tone made me want to kick her. I did not, of course, because as I was already under her power, it seemed extremely foolish to provoke her further. When I failed to answer again, she reached for the paddle. “No!” I cried. Paddle on bare bottom seemed like the worst idea I could think of at the moment, particularly if she intended to wield it as she had already, like the Hulk. “I know!” But my compliance came too late. The paddle fell, and I nearly jumped out of my skin. “Ow! Anni, stop!” Another swat, and Anni reminded me calmly, “Stop is not a safe-word.” The paddle landed again, and I cried out wordlessly this time. I hated this! Paddles were the worst creation made by man, and if I knew who created them, I would have kicked his teeth in. And Anni knew. She knew how much I loathed that thing. “If you would like to tell me what the real issue is, perhaps we can come to an understanding about the paddle.” “I know!” I yelped. “The issue is the bratting. I know!” But she did not stop immediately. She gave me a few more, just to prove she was in charge at the moment. When she set the paddle down again beside me, I was giving shuddering breaths. As controlled as I always was, the most difficult thing for me to do was relinquish control to anyone. Even her, and I loved her. “I have no problem with you going into the forum,” she repeated in the same calm voice she had been using throughout. “It’s the bratting in the forum that I have a problem with. Because I know you pretty well, and bratting usually means one thing: you need to be taken down a peg or two.” I shuddered at those words. The “taken down a peg or two” was how our whole dynamic had been created. She had recognized it, and I had let her do her worst. And now, a year later, here I was ass-ended over the couch so she could continue to “do her worst.” I was not feeling congenial toward her at the moment. But the paddle was still within reach, so I kept my words to myself. “As I said, I was mostly concerned. I know you have been under a lot of stress.” She smacked my bottom again with her palm, and I jumped. I was not sure how she could have seen me roll my eyes at her reference to stress. I was always stressed, and, as far as I could see, so was everyone else in the world. “With deadlines, and work, and grad school. It’s a lot.” Another firm swat. I clenched my teeth. “However, taking your stress into the forum and turning it into bratty behavior there, is not an acceptable outlet.” A few hard swats followed, and I jumped again in surprise. She continued with her lecture while she spanked. “Bratty behavior is not ever an acceptable outlet for stress.” I squirmed and jumped with every smack. “For some reason, though, you would rather be sassy and bratty than be honest with me. It’s a little sad. Because a stress-relief spanking would be so much easier on your backside than this naughtiness-induced onslaught. Especially when you decide to compound your naughtiness with disrespect and dishonesty. Naughty girls deserve a firm hand. But what do brats deserve?” I whimpered at her continued spanking. My bottom felt on fire by now, and I could not imagine it was less than a very bright shade of red. “What do brats deserve?” “A paddling,” I answered her in a defeated whine. She had told me this before, last time she had caught me bratting. Then it was all at her, at dinner with her parents. That was the night she had introduced me to the paddle, and her own obnoxious set of spanking hierarchy rules. She was a hand-spanker, over-the-knee traditionalist most of the time. Occasionally an implement was needed to make a specific point: a hairbrush or a slipper. But usually a tiny dose was all she felt the need to give. Paddles, she had told me that fateful night, were for brats. “Brats deserve a paddling,” she repeated. She picked up the paddle again, and I cried out in defeat. I had truly hoped the paddling I had been given already was sufficient. But she concentrated her attention this time on the sit-spot, with an obvious intention of pounding the lesson home. I broke. I wept against the couch, no longer trying to stop her, or begging her to relent. She had made up her mind the instant she had walked away to get that implement, that I was a brat who deserved a paddling. Weeping over the couch, I did not at first hear her when she called my name. She called me a second time, and I struggled to push myself upright. She stood back a few feet, holding the evil implement in her crossed arms, and studying me with her head tilted to one side. But her eyes had sadness in them. I scraped tears off my face and looked at her, waiting for any other words she might need to say to me. But she opened an arm to me and said only, “Come here.” I tripped over my discarded clothing and kicked them aside to be enveloped by her embrace. She slipped her arm around me, letting the one holding the paddle fall to her side. She kissed the side of my face and held me against her. “I’m sorry,” I whispered at her. I was far sorrier for how I spoke to her than how I behaved in the forum, but I carefully kept that part out of my whispers. “I forgive you.” I let out a heavy breath, the weight of weeks of stress sliding away. I clung to her. It was so stupid of me to have ever tried to talk to her like she was in my way. She was my way, in everything that truly mattered. I used our entwined positions to try and take the paddle from her hand. She made a negative sound and cautioned me softly, “I’m never going to change my mind.” “But…” I reasoned softly. Ever-so-softly. I was still fairly vulnerable, wrapped half-naked around her, and her paddling hand still available. “…I’m hilarious in the forum.” She backed up and gave me an arched look, both brows rising high. “Is that what you think?” I shrugged as innocently as I could. “That’s what everyone thinks.” She shook her head slowly, though I could see a smile playing at her lips. “I literally read the words of one gentleman in there who said you were, and I quote, ‘inciting rebellion.’” I pressed my lips together, because that was one of the comments about which I had been most proud. Her arched look was still on her face though, and that horrid paddle far too dangerously close. It was not the time for smirking about what I had done. “You will want to be careful, my love,” she warned me, with a smirk of her own. “Rebels don’t get off so easily in my world as brats do.” That wiped the smile off my face. Because brats did not get off easy in Annabel’s world. “Rebels deserve a caning.” I startled at those words and watched her, with wide eyes, as she backed away toward her study. She went as silently as she had come.
  3. Hi, all. I had an interaction earlier that drove me to post this. In this particular instance, this interaction was with a male who was choosing to be dishonest about the fact that he was exploring being spanked. When asked, he said his "male pride" kept him from feeling as if he could be truthful to this person. No, not me. This is far from the first time I have heard of the burden that men carry as it relates to wanting to seek out a spanking. So pointless. So hurtful. Need is need. NO one person's need is any more valid than another's. If you want to try spanking, you should feel free to do so. If you want to try being spanked, you should feel free to do so. I know I am being idealistic, such is my nature. But here, in this community and others like it, you are going to have your most receptive audience. Please, consider letting go of feeling you have to be something you're not. Life is too short. “Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you never know who would love the person you hide.” ― C.S. Lewis ~red~
  4. The video looks very old. I think it was made in 1990s. And I feel that it is Calstar's. So I have tried to find it in Calstar's movies but I couldn't. The movie starts with only two girls who look like 20's or 30's. In the first of the movie, one girl canes another girl's bare bottom. After some rough caning, they sit and start to tell about their spanking stories by turns. (perhaps I think it is the most important feature about this movie.) And after the reminiscence of their spanking memory, a man comes in. And he starts to spank them. (perhaps I think the man had have one girl spank another. But she doesn't at the moment when he comes in because in the first of the movie, the caning was rough and stopped quickly. So the man goes mad at them.) I'm dying to see it. So, please let me know what the video's name is. The video's length is between 50 minutes and 1 hour.
  5. Hi everyone my name is Tracy i am very new to this site and even newer to Georgia. I have been into spanking for a very long time, i enjoy being spanked as well as watching others being spanked. I have tried many times to find woman who enjoy discipline as much as i do but it is quite difficult to find them these days. I was told that i should leanr self spanking and maybe i would cure my need for discipline that way. My issue with self spanking are: 1. I can stop when i want to 2. it doesn't hut because i cant allow myself to. 3. It's not the real thing. This is an issue i struggle with, i am in need of a mentor. I want to be held accountable for my actions and just not be allowedto do as i wish. I lack self control sometimes and i can put myself in some bad spots. I desire someone to help with these behaviors. My questions for everyone is does self spanking really work for anyone one or should i continue looking fo a mentor?
  6. It's been a while since I last seen Paige, going on about a whole month now, and I couldn't be happier. For a while now, I haven't even been calling her like she wanted me too. I feel as if I am in control of my life now, I come and go as I please, and I don't have to answer to anyone, just like it is suppose to be, right? Isn't that what being an adult is all about, being able to make your own dicisons and calling the shots. I now believe the reason for her not controlling me lately, is she got a new job, and have been very busy. You would think that things are finally turning around for me right? WRONG! Let me tell you what happened last weekend. It was Thursday night, and I received a call from my father, He asked me to come over and said that he and Paige had a surprise for me that he believed I would really like. I was a little reluctant to go over to his house for obvious reasons (Paige) but I knew that I had to go because if I didn't I might hurt his feeling. The next day around noon, I knocked on my father's door and waited to be invited inside. The door opened and it was my dad. "Hi Baby" My Dad smiled. "Come on in" I smiled back a nervous smiled, and slowly entered the room scanning the room, looking around to see if I saw Paige. Once I noticed she was not there, I replied back, "Hi Dad, where's Paige? " I'm right here Darnez", I heard a voice entering the room, I turned to face Paige, about to say hello when I noticed her new look. She dyed her once blonde hair, black, and had on a S & M style outfit. Black tights, Black Jacket, and some thigh high black boots. She did look cute with her new look, but it was still strange, very strange. "Cute clothes, Mom" I complimented Paige, Hoping that she would forget the fact that I referred to her as Paige a minute ago, She claims that it very disrespectful to call her by her first name. "Thanks sweetie" She walked by me on the way to the couch, and gave me a hug. "Please have a seat" My father offered me a chair. I bet you are wondering why you are here Darnez. "A little, I giggled sarcasticly. "Well, Your step mother Paige, has a request and she will like to know if you are interested" Paige then begin, " Well, I have a business trip that I have to attend in Arlington TX. for a month. It is a convention/class that I need in order to get promoted. I am going to need some help, and of course you can do your classwork, there. The good part is, we will get a chance to bond, just you and I. I couldn't help but think in the back of my head, Hell No. What part of this would I be excited about, plus, When did Paige start working? My Dad, walked over to me and patted me on the back, and said, "See? Isn't this exciting? You will be able to travel, and spend some time with your stepmother. So, what do you say? They both looked at me waiting for my answer. "Hmmm, I don't think so, I have some things that I need to do here. Sorry". I didn't have anything to do, but I didn't want to be alone with Paige either, because bad things happen to me whenever she is around, and she makes sure of that. "Well, the two of you can think it over, I am going to out for a while, to give the two of you time to talk. My Dad, went out side and closed the front door. I begin to get nervous, because I was here alone with Paige, I didn't know rather to run, or what. She slowly got up off the sofa and came over to where I was. My heart was beating fast because I did not know what she was going to do. I'm Sorry, she said. I know that I have been hard on you, latly, But I want you to know, that I never meant to hurt you, I don't want you to be afraid of me, and not want to come around me, I just want you to respect me, and maybe I went about that the wrong way. I promise things will be better. She gave me a hug, and I just sat there in complete silence, afraid, and shocked at the same time. It's okay Mom, I answered. When we go to Texas, we are going to have a chance to bond, and get to know each other better. She stood up, and walked away. I don't think I will be able to go- She interrupted, It's not optional, understand? But I have to- She interrupted again "Your going, and that's final, please don't make me tell you that again. I sighed with a Yes Ma'am, and watched my stepmother exit the room. We left early the following morning, Paige said that even though she didn't have to be in Texas until the following week, she would like to leave early and get to Texas before hand in order to become familiar with the area and know where everything is located so she will be prepared, Which in my opinion was a great idea except I didn't want to go with her to Texas. When we arrived to Texas we was greeted by a man driving a Black lincon, he said that he was sent to take us to the hotel in which we will be staying. "I'm not getting in that Car" I mumbled. I couldn't help but think about the movie Taken, and getting into Cars with people, I do not know, is not a good idea. EVER. Excuse me? Paige asked as she Turned to look at me. She gave me a threatening look and Turned to the guy and said Can you give us a moment please. She grabbed me by the arm and lead me about ten paces away from the guy who was obviously trying to see and hear what was going on. What is your problem now, Darnez. I don't know this guy, neither do you. Your just going to get into a car with a complete stranger. You can go but I'm staying here. I crossed my arms, trying to be brave. I have always been a little nervous when it comes to strangers, every since I was little and one of my friends I went to elementary school with was kidnapped while walking home from school and never seened again. You are embarrassing me Darnez. If you don't get in that Car right now, I will punish you, right here. Paige said in an hush tone. I knew she was not lying, and I felt as if I didn't have any other choice, so I walked over to the other side of the car, got in and slammed the door. I heard on Paige outside of the car apologizing for my behavior. "Sorry about my Step Daughter's behavior, She is a little bit cranky today. The man grabbed our bags and put them in the trunk of the car, Paige got in the back seat next to me and shut the door. "Your really trying to get on my bad side today, aren't you? Paige asked as she looked at me. "No." I mumbled. "No what? "No Ma'am. Paige put in her seat belt and the guy entered the drivers seat. "You need to apologize for being impolite, Darnez." Paige instructed That's alright, the guy said. "No, I want her to apologize. She is not allowed to be rude or disrespectful. "I didn't do anything to him" I pouted. "Now. Don't make me tell you again, or I will spank you right in this car, in front of him. Paige said. I couldn't believe she just said that, I have never been more embarrassed in my life. The guy had a smirk on his face, I could tell what he must have been thinking, why is this grown woman, threatening to spank her adult step daughter. "I'm sorry for being disrespectful, sir" I said. I knew that Paige was not bluffing so I apologized more for myself, and not the guy. "That's okay, the man said. I have three daughters of my own at home and they can be a handful. Sometimes I just want to throw them in their room and throw away the key, the guy Laughed. We pulled from the side of the curve and was on our way to the hotel. Paige then said, you should spank them. I guarantee you will see a attitude improvement. That's what I do to my daughter here. I have a son as well, but I never spanked him, Paige said to the man. I was so embarrassed. I couldn't believe how Paige could openly talk about spanking me in front of a complete stranger, and then she also mentioned how she doesn't spank, and didn't spank my step brother, her son. She treats him as if he is a prince when ever he comes around, which isn't often because he can not stand her. Why don't you spank your son ? the driver asked Paige, well he is well behaved unlike my daughter. He has spent his early years in military school, and has the up most respect for his superiors. My daughter has not had the discipline my son has had, or the structure, and it is my job to make sure she gets it, because her father treats her like a princess, always have babied her. Does her father know you spank her, the guy asked. It was easy to see that he was shocked about what was coming out of Paige's mouth. No. I have instructed my daughter to keep her mouth shut about her punishments. No need to worry her poor father who work so hard to send her to school, and pay her bills, it is the least she can do. I listened as the two carry on with their conversation. I wanted to jump out of the car, while it was moving in order to get away from Paige. She was making me sad, angry and embarrassed all at the same time. I was so happy when we finally got to the hotel. I jumped out of the Car and rushed into the hotel lobby to sit down and wait for Paige to come in, I did not want to look the driver in his eye because it would be too painful, almost as if he knew my deepest darkest secret. I could only imagine the stranger going to his friends and family and telling them what Paige said in the car. About five minute later, Paige walked in, with a employee carrying our luggage. She gave me a nasty look, and I already knew I was in trouble. She got our hotel room information and key, and said let's go, as me and the employee followed her to the elevator. When we got to our room, Paige opened the door to the room to let me in, I went to the bed that was over by the window, and sat down on the edge, I was extremely nervous and afraid, Paige received the bags from the employee, set them in the corner and turned to face me. "Little girl, you embarrassed me today. Do you know that you were being extremely rude, and damn near a little brat. I can't have you misbehaving around me Darnez. She was screaming at me, I was afraid, and my heart was pounding, Tears begin to run down my face because I knew what was coming and there was no way I could stop it, and I knew it. Paige walked towards me, Oh I will give you something to cry about. She sat on the bed next to me, and grabbed me by the right ear and put me across her lap, she held my legs down with one of her legs. No, Mom please don't I begged, I'm sorry. I tried to stop her by grabbing her hand. You better let my hand go Darnez I let go and grabbed on to the seats to clench them, when the first smack came down. I didn't hurt at all, all of the previous spankings pain, and soreness has gone away, but I cried in an effort to make it seem as if I was in a lot of pain so she wouldn't spank me for a long time. About 10 smacks on each cheek later, she stopped to lecture me. " I tried not to do this Darnez, but you left me no choice. You will behave and act like a young lady, I will make sure of that. " I'm sorry I will behave" I begged. I knew it wouldn't do any good though. she continued to spank me, about 20 smacks later ( I wasn't counting) the smacks started to sting and my bottom was becoming warm. She then let my legs go, only to lower my pants, then she trapped them again. She continued, smack after smack after smack, as she hitted me harder and harder, it seems each time, each smack got worse, it could have been the previous smacks on my ass that was making it hurt more. I continued to beg for forgiveness, and for Paige to stop spanking me, both of which went ignored. She continued hitting my ass, over and over again, the too familiar pain was getting to me, and I knew that this was only the beginning. I begin to wiggle, trying to re-position myself so that her smacks could land on another part of my ass, because she likes to hit the same place on both cheeks, right above the thighs, the part that I sit on, and she hits it every time. She stopped again, and said that I am only making it worst for myself by wiggling and then she pulled my panties down. The leather from her pants were really cold as I could feel them from being nude waist down, with my pants, and underwear around my ankles. She begin to spank me again, it was really stinging, and hurting now, She told me to count each smack down, starting from 200. I cried and wiggled as each smack come down, You could barely hear the numbers as I was counting because I was crying to Badly. When we got down to 100, Paige said that she was not satisfied and I was to start the count all over again. No Mom, please no, please stop, I begged. Don't tell me to stop young lady, I am the mother here not you. I order and you obey, understand? Yes, I said behind tears She smacked me extra hard, and said yes what? Yes Ma'am. Okay, much better, Now start counting. She smacked me again on the ass, 200 I said. I tried to make it louder so that she could see I was trying to please her. Good girl, she landed down more and more smacks, going at an even and slow pace, I like it better when she goes faster because it is over sooner and it does not hurt and sting as much, only if it is like 100 smacks right behind each other. I continued to count and hold my breath as much as I could because it lowers the pain level, and I am able to stop myself from crying out loud which makes Paige even more upset because she likes to hear me scream from pain. When we got down to 100, Paige stopped. She said, these aren't effective enough are they Darnez. I want you to remember this, and feel this for a while. They are Mom, I swear. No, they are not. Stand up. I did as I was instructed and rubbed my ass, Paige saw that I had a stream of tears on my face and smiled. She then stood up and unbuckled the leather belt she had on. My heart started pounding yet again. I was not ready for what was coming. You know what to do, Paige said. You better not make to much noise either, let someone complain about the noise, you are going to be in even more pain if they do. Yes Ma'am. I answered. I laid flat on my stomach on the bed and gripped the sheets waiting for the first blow. 100, Paige said. She drew her arm all the way back for extra power and hit me hard on my ass with the belt. OW! I screamed. No, It's 100. Start again. She repeated her hit with the belt, and I cried 100. Good. she said back. She gave me 50 whips on each cheek, alternating with sets of ten. By the time she was finished I was kicking my legs and screaming and crying into the covers in order not to make to much noise. She then told me to go and stand into the corner, I was allowed to rub my ass with my hand because, Paige said that she was nice now. She only made me stand there until she finished putting away our clothes in the closet by the door. I couldn't help but feel my hot ass, it was puffy and sore. She instructed me to pull back up my pants afterwards and my dad called. What are you girls doing, having fun?, I heard him ask Paige. we are having a lot of fun, aren't we Darnez. Yes Mom... To be continued, I'm sure...
  7. Hello Spanking Needs, I've updated my blog with lots of new free videos, photos, stories, and other spanking-related content. Please feel free to visit: http://danakane.blogspot.com Also, my clips4sale store - http://www.clips4sale.com/store/50197 - now contains F/F spanking content! I am tickled with the results, and hope that you enjoy watching the videos as much as I enjoy making them. (Previews for all premium videos are also available on my blogsite.) - Dana Kane danakanespanks@gmail.com
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